Public Program Day 3 John Muir School, Santa Monica (United States)

Public Program Day 3, John Muir School, Santa Monica (United States) 14th October 1981

Today I want to talk to you about the spirit which you have heard about such a long time. You have known that you have to be the spirit, you have to become the spirit. The spirit is going to give you rebirth. And what is that spirit is supposed to be. And actually so much has been said about it that spirit is the truth, […]

Public Program Day 1 John Muir School, Santa Monica (United States)

1981-1012 Public Program Day 1, John Muir School, Santa Monica, CA

We have people here who, I believe, are seekers of truth. They’re really seeking the truth. And we are not to be identified or should have any fixations about anything whatsoever. Even what I say you need not believe. But you must have an open mind because it’s not a philosophy. You’ve had enough of philosophy – sat chit anand, this is this, that is that – I mean you’ve heard all these names, […]