The Significance of Puja Sausalito, San Francisco (United States)

The Significance of Puja, San Francisco, United States, 29-09-1983

Today I just thought that there are quite a lot of people who have come for the first time. And I should tell them about the significance of Puja. Because, as the western style of life is, that they’re meant to be like this. To seek something outside, to go outside, find out new ways and methods to grow outside. Now this is the knowledge of your roots. […]

AUM San Francisco (United States)

1983-0929 Public Program, AUM, San Francisco, USA

It’s such a great pleasure to come back to this place again after ten years. Doctor Chaudary was a tremendous, enthusiastic seeker of Truth and he saw the point of Sahaja Yoga very clearly. That was not the time to talk of many things as the people were already lured to some things that were to be discovered as false and fake. So I left it at that point and I thought when they would find out the futility of such wrong type of seeking, […]

The Blessing of Modern Times San Francisco (United States)

1983-0928 Public Program Day 1, The Blessing of Modern Times, San Francisco (USA)

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.

For a mother, the greatest moment is that when she sees her children get all her qualities, all her wealth and all her power. There’s nothing more she wants. I’m so proud of Yogi [Mahajan] that he has so steadily worked it out for so many great souls that have been seeking. As we say that seeking can be very much misleading if you do not know what you are seeking. […]