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1984-01-31 Public Program Solapur NITL HD, 79'
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Talk to Doctors, Dr. V.M. Medical College. Sholapur (India), 31 January 1984.

Our Respected Dean Dr Srivastava, the staff, the members of this medical college and all the seekers of their Love for God, I bow to all.

It is such a tremendous joy for me to be able to speak to the people of such noble profession, as medicine. I myself put in some part of my life into the studies of medical science because I knew one day in future I may have to talk to them. I have all respect for that profession. And, in no way Sahaja yoga could be a challenge to this. Though Dr. Thakkar has asked me to speak on that line, because love never challenges. This is the power of love and to talk about power of love, one must understand that it has no power to challenge. Now medical science is like all other sciences, is a science or the knowledge of the tree that is outside that we see. Actually, factually, we can see with these – our senses, whichever are they, gross as they call it. And to know about the tree, one way is to know about the leaves and the branches, but could be that if you have to treat the tree, it would be better to go to the roots than to go to one leaf or to go to one branch because unless and until you know how to go to the roots, you start treating it from outside. In the same way, as the roots are no challenge to the tree – Sahaja yoga is no way challenge to any science in this world. I personally think that, if these sciences had not developed, it would have been impossible to work Sahaja yoga on this magnitude. Today, supposing there was no microphone, I could not have talked to so many people, for example.

But there are so many ways by which all the discoveries of this modern science has rendered so much help to Sahaja yoga that, if I want to tell you a simple example, that when I was [talking in Indian language]; I had gone to Hong Kong once, and the lady who was, the lady who was the owner of one of the companies of Television broadcasting, asked me if I could stand up for 15 minutes and ask people to take vibrations from me. I said all right, doesn’t matter. I gave a little introduction and when I stood up, many people wrote letters later on saying that they felt the vibrations and some of them felt better within. So, you can imagine if we can use television also, we will be able to broadcast vibrations through television – even the photographs emit vibrations. So, you will be surprised, how the medical science which has created all these instruments can in their own turn help the propagation of Sahaja yoga. This, specially for this microphone; I can tell you, if I put it on one of my chakras, I can emit vibrations of that particular chakra. I have tried that many a times, that when there is a problem in the collectivity – in the samashti, I work it on my chakra with that ordinary thing called as a microphone and it works. Now the whole thing looks very fantastic to us, always whenever something happens extraordinary, it looks like something very miraculous – but there is no miracle about Sahaja yoga, nothing miracles. It is all within us, like certain discoveries today we can see – these lights. Now, when it was discovered, it must have been a miraculous thing for people, first to know about it. In the same way, people think that Sahaja Yoga is something miraculous and only few people can do it.

It is a new discovery of the Sahaja yoga, by which it has become Maha yoga. In the sense, that thousands of people can now get their realization and can be entitled to do this work of Sahaja yoga. Once you become the spirit, now being Maharashtrians, and living in this place of saints – we know that they were all sakshatkari people. What is sakshatkari – is that they were the spirits, they had their Atma Sakshatkara and some of them did cure. Like we had Sainath here, who used to just cure the people by touching? He was not a doctor, he was not a medical scientist but he could cure people because of this power of giving energy to your roots. Now the chakras about which Dr., Dr Warren, has told you, are the roots of the different plexuses we have within our body. But apart from that, we have another system, which must be dealt with, is the autonomous nervous system called as sympathetic nervous system. Now, sympathetic nervous system is also a gross system which have a subtler, we should say the roots, which we call as Nadis. Now the Ayurveda deals with Nadis but also in a gross way. While the medical science deals with the chakras, but in a gross way. Now you have nadis within ourselves, say the left nadi is called as an Ida Nadi, which manifests outside, what we call as the left sympathetic nervous system. Right side, we have got another nadi called as the pingala nadi, which manifests outside, what we call as the right sympathetic nervous system. I have studied medical science, I don’t know how far it has advanced, but when I studied they did not know that these two nadis deal two different functions in our body. For example, the right side does only the physical function and the mental function, and the left side does all; I mean, English language is funny; when you say mental, you mean the emotional side but here I mean the mind where our buddhi, but on the left hand side it deals with your emotional side. So, we have two sides already within us.

Now these two sides have been dealt with in the western science in a very wrong way because I little bit tried to study also the psychology – because I have to be with psychologists. And, I found they made a very big mistake in understanding a human personality. For them, the unconscious, they believed in the unconscious. Indians believe in unconscious, they said that unconscious is lying at the base. On top of that is the unconscious that will be conscious. On top of that, they said is the conscious mind. Then on top of that, no, is the subconscious mind and then is the conscious mind. On top of that is the Ego. I mean, it’s all upside business because they don’t know what they are talking about. Actually, we know that our whole system is placed parallel and vertically. It is not placed one top of another – it is vertical. The left side is this side and right side is on this side. Medically also at least we know that they are not placed, left sympathetic nervous system on top of the right sympathetic nervous system; Because, there is no correlationship between the psychologists and the medical science. You see, no one understands each other what they talk. They talk through their heads and the medical science people think they talk through their heads. So, the whole thing is misunderstand. Now, we know medically that on the left hand side we have got the left sympathetic nervous system, on the right hand side we have got a right sympathetic nervous system. Now beyond the left hand side, we have got the left side deals with your emotions through your conditionings about which Freud has spoken. But he being a half baked man again, I should say, he spoke on one side of the life that is left side. We are not only conditioned people; we have the right side also. And if you work out the right side too much, then you will develop another horrible thing called ‘Ego’. If you work out too much left side, then you work out another system called The ‘Super Ego’ – means the conditioning. So, we live with two balloons like structures in our brain, one as the Ego and another as the Superego, which is the conditioning. That is how the brain is covered with the two balloons. Now because their idea is that, one is placed above another I don’t know how they are going to adjust the whole picture. But as medical students, you know and as medical knowledge is there that it is placed vertically. In the center is the parasympathetic, now parasympathetic, you don’t know much about it; because to know about it you have to enter into the subtler understanding. In your central nervous system, whatever you have achieved through your evolution is expressing itself. So, our all achievements in our evolution is being expressed in our central nervous system. For example, if a dog or a horse has to pass through a dirty lane, it will just walk through. It would not mind at all walking through any dirty lane or any such a place which can be horrifyingly, absolutely, impossible to cross for a human being. The reason is we have developed a subtler sense of cleanliness within ourselves. Because of that, we cannot overcome that feeling of filth and dirt.

In evolutionary stages, we have achieved a lot, much more than the animals but we never think as scientists, ‘why’, this question we don’t ask. You just say this is so and this is so, so this is the reason. But, we don’t ask ourselves a question, a simple question why, why did we become a human being from a amoeba. Why not ask such a question to yourself? Because they are honest, they know there is no answer; so they keep quiet. But by shutting yourself that way, we are shutting a very great tremendous knowledge that lies within us. Now this knowledge of the self is achieved not through brains by reading books, by saying something. It is beyond the mind. So, what is the knowledge then the people talk about? What does the veda say, the ‘vid’?. What is the ‘vid’? Is what you call the bodh – is the word in the Sanskrit language, it’s beautiful means, in Marathi, it is gnani, is the one which you can feel on the central nervous system. It means in the medical terminology, that you should feel it on your central nervous system. That means our attention is felt through our central nervous system. Now, I am asking to pay attention to yourself, you cannot – your attention is outside. Now how do you manage to take your attention inside is only by some happening inside and that happening is the awakening of the Kundalini. And this power is lying in the triangular bone, which is called a sacrum. We accept the word sacrum, without finding out why is it called sacrum? Because sacrum, in the Greek language, means sacred. They accepted at a time and you will be surprised if you read also the medical science, which existed about, I would say 100 years back, was just the same as Ayurveda; you will be surprised. It took a different turn altogether after sometime that people could not go further with it, because they could not correlate it with other scientific discoveries. So, the Ayurveda became more elaborate and more analytical when people started thinking of using a microscope or other such advantages we had from other discoveries of science. So, the whole system changed and we started moving towards the analysis of a human being. Like, if there is a doctor he must treat one eye, another doctor should treat another eye, sort of a thing. But when you go to the roots, you go to the synthesis which you talked of as integration. In Sanskrit language, the word is samagra, which is a very beautiful word, ‘Samagra. ‘Agra’ means the top of it and all of them are penetrated through Kundalini. So, like you can see that like a pearl necklace. See all these chakras are penetrated through this Kundalini which is a sacred energy within our triangular bone. What is this energy of Kundalini? Actually, what is the nature of this? The nature of this is pure desire.

It is easy to understand the pure desire if you relate it to economics. Economics says, the science of economics says that “A want, in particular is satiable, but in general, it is not satiable.” Means, a desire you may have today, supposing you want to have a house. You will have a desire then you fulfill it. But then you would like to have a car, then you would like to have something else. So the desire is shifting from one to another. But this is shuddh iccha, means the desire to be one with the Divine. This desire is a pure desire within us, is called as a sleeping Kundalini, because it has not yet manifested itself. When it manifests, all that is desired is blessed [Marathi discussion]. It is written already by our great saint, Gyaneshwara, long time back, that this is going to happen. And that is today we are proving that what Shri Saint Gyaneshwara has said. Then all these things have said is being proved that whatever your desire you will get it. Now, the thing is when the Kundalini – the shudda iccha rises, within yourself, it penetrates as He told you through the different charkas within yourself.

I will take one example in which you will see how it is complimentary to medical science and very much supplying knowledge about so many unknown diseases we do not understand. And, if I mean, if I say so, if you just deny it, I cannot help it. Because supposing you go to a medical science and they say that this is a bone called this and this and you say we don’t accept it, then what can you teach them? So, you have to be an open minded scientist first to come to Sahaja yoga. Supposing you are educated in medical science doesn’t mean that you should not be any more open to any other knowledge or any higher knowledge or any subtler knowledge that is available. Specially for Indians, I would say, this is your heritage. The western people, if they take Sahaja yoga first, then bring it down here, then you may accept because you think medical science has come to us from the west and so the subtler should also come from the west. But this is your heritage; it is very easy to talk to you people than to talk to them, who do not know what is Ganesha. Now for a doctor to have Shri Ganesh in the house is common. But he does not know that this Shri Ganesh, who is sitting here, whom I worship, controls the prostrate gland. Now if I say it controls, you won’t believe it but if you awaken your Shri ganesh within yourself you will yourself know how to control the prostrate gland of others and how to improve the conditions of the particular thing like prostrate gland or anything that has to do with the pelvic plexus.

Now I will tell you about another particular thing, which is bothering all our doctors, is the disease, horrible disease of cancer. I say that cancer can only be cured by Sahaja yoga and by nothing else is a fact. Now, that doesn’t mean that I am claiming too much or anything. The reason is the cause of science is much subtler than we understand. As I told you on the left side is the Ida Nadi, beyond that, that is the subconscious, beyond that is the collective sub consciousness within ourselves. It is all in your body. Recently I was happy to see some doctors in about a year back in London, they showed a TV show in which they discovered something very specific about cancer, which relates things which are talked about cancer. They said that when they were trying to research, to do a research about science they found that there are certain type of proteins, of course they give the names as protein fifty eight or protein fifty two, that’s what they called them. They trigger the action of cancer, but the main point they said was this, that these proteins come within our system from the area, which is built within us, since our evolution. So, they are talking about the collective sub conscious area, which lies beyond the subconscious. So, this collective subconscious is the one, which contains all that is the past, all that is there. Now there are many vegetables, which went out of circulation of evolution. These when they enter into our being exist within us because everything that is past and future exists within us. So, once they enter into our body, we get these virus infections. Virus comes from these things, which are of the past and they enter into us and pull us towards the collective subconscious and that’s how we get the symptoms of virus and you know that virus cannot be treated. It has to be allowed to pass out. So they just enter into our being and pass out. But in cancer, there is a different thing that happens is that where our chakras are built like these say, for example, a chakra you can call it as the spinal cord and this is the charka, and the left and the right sympathetic nervous system is here. Now, when you start moving too much towards the left, due to the activity of the left side, means a person who is very emotional or who bows to wrong type of people. That’s why it is said don’t bow your head to wrong type of people. If you bow too much to people out of slavery and all that, all these people start getting conditioned and all that and superego develops and they go to the collective subconscious area where they are, they get caught up by these proteins which we call in our ordinary language, as bhoot. We call them as bhoot pisachadi. Now the Christians who believe in Christ and follow our medical science know that Christ took out bhoots from people and put them in the pigs. But if you tell them that there are these bhoots within us at a very near reach here, on the left hand side, they are not going to believe. Now doctors are not going to believe this. Now the whole mental problem comes from that.

Now, you will be surprised that cancer is caused, mainly triggered by these things which we can call as psychosomatic. But it is, a fact that later it has been found that by doctors themselves that is, I mean, I am not the one who should be held responsible for this, but this I had been saying from last fourteen years or so, that it is this kind of behavior, the conditioned mind takes you to the left side by which you get caught up into that and the cancer is triggered. First of all, the pulling itself of the chakras makes it, you see separated, this chakra by which this chakra becomes independent on its own and it starts working on its own because the connection with the whole is broken and it starts working on its own and it becomes malignant. When it starts working on its own, then the central nervous, the central part cannot control. It means brain cannot control it anymore. The parasympathetic goes out of order.

Now to bring it back, what do we do for Sahaja yoga? How do we cure cancer? It’s very, very simple, if I tell you, you won’t believe it. First of all, of course, you have to be the ‘spirit’. You have to develop your powers by meditative methods. You have to go deeper into your own roots and make it so powerful that you can emit those vibrations yourself. Now, if somebody has got cancer, what is the first sign we get? Now, how do we say somebody has a cancer? Firstly, all the fingers starts burning. Secondly, on your forehead here, you get eleven bumps which we can see, which I think people can’t see, but it’s a bumpy head. Here you find out a bump coming out, in Sanskrit language, called as Ekadasha Rudra. Once it is settled then a cancer has started. Though I mean, all the time cancer is built in, and broken up by parasympathetic but this time when it is built up here, a barrier is built up here and all the fingers starts burning, we know it is cancer that has started. Now, how to cure the cancer? It is very simple is to give it a balance. How do we give a balance, is to raise the left side and put it to the right side, but only a realized soul, a sakshatkari person who knows about Sahaja yoga, who knows all the methods, shudda vidya, we call it, can do it is to raise the left side and put it to the right side. And by that you can cure the cancer, if you know how to raise the Kundalini on top of the head. Now this is just a action but action of the hand which has got the power flowing through it. Anything that has a power or a light, you can move it and light works out. So, the working out of these vibrations takes place and that’s how you just give a balance to that person. Because of the balance, when you raise it, this becomes loosened up, fits, is fit again, fitted in the center like this and the chakra starts working and that’s how the cancer is cured. It’s true that Sahaja Yoga has cured the cancer, can cure cancer but the best thing is that to get your Kundalini awakened first and to become the Spirit. If you become the Spirit then the power starts flowing through you. Then you have to know the shuddha vidya, in the essence you should know what are these centers? Five, six, and seven centers on the left hand side. And these are seven centers here.

Another example, I will give you of a very simple thing which is a big problem for all medical science is the diseases which we call as incurable, like one of them is, say diabetes. Now the eye, now I will give you a complete picture of whole thing. Now this is a chakra called Swadishthan charka, which is the second chakra comes out of the Nabhi charka. You can call, from solar plexus it raises as the aortic plexus, outside we can say like that but it is much more than that. Now this aortic plexus on the subtler side has to work out a very special function, which medical science doesn’t recognize or perhaps is not aware of it. I don’t know the present position, why it was not that. It has got a very important function is to convert the fat cells from the stomach for the use of the brain. I don’t know if the medical science is aware of it. Now this is the function this center has to do, is the aortic plexus has to do this function and put it through the blood stream to go the brain for the use of the brain which is using its power when it is thinking. Now the people who are very futuristic, who plan too much, who think too much, I mean they suffer from thinking, they just cannot stop thinking. In Switzerland, I met a doctor who told me, You cut my throat or do what You like Mother, but stop this thinking, its too much. So because we are futuristic all the time planning, planning and planning too much, we think too much and in that we forget that there are other functions that are to be done by this charka of Swadishthana which represents outside in the gross as our aortic plexus. Now this special function is, when is overdone by any chakra, what happens it neglects the other functions it has to do. It has to look after the liver, it has to look after the spleen, it has to look after the pancreas, it has to look after the kidney, it has to look after the lower abdomen, in the sense the lower intestine, and it has to look after the part of the uterus. So, it has to do all these works plus this transformation of these fat cells to the brain. Now because it is busy with one work only all the time, all these things are neglected. So, you will be surprised to know that it is not the sugar that causes diabetes, not at all. Because you see if you go to a village, when I go to a village, they offer me a tea, there will be at least five spoons of sugar in one cup. It is more sugar than anything else in it and if they think that I being a holy person, I should be given the best tea, so they will even put six spoons of sugar for me and they don’t have diabetes, they don’t have diabetes. Diabetes is only for the people who are supposed to be intellectuals; it’s not a disease for the poor people, because they don’t think. They do not waste so much, so much energy in futuristic planning. And that’s why they don’t have diabetes. And now, I think it is being accepted by doctors that sugar is not the cause. Of course, if you don’t take sugar there won’t be any sugar passing out of your urine, is correct. But you don’t take any sugar, so how do you justify it has nothing to do with sugar. So, what it has to do is that you must give a balance. You must give rest to your Swadishthan charka or some special energy by which this Swadishthan charka can cope with your futuristic thinking. Now all other such diseases, specially the worst of all that is the result, of course, liver is horrifyingly bad and liver can be cured through Sahaja Yoga only. It cannot be cured. Actually I have seen that people develop cirrhosis of liver or cancer of liver, only then you will realize that the fellow has a liver trouble but liver starts at a very early age, in, specially in the western countries because the mothers are always thinking, the fathers are always planning, the poor child is born with Jaundice, is born with jaundice and jaundice is so easily curable but so many people die of this little thing called jaundice, children specially.

Now what happens with the other very serious disease which is disturbing is the, what you call as the leukemia, the blood cancer. See, it’s a very serious disease and it can be easily cured. Now the spleen as you know, works out our emergencies whenever we want to have an additional flow of RBC’s, it goes into action, is a simple thing we all know – the principle. Now, what happens we are in modern times always in emergency. Early in the morning, we get up; first of all, we before we open our eyes, we grope for a newspaper and then we open our eyes, we see some horrifying news. First of all in Sahaja Yoga, we are not supposed to read newspaper so early as that. We are supposed to get up first to do your meditation, settle down yourself because you are not ready for any shocks. And these days as you know the newspaper is so much busy with giving sensational news that you get a real sensation all the time and your spleen goes in a hectic way in the in production of these RBC’s. Then after that you just realize that time is up. You have to rush up. So, you get up and you rush, have your bath. I mean in England, they don’t even do all that. Just get out of their beds and rush, then they find their car coming and they cannot take their car, all so hectic, the wife has given the breakfast on the way. They are just nibbling it and the whole thing is such a hectic nonsense going on that, poor this spleen doesn’t know how to cope with this mad man. It doesn’t understand because it is so hectic, it also becomes hectic. It doesn’t know when to produce what, how to adjust to your madness, you see it becomes mad in a way. The speedometer, it is a speedometer and the whole speedometer goes wobbling and that’s how the whole preparation or we can say the vulnerability fall, the occurrence of this leukemia is established there. As soon as it is triggered, you get this leukemia as a disease. Now this kind of a spleen, so many people have, I have seen the, when you tell them that you have to fly now, just before going to the airport, they go hayward. They go mad. They don’t know what’s happening; I mean just before that, so that, they will forget their passport here, they will forget their books there, they will forget their things, they go mad. They, if they have to travel, they become mad. So, all these bondage of…… as leukaemia. Now we have cured leukaemia, definitely, can be cured, 100% is this curable – no doubt about it. But then as a result of your realization, you become a balanced person; take things easily, in the right perspective. As I would tell you that I never plan my things at all. Never, I never plan because I have seen all plans fail. Our country has failed because all plans are failed. How they failed? Because future doesn’t exist. You shouldn’t plan about the future. When you start planning about the future, you commit the greatest mistake.

At the practical side, I will tell you how it is? For example, that I went to Muradabad and I found lots of Russian tanks, or what you call these tractors being put there, becoming junks – thousands! I said what are they doing, why are they sitting here, what is their purpose. They said it was brought from Russia but I said why are they here? They said, they said they are here now, for years because there are no roads to take them to the village. So, (laugh) why did you do it? You should have first made the roads and then brought these. So, the future thinking is such a funny thing that you reach a station in time, the train is late – then you start thinking about why am I here.

Supposing you are a Sahaja yogi, it is a very fantastic thing that I am telling you. If you are a Sahaja yogi, if you are late, you understand it’s planned by God. You find something, is so miraculous during that time, that you are amazed that how is it that I should have missed the plane and this should have happened to me. It has happened with many Sahaja yogis who found Me by mistake, by accident you can say. But these accidents took place because they missed the point where they were about to reach, they couldn’t reach, they walked into Sahaja Yoga. So, you see the planning that we do has to be related to the planning of the Divine. Now we do not understand that there is God through medical science. We cannot, but we can do certain things by logical thinking that these flowers can become fruits. No medical science can do that. No living work can be done through us. What you do is dead work. Even if we produce a child, say out of a test tube, it is first the life is brought into it, we don’t create life. Now the one that does all this living work and with such beautiful distribution and complete understanding that, say a mango tree will give you only a mango. An Indian will have an Indian child. Who does this? What you call the cheyan – the one who knows how to differentiate. Who does this job, is the Divine power, which is surrounding us. Whether you believe it or not, God exists. And His Divine power exists which does all this work, which is described in the Patanjali yoga, as Ritambhara Pragnya – means the one that creates the rutu, means that creates the different seasons. And at different seasons, you get different flowers, and all this is managed by what; by the living power of God. Now we do not see Him anywhere but it works out.

First time, after you get your self-realization, you start feeling like cool breeze in the hands, is described in the Bible as the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost and Holy Ghost in our scriptures is called as Adishakti, the primordial mother. The whole thing gets related once you get to come to Sahaja yoga. Why Christ came on the earth? Why Rama came on this earth? Why Krishna came on this earth? Why Mahaveera came on this earth? Why Buddha came on this earth? What did they do? Where are they placed and how to awaken them? Everything you come to know about but you must first get to your realization. Without getting the light as we say in Marathi (“Marathi Quote”). It’s all a shabdajalam and once you get out of it, it has nothing to do with one particular religion. You have to know that all religions are one. Christ has said those who are not against Me are with Me. Who are those? The Christians won’t go and see that. I mean they Christians have said that now Christ is one side and science is on another side. From where do the science is also coming? The knowledge of science has come to us because we have been able to go to the subtler side of the matter. But, who controls the subtler side of matter. For example, recently people know let’s say there is Sulphur dioxide molecule, the Sulphur and Oxygen have isometric, symmetric and all kinds of vibrations. In the matter itself they can see so clearly. Now, these vibrations, what are they? They come from where, who controls them? In Sahaja Yoga, we call it the Prana Shakti, the right side. On the left side is the Manasa Shakti, the manas shakti, the iccha shakti. So, the right side is the Kriya shakti, the left side is the Iccha shakti and the Central one is the Dharma Shati; where you, you sustain a dharma, you sustain a dharma like Carbon has four valencies. Carbon now is placed in the center. Even if you see the periodical table of the organic chemistry, you should be amazed at the way it is organized. In the center is Carbon. Carbon has four hands as Ganesha has. Now once the Carbon is formed, then amino acids are formed, from amino acids, you go further with life. Further, further, further with it. But now after seeing all that one has to realize if we can go to the subtler side of the Carbon, or the Carbon, where is it placed within ourselves. How to awaken within ourselves? Where is Hydrogen, where is Nitrogen? How it works out? Actually after coming to medical science, we have to analyze everything and know all the details about it. But in Sahaja Yoga, you don’t have to. You need not be a doctor. Just by touching somebody it works out, you don’t know how. But if you want to know how it has worked out, it can be related completely to your rationality also, to your medical science. But otherwise for a simple person now, we have some one here who has cured say, a five thousand people of, he has cured even leprosy. Asked him, how did you cure leprosy? So, he told Me [Shri Mataji speaks Marathi language] – that’s all he said, teertha means vibrated water, you see he took from Me and he gave it him, he cured the leprosy.

Now you may ask how it worked out. These vibrations are the synthesis of all the powers i.e. first power is of the power of desire, the power of mana and Second is the power of kriya, the power of prana and the power of sustenance of the dharma [Shri Mataji quotes in Marathi] – the one by which we become Carbon and then we become amoeba and then we become human beings. So, all these powers put together is one power, the synthetic, I mean we can call as synthesis of all these powers is that power, are these vibrations, which is called as ‘pranav’. Now what happens that if you want to analyze, say for example if, “I want to analyze,” you cannot; because when you want to analyze first of all you have to separate prana shakti from these vibrations. Because you can only record prana shakti, you cannot record manas shakti, can you? You cannot. So, you cannot record it but you can see the result of it. This is the thing one has to understand that in the synthesis if you go then you can work out the thing without even knowing about it rationally. It just works out. That’s how the Christ cured people. But that doesn’t mean that medical science is not needed – is very much needed and it is very, very important because without medical science there are so many things which we cannot really work out properly. In a way, I will say that now for example, I, I knew these things beforehand, what was happening and how things are, but when I joined the medicine study, I found out one thing very clearly that to relate it to people, one has to pass through a system of medical science. Otherwise it will not reach the people. Supposing, there is one man sitting under a tree, he treats somebody, he gets well. Then it will just pass out. They will say Sai Baba cured me and somebody like Sainath, I don’t say about other one, but the Sainath. He did through the Ishwari Shakti [Shri Mataji quotes in Marathi language] – he cured, but nothing more than that. But if it passes through the medical science then it is the proper channel by which people will understand. Otherwise people will never understand Sahaja Yoga and that’s why a channel is prepared. You know the science, you know what it is.

Like the other day, I told one lady, said that, “You have got sinusitis.” She said how did you know? Now it is very simple because this charka if it is caught, it is sinusitis. And there is a simple medicine for that, and extremely simple medicine, if you use it, they call it aji biles medicine as such that sinusitis can be cured. Now the same thing if you go through the medical what happens is that you know that sinus is formed like this and it is because of the cavities there sinus is formed. Now supposing, for a person who cures us like this, is easy for him but it is not so organized. For example, for Dr. Warren and Dr. Bagdhan, is much easy to use Sahaja yoga than for other people. Naturally because some people don’t even know where is the heart? I tell them put your hand on the heart and they put it here [laughs…]. The knowledge of heart, where it is, that also they don’t have. So, because you see, of their knowledge, they know exactly where to manifest Sahaja Yoga. So, it has done a great service to Sahaja Yoga and to God. And the whole knowledge has come to us from God. So, medical science is very important, and specially, the Indian doctors, I would say, that it is their heritage; this is their heritage. If they take to Sahaja Yoga and then they practice medicine, it is going to help them a lot and help them so much that they will have the real satisfaction of doing real good to people of this noble profession. Because it has become machinery, there is no heart in it. You do not enjoy because there is no spirit but once you get the spirit in, then you will really enjoy this work and you will just do it without feeling tired, without feeling any pangs of [NOT AUDIBLE].

As it is, it makes you much younger, makes you very active. You become very healthy yourself and you can cure easily. Now both of them had troubles, before they came to Me and when they were sick, they did not know how to get over it. So, they came to Me ultimately and that’s how once they get cured, they were amazed because medical science could not cure, so they came to Me. But now they know relationship between how far the medical science has gone and how to get this connected. Now if this connection, as he said that the subtle has to be connected with the gross, and if the subtle is connected with the gross, the gross knowledge is going to help the most of all. So, I thank you very much for inviting me for this very special type of rapport that we have had. I know it may not go very well with you because you are educated in a different way where you think about it and understand. But once you get your realization, your whole priorities change and your temperament change. I have seen people who were drug addicts, overnight they changed; who were alcoholics, overnight they changed. But there are people who were suffering from horrible diseases; for example, our president Sanjeeva Reddy, whom you have heard, I have cured. In 10 minutes, he was cured – In 10 minutes time he was cured and even the line of his operation disappeared. So, it is such a tremendous thing that once you get into it you will be surprised, how fantastic it is and how as I am using this instrument, you can use the instrument of medical science.

Moreover there are many things, which cannot be cured by also by Sahaja Yoga. One of them is supposing you have something that is dead. I have seen so far, we have not been able to cure cataract in the eye or something that is dead in the body, we cannot cure but if there is some sort of a living tissue which is unhappy or sick, we can cure. But if it is dead in the body, we cannot cure it. We cannot take it out; somebody has to work on it. For example, somebody has a, say a bullet, we cannot remove the bullet by Sahaja Yoga. We cannot, that doctors have to do. So, also there are so many things like that we cannot help.

One more point I would like to just make, because the lady had asked Me about hypnosis. Hypnosis has been taken over by medical people blindly, which is very, very wrong. One must understand, what is hypnosis? Hypnosis again is the same as going towards the left, where you just get entrapped by these proteins and where by which you become unconscious, unaware of your central nervous system. So, people use it for anesthesia, which is a wrong because you go to the left side by you will cure such a person physically but such person might become mad. He might have emotional problems. So, by, by treating one part, we should not create another problem like penicillin we had, like sulphur we had, all these things are partial and are imbalances. So, what we should try to see the whole perspective of the science of curing – let not only physically but also emotionally as he has said, and also spiritually. So, the curing has to be a complete thing and not just one bit of it because if you cure one thing with something, which is a strong medicine, you may create another problem in that. Same with acupuncture. Acupuncture is nothing but the drainage of your energies from other chakras. So, if you cure one charka, you might create a problem of another charka. Because the sympathetic is working out, but once you raise your Kundalini then what happens you become connected with the whole and all the time the energy is flowing, so there is no imbalance or drainage. First you must get your realization, then there is no tension, there is no worry, all the time, the flow is there and you have to just enjoy.

May God bless you all. I hope I have been able to put it in a way that we could understand each other.


[One person talks]

Shri Mataji: Is one of the science. He said that how do you do it, how do you raise the Kundalini, which is the sign that he is a real seeker, he wants to go to the point. Now as I said, it is Sahaja, means is spontaneous, is born with you, is very simple, as I told you these are all our centers here five, six and seven. And also, medically I have told it is accepted now that these are all sympathetic entities. So what you have to do is put all these toward me like this, and it just works out. It moves through you the energy invites the Kundalini and you get it, so many. But if there are obstructions within you, you have to move your right hand, left hand being towards me. With the right hand, you put your hands to different centers as I tell you and you can manage it. Like just now I can tell you, what chakras you are catching. So, I know which chakras you are catching and if I tell you how to remove the hurdle, you can get it and then it works out, is very simple. But, in a village just putting the hands like this, they get it. For children, in a school they all get it. But we are rather we have barriers of our thoughts. [laughs]

Sahaja yogi: No questions?

Shri Mataji: There will be, I hope there are some questions at least you see that shows the rapport has been established.

One person: Maa, You are saying that by doing this we will receive the energy from you. But I read in the yoga somewhere that, this posture to conserve our energy and to avoid the loss. In this way, we conserve our energy. When we are doing like this, we will be losing our energy now, isn’t it?

Shri Mataji: He has asked me a question of this kind that if we put our hands like this, we will be losing our energies. And if we put our fingers like this, then we conserve our energies, is a wrong idea. You see what happens actually in Sahaja Yoga that Kundalini is your Mother. Everybody has a Mother, individually placed in the sacrum bone. Now this matrix [Mother??] within you, the mathrutwa as we call it, rises above and pushes you in the same way as the reptiles do. In the biological function of them that you are put higher than what you are. You are not moving like a pendulum that an energy loss and energy gain like that. You just become empowered that you can give energy to others. So, by doing this what happens, you do receive energy from Me, if I have energy force, it passes through you. And then the energy goes inside and invites the Kundalini as I told you. But why some of the saints used to do like this is not to preserve their energy. But this center relates to this center. And this center means the center of the Virat, of the whole. And this is the center of the Swadishthana, is the one by which all the matter is made. So, when you do like this what you do, the energy of the whole is passed into the matter and here it is the subtle side of the matter is on. You can say the emotional side and it is passed into the emotions. So, this mudra is not to be done by people who are not here doing this kind of work. It is only meant for the incarnations who have that much power to do. So, this one is not preservation but actually is passing of your energy to that. You don’t have to preserve any energy, you have to get the energy passing through you. And the energy within you rises and opens that gate.

[One person asks to explain in Marathi language for 5 mins]

[Shri Mataji laughs and explains in Marathi for few mins.]

[Someone asks something]

Shri Mataji: Yes. He is saying, ‘How can you prove materially or physically that Kundalini is awakened,’ because it is spiritual? It is true but the spirit is felt in your central nervous system, I told you first, in the very beginning that when the Kundalini is awakened, what happens that you start feeling the cool breeze coming out of your head actually you start feeling the cool breeze around means that your central nervous system has awakened to a new consciousness called as collective consciousness. There is a new awakening in your nervous system. So, also physically you can feel it because your central nervous system gets enlightened. Is the experience is there inside but the manifestation of that comes up to the gross.

Yes experience is there no doubt, but the experience is not up to the gross cell – is the point. See, the light when it is awakened is an experience but is brought to the gross level. You will be surprised that so many people, you can even see with your naked eye, the rising of the Kundalini, the pulsation of the Kundalini. You can feel it because it’s an energy, which gives you the experience and the experience is of thoughtless awareness, you just become thoughtless. You become joyous, there is no thought.

Question from Audience: Your experience may be different from my experience?

Shri Mataji: No, No, it is not, is the same, is the same is, the experience is the same, the manifestation is the same. But when the Kundalini raising takes place, then of course some people who have some obstructions might get little heat in the body or something like that while the raising takes place. But once the, once it raises – everybody should feel the cool breeze, coming out their head and should feel the cool breeze coming in your hand. That’s how it is.

[Conversation of a seeker and Mother in Marathi language]

Question from Audience : What made you to think of this line?

Shri Mataji: You see, he has asked Me a question that for a medical profession I mean, I did it. Why did I take this line? Actually, I was in this line to begin with. I studied medicine just to talk to you, is the other way round, all right.

[Conversation of a seeker and Mother in Marathi language]

Shri Mataji: That’s a good idea!

[Shri Mataji talks in Marathi language]

Shri Mataji: Please put your right hand on your heart. Now you have to say, “Mother, I am the spirit”. Please keep this right hand on your shoulder at the base of the neck, on the left side. This is a very important center in our body, which we get caught up because we all the time try debase ourselves or ridicule ourselves and find faults with us, which say we are guilty of this and guilty of that. So, you have to say at this center, the mantra is “Mother, I am not guilty”, because the spirit is guiltless. You have to say. “Mother, I am not guilty”, sixteen times because there are sixteen sub plexuses or petals to this center. So, you have to say, “Mother, I am not guilty”. [Marathi explanation] With full faith in yourself, you have to say, “Mother I am absolutely not guilty”. You are not, because you are the Spirit. How can you be guilty? And you must know that God almighty is the ocean of love, ocean of grace and ocean of forgiveness. So, what mistake can you commit that he cannot forgive you? You have to just say, ‘Mother I am not guilty’. This is one of the centers, which is very important if you suffer from any troubles due to lethargic heart, like angina, or bad circulation or any [colt, collating things??] like that problems of pulmonary vein where blood cannot be circulated or anything like that. Now better, sixteen times. Now you have to say one more mantra is that, ‘Mother, I am the part and parcel of the whole’ – because you are a microcosm which is a part of the macrocosm. And once you become part and parcel of the whole, the collective consciousness is awakened within you. So, you have to say, ‘Mother, I am the part and parcel of the whole’ – that too sixteen times. This cures all your throat troubles, all the ENT problems – ear, nose and throat, on the physical level. This is the simple mantra to be said. [Marathi explanation]. Please put your hand across your forehead and you have to say, ‘Mother, I forgive everyone’. We have to forgive everyone. Now, many will say it is difficult to forgive, but is the easiest thing to say and if you say that, actually you are taking off the load from your mind. Otherwise the person who has made you suffer, you are playing into the hands of that person. That person does not feel anything. You are feeling it, so it is better to say, ‘Mother, I forgive everyone’. Now, put your hand on top of your head, on the fontanel bone area and press the palm on top of that move it in a clockwise…