The Mother God Cafe del Rey Moro Balboa Park, San Diego (United States)

Public Program Day 2. San Diego (USA), 31 May 1990.

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.As you are seekers of Truth whatever one may tell, you should not accept it, to begin with. People can claim anything but that doesn’t mean that you must believe into it.But one must know that truth is what it is; we cannot organize it, we cannot maneuver it, we can not create it: it is, it was and it will be. […]

Becoming a superior personality Spreckels Organ Pavilion, San Diego (United States)

1990-0530 Public Program Day 1, San Diego, USA

I have been coming to San Diego since long. The first time I remember when I came here, it was in the year 1972 and for 9 Years I did not come here. I felt that the name of the place means that this is the city of God – Diego means God. But that time people were involved into things which were not reality at all and I thought that let them pass through this circle, […]

“Divine Discretion”, Hamsa Chakra Puja & Arrival YMCA - Camp Marston, San Diego (United States)

“Divine discretion,” Hamsa Chakra Puja, Camp Marston, San Diego (USA), 28 May 1990.

It’s another great pleasure to
come to America to meet you all people here.

This one, as I’ve told you, is a
very important country in the field of spirituality. Not because it’s a large
country or because it is very prosperous but because, as you know, it is the
Vishuddhi in the plan of Virat. Vishuddhi is such an important chakra. It has a
very great manifestation also. […]

Shri Mahakali Puja: Fix up your Mooladhara first, Talk after Puja: On Racialism San Diego (United States)

Shri Mahakali Puja, “Ascent”. San Diego (USA), 19 June 1989.

Today we have decided to have Mahakali Puja.

Now we must understand the Mahakali is in totality a reflection of Adi Shakti in totality; or we can call it that Adi Shakti is in charge, She’s managing all these three powers. But Her manifestation in totality is

Mahakali in the sense that it is the desire of God Almighty.

So first She’s Adi Shakti in charge of all the three powers and that’s why we can say that when She is in a potential stage She is Mahakali and then she divides Herself into two other forces as Mahasaraswati and the ascending force that we call, […]

Become the light and give the light Spreckels Organ Pavilion, San Diego (United States)

Public Program Day 2, San Diego (USA), 19th of June, 1989

Please be seated. I bow to all the seekers of truth. As I told you yesterday we cannot conceptualize truth. We cannot change it, we cannot organize it. The idea of truth is an experience. It has to be your experience of truth. It’s not just a mental attitude about it. Because in the world if you see there are people who believe in this kind of philosophie, […]

We must know the roots Spreckels Organ Pavilion, San Diego (United States)

Public Program Day 1, San Diego (USA), 18th of June, 1989

But you have to keep your mind open like a scientist to understand we have not yet found out the absolute truth. We live in a relative world and that’s why we have problems. So many problems we face today, ecological problems are there, drug problems, sickness, this, that. And as if we feel there is a kind of a destructive force that is working and we are really bothered, […]

The Diamond in our Heart Spreckels Organ Pavilion, San Diego (United States)

public program day 2 in Balboa Park. San Diego (USA), 23 July 1988.

I bow to all the speakers of truth. Yesterday, you have been explained about the subtle being within us, a subtle instrument within us, described in the Bible as Tree of Life, working out this last breakthrough of Self-realization. And this happening is a living happening, a spontaneous happening, the way a seed sprouts spontaneously when it is embedded in the Mother Earth. […]

Shri Buddha Puja: He is the one who is in charge of your ego YMCA Camp Surf, San Diego (United States)

Shri Buddha Puja. San Diego (USA), 23 July 1988.

Today we have decided to celebrate the Buddha Jayanti, it’s the day of Buddha’s birth. In the whole map of time, Buddha came to this earth at a time when it was so important for Him to come. That time, especially in India, we had two types of people: one, who were very ritualistic, trying to be extremely strict and disciplined; and the another were the people who were too much conditioned and were full of so-called devotion to God. […]

“I will send you the Holy Ghost” Spreckels Organ Pavilion, San Diego (United States)

Public Program Day 1 at Balboa Park. San Diego (USA), 22 July 1988.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

If we are seeking the truth we have to understand that truth is what it is. It was the same and it will be the same. You cannot change it. You cannot organize it. You cannot limit it. But at the stage when we are human beings, we know the truth but a very little part of it. […]

Shri Ganesha Puja: Establishing Shri Ganesha Principle YMCA - Camp Marston, San Diego (United States)

Shri Ganesha Puja, “Establishing Shri Ganesha Principle.” San Diego (USA), 7 September 1986.

Today in the land of Shri Krishna, we are celebrating the birthday of Shri Ganesh.

It’s something very unprecedented and of a very significant value that you should be celebrating the birthday of Shri Krishna’s son in His own land. 

You know that Shri Ganesha incarnated on this earth as Mahavishnu, and He was the son of Radha, who incarnated as Lord Jesus Christ. […]

Evening Program and Talk: Be Wise Fishermen, eve of Ganesha Puja YMCA - Camp Marston, San Diego (United States)

Eve of Ganesha Puja talk. California, (San Diego), USA. 6 September 1986.

It is so very beautiful to be in such natural surroundings with you all. In the hubbub of the city, you don’t find this peace and is very good for all those who are seeking their ascent. You all asked me to come for this Ganesh Puja. I thought it was essential that Shri Ganesha should be established and I am so very happy that there are so many Americans now who are Sahaja Yogis. […]

Devi Puja: Steady Yourself San Diego (United States)

Devi Puja. San Diego, California (USA), 31 May 1985.

May God bless you.Please be seated. (Just to record, hmm?)It’s such a pleasure to be in the ashram in San Diego. And it’s such a beautiful place, so much expressing the love of God, the Divine, the way it wants to help you at every step. If you want to have an ashram, if you want to have a proper place, you want to look after your children well, […]

Enjoying The Joy San Diego (United States)

Public Program day 2 in San Diego (USA), 30 May 1985.

I’m really sorry for getting so late. It happens and whatever happens one has to accept. That’s how the Divine works. Everything has some reasons. Now, Dave has been able to explain to you what centers we have within ourselves and he has told you what is the mechanism within ourselves. It is all built within us during the different periods of our evolution. Every center is built like that. […]

Mental Projections give us Illusions San Diego (United States)

Public Program day 1. San Diego (USA), 29 May 1985.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

I came to San Diego long time back and I’m very happy to come back here. When we talk of truth we have to understand that truth is not what we understand through our mental projections. Mostly the mental projections give us illusions. There is no reality behind them. Truth is an experience of the central nervous system. […]

Picnic San Diego (United States)

1983-0925 Picnic in San Diego, USA

Yogi: – quite a lot of newspapers [UNCLEAR] but not here in Los Angeles…

Shri Mataji: But nobody can come in and interview?

Yogi: There are three main newspapers they were approaching: the Times, the Daily News, the Harold Examiner and none of them wish to make an interview.

Shri Mataji: What about this gentleman [UNCLEAR] what was he saying? How will he be making contact with you? What was his idea? […]

What did you get by your Kundalini awakening? San Diego (United States)

Public Program, San Diego, USA, 25 September 1983

[Dr Warren Reeves doing the introduction]

The Subtle Body that lies within us, so that when She gives you the talk, you won’t be at a loss for some of the terms that She uses and perhaps be a little clearer about the experience that I hope that you’ll all receive tonight because it has to be an experience. Self-realisation has to be something that you actually experience. […]