Devi Puja, Republic Day

Pune (India)

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Republic day puja, Devi puja, Pune India, 26/01/1985

We have arrived in a place which is regarded as he holiest of holy cities, in all the Shastras it is described as something very heavenly. So the people who are born here, must be people of great achievements and of great punyas. [Shri Mataji laughs]
And to add to all the glory of this place, today is the day of our independence, the Republic day of India.
Today the occasion is so great that on this day I should be worshipped because the essence of all the manifestation, all the material worlds of the world is India. India is the essence, the rest of it is all the manifestation of the essence.
So to celebrate the Independence of this country itself is great fortune of many people today, that they should worship me on this day.

It’s a very deep rooted country, deep rooted into its traditions and its understanding of life. It’s one of the most ancient country where people have been searching the truth since long.
The roots of all philosophies were born in this country That’s why most of the Incarnations took their birth in this country. Or ended up their life here like Moses and Christ.

On spiritual life, I would say that time has taken its stone, we have had all kinds of sufferings and dominations because of the spiritual understanding and bearing power we have. That’s representative of what many saints have suffered on account of aggressive people.
Despite all that, this country has survived its all bans. And there is something still lurking behind every Indian mind, that the spirit of this country will never die.

With all these horrible things that we have gone through and the waves of calamities that have passed through, today, at this juncture, we should hope that this country should take a new turn to spiritual life. It should prosper in its own nature that is spirituality. It is not going to prosper through economics or politics or any such things which are extravert but it is going to prosper through its spirituality which is its nature.

Once this is realised by Indians, that it is the spirituality of this place which has given us the blessings of God to survive under all circumstances, that we should really pay full attention towards spirituality, they’ll change their ways and methods. And we’ll not take to western methods anymore, but we’ll take to the methods which were taught to us by saints long time back.
Actually it is surprising that many saints and seekers are more born I the West than they are born in this country. And that, in this country, we have people who are still seeking money, seeking all kinds of other things which should not be really be looked at because they are worth nothing.
It is impossible to convince many Indian leaders that they have to take to Spirituality if they have to take full advantage of the substance of this land.

I hope one day will come when they will realise it, that all other activities must be divert towards the spiritual manifestation of our talents, so that they receive the best results out of the mankind which is living in this country and can give to the world something, what every body wants, but not what they have.

As you know, I have been a participant in the Freedom Movement and as a young girls, I have gone through myself, all kinds of tortures and problems [Shri Mataji smiles] of this slavery to see what is slavery.
But after getting independence if the people do not understand the technique of the Spirit, they are going to loose every thing that they have achieved through independence. The whole direction is downward. They think of just physical, material development which is not going to help them at all and will take them much closer to disaster, much faster than the West has gone. Because West can depend on spirituality now, because they have realised that spirituality is he thing they have to achieve.
But in this country, where spirituality is regarded as out of date, I don’t know how much time they will take to understand what is the importance of spirituality in this country. Perhaps their children will become hippies, they’ll take to drugs. Already, we are having a very bad drug problem in Puna. In Puna, they are many drug addicts. You’ll be surprised, there are many drug addicts in Puna. And we have drug addicts even in Amra Nagar. [?]
So these drugs and all those things are coming up the same way it has been in America or in the West and then it will pass through all that horrible vicious circle and then it will come to Sahaja Yoga. Or should it learn from you people who have cross all that for us and crucified yourselves?

We should understand that all that is not necessary. Sahaja Yoga is, as I’ve told you, is not for one person. It is not for one country, it is for the whole universe. That’s why I said now, we have established the religion of Sahaja Yoga, is what we call the Universal [vishwa] Nirmala Religion [Dharma]. And this religion doesn’t have any faith in the low level caste system, low level racial systems, low level political systems, and low level economics’ systems. It has its own understanding of the Divinity and it works with that.

Once you come up to the level of that, then I’m sure people will be convinced that this is the best way to make the whole world a dynamic source of spiritual growth and of substantial achievements. The rest of it is frivolous, flippant and temporary. If you have to have something of a very permanent and a high level, they will realise that we have to see to those people, how they have achieved it, how they have become such beautiful human beings.
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