Makar Sankranti Puja

Rahuri (India)


Sankranti Puja (English/Marathi). Rahuri, Maharashtra (India), 14 January 1986.

English Part:

Today is a sad day for Me because we’ll be now parting. I may not be able to meet you in Bombay. Maybe for a year this may not happen for some of you, and I would like to give you a little advice about the growth within yourself.

It is believed by people that God is helping us and we are in His kingdom. So whatever happens He looks after us. It is true but as you are the instrument of the God you have to also look after yourself.

For today’s delay I would like to apologize but the delay comes because from Poona Mr. Kulkarni was to come and see us do this puja. Now I told him that his wife is a negative lady, and he doesn’t understand his own importance, I would say. As a leader you must understand your importance. And another person who came, he asked, “Why don’t you come with me?” He said, “I have to come with my wife.” And that’s how this delay has taken place because he’s not here. He said he’ll come for puja so the main thing was first to arrive here in time without a negative force pulling him.

So we conclude that it is important that first of all we should know that in any way we should not try to have any negative forces attacking us or involving us or attaching to us. She may be your wife, may be your husband, may be your son, may be your daughter, may be anyone. You must see that that person is negative through vibrations and don’t have anything to do with such a person. Don’t have, never listen to such a person, never agree to what that person says and do as you please because in vibrations you will know that the person is negative.

Of course that doesn’t give you a hand to sort of a destroy another person or to completely finish Sahaja Yoga in that person. But on the contrary with love and proper advice you have to tell that person that, “You are being negative, you are a negative person. We are getting negative vibrations from you.” Now that person may persist on the negativity, maybe because he does not know how to get out of it or maybe she does not know how to get rid of it or may be laziness. Maybe that her arrogance, because such people can be very arrogant and adamant and high-handed, could be very arbitrary also and could be so intelligent that they would cheat themselves with their own intelligence. They will not accept your advice, whatever it is. Try to tell them as far as possible, you have to go to a great extent, because you are not here for them, you are here for yourself and for God.

So you have no business to waste your energy with somebody who is a positively negative person. And in that the approach should be such that you try to help that person as far as possible. Supposing she has some bad habits, she’s taking drugs, all right, try to take out that part, the drug and all that, try to do whatever is possible. Give a bandhan, beat her with shoes but your attention should not be completely towards one person who’s negative.

Normally in an ashram, I’ve seen, mostly one negative person appears and the whole ashram gets upset. It’s a very common thing because one nasty person can spoil the whole show. Like today I had to spend some money with another nasty person just for nothing at all, and because she’s negative I had to fight it out Myself, I did not know how others are going to fight it out. But you have to tell frankly on the face that, “If you want to go to hell you can go, if you want to go to God then you should change yourself, you have to transform yourself, you have to be all right.”

Everyone can get cured. Lazy lumps are the only difficult things, lazy people, because they have excuses. They are the most difficult things, lazy people are the most difficult people I have seen. If the person is not a lazy person, it’s very easy to make him do things. For a lazy person everything is difficult because he’s indulging into laziness.

But one must remember one principle of Sahaja Yoga which is very important. I think one should write it down in your heart. This is a very important essence of Sahaja Yoga, of how to grow, that you should know how to raise your Kundalini. You should know how to meditate and to find out about your problems, your defects and then remove them and raise your Kundalini. If you cannot raise your Kundalini you cannot improve in Sahaja Yoga.

Now the Kundalini falls off with many things, as you know, if you have defects. Even supposing you have a weakness for your wife, you worry about her, you think about her or your husband, who is a negative person, the Kundalini will be sucked down. It will be sucked down with all these negative attentions, any kind of a negative attention you have, it will be sucked down.

And such negative people always push forward, they’ll sit in front of Me, they’ll be just there to trouble Me. They’ll never understand that we should be at the back, they are very great show-offs. They will sit just in front of My eyes, I see them, just I put My eyes straightforward and the person is straightforward before My eyes. Is a sign that they are all the time trying to displease the Goddess, all the time. Of course your Mother is such a funny Goddess that She never gets displeased. But there so many others who get displeased. I wish I had known that, I really don’t know, I think I’m nothing but forgiveness and I just don’t recognize it. But it’s a common point. A person who is a very positive person doesn’t come forward much, keeps out, doesn’t force Me to do things. Otherwise they’ll force Me, “Do this, do this, sit down like this, I’ll have this.” Unless and until I tell you, you should not. Like I know some people, it’s a headache to be with them where they’ll ask, “Should I give you tea, should I bring this for you?” Why? I’ll tell you if I need it. “Will you take this, will you take that, would you have this, would you like a white tea or a black tea or a yellow tea.” I’ve no time to think about all these nonsensical things. And that’s what distracts My attention from them and they don’t get – it’s a vicious circle -they don’t get My blessings.

Linda, you are the one, now go on that side, you know that very well and you are the one who’ll sit in front. Now I can tell you how many who are sitting in front of Me, most of them would be negative people, except for Alexandra, I can see that. Another is Martine. Is she there? Martine catches very well, yes, second one must be Martine, yes, come along. Martine catches very much. And you people don’t want to see that you catch, you people don’t want to see that you catch and then what happens that it affects the other person. The leaders are affected. Who is next? Now who is next, let’s see. Behind her, she has eye trouble, she has a problem, she should not sit in front, she should be on the side. I need not worry that far but still, let her sit on the side.

I’ve just pointed it out to you that you can make out a negative person who has problems. First of all, complaining type: Anybody who is complaining of nature is negative, anybody who complains is negative. I never complain, do I? Did I ever complain. I’ve been to all your programs anywhere, did I ever complain that the bed is not all right? Suddenly the other day I discovered the bed on I sleep is really hard like a rock, really. I just suddenly discovered because I sat on it. But I didn’t complain to anyone. I said, “It’s all right.” Because I’m quite comfortable Myself with it. So this is it that shows a person who’s not comfortable within himself is still negative and such a person should try to keep out of Sahaja Yoga. That’s the best way the person is going to be helped.

For negative people also you must remember you must try to keep out of Sahaja Yoga. Don’t try to show off, because such a person always wants to come forward. Why? Because he’ll be blessed, because he’ll be saved. It’s a kind of a, like a beggar coming to a rich man, but it’s not so. In Sahaja Yoga it’s the other way round, everything is just the other way round, you can put everything the other way round, then you’ll understand. In Sahaja Yoga those who keep out of My sight are better blessed. Those who do not ask Me questions, whether I should have this or that are better blessed. Those who do not claim anything from Me are better blessed. Those who do not challenge Me are better blessed.

Miracles happen. Like in My passport, this has happened before also, I did not know in Australia, but Mr. [Shivastava?] told Me that My passport has expired, I must get the validity again sanctioned. When I came here, Warren told Me at least three times, then I asked Warren, “Should I go to Delhi to get it done because if I go to Hong Kong how will I do it, without a passport?” And then I said, “Let’s see.” I opened the passport – it’s already sanctioned till eighty-eight. So, you see, for that one has to understand that we must know our priorities; we must know what is important. For Me it was important I have to go to Hong Kong, I couldn’t find any time when I could go there, at a time when it would not be very hot. And just it worked out for Me, I don’t have to go to Delhi first and I’m now ready to go.

It has happened so many times and even if something goes wrong with My passport or anything because of negative forces, I use it for an advantage. So even if somebody is a negative person, use it for a positive thing. Now, example: I was going to America and I had sent My passport for visa and My husband who is so meticulous had taken it. And they gave the visa for the year ahead. When I went to the airport they said, “What? This is the visa for the one year ahead.” One year ahead, they had given. So they said, “You can go next year, not this year, the visa is for next year.” So I telephoned to My husband, it was a Sunday, he just got out of bed, he ran up and down, poor fellow, he said, “How is it I didn’t see?” I said, “You didn’t see. What has happened is that you didn’t see. The fellow who did it was quite speedy I think, so he gave Me one year ahead, so now better find out.” I mean, this is what happens to the speedy people. They’ll give you visa for one year ahead. That’s another extreme positivity. Now, then as a result of his running up and down, they all got shattered, you know the Americans especially felt, “Oh God, what a mistake it was.” So they gave Me visa for five years.

So instead of feeling unhappy about the negativity and making miserable faces and making yourself miserable and Me miserable with that, best is to laugh it out and use that negativity for your positivity. In the beginning only it happened that once we were going to Nasik, and while going to Nasik our car failed and everybody said, “Mother, your car never fails, how it has failed?” I said, “Let it be, it’s all right, it’s very nice here, I can look around, I can see around and all that.” They couldn’t understand why I was so relaxed about it. So the car failed and it took about one hour. Now the people who were sahaja yogis before never used to cure anybody, never used to look at anyone, never used to raise anybody’s Kundalini, all very frightened. But as I was not there, they felt very challenged because there’s such a big crowd there, they didn’t know what to do. So they said, “All right, we’ll raise your Kundalini.” That’s how they started doing it and it’s helping now, [we were now,?] that you are doing it. Otherwise they would not touch it.

So every disadvantage, every negativity is to be used for positivity. As I’ve told you before also an example of a little cell going inside the Mother Earth, sees a big boulder there, goes round it, [ties?] round it again and again and again and uses it for further holding of the tree, for the support of the tree. That is what is wisdom, that is what is wisdom and this wisdom comes through meditation, meditative method.

So you must everyday meditate and raise your Kundalini, otherwise you cannot grow by saying, “Mother, I love you, I love you,” writing Me ten pages letters, which is impossible to read, doing all kinds of things like that and asking Me questions morning till evening. Nothing, nothing is going to help you to understand Me or to understand yourself or to understand Sahaja Yoga or to grow in Sahaja Yoga. You may talk, discuss, do what you like, to understand Sahaja Yoga best is to keep very happy. Happy faces, happiness within yourself, joy within yourself, try to see the essence of joy in everything, don’t try to criticize, make yourself miserable. But to raise your Kundalini every morning religiously, every morning, every night raise your Kundalini. Kundalini is like the nourishment, the nourishment, the water of life for the growth of your inner being.

If you do not meditate, if you do not know how to raise your Kundalini, you better try to learn it. Negative people always avoid that because then they feel burnings, they feel this. Face it up for a while, doesn’t matter, face it up, clear out yourself and see that you raise your own Kundalini. Don’t blame your husband, don’t blame your wife, don’t blame your children, don’t blame your atmosphere, nothing of the kind. You can go in the jungles everyday, you can go anywhere you want to, if you want to do it, you can do it. But people must understand that now we are saints, and saints have to do that.

You’ll be surprised if you start meditating, most of your problems will disappear because all physical problems will be looked after by God. All material problems will be looked after. All other problems, family problems will be looked after. But the main problem is how to make you do it. It’s like once you eat your food your tongue can taste it, it gets the saliva, it goes down, it’s all looked after, it goes down properly, down below it is all… the juices are secreted, they know that the food is coming, it is digested in different parts, as it is, it is all built-in. But you must put it in the mouth, and this is what is the mechanism of Sahaja Yoga is that you must meditate and raise your Kundalini. In so many ways, in so many styles, in so many angles I have said this again and again and again and again. But that’s what we do not do. And know your purpose, you must know your purpose.

Like as I said that the leaders do not know their importance at all. They behave sometimes in a manner which I can’t understand. They become so silly about their wives, their husbands that I cannot understand. That’s not important at all. If they’re leaders, they have responsibility.

Secondly, the leaders must tell off people who are to be told off, it’s very important. If you cannot tell off people, it’s no use. And that’s how the leadership is not going to be respected, if you do not tell off people who are negative. One negative problem comes in, immediately they’ll report it, I immediately know this is his wife or husband must be doing nonsense there. Immediately it is reported, “This is happening, that is happening,” is a sign of negativity. Immediately you can solve the problem, give bandhans.

The simplest way is to sit before My photograph and just say, “Mother, please this is the problem,” finished. There’s no need to take a telephone and telephone to Me at about two o’clock in the night. Just do that, but the trouble is you cannot because your system is not yet reached that point. It’s such a vicious circle. Your system must reach that point where the connection is absolutely there, you don’t care for leadership, anything, but you care for your inner growth. If your inner growth is in that position it will happen automatically. This is what it is, very difficult for people to understand that we have to be sensibly placed towards ourselves.

Now about the leaders I would say this about others also, that we have to be very, very sensibly placed about ourselves. Are we sensible towards ourselves? Some old people behave like children, some children behave like old people in the sense that start telling off, answering back, misbehaving. We must know our age, our group, everything and behave in a manner that is dignified. In a small age also if a child talks like a child, he can be very, very positive. I must tell you that I’ve had some very, very funny reports about some people which was so shocking that how did they arbitrarily behaved. And it’s only thing that is behind is the sense of leadership. I wanted to be leaders, this wanted to be leaders, that wanted to be leaders.

There’s nothing like leadership in Sahaja Yoga, you don’t know your Mother is too capable. She doesn’t need any leaders, you don’t know Her, better know Her. She’s too capable, very clever and cunning woman. She’s all-powerful and She knows everything about you, She knows how to handle situations. She’s not going to allow Sahaja Yoga to disappear because of somebody’s stupidity. Know that! Sitting down here I know about everything about everyone. I may look very simple, it’s not so. That’s why I have to tell you that you don’t consider yourself to be endowed with some sort of a special power as a leader. Only that you have the power through your Mother which you have to assert. So, “Whatever I’m doing is the Mother Who is doing it.” And when you do that you’ll be amazed that whatever you want will be sensible, whatever you’ll ask for it will be sensible – sensible means which is related to Sahaja Yoga. And whatever you do will be sensible. All your dignity, everything will pile up together, but foremost thing and the most important: at any cost you must meditate.

This is what I have to now tell to our Indians also but for you it is very important because now you are returning back to “the real place.” Like yesterday somebody said to Me, some westerner said, “Mother they are talking about why you left Vaikuntha and came to this India, is all right, but we would say why did you leave this India and came to us.” Then the answer was there that the God has become mad about the saints because of the [saints?] and their company. But the saints have to be saints otherwise they become troublesome to Me. If I go to lunatic asylum nothing will happen to Me. If I go to, say, to a cemetery, nothing will happen to Me. But if a saint catches even a slightest thing, that troubles Me, tortures Me, not outwardly maybe, but inside. Because I’ve given you place in My heart, in My being, you circulate in My being. That is how I know about you. So if you really grow better, if you improve better it will be a thing of joy for you and the greatest joy for Me as well, that’s all I want that you should be, nothing else, nothing else.

Now one more assurance I want to give you that we are going to start certain projects in India. Now the time has come, we have acquired some land definitely now and we are going to work out some projects as soon as I settle down in India, we will start showing the manifestation of that. And maybe this kind of tour I may not be able to do after a few years. But then you yourself will be able to conduct these tours in your own country, go round because this is a training period where you will learn how to do this kind of thing. Of course in your country it’s rather difficult to get such people but how to contact… I started with one person. So I’m just a lady, housewife and if I could do it, why not you?

So now go with a pleasant mind, enjoy yourself. It’s very difficult for a mother to bear all this because when I leave India I feel terrible about the Indians, when I leave you I feel terrible about you. It’s something horrible that I want that somehow or other we all should have one huge country of our own where we all settle down happily together.

So on behalf of you I would like to thank all the Indians who have done so much for us, given us all the comfort, according to them it was discomfort but according to you it was comfort. Now you are going on this tour, I would request you not to discuss other mundane nonsensical things on the way but discuss Sahaja Yoga. Understand, there are people who are just new, tell them about Sahaj Yog, let them know what is Sahaja Yoga is, also explain to them what is Sahaja Yoga.

You’ll be travelling now quite a lot and also you’ll be going to places where we are going to have our projects done. You can have a look at it, will be a good idea and also you think about what kind of projects we can have in this country which will help them to achieve better results in Sahaja Yoga. All these we have to discuss and this group is much more serious-type, I think, and it’s going to work out something seriously. About the future plans that we would like to have here and abroad and whatever are the dates and things you would like to do. In the month of May, June, July I would be in the West and May I would like to keep for America, if possible, at least the second half of May. The rest of it you can adjust it the way you want to have and also arrange your programs among yourselves whichever way you say is all right. This time it was desired that I should go to Greece, I don’t mind, I would like to go there and do the needful. I hope all the leaders have got the [chains?] I have given to Warren. All right, it’s done now. I worry about all little, little things like that. Teach yourselves, you cannot cheat others. Cheating is not allowed. If you do cheating, you will cheat your Kundalini. Kundalini knows everything.

…their husbands, not at all. Otherwise you ruin us completely. We might have to take out a rule that nobody who has a wife or a husband is going to be a leader. One of the two things or children. It’s terrible it is sometimes.

(Talk continues in Marathi)

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