Birthday Puja

Mumbai (India)

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Birthday Puja, Mumbai (India), 21 March 1988.

I have told them, in Marathi language because most of them are Maharashtrians here, that in every part of the country one has to work hard and one has to spread Sahaja Yoga with complete dedication and understanding. That today is the day for us to achieve that power, to absorb that power by which we are going to spread Sahaja Yoga all over the world.

It’s you who can enlighten other people. It’s you who can show them the path and it’s you who can bring forth this new transformation which has been promised thousands of years back. That is going to happen and should happen in our country, much more than in any other country.

But, what I find, it is working out better in other countries than in India. The reason, I try to find out why Indians can not get to Sahaja Yoga with that depth. They may be in numbers but not in that depth. What is the reason, why can’t they get into that depth and when I try to locate, I shouldn’t say this today but it is a very obvious thing that we had such great and great people like Shri Rama, Shri Krishna, great saints, people in our ancient times. Such ideals, very great kings that we have, ideals of the highest types before us. And when we started following them, we developed a very special type of character which is called as hypocrisy, we can live with hypocrisy. Indians can be very easily be hypocrites. That’s something a specialty of Indian psyche, that we can be very hypocritical. We may not believe in any one, we may not follow any proper path but we are so good at hypocrisy that in Sahaja Yoga also we try that trick and play games with ourselves.

When we try to play games with ourselves, we miss the point because it is the Self which is going to emit. It is the Self that is going to give you your glory. It is the Self which is going to bestow all the blessings of divine love and all the securities and all the help that is deserved by you.

But hypocrisy must be given up. In the shadow of Sahaja Yoga people try to sometimes express their ego, sometime try to make money, sometimes try to show off that they are very great Sahaja yogis. I have seen those who overdo something, are the major hypocrites sometime. So, one should not try to overdo things that amounts to hypocrisy. Must do it in such a manner that behooves to Sahaja Yoga. Some people try to sort of have it for their own house for their own family affairs.

If they get out of it then they want that the should become the leaders and they should be able to propagate Sahaja Yoga and that they should talk about Sahaja Yoga with that, they say lots of other things also, lots of rubbish goes with it.

All such things have to be noticed. It is the ego trip working out, either it’s a ego trip or it is a money trip, I don’t know, all kinds of human trips, human beings have. But to come to Sahaja Yoga you have to be an honest person and a sincere person within yourself. If you are a hypocrite you can not come to Sahaja Yoga and it’s better you keep out.

You have to face yourself clearly and you have to see yourself because you Self is the beauty, is the glory, is everything for you. Your Self is the most important thing and if you have to deceive yourself then what will you get in Sahaja Yoga. It is the waste of time for you and Me.

So, no hypocrisy can help in Sahaja Yoga. And I think this is the only problem within us.

But at the time of Shivaji people would die, at the time of Mahatma Gandhi, I have seen how people have sacrificed everything. Here you don’t have to sacrifice anything. You are blessed, even if you come once to My program, you are blessed. Even you once take My name, you are blessed. Even you once see My photograph, you are blessed, free, free, free of charge, but to really enjoy yourself and to be in the state of complete ecstasy, you have to have one determination that you cannot be a hypocrite. You can not be a hypocrite and if you are a hypocrite you can not achieve anything in Sahaja Yoga. You have to be sincere and to be understanding. You don’t need too much intelligence for this, actually sometimes, intelligence can cheat you.

The greatest cheating thing is your own intelligence. It cheats you; it teaches you to be hypocritical and keeps you away from your own Self, which is the source of joy and happiness. This joy and happiness can be yours if you just decide to be sincere with yourself, honest with yourself, to keep your attention on your Self because you must respect yourself. You must respect your life. You shouldn’t waste it on frivolous, nonsensical things, useless things. There is no place for Sahaja Yoga for nonsense and for stupidity. So, we have to put our life fixed for something that is noble, enlightening and higher.

Hypocrisy will keep you always out of it. So, I have to request you to all that face yourself, love yourself, respect yourself, understand yourself and stand on your self respect and see for yourself that you are the king of kings, that you are the one who is to be worshipped. You are the one who is the emblem of God’s love. Such a beautiful thing it is, you see, so many of you are enlightened and settled down so well in Sahaja Yoga, enjoying the blessings, all the time. But, still we have to progress far more. For that, what you have to do is to just meditate and meditate every day, regularly, religiously, like it is the puja of yourself. You are worshipping your own Self. With humility, with surrender of your ego, you are worshipping your Self. You are not degrading it, you are not analyzing it but you are absorbing the beautiful power and the light of your Atma into your attention.

May God bless you all!

May God bless you this day when you all be full of light and full of understanding of Sahaja Yoga and may be in the bliss of complete understanding and love of God.

May God bless you!