Meta Modern Era - Book by Shri Mataji

Actually I did not want to write a book of this kind. I am a person who is in complete joy of Divinity. There is the all pervading joy of Divine love and I wanted everyone to enjoy it. Specially in the West I have seen that there are many seekers of absolute Truth. There are many scientists who have written voluminous books about consciousness, about awareness. One can give a list of them. But all these books really weary you completely, because they do not emit any knowledge of the ultimate truth. I don’t want to criticise them; after all whatever they are doing constitutes honest research. But why not also give a chance to this new discovery which is being made? Why not humble down to see what is beyond this mind which gives you all this artificial intelligence?

It is extremely difficult for me to write about the problems of Western life. It is like an enormous tree which has grown outside. How to be pushed down now to the roots and made to grow inside. It is only by going deep inside that we can find out what the problems of Western civilisation are which have kept a Western mind away from truth.

This book is especially meant for the Western people who wanted me to write. Unfortunately I have never studied any Western language before. English is one of the blessings given by the British to India when they ruled our country. But there too, unfortunately, I studied in a vernacular school and later on in a medical college where there was no question of learning this language, English, which is today universally accepted, especially in the West.

This book is no way to show any flowery language or to show any literary talent of mine. It is just a straightforward statement of facts which I know and which I want to communicate with the Western world. I would request people not to waste their time in finding faults with my English because it is not my Mother tongue and I never studied it. Unfortunately, I could not get somebody else to write for me because it had to be written by me personally.

The most difficult part is to convince a human being that in the entire creation, he is the most highly evolved being; that he is capable of becoming a glorious personality, a beautiful, peaceful angel. To tell him about the problems of modern times is not a very good way of convincing him about what human beings truly are. There has been so much demeaning of human beings, so much of degradation in their value system that I thought that unless I go to the root of the problems, it won’t be easy to explain why they have to break away from their present shackles in order to evolve and ascend. One has to speak frankly about what the problems are and what the real solutions are.

There is no peace within modern human beings nor without. The poor and the rich alike are unhappy. Everywhere people are groping for solutions. At a limited mental level, the intellect can work out certain problems about things that we see around us in jeopardy. But while a few problems may be resolved in this way, others arise. The true solution lies not in the material circumstances outside human beings but inside the human beings themselves. True and lasting solution to correct ills can be found only by inner, collective transformation of human beings. This is not an impossibility. In fact it has already happened. There are so many thousands who have actually achieved this state. The reality of en-masse inner ‘transformation of human beings by self-realisation is the most revolutionary discovery of the present age. But so far, very few governments have accepted this discovery, especially in America, England, France, Italy and Germany. The Pope, who himself is supposed to be in charge of religion, meets all false gurus, but he will never meet me or talk to me, though I have met him before he was elected to this position of a Pope. This is not my job, this is not my work, but it is a spontaneous desire of the Divine that this should be brought in full light, so that human beings are raised to a higher state of consciousness by which they can realise what they are, so that they can appreciate and glorify themselves.

To me, most of the human beings are like the deities who are still in stone form and who can be transformed, with Kundalini awakening, into angels. I hope that with this book I will not hurt people. On the contrary, I hope to be able to get many more people in this great work of Sahaja Yoga, by which they can achieve the ultimate goal of their search. I have to use humour, because by nature I am very humourous and I see humour in every kind of incident, which people sometimes take very seriously.

It is too much for a Mother to talk about the ills of her children, but unless that is faced, I don’t think the children can ever get their benevolence and reach the ultimate goal, which is their self-realisation. So I would ask all of you not to get angry with me, but to understand that out of my tremendous compassion and love, I have written this book for the benevolence of the people, with whatever English I can use, with whatever literature I can use, with whatever style I could adopt.