Talk at Rotary Club


1983-01-04 Talk to Indian Medical Association members India DP-RAW, 79'
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Talk at Rotary Club

from 01:15:00 :

Q: What should be the relation between state of mind and awakened Kundalini? Will it affect the body or mind?

Shri Mataji : Actually it affects everything but let’s see how it worrks? Now, what is ‘mind’ also is not a very clearcut idea. People don’t have a clearcut idea about ‘mind’, you see.

To them ‘mind’ means ‘mana’ or ‘buddhi’, or ‘ahamkar’. Now, we will make it clear to you that when the Kriya Shakti [Power of action] works and acts then you create Ahamkara that is Ego, a balloon like thing. And when the Mana Shakti works then you create the Superego in the head. So we have two balloon like things called Ego and Superego.

When they meet each other and the calcification takes place that’s how this Fontanelle bone area becomes hard and we become ‘I’, ‘you” and ‘you’.

Now, the mind which you are talking, I don’t know which you are talking about – but if you think how the thought comes to us. Let us see the thought process. A thought rises and falls off by itself; another thought rises and falls off by itself. The rising of the thought we can see but not the falling of it.

Now a thought comes to us either from the past or from the future and again it disappears in the past. Our attention is jumping on the cusps of these thoughts but in between these future and past there is the present and that gap is called as Vilamba in Sanskrit language.

Now what happens when Kundalini rises, these thoughts get elongated and the space between these thoughts becomes wider. So your attention remains in the present. Like if I say : ‘You stand in the present.” You cannot because there is no thought. You become Nirvichara. You go into the state of Nirvichara Samadhi in which you are just without any thoughts but if you want to think you can think. You become a Sakshi. You start seeing thinks as if this is a drama going on. The drama is over. That is the state you get.

So, the Ego and Superego, both of them are sucked in. When the Kundalini rises at the Agnya Chakra these – both the things are sucked in.

Now, Ego is Ahamkara and Superego is all the ‘Papas’ [sins] and all the ideas we have got the ‘kusamskaras’ [base thoughts?]. Everything gets sucked in and that’s how a space is created at the Fontanelle bone area and you get a Talu which is soft and you get a cool breeze coming out of your head.

So this is what is the Kundalini which makes you thoughtlessly aware. So the state of the mind is thoughtless awareness to begin with but after some time you become Nirvikalpa. There’s no Vikalpa in your mind, nothing. You know this is it. That’s what one has to go into and that is the state is little difficult because you get it so easily – Realization – that you don’t value it properly. As we have not valued our Independance. The same way. Those who have suffered for it, have worked for it know. But we do not know how much they suffered.

In the same way those who have worked in the past for Kundalini organisation we have not known that. And so whatever they have suffered and done for us we do not know and because the Kundalini rises so easily that you are not bothered to go further with it. You just enjoy that state of thoughtless awareness but you have to become Nirvikalpa. Till you become Nirvikalpa you are not a master.

To give a concrete example, I’ll give an example of a car. In the car, you have got a brake and an accelerator. You are working out the brake and the accelerator in the beginning you don’t know how to drive. You don’t know how to rive. And to drive the car you have to work hard to know how it works [… tape interruption]