Chapter 10: Message Of Meta Science

Meta Modern Era - Book by Shri Mataji

Science cannot answer many questions. So many have tried now to reach, in medical science, the minutest thing, called genes. But the scientists are frustrated because they

cannot go any further with the help of these genes, to really overcome the complications created by modern life.

The conclusion they have reached that genes are only inherited is absolutely wrong. Actually genes also reflect our personality that we create in day-to-day life. All our sympathetic activity is reflected on our genes as well.

It cannot be explained in the science of medicine why acetylcholine or adrenaline, two chemicals, act in a very different manner in the body when they are a fixed chemical formula. Also, it cannot be explained why a child, which comes as a foetus in the womb of the mother, is not thrown out by the body as all other foreign materials are rejected and thrown out according to the nature of the body. But this foetus is preserved until it grows up to a point and then when it is ready it is thrown out. The labour pains start and the little child is born in this new world, out of the womb of the mother. Who does this timing? There are many other cultural questions which cannot be answered through science. As science deals with only matter or the human body, it cannot solve the problems of modern times. It cannot discover the subtler or wider problems of life. For example, what is the purpose of evolution and meaning of human life? What is the solution for getting out of this mess of modern life, which is very confusing and full of violence? What is the way we can achieve global peace? All these questions should be asked but science has no answer for these questions, which are extremely important.

Now we have to know that the answer lies within ourselves and not outside in the world. Sometimes scientists also reach very wrong conclusions. For example, in the biological deduction, it is presumed that our genes are only genetic and inherent and they determine our character. Firstly, genes are not only inherent because sons of the same parents could be in juxta positions in their characters and behaviour. Many parents who were very good and very honest people get children who are monsters. Parents who are drunkards have children who hate drinking, etc.

Let us see how the genes are placed in our cells. When the ova and sperm meet, they form a zygote. The cells pass through four phases, Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase and Telophase. There are 46 chromosomes in the human cell. These chromosomes which are 46 in total in every cell have two types of chromosomes; Autosomes are 44 and for sex there are two determinants, they are x and y. 2x is a female, while xy is a male. From ova and sperm we get 22 chromosomes each which come through diploid, haploid division into cellular division. They join in the shape of a spindle when they meet. They grow into a zygote which starts the cell formation. These chromosomes contain millions of genes, which have D.N.A. in billions. D.N.A. is Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid, which is the life’s code. The D.N.A. has a unit base of three: Nitrogen, Sugar and Phosphates. Nitrogen are of four types, Thiamine, Adenine, Guanine and Cytosine. The genes are like spiral threads, which overlap each other forming loops. Always Guanine faces Cytosine or Adenine faces Thymine.

To begin with, we have sugar for nourishment in the chromosomes. Carbohydrates like sugar are made of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. The Carbon is from the Mother Earth, hydrogen and oxygen from water. The evolution has passed through first phase of hydrogen + oxygen = H20 (water) + carbon = Carbohydrates. Then nitrogen joined to form amino- acid which brought in life in the carbohydrates. The D.N.A. has a unit base of nitrogen, sugar and phosphates, so when their series change position, the cell denotes the change in the character of a person. To reach a conclusion that these genes are inherent is very dangerous, because that means anybody can get away with any unholy, cruel or criminal lifestyle. This is an escape and suits people who are at the helm of affairs of religion and are teaching a sinful life, which is not according to the scriptures. This false scientific conclusion can cancel all religious or federal laws. The great victory of science over religions and pure morality can be announced by the scientists but reality is very different. Actually, data base is made of phosphate, nitrogen and carbohydrates. When the water in the cell dries due to right sided action, the phosphate becomes volatile and a person become violent. When a person is very docile the carbohydrates make the person lethargic and submissive. Right sided in its extreme becomes sadist and left sided become masochist. Nitrogen gives the balance and when the inner energy of evolution emits Nitrogen to the cell, it achieves a new shape of a evolved self (explained later).

There is another way of understanding this problem. Every cell has a receptor which looks after the internal atmosphere of a cell. To go a little subtler, one can find out that there is a very perfect mechanism placed along the spinal chord like a remote control which has seven loops which is called as SOUL in the scriptures. The SOUL is responsible for looking after our well- being and innocence. It protects the righteousness and goodness within the human mind. It saves us from our destruction. This controls the inner atmosphere of the cell through the control of the receptor. When this SOUL is challenged by the wrong deeds of a person it acts on the receptor of a cell which ultimately disturbs the inner atmosphere of the cell which changes the series of the data base units of the cell in the D.N.A. Thus from the genes one can know the character of the person which is very much acquired. Even the chromosomes which are called as autosomes which are for physical aspect, can get into change, like the Kobe steaks or a broiler chicken. Even in human beings it goes into shapes of body which can be acquired by physical, emotional or mental activity. These genes could be partly inherent and could not be in proper series before birth according to the nature of the mother and father. Because of our day-to-day life, specially in modern times, it will disturb the inner atmosphere of the cell. Thus disturbances change the series of data bases, indicating the total character, which is genetic, is inherent or acquired by the person.

The people incharge of the religions, if they had practised from the understanding how important it was to make one wise, balanced and compassionate for the last breakthrough of our evolution by manifesting spirit-oriented religions, even the wrong doers would have become good normal people and deep seekers of absolute truth. But the people at the helm of affairs of religion are themselves money or power-oriented and not spirit- oriented. They can poison the ignorant minds of the simple faithful and mislead them into hell.

The evolution to human level has taken very little time, if we consider the law of chance. The evolution can be compared with the construction of a spacecraft capsule, which has built in it a multistate, many inner layered capsules. At launching the capsule with all the others inside it leaves the earth with speed and when an explosion takes place in the outermost capsule, after some time, it throws the spacecraft with a much greater speed, discarding the extra burnt part. In the same way our evolution to human level has taken place. First the physical stage, then the mental stage, then the emotional stage, then the spiritual stage leading to human awareness. This has now exploded in the modern times and spiritual seeking has started. All this development takes place inside the Central Nervous System, expanding our awareness.

This sixth achievement of self-hood is achieved through Sahaja Yoga where we are aware of self (Atma). We achieve self knowledge through the Kundalini. Now the journey starts towards God knowledge. Without self knowledge one cannot know about God as actualised knowledge.

The truth is there is a dormant residual power in the triangular bone Sacrum, called as the Kundalini. She is a dormant inner energy for our evolution. She has the power to bring forth the complete nourishment and adjustment of the disturbed genes. Whether they are genetic, inherent or acquired. When She is awakened, She changes the series of genes. Not only that She corrects the gene’s data base but She breaks through the fontanele bone area and connects the seeker to the all-pervading power of Divine Love. She is also called as the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, Ruh, Ritambhara or Parama Chaitanya. Thus one, by this second birth, becomes a realised person as actualisation of Baptism takes place. The light of the Spirit which is the reflection of God Almighty in our heart enters into our attention and enlightenment. The seeker is really born again, not just a certificate but he changes as the transformation takes place within. There is a vast difference between an ordinary seeker and a realised soul (Yogi).

He becomes his own master full of Divine Love. It is a resurrection process, like an egg becoming the bird. Maybe this is the reason eggs are presented as a symbol, reminding, that one has to get resurrected. The genes change and complete transformation takes place. For some people it takes time if they are sick or egotistical. Also some of them who feel guilty or cannot forgive others are rather difficult to perfect their state of self-realisation. If they have a problem from false Gurus, cults, or fanaticism it also takes time, but can be established in Sahaja Yoga. People have given up even drugs overnight. They never had withdrawal symptoms or any other trouble. Self realisation as a result of Kundalini awakening has exhibited fantastic results. It brings forth new creativity; many people have become poets; musicians and artists have achieved great heights in their talents; financial problems are solved; the problems of psychosomatic diseases get cured, like cancer, myelitis etc. Many incurable diseases also get cured without any medicines. The seeker becomes the witness of the drama of life and establishes an inner peace. He respects all the religions and belongs to innate Universal Religion which encompasses all the religions of the world. Morality becomes innate and spontaneous. After the complete transformation he is averse to do any immoral acts. In the light of the Spirit he knows exactly what is wrong or right and he is also empowered to stay clean and holy as he discards all that is destructive. He enjoys his virtues which he respects and without any doubt he becomes a moral human being. First thoughtless awareness is achieved and later doubtless awareness is established beyond the mind. At this stage the Sahaja Yogi can give self-realisation to others. The ageing does not take place; on the contrary, the Sahaja Yogi becomes and looks at least twenty years younger than his age. They become universal beings. All human enemies of lust, greed, anger, possessiveness, jealousies, attachments just disappear. Thus a new race of saints are created who do not have to give up anything to show off their detachment or asceticism.

You cannot pay for Divine Love which is absolute truth, which the Sahaja Yogi feels on his finger tips as vibrations of the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. The finger tips are related to the energy centres (the chakras). The chakras are responsible for our physical, emotional and mental being. If the Yogis can correct their chakras, they can also correct the chakras of others. Thus all the physical, emotional and mental problems are solved. Those who are pure people have the necessary balance of moral life which ensures a widening central channel (the Sushumna Nadi) of ascent for the Kundalini.

In this chapter we have to now understand that there is a subtle system in every human being, which is fully developed during this evolutionary process to reach up to human awareness. For example, in the animals, there is no awareness of sin, dirt, filth, art or poetry. But among human beings, these sensitivities are manifesting very clearly as we appreciate and enjoy the birds, fishes and animals as well. Do they also see the beauty in us? This question can be answered this way; human beings are at a higher level of evolution than all the animals for whom we care so much. We love the birds and we enjoy the fish dancing, but the best thing is really to have respect for ourselves, love ourselves as we should keep our body clean, our mind and our heart should be open and transparent. Because we are the highest evolved beings in this world it is our birthright to get our self-realisation.

Instead, thanks to writers like Freud and Saad, we have reduced the human being into a sex point, even worst than beasts. It is such a contagious, demeaning disease that if a cell of a perverted sex is introduced into any animal, they also become perverted. Now this disease has contaminated societies in the West that by the end of this century we may have statues raised in memory of these new moralists who have shown the way to our adored destruction. The things which are to be discarded as useless evils in our ascent, are the ones we have sucked in our societies as great venture.

Now, whatever I am going to tell you has not to be accepted blindfolded but treated like a hypothesis. Again and again, I would request you that you must keep your mind open like a scientist. If whatever I am saying is proved then, as honest people, human beings have to accept this beautiful discovery about yourself because this is for your benevolence, and for the benevolence of your family, benevolence of your society, benevolence of your nations and benevolence of the whole world.

The theories created by current scientific conclusions and also the mental projections are not by any means eternal truths. To know the reality one has to enter into the realm of Meta- science, beyond mind, which is only possible when we enter into the collective super-consciousness through self-realisation.

Mind is an illusion and the brain is the truth.

The Divine energy ‘A’ flows through the brain, to begin with, when the foetus is formed. The human brain is like a prism with an apex, while the animal brain is flatter in shape. The Divine energy goes into refraction due to the double layer of the brain and goes out as ‘R’ energy, crossing each other. The part of ‘R’ the resultant is sucked as ‘X’ in the Nervous System and remaining ‘V’ energy goes out of the brain. This ‘V’ energy is the one that reacts to everything, creating ego and superego (conditioning) balloons. They cover the limbic area and create the bubbles of thoughts in the mind, which control us with thoughts – keeping reality beyond the mind.