Welcome Talk at India Tour

Alibag (India)

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Welcome Talk at India Tour, Alibag (India) 13 December 1987.

[English Transcript]

Welcome to all of you. This is a great country, it is also passing through a crisis. Nowadays I feel there are so many things that are happening which you could never dream before and at this time you all have arrived bringing peace and joy to all of them. So I thank you for that.

The strife and the pain which is on human beings is perhaps because they are not yet worthy of God’s blessings, still as God has created them He tries to do His utmost to see that human beings are kept comfortably all right on this Mother Earth. He creates all kinds of beautiful things that you see and the whole cosmos is in unison and working out something very great today. This new revolution that has started, very, very silently, today it is taking its shape and is providing a new future for all of us. You see those big, big trees, that are on top of your head and as long as you are sitting here no fruit will fall upon you. It’s not because I am here but because this Mother Earth knows that there are such great saints sitting here and She is not going to disturb.

This place was called as Shrigaav [gaav means village – SG] I was told, means the village of the Goddess and this fruit is called as Shriphal [phal means fruit – SG] meaning the fruit of the Goddess. But actually if you see a coconut it is something like our Sahasrara and it’s very auspicious because it can absorb lot of vibrations, as if it has got its realization. As you people can absorb My vibrations, this fruit can absorb also My vibrations, in the greatest amount. So we are here today in a very big way to advertise the coming of the New Age. The coming of the Golden era people have talked about. Here we are to say what is reality, what is truth, what is joy. Here we are to manifest that and also to create a commotion or a movement in the cosmos so that this new awareness is established in the cosmos which will enlighten this country and the people of this country. Also you will pick up the threads of this movement within yourself which is a very subtle movement going on.

At this moment we are in a strife of an intellectual who tried to describe Shri Rama and Shri Krishna, in a slurry manner. And this is the time I want to bring your attention that if this intellectual strife, you use them intelligence to bring down all the ideals which enlighten our path, which gives us the guidelines and an aspiration then our life become absolutely mundane, useless, joyless. It’s very easy to condemn an ideal life but to attain that life is very difficult. And some people because they cannot attain it, try to condemn it so that they feel that they are no less, no way less than those great lives. All these ideals are created, these images are created, everywhere in the world by divine power and people look at them and think that these great lives are beautiful, though they have suffered a lot but they are so much of deeper understanding and deeper balancing and a deeper love. These ideals are very important for human societies otherwise they will be absolutely living in a relatively and they will have no absolute major to find out what is right and what is wrong.

In Sahaja Yoga we are here first of all to get connected with God Almighty, with His power, the All-Pervading Power of Chaitanya. By that we become our own master, in the sense that we get our own guidelines. If some Sahaja Yogi has not achieved that much then it is a serious thing. At least a Sahaja Yogi should be able to see at the minimum of minimum what is wrong with that person. To cleanse yourself and to put yourself right, is of course is a very important duty of every Sahaja Yogi. But these things are not to be taken as condemnation of yourself by any chance. And you should not be identified with those problems that you have but try to face them and cure them.

Many a times I have heard Sahaja Yogis saying that Indians are very simple people they are not complicated Mother so they can achieve their ascent much faster. But it’s not that it is very different for all of you, very much. And despite all the complications, and all kinds of brain washing, and all kinds of book reading and all kinds of so-called seeking, and all that non-sense one has gone through, you have come out, you have washed yourself completely and today you are there united together to face all that is absurd, all that is false, all that is wrong. It has to be a very formidable army for us because you should see around, even in this country, you call it not complicated, there are many who are all the time to complicate others and to destroy all their ideals, destroy all their visions and brain wash them. So you have to be very alert your ascent and you have to be very conscious, that it is you who is going to build up this great image of ideal people, not one ideal life but ideal people in all [characters ?].

Now on your way to our tour, you are now on the threshold of entering into a new dimension, it is a subtler dimension and this subtler dimension is within ourselves. And there lies your own being as your Spirit. It sees you as separate, yourself is separate from inside. All these identifications have to be dropped out, all kinds of misidentifications, I was reading one of the marriages list and all that, somebody says that they will marry Indians, some say, “We’ll not marry Indians”, some say, “We will not change the countries”, some say they will change the country”. Even after Sahaja Yoga if we stick on to one country as our own then I must say that we have to give up those limitations. The time has come, of course, you have a choice. Nobody is going to force you to do anything but it also expresses your personality that you still are lingering on to these small, small limitations.

As I have told you many a times God created only one world, of course, He created varieties, just to create beauty but how blind we are that we think we are different people, we are of different countries, of different races, of different castes, communities, cities then little, little rows of houses. I would say you become from human being to rats and rats to worms and then I don’t know what is the situation later. Let’s open our hearts, let’s become great, we have to be like lights, not to be small and creepy people like worms. There are many worms everywhere in the world. We are specially chosen people to be something great. So open your heart. That’s the main problem. This ego covers the heart and makes you feel that, “Now I am an Indian, I am a Christian, I am this thing, I am that.”

Now if I say someone you are not to go to temple then I must be a very cruel person to say that not to go to a temple. But they go to a temple and come back with such a big entity on their heads. Then they go to churches, the other day I had a bad experience of a lady who went to a church in France and she has become something like a minister, may be something like a pope. I mean something very funny, you know, nothing normal. I couldn’t discover it when I asked she said, “I went to a church.”


“Because they arranged a marriage there.”


“Oh, they wanted to have a big social event so they wanted to have our marriage.”

But you could just a registered marriage and finish it off. Why do you want to go to a church, where all dead bodies are buried there, to get back some of them on your heads?

So we have to be prepared to give up all the shackles of nonsense from our heads, all kinds of things there are, so much of conditionings, come down even to the color scheme, then it’s all conditioning. This is too much, not good, all funny, funny ideas and anything funny and nonsensical that comes up, such funny brains, fix it up. The other day I was telling a lady about her food that a new idea has come that you should not eat any salt and sugar, I mean just imagine! Salt is so important for our breathing. If you ask a doctor, I don’t know what is happening to the doctors and sugar is so important for our combustion. But anybody says anything you people just jump at it and you people just try to be, impress by all these ideas and start torturing yourself.

Last but not the least I feel now, I have seen the program on Gnostics, Gnostic G N O. I was thinking it comes from where G N O. In Sanskrit language gyna, gyna we call it, we call it gyna or gya, anyway, that means to know. Gnostics means the one who knew. When St. Thomas came to India, He came via boat and He wrote all about it, what is to know. And He said it is a personal experience of everyone, just He described all Sahaja Yoga there. And, also He said why should God makes you suffer? He is the most loving and affectionate father, blasting all ideas of Christianity. Also so many Hindus believe like that, Muslims believe like that, that you must suffer. But now some or other the exposure of the fruit is also coming out and also there is a kind of a turmoil going on, a kind I would say a tremendous dynamic effects are seen on human mind today, that it starts thinking what is this?

And you are the answer. You are the one who is going to convince them. And somebody was saying that, “Mother, why not we make every year, as a great year of propagation of Sahaja Yoga, propaganda of Sahaja Yoga?”

I said, “All right. If you want to make a year like that and something happens let us have but like our five year plan in India I don’t want to do all the documentation and write files and files and files, nothing comes out.” But today if you to decide that we are the ones who have to manifest this greatness on this Earth. We are the one who have to do all this. How can we be weak people? How can we be possessed people? How can we be fussy people? How can we be the people who are not saints? We have to come out of all our pettiness, all our conditionings and of all the things of our ego but not to fight it but through meditation, through witness state.

You have to be the witness. Now you are travelling. When you are travelling normally the witness State is how to criticize success. They never see the good points, they say, “Oh, look at that, this colour should not have been used, that’s not good, that’s not good.” What is good is to be seen, what is good in you, how much good you can have and what is good in other people. This time I am telling you that on your way, on your tour, I hope you will all enjoy it very much more and you’ll feel the manifestation of your Spirit, all around you, within you and in other people.

May God bless you!

I want you all to be extremely aware that your Mother is organizing a very great evolution in this world.