Devi Puja

Pune (India)


Devi Puja

(Transcriber’s Note: A Sahaja Yogini is singing a bhajan to Shri Mataji.)

Shri Mataji: Waa. [UNKNOWN INDIAN WORDS]. I’ll give her. May God bless you. There’s a Sari [UNKNOWN INDIAN WORD].
Shri Mataji speaks in Marathi / Hindi.
(Transcriber’s Note: Shri Mataji begins in either Hindi or Marathi. She then speaks in English but it seems that in is not the beginning of a sentence.)
Marathi language because Poona is a very, very important; very extremely important place and the people have a special gift of God that they are born here. Punya (sounds like – nugarie OR nagari) is the name. Punya Patanam means the…all the punyas, all the good deeds that they did in their previous lives is poured into this. All the saints have praised this place. In the ancient times, in the ancient books it is written as this is a Punya Patanam – is the place, is the city of punyas.

So in such a great place you all have come, you should be very thankful. I’m just addressing to them that you are born in such a great country, in such a great city and you have a special, very special responsibility. And that’s what I was advising them that these foreigners have come. They are also very lucky people to come to this great city of punyas. And by God’s grace I’m sure they will achieve a big ascent in this puja.

So let us all decide today not to worry about small, frivolous things but think of something higher that we want to achieve; the highest that we want to achieve in our ascent; the greatest that we want to achieve in our…. This is the place where you can achieve it and that’s why I’m going to settle down in Poona. This is the place where you are going to grow very big. Is the best place to grow great in your ascent. And that’s why is very important, today’s puja is extremely important.

May God bless you all.

[UNKNOWN INDIAN WORDS. Shri Mataji speaks aside in Hindi/Marathi.]

I would like to say that before I leave this place I would like to meet people who want to get engaged. Before I …. [UNKNOWN INDIAN WORDS]. I really…. (Transcriber’s Note: Recording interrupted.)
The Sahaja Yoginis are singing bhajans to Shri Mataji.
Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi/ Marathi.
More bhajans.
(Transcriber’s note: – Could be that this is not a complete tape. Shri Mataji can be heard in the background speaking in Marathi/Hindi.)
More bhajans.
(Transcriber’s Note – Shri Mataji’s voice can be heard in the background speaking Hindi/ Marathi. Lots of other chatter heard as well.)
More bhajans.
Shri Mataji’s voice is heard again Hindi/ Marathi.
Bhajans continue.
Lots of chatter; Shri Mataji’s voice can be heard but inaudible.
Bhajans continue.
Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi / Marathi.
General chatter heard.
Lots of chatter.