Birthday Puja



Birthday Pooja. Bombay (India), 21 March 1985.

English Part:
Today is the day of Gauri. Gauri is the one who, as a Virgin, created Shri Ganesha. And in the same pattern you have got your realisation. In the same pattern!
So you have to use tbe same power within you, that is of Gauri, that you keep your heart clean. You must bave a clean heart. You must have a clean thinking. There should be purity in your mind. Of course, the bhakti (devotion) ‘does, give that purity, but if there is anything lingering in your mind I have to tell you there are three things tbat are going to happen from today.
First, we have started Vishva Nirmala Dharma. You are under the vision of Shri Ganesh, under the guidance of your Spirit, and under tbe blessings of God Almighty. But be careful, because once you become that, you bave to keep to that Dharma, you have to be honest about it.
If you have decided, from today onwards you be careful; anytbing can happen to you if you get out of the ‘Maryadas’. Till you keep the maryadas’ of Sahaja Yoga, saying morningevening-night that, ‘ ‘I am a Sahaja Yogi”, nobody can harm you, hurt you. Nobody can trouble you. On the contrary you will be enjoying life if you keep to the ‘maryadas’.
But if you leave the ‘maryadas’ of Sahaja Yoga, you will have big problems.
So this is the second thing I want to tell you that today we have started the great vision, which was promised long time back of realised souls.
Now the third is tbat with all these things we are doing we must promise to God also that we wi1l know about Sahaja Yoga, through proper understanding, reading every word of it. We’ll master the knowledge of Sahaja Yoga. We,ll keep ourselves clean. And completely surrender our lives to Sahaja Yoga.
This is what you have to promise in your heart. Surrendering to Sahaja Yoga is actually surrendering to joy, bliss and peace. In that you are the gainer, nobody is a 1oser in it.
This is how today we have to decide once for all.
Today is the day as you know, my forefathers called it the first day of the year [Gudi Padva. New Year day of Shalivahan Calender]. Aud they have the ‘Kalasha’ and the ‘Shaw1’ of the Goddess as the emblem – or you can call it – as a flag of Shalivahan.
In any way my delay is important because there was Amavasya (last lunar day of dark fortnight) earlier, and we had to get rid of that Amavasya for the 1st day to start. That’s how the delay was there, there was jam-everytbing is arranged. We should not worry: ‘ ‘Why there is de1ay, why there is this . . . . ?’ ‘ Some times I may come ear1ier, I may come later,- it’s al1 arranged. Because during Amavasya how can you have my pooja? Simple thing like that. It is all arranged, it’s all worked out.
Everytbing is fine, just be your Self. Do not get upset with anything, do not get worried or anything. Just try to keep absolutely peaceful.
I give you some tests by seeing how much you keep to that situation, of complete peace within yourself. If you have done no wrong, if you are a Sahaja Yogi, there should be no disturbance. If others bave done wrong, it’s alright, doesn’t matter, you have not done anything. As long as you have done no wrong there is nothing to worry. And as it is, even if you have done some wrong, God is there to forgive you.
So don’t have any worry-nothing. Have a1l the strengtb, have all the courage, and go ahead witb this promise onwards.
Because I see now Sahaja Yoga is going to take a new turn. Definitely it is going to take. We are going to come upto a stage where thousands and thousands will join hands. But first of all those who are in the foundations, who are the first people must work very hard to keep themselves above all kinds of foolish temptations, a1l kinds of foolish things you have been doing, which is ”Asahaja” (not Sahaja). Language should be sweet, your behaviour should be good, it should be very gent1e and soft. You should move like a Yogi, live like a Saint, and people sbould see through you the greatness of Sahaja Yoga.
May God Bless You.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi