Talk to Sahaja Yogis, A New Age Sydney

Sydney (Australia)

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H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi talking to the Sahaja yogis at Burwood ashram after the public program. Sydney, Australia. (1985-0311)

[a Sahaja yogi reads Gyaneshwara’s Pasayadan in Marathi, and Shri Mataji comments on it in English]


Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yogis: Aranava, forest, jungle..

Shri Mataji: Gyaneshawara. He describes Sahaja Yogis like this, beautifully. He first says, he’s requesting the God Almighty.


Ata, he says, let the Spirit of the Universe be contented. He says now let it be contented. I have done my writing as the yagnya of my power of speaking


And now with that.


satisfaction, I mean, I mean God doesn’t have satisfaction but what you mean that now you are Prasanna, satisfied, then please give us the Pasaydan and Pasaydan, it means these vibrations, the blessings of the nectar of the milk of your joy, you give us that, that’s what he asks for, but the way he described the Sahaja Yogis, what will happen, you see the, what it will happen.


So he says “So let’s walk, let’s go together. He describes you as the trees, the forest of the trees of fulfilling desires, you are the trees of fulfilling desires. Let us get together and march.


Arava is the forest.


Aranava, the oceans, you are the oceans, of talking ambrosa, of talking ambrosa, you are the oceans of ambrosa talking, or let us all move together, now we have the God, the Pasaydan, let’s give it to others. Such a tremendous thing he had said about Pasaydan. I haven’t got the full of it with me but I think it was translated in one of the Nirmala Yoga’s articles. You see, he’s already described you that you are so great, that whatever you desire you are like the tree that fulfills the tree of desires.


but you are the jungles, you are the great forest, so many trees together, let’s walk together, let’s march on. Tsala means let’s march on. He described all that. He’s already, has seen it he was such a seer, that’s what it is. So you were all stunted (???) today, very happy and joyous. We have done it. But I bend down to the sea, to thank the sea as well.

And I have to show some miracles to these people, which Warren will tell you, now come along Warren here. I have been talking. Thank you.

Warren: We went to the Opera House, and looking out across the harbour towards the heads, there was the moon, just doing the namaskar to Shri Mataji because she is just slightly in the receding moon. And then we saw the reflection of the moon coming towards us. Then Mataji said “Just watch”. And she walked about 25-30 metres down and the rays of the light from the moon followed Her. They didn’t stay with us. She came back, She walked up the other way, the rays followed Her, they didnt stay with us.

Shri Mataji: And a boat came in.

Warren: A boat came in. Red lights were there, lights on the Opera House, Lunar Park, all of them were just converging on Her, wherever She was. The Lights followed Her. It is incredible. It’s just miraculous.

Shri Mataji: But the greatest miracle is the collectivity. The teamwork shown by Sydney people. Congratulations to you. It’s James (Warren: tremendous), it’s Chris, it’s all of you who have worked together with such enthusiasm, and in such weight. It has worked out. I did nothing, I really promise you, I did nothing. It is all your doing. It is all your working, it is all your desire. That’s what you are. But that’s what one must know, that you have to march on. It is a crusade, of what we call a campaign, a big campaign of Divine work, we have to do. And it has been shown here, in Sydney, where it is done with full heart, how it achieves results. So we’ve got now Sydney, … a New Age has started, absolutely a New Age. The people were so positive today. The fellow was shouting, everybody ready to: “Shut up!”. Nobody listening to him, I think poor fellow was paid by someone to shout there and he must have gone back with his pay. So it was all very sweet and beautiful. It all worked out very well. I wouldn’t say, that, it was only the Divine, it cannot work without you. You are the channels of Divine, you must know and when you work it out, it is so purposeful, for you, so joyous for you and so fulfilling for the Divine. The Divine wants to bless you again and again for this tremendous work you have done. I am very happy today. May God bless you.

Let’s have the song which they have prepared.

Warren: The Hymn of the Extollation of the Devi. Could you. All of the ones who know it, come forward.

Shri Mataji: Mm. Oh!

Warren: It is Ok.

Shri Mataji: Something has fallen off.

Warren: Yes, just the.

Shri Mataji: I hope you are not hurt.

Warren: No, No.

Could you just make some space here at the front, please.

[Not very clear or inaudible while preparing before the Extollation of the Devi is sung.]