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Sahaja Culture

Now you see the western culture is coming so fast on your head and also another thing is that today low-level creations are coming, do you understand that part like dramas, like cinemas, like books so many also newspapers, very low level they are. Now what should we do about it, one way is to criticize them, but we don`t want to take that position (risk). Then what should be our attitude? What can we do?

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Asking the people to come and sit in the front. So now tell Me what should we do? you also come and sit in the front (Marathi)

A Yogi: (Marathi) the good dramas which are now closed due to lack of the audience. The dramas which are our cultural heritage, few of them are showing Sahaja culture that day You were also saying this, we should show such dramas, convince the people, we should buy the tickets and then force the people sit and watch them.

Shri Mataji: (In Marathi) so what happened the day before yesterday we went to see a drama.


I went to see a very wonderful drama which is of an international level such a great drama it was, `RAMA WANI PATHWILA`.

And there were hardly 20-30 people to watch that. And to all kinds of useless third rate —02:28——– speech, it is so boring even if it may not be very vulgar but there are so many people .So for the Sahaja yogis it is there responsibility whether it is Marathi, Hindi or English. What we have to do is to now find out a committee who should prescribe or say that you see a drama be of a very good level. Now I have asked them to have this drama in Bombay on the first of April, so all the people who are Sahaja yogis should take all their families everything to such program, let the children see good dramas. Because it is not only that but it is the heritage of Maharashtra, now in Bengal you will not find such cheap things going on. The Bengalis are ___03:33_____ their character is best. Anything cheapish they will through away. I have seen dramas in Bengali also and in Bangla language. They cannot stand; they cannot bring down their level. So the dramas which are, of course there can be humorous dramas, they can be with the music without music. But mostly with the music we have very very good dramas in Marathi. So these must be seen out. Our background, I mean I am such a lonely woman, at that time we were very young, not a single drama we missed, not a single drama, all dramas we saw. But every drama was a _4:20 CLASS ________ that time. Such dramas won`t work out, I mean I don`t know there might be some Tamashas (typical Marathi Folks drama) or somewhere might be there, but not in the proper hall or proper addresses. And the music, the people were so particular, they knew all the songs. So now our language may be yours also may have come from these high-class dramas. Any language which does not have a high-class drama cannot have a very-powerful language. I have felt about Hindi the same. So I started a very good organization in Bombay called as Audio-video center for Hindi pieces. But Hindi people will be very, I don`t know Hindi people in Bombay, they were quite up-to-date type and they couldn’t take to that. They prefer to see a cinema or so. Then in the same way, the cinemas which are good, we should find out which are the good cinemas, which have some meaning towards life and prescribe it, gradually you will find the trend of cinemas will change. Secondly, it will have a very good effect on your children. All kinds of useless cinemas, if our children see, they will be all finished. So we have to be selective about it. With guiding our children, we have to be ourselves first disciplined about it, that we should not accept anything that is not good, which doesn`t convey anything sensible, something constructive. So once you are disciplined you can discipline your children also. I remember My parents used to see every film, which we were supposed to see, and if they found it was alright they would send. I mean today I thank them, of course I could never have, but you see all my generation, you see we developed a kind of a class understanding, this is one thing.


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So you write now, your handwriting is very nice, write, and first thing write.


Now the second point is, in drama if there is music people don`t follow that is the matter. I mean in Maharashtra, our Sangeet (Music) is Natyasangeet (Musical drama). Our Sangeet is Natyasangeet and if we cannot appreciate Natyasangeet then what are we going to appreciate I cannot understand. It is not being traditional or anything, but it is just being sensible. Now this music, I know that to all of you should try to understand classical music, it is very important, because as I have told you, this music has come from Omkara. Look at the foreigners, you see them, how they appreciate our music. They can’t stand any other music. If you, even by chance they happen to switch on to something, they will put their hands on the ears like this and they will say no we don’t want it. So these things once become part and parcel of your understanding then you won’t like such music, like this all kind of this rap music, sickening absolutely sickening. They have sickened those countries. So we have to develop our music through dramas. I wouldn`t say that you should sit down, Sa Re Ga Ma and learn music and all that. I have not learnt music Myself but you must listen. Because through vibrations as I have seen you will appreciate music better and you will get much more joy after listening to that music. Because through the music vibrations flow. Very surprising, but it is not so much because this music comes from Om. That is why you have seen all the foreigners they like only Indian classical music our__09:12_____ for example that drama if they have seen, they don’t mind if they don`t understand as long as the music is alright. They have seen all kinds of musical things. They have seen also this Swayamwar. This time we could not get anything musical, they said they do not want any drama. So they organized another Sanshaya Kallol. Just a musical drama if they can appreciate so much why can`t we appreciate we being Indians. Why can`t we have liking for that. So for our children from now on only you must try to let them hear classical music and let them sing classical music, and most of the Indian music which is based on some sort of classical tunes because it is a pure music. There is purity in it.


Now I was really shocked that for such a high-standard drama, there were hardly 20-30 people in the hall. Really it was shocking. I don`t know how they are paying for it. Poor they, artists all of them came all the way from Bombay, reserved this hall, had this drama, they did it on their own only, now who paid for them. So we should form a committee, which will decide which drama is good or which drama is bad. Now there are so many people, but I think later on they will sit down and discuss the language. Then secondly, we have to find out what are the good films, means who is producing good films, we should support these people, the films which give you good ideas, constructive ideas. So we can form another committee who will decide which are the good films, like I said ___11:34_______ you can call it. Every film is not good, especially Hindi films bapre (in Marathi Oh My God). I was Myself on the censor board; I think I would not have passed even one of them. Killing, beating, your children will learn that. We have come here to get realization, to create peace and joy and if the children become so turbulent and violent, how to expect them to create peace and joy. But I have seen in any film which is good which is giving some sort of a very beautiful ideas about life is not liked by the people. They like something frippled 12:36 something cheapish because they have not developed the taste you see. Why do I like it because I have developed the taste only for that, so the main point is we have to develop the taste. In Sahaja Yoga, as it is there is no compulsion. But I can direct, I can tell you try. Once you try, you will tell Me Mother, you will thank Me for that, because all these things are very soothing, good for Adhyatmic life for your spiritual life.

Now the third attack comes to us from the media, certain newspapers are just falsehood. So we should also certify which newspapers we should read, Sahaja yogis. ­­­­­­­­­___13:39_______journalism there are all kinds of people gone. Let us not mention for us and for our children. And we should collect good cuttings and things from every newspaper. I do that all the time. Anything that you find that is good, anything that is statistical, and anything that is going to help us to explain Sahaja Yoga; you all should try to cut small cuttings and big cuttings. The other day I did speak on that and trying to write a __14:27____ in the west. They are writing a book about on the problems of the west. And imagine one of the cuttings I found in which they have given all the statistic about England. But England is the safest country, it is the best. The violence is least among all the other democratic countries. I was so surprised the whole statistic was there. England, I would say is one of the best democratic countries others have good quality in democracy. Their judiciary is so good everything. Despite that, despite they have a very good police department, wonderful police people; still such a lot of criminality is still there. But why, because in their culture, it is not built to talk about dharma; not Hindu, Christian, Muslim not that; but what is your dharma, so what is your country. In India we have all kinds of dharma’s. We are a country, so we have a Desha (country) dharma, then towards a friend, towards a wife, towards a husband, towards everything we have a dharma, means how the human being should behave. Dharma means human valency, how a human valency should act towards the surroundings, towards the relationship, so what you find that these children or who are now in Sahaja yoga are mostly born realized souls. And if you feed them with proper nourishing ideas I am sure one day we will have a race of people who will be very sensible and can lead the whole world. For example, in the western life there is no idea of punyas no ideas of punyas. And I was amazed when I went abroad that they will say what`s wrong so what`s wrong. And in democracy at the cities there is no attention at all on your morals. They are not bothered. Is there a science and no science then is amoral. It has nothing to do with morality. So who is going to do this part of morality? Who is going to work out this part of morality? This is what you Sahaja yogis have to do it. Jointly understandingly you all have to do it and this moral standard has to be set. This moral standard you have to settle so that the people should see that as a group we are really moralic very strong. We know who _17:38_. Normally you don`t once you have got a realization of course you don`t drink, you don`t smoke, you don`t tell lies. I know people are very honest in Sahaja Yoga, individually. But when it comes to prove, then there are problems. Another thing which I have to tell you is to find out all the good books, written by different people. Marathi language itself you see, what books we have read, I have not even seen them very surprising. There was one hari narayan apte. __18:26_____so many people we had, and I have read all these books, because in those days we did not have cinemas so much, I mean not allowed also. So what we did was to read __18:40____

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Did you read this book did you read that book this I used to ask them. Now women have only the question of sari and that will not be possible __18:50__ which book did you read, you yourself should read.


Mother`s have to read those books see for themselves if these books are good and should ask the children to read. Because of this, what we call in Marathi vhyasang. You see I have never studied English, never studied Hindi, nothing. Marathi also I did it till My school age. But because of Hindi only you can learn so many things. So we should have a library in Sahaja yoga, and this library should try to procure all the good books in every language. There are many are translated also, this will definitely change your attitude. Now Mr. Khote is sitting here and you know he is a great poet. We have another one recently who has come to us Mr. _19:58_ he is another great poet today I met him I was very happy. So with Sahaja Yoga you will get more poetry than _20:07__in your heads. So we have to put our mind towards poetry. Poetry is very little for Sahaja yogis. But you have to little bit become more of a subtler personality. There are so many subjects in which you have to write. We talk of this problem that problem, now bhrashtachar (corruption) problem, and then they say another problem, children education and this and that. All these things can be written with poetry. And if you write it in poetry it is easy to digest, _20:49__ can be boring. In a very humorous way also you can bring in, in a very deep understanding also bring it. So you should encourage people to make beautiful poetry, listen to them, and that you should know, I mean when we do poetry by heart. In those days, it was craze. The craze was very different. Nobody used to go to the disco or anything in those days. So supposing I know some poetry or I made some poetry then I would tell my friends and the friends will tell us. Or My father would recite some good poems. It was sort of a like a as if he has found out something nice and he is showing us this is it. Then we will find out something. So the whole atmosphere the ambience was above such a beautiful, soothing higher level that one would not look at all low things. Human beings are not born to live in hell. They are born to be very happy. So all such heavenly poems are to be brought into the attention of all the Sahaja yogis especially Me. You see I have not read many modern, Kusumagraj of course I have read. In Marathi, there is a modern poet there is one Kavi (Poet), in the south so many. But also there is a trend to produce some sort of a very absurd poetries which I have read recently some girl writing about our old style of sari, against it and comparing with men why if they can go to prostitutes why can`t we go, sort of nonsense. Such poetry can also come, I mean it is regarded as very modern, it is regarded as something very different something very new. So the modern poetry the trend is towards real vulgarity. I think because there is no poetry so they have taken to vulgarity. Even in art, art also same thing. They will paint you some vulgar nonsense. Because they do not have real art. Now see people like __23:42_____ now his paintings are in Hamitet in Russia and thousands and thousands of people come there just to see these paintings. But we can`t __23:53__ now because we haven`t got like that _23:57__ what we are doing is to roll on a sheet of a paper some sort of a color and say this is an art, something new. This nonsense has to go away. Everything new is not good in the same way everything old may not be good. So we have to choose. Like I met once an ambassador of Mexico and we were eating together and he said why don`t you like Freud, _______24:33 __ I said like you, I said I like you. He said I don´t like him because he does not give much new things to us, but Freud has given us something new. So I said alright we have eaten all these fruits before, we have not eaten this table should we have it because we have never eaten it, it is a new thing why not taste it. So everything new need not be good. We have to think of nourishment of our society __25:10_ so all these self-destructive things should be find out, I mean we should be very particular at what do we choose in poetry, in art where we have to express our inner beauty. Because you won`t be able to digest, you are Sahaja yogis now, you are now saints. You won`t be able to digest.

So I am just thinking about having a big library in Vashi to begin with, but here also thank god now we are getting a nice flat in Puna where I am going to built, I hope so with the help of all of you, we will built a nice library plus other places where we can have meditation and this that. Also videos with audios of some good films and poetry. So on the cultural side we have to work out, the culture is very important. Because the government is not bothered about your morality, science is not bothered about your morality who is bothered about your morality then, is the culture. I don`t believe in Hindu culture, and Muslim culture or anything but Sahaja culture as it is, that we have to take to. Without that you can never be happy. Now the trend is so much _26:56__ the people to dress up the way they want, they expose their body and try to attract men, I mean it is going on nonsensical, men attracting women, what I mean is a fruitless pursuit and joyless pursuit. So we should try to discourage our children and ask them to ____27:23_______ it is very important. This trend is crawling up crawling. But once they get it Sahaja in them they will just not do it. Example is __2742__once My husband was in London, and there was one gentleman who said that why don`t you come for a ball room dance. He said no I don`t dance because my wife doesn`t dance. He said bring her to London, she will start dancing. He said you take her even to moon she will not do this. So the same gentleman told Me that Your husband was so confident that you would not do such a thing. So one should not get upset when we talk that we should be descent because Sahaja yogis must respect themselves must respect. You are saints again and again I will say you are saints and you have to respect yourselves. You should not get into some sort of a mad fashion that comes in, what is fashion nothing but entrepreneurs they are making fool of everyone. Today they will say alright you may have a dress like this, tomorrow they will say wear a dress like that, because they have to make their machinery run and their business run. So you will have a pile of dresses and by the time you have to go out, you will have no dress to wear. So once you decide, this is the kind of the clothes I am going to wear, I am not going to pay too much attention to this. Alright there is something artistic something ethnic, the young people should wear because they should also support the art and even sari is very artistic thing I think because we support our villagers. 80 % of villagers depend on what they make out of their spare time. Because you know the rain is so hardly for 3-4 months 5 months at the most, the rest of the time, they have so much of empty time that they can do something with handy work and all. So for this also we should try, I don`t know how but we can try to make some sort of a model, I don`t want you to be regimental or wearing everybody the same type of dress or anything. You must wear variety, because variety makes you look beautiful. And there is so much of a beauty. But in that one thing should be there that we should be decently dressed. There should not be any indecency about it. It is very important. Because you are a saint now and imagine a saint going with small short skirt and say I am a saint, is that alright? Actually these false gurus, they might be thieves or anything in India, they wear big-big jogas you see and went abroad and became so popular only with this dress. And if the Sahaja yogi starts wearing dresses which are indecent who will believe that you are saints. I mean I am not saying that we should try to befool but it is a fact, you are saints. And you should not behave in a manner that shows that you are indecent or you are trying to attract the attention of others. You must stand on your self respect. So how to, that you respect yourself. Respect your body, once you start respecting you will know how to behave. Discipline comes to you from self. Immediately you will know I should not have done this wrong or I should not have done this. This is not proper. So respecting yourself is one of the most important things in Sahaja yoga and in public when you go, now there are people who are going all over the Maharashtra to talk about Sahaja yoga to spread Sahaja yoga but in their own language in their own behavior, are they descent are they sensible? ___32:09__ I have seen ladies and men also talking to Me like this like that. A Sahaja yogi should talk like this. It is like a lady on a some sort of a political things talking, sometimes I feel they are sometimes worse than that, because you have to be humble. You have to be compassionate and humble. There should be no arrogance. So this kind of behavior all this I was wanting that we should find out people who should be able to talk on these things and tell people.

(In Marathi 32:58) understood.

What sort of dress we should wear? what sort of clothes we should wear, especially for our children? It should not be by any chance indecent, exposing your body. Now this is a new trend that has started. For this also you people will have to put your _33:30___ what can we do to stop this act? Supposing there some sahajayogini or some sahajayogi who wears funny dresses like a clown for example you have to correct him. You should be normal people, no doubt. But not abnormally funny because it is a fashionable everybody is wearing like that so we are also wearing like that. We are sahajayogis we stand on our own faith and on our own understanding. We are not going to bow to these entrepreneurs _34:08____ some new things just to befool us. Our Indian dresses are beautiful very beautiful. We should take to Indian dresses there is no harm in it. So for this also, for consideration of this we should have some committee. We should see that there are no people who are doing like this, because this brings bad name to Sahaja Yoga. I mean you should see the foreigners again and again nice, they have come from hell. They themselves tell Me, what they have been doing, taking drugs, alcoholism, this that womanizing everything they have done and suddenly they have become like lotuses. And we who are in heaven, I must say Maharashtra is a heaven as far as adhyatma is concerned. But now you can see, we have no faith in our sanscrity (Culture) we have no faith in our Sahaja culture. This is the side of our culture but it cannot be completed unless and until you know how to talk to people. How to behave with ourselves? Now there is one thing about Maharashtrians that they must fight, next to Muslims are maharashtrians. They must pull each others legs, I am sorry to say but now in Delhi I am working, I am working in Noida everywhere Sahaja Yoga is working and you do not find even once I have got anybody fighting, but here I don`t know why pulling each others legs all the time fighting fighting fighting and complaining to Me. I don`t know if sahajayogis fight then what is left I mean I am thinking of the whole world being one and if the sahajayogis fight means what. I can understand false gurus people fight, of course this is false but you are standing on truth and truth is the same then why should we fight. I do not like a person who talks ill of others or tells Me something against, I know everyone. So they will say Mother he told you this, nobody can tell Me anything, I know everything. And nobody can spoil My Mind against anyone I know that. So this is it, this is it, and morning till evening you know some of them are so horribly against each other. Then the only thing I am pleased to say is that fellow was praising you why are you not praising that person. Last but not the least is moneywise. Maharashtrians have a special sense of saving money at wrong places, like the other day somebody says that why are you charging 55 for this tape. I mean you know that, most of the things that we have in Sahaja Yoga are organized by Me. Otherwise you don`t pay anything anywhere whatsoever. But Rs. 55 for a tape is justifiable. Because Rs. 30 it costs and Rs. 5 for the institution and Rs. 10 they think they should give it to Mother. I don`t want it, _____38:24____ I told it 100 times that I don`t want. But he says we must give you. Because I am making so many things, doing so many things so Rs. 10 they wanted to give Me. Now, even if I say don`t give Me because it is My own will, but still it is not proper. If you give Rs. 10 do you think it is going to make any difference to Me, by any chance? The amount of money we are spending even My husband compared to that what is Rs. 10. But even to give Rs. 10 that fellow had objection absolutely. Now I said alright. Then he says, what about poor people, if you are so much convinced about poor people then you buy 2 tapes give him one take yourself one and help Sahaja Yoga and help the poor. Because this money goes for Sahaja Yoga, I don`t need your money. It is so important. I mean if you are so much worried about poor you can do this way .but in any case god is free, vibrations are free everything is free. But if you have to publish a book you have to spend money. Then Mataji should do it can you get it. Now My husband is retired unluckily. By god’s grace I never have troubles with money but this is the attitude. Now they go for food, maharashtrians especially

(in Marathi 40:08) if I tell in Marathi is better, not to tell in front of others. They will take a plate to eat and four people should eat in it. Wow very nice. How much money did you save in that? This type of intelligence is a lot here in Maharashtra. And the other way they will spend it, I do not have to say anything to it because god doesn`t understand money god does not want your money. But at least spend your money for your own food. In Ganapatipule is also the same, everyone come to Ganapatipule saying that we are coming for the puja and they will watch the whole program. Do you know how much money we give to the musicians in 100 thousands for you? Who will pay them then they say Mataji will give. Now this has become a trend. What I want to say is if you give or you don`t there will never be less but you become intelligent. What does our Saheb (Sir C.P.) say, it is the work of Punya so you put money, like an investment by the God, this kind of intelligence we do not have, the north Indians have this but the maharashtrians absolutely don`t have it, north Indians do have this. And you will save your money in that, I said you don`t give Me anything just give me one _41:36_ there they will give the money, Mataji is coming we must give, but not to Sahaja Yoga. They have love for Me but not for Sahaja Yoga __41:46__. What is the use of loving just Me, does it anyway help the people. You should love Sahaja Yoga, what did we do for Sahaja Yoga? Whatever you have received is not because of Me, you have received because of Sahaja Yoga, remember this.

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Whatever you have got it is because you are sahajayogis. So you have to love Sahaja Yoga.

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They will try to save money in that also. They will get sari for Me, why do I need sari, I have so many saris that I am bored of this, I don`t know what I have to do with it. But here they will refuse to give Rs. 10. I think like this that they have such a thought in head that the sahajayogis are eating this money. Nobody is eating your money in Sahaja Yoga. All are working nobody takes a cent. Especially I must say this, My brother is charted accountant, he says he has never seen such kind of trustees and have never seen such kind of a trust and not seen such kind of people, not taking any money even a cent in Sahaja Yoga. Whatever you give, it is of use for Sahaja Yoga. Now I should not say anything about money, because I don`t have the knowledge for that but it is the Laxmitattwa of yours. If you do miserliness then your Laxmitattwa will never come up. This Sahaja yoga has given you everything, I am anadi (Ancient), and then what should I give you? Did you understand, be thankful to Sahaja Yoga and not to Me. If today, Sahaja Yoga would not have been here, you would not have been here, and would not have had your self-realization, is a straight thing. There are plenty of Devi temples, they are Swayambhu, and especially I am telling this for the maharashtrians. Even If you go for the Kuludevata, __44:00_ what has the Kuludevata given you, your father and father of your father? Sahaja Yoga has given you, tell Me the truth hasn`t Sahaja Yoga given you or not? If Sahaja Yoga would not have come in this world, would you have received anything? Leave about Me. That means Sahaja Yoga should receive your love. What have I done for Sahaja Yoga? Do nothing for Mataji, everything is useless, I don`t have knowledge of it, but for Sahaja Yoga you should do it. Everyone has to write everyday, what have I done today for Sahaja Yoga? If you fell ill only Sahaja Yoga can heal you. All the benefits that you have achieved till today are completely due to Sahaja Yoga. Therefore you should love Sahaja Yoga. And for that put _44:55__ for god.

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You have to understand that there is a very big revolution, spiritual revolution that is going on. There are 55 nations who are doing Sahaja Yoga. There are some people in some places like Togliatti I will tell you 22,000 sahajayogis are there. I meet them only once a year, _45:20___ after they have learnt from Me also. But for Sahaja Yoga also up to Siberia they have gone up to Siberia. Can you believe it? They have taken it up to Siberia. People came all the way from Siberia.

(In Marathi 45:40)Give Me some water.

So one has to learn that I have to do something for Sahaja Yoga. Maybe you may not like some of these dramas for the time being. But once you start seeing them you will like it. I will say that you all Indians have to know Hindi language must know. Minimum that I tell you this is our national language. You must know Hindi language. All the sahajayogis must know Hindi language. And those of you who live here should know Marathi. It is very important, very important. See people come and do business here; we had a problem like that. One Gujarati gentleman had a big strike in his factory for one year. Sahaja yogi, a very good sahajayogi, he said Mother I don´t know what to do? I said see, you are living in Maharashtra, you don`t know what maharashtrians are? You don`t know what they want? What do they respect? You don`t know Marathi. You want to just make money and go away. He said that no I don`t make so much money, but even if you give them money, they do not feel nearness to you, they do not feel that you are the part and parcel of this family. So you have to establish. Marathi is tremendous I tell you and a very difficult also I mean even if you speak it you may not speak that correctly. But whatever you say in Marathi, they will appreciate every bit of it. So you learn Marathi. I said now you make a big temple of Ganesha, because for maharashtrians Shri Ganesha is the __47:50__. So he made a temple of Ganesha and he said that we are going to have the inauguration. I mean they said we are going to have the inauguration. The whole strike was finished. They all came for the Ganesha puja.

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Now they are coming for Ganapati, their wives brought them; the men had been drinking alcohol.

English 48:18

So I am going to make a request to all the non-Marathi people who are here, try to learn Marathi try to understand. And I must say the quality of the Marathi literature is very high. That is how I know all kind of literature. It is not Bengali style where it is very emotional side, no; it is very balanced, very deep and very good for Sahaja Yoga. Because Sahaja yoga was practiced since ancient times by ___48:53_______ who lived in Maharashtra. So Sahaja Yoga is actually still very much easy to understand if you know certain words of Marathi. English language the less is the better. For example spirit, I find it so impossible, I mean difficult. Spirit means Atma, spirit means alcohol, spirit means dead spirit, now which spirit am I talking about? You couldn`t know which spirit I am talking about. So there is no harm in learning these three languages in any case. So many sahajayogis abroad are learning Marathi or Hindi and I tell you they are progressing very well. We have many beautiful books in all these languages, translated also. But for spiritual, you can say spiritual thought, you see Dyneshwara, I have not seen anyone higher than that, not because I was born in Maharashtra. But nobody, Amrutanubhav if you can read, I mean it is like bible, so beautiful. So under these circumstances, we should not stick on to one side but we should progress and we should expand. Very easy, you just mix up with other people with other sahajayogis, we at first had a center and we had Marathi, so all the Hindi people said Mother we don`t understand Marathi, they speak in Marathi this thing and that thing. I said alright you start other center in Hindi, but they started another centre here, but I said once a month you should meet all of you. So now we have a nice place in Pune you are lucky people. You can meet in a place called Shere, all of you can go and have a nice picnic there and talk to each other. A maharashtrian must talk to the Hindi people with whatever type of Hindi, I am going to ___51:28____. A Marathi Hindi is another quite a shocking thing it doesn`t matter, same way and the Hindi people should talk in Marathi. Highly important see now if you can talk, you can talk. So a _51:46__ will start. It is very interesting you know, and I think it is more congenial more helpful. If you can speak in whatever way you know own broken language, doesn`t matter people will like that. They will tell you 10 times, see he said this in Marathi. Though you make a mess out of it, doesn`t matter. But same with the maharashtrians you see you must make sure you learn, ­while Hindi is also not easy to take out after Marathi. Like that you establish a bond with this language it is very important for Sahaja Yoga. These three languages at least you should try to know because we are international people. Not only that at least Hindi, Marathi and English, these three languages are to be used in our literature .I am not saying if you take to some sort of a course or something but at least talking. In Sahaja Yoga, everything will _53:03__ otherwise you talk to somebody else then people will laugh at you but in Sahaja Yoga nobody will laugh at you. So all the people whether you are maharashtrian or you are from north or anywhere should start talk to each other in somebody else’s language. Very easy to learn.

Now another language that we know is our Sahaja language. In Sahaja language, we talk on chakras, we don`t talk that person who is good looking who is bad looking who is dressed up like, not superficial. We talk about chakras, this is the chakra is not alright that is the chakra not alright. But we say is that this chakra within me is not alright. But for others we need not talk.

(In Marathi 54:11) this is a lot stupidness, you have a bhoot they will say like that, the one who has a bhoot will say that is he has bhoot. This is very _54:22__, you have a badha, you have a bhoot, you have this, and will say like this.

English 54:30

It is very easy for the sahajayogis to go on telling everything. All the newcomers will come first of all they are to have bhoots for some people, according to sahajayogis. That is what the people have told Me. Anybody who come to Me they will say you have got this bhoot you have got that bhoot.


So now let us have one committee which will have people who would sell these books means methods how to learn other languages. I learnt good Hindi through ___55:13___he is the greatest greatest novelist in the whole world, much better than Tolstoy or anyone. For Indian life, he is so delicate, of course he will take out your eyes wash them and put them back then you will cry no doubt, after all you are 55:34 __ but you will learn Hindi very very quickly if you can read Sharadchandra. There are 26 books that are written. All translated in Hindi, I don`t know.

Marathi 55:49

I don`t know if in Marathi, do we have in Marathi.

Yogi/nis: Yes, we have in Marathi.

Shri Mataji: Also in Hindi.


It is a translation, it is not the originally Bengali (in Marathi; what I want to say) but it is so interesting, (In Marathi; that man is very deep). So you will pick up that language so fast so fast. Like Hindi I learnt from him only, his translated books. I never studied Hindi in My life. Sharadchandra you all must read it is very important. He is a realized soul. There are so many realized souls we have had. So we come to this point that those who are realized souls, had been realized souls, who have written books and things even novels, poetry, everything we should note it down, find them out, abroad and here, read their literature. So we have to be literary people. I am not saying that everybody will be, but those who are here supposed to be class people at least you all should be literary. The whole atmosphere has become so materialistic so materialistic that we cannot talk about literature. Sahaja Yoga is not only for your individual growth, it is for the masses, it is for the whole world. Now how will you transfer it unless and until you have that medium of very very balanced thoughts? Especially maharashtrians must know that Marathi language has got words from Farsi, from Arabic, from everywhere ____58:16__ everybody says Ida nadi, every person can say Ida nadi, do you know _58:22___ nadi means what, immediately (in Marathi) all these are Arabic and Farsi words. Urdu words also I have read the other day Guftagu I mean guftagu is an Urdu word I mean I don`t knew that it was not Marathi.

Hindi 58:40

I mean in Marathi we have many Urdu words. Guftagu le aye, one thing is very good in Maharashtra that they take every word from other language not like in Hindi _58:51______ is not like this. They will use their lips and they will say aaggadi (Steam engine) means they will take the thing as it is. ___59:05________ let it be anything. In the same way, in Sahaja we should also mix everything.

English 59:19

So we can have some people who will encourage this kind of writings and things. You know there are so many Sahaja yogis who are having beautiful poetry. Say in English may be in Marathi, maybe in Hindi also many beautiful things about Sahaja Yoga, we have to get them combine them, they are not put together, many people don`t know even, so it should be all brought together and you should all read it out to your children, read it out on yourselves and enjoy them. So we have to be _1:00:10__ we have to be peaceful and enjoy the beautiful thoughts of other people. It is very important, once you start doing it even the masses will do it. Even they will take it because it is just the matter of taste. Once we develop taste for these things we will all come. But these days people don`t read anything, I don`t know where they spend their time? and what they do? But now for Sahaja yogis, it is very important. The personality that comes is much better, in everything. So now for this for growing people into literary atmosphere, we have of course a libraries no doubt at all but then our Indian conditions are such that you borrow a book, never give it back.

In Marathi 1:01:25

Many complaints I have checked, one of them, did you bring back the book? They will hide it. It is like this. If something from other comes in, they will keep it and not return. This should not be in Sahaja yoga. This is not in Sahaja Yoga. Give a bit more money.

English 1:01:52

Never try to take the advantage of another person don`t try to exploit another person. In Sahaja yoga, if you start exploiting, you will be exploited because now you are in the kingdom of god. So this is something very much characteristic in us. That if we can some or other manage, we are very clever people we are very cunning, very clever. Only people who can beat us are Italians. But you see what has happened to them most of them are in jail. And if you start practicing these habits of cheating others, not cheating you see, (In marathi1:02:38 we just got it, took it and will keep it.


Again _1:02:42__. It was not so before I will tell you even one little spoon was left of somebody in house everyone will ask have you returned that spoon or not, have you returned that spoon or not. We have _1:02:58__ that should be sahajayogis. Now for this kind of thing I do not want to have a competition and present to somebody who has done all such good deeds that we don`t want to have. We don`t want to have any competition. But we can tell each other about it, how generous another person is. Instead of talking ill of others we can say now how generous this person was imagine. The another day I must say _1_02:43____ something about Me which I forgot to talk with him. He said when he wanted to sell Me this land I said that I will not buy it from you because you have _1:03:53___ so I do not want to. So he said alright give me, ___1:03:58___he said alright for 1 acre give me 75000. I said no I will not I will fight and I brought My price to 1 Lac. I said you have to take 1 Lac nothing doing. _1:04:11__ but it comes automatically.

In Marathi 104:26

But here it is different thing, I will again tell in Marathi only. Now everyone of them has come that is why I am telling. They have stolen the peddas also; laddus also, if you want to run away with them then do it. What foolishness is it? The women came to do luggage and what they did they did the luggage of the laddus and took with them. Then they took also the stainless steel utensils. Our _1:04:56___ is very particular, he said now you pay money for that. The puneties must pay the money, I said why just leave it. What is gone is gone. _1:05:10__ Mataji do not anything in the hall, they will again steal something from here. I said My things they will not but of Sahaja yoga they will. Not Mine but of Sahaja yoga they will. What is our ability, who we are, we are saints says Shri Mataji, but these are not saints they are beyond. Who gave you self-realization till today that you can give. Like the radio plays beautiful music but doesn`t understand music, such is the case in Sahaja yoga.

In Hindi 1:05:52

From the radio is coming good music but the radio doesn`t understand the music such is the case of Sahaja yogis. That here we are doing self-realization; everyone is getting beyond, this and that and then they run away with the laddus (Indian Sweets). I was saying bring the laddus there were so many laddus and where are they now. And they ran away with them.


In Marathi 1:06:18

_______ we can`t have any competition that this woman is more _1:06:29__

In Hindi 1:06:31

We don`t want to have any competition in Sahaja yoga that you will get a medal for that, that you have done a work of generosity so you get the medal of generosity. This will not happen in Sahaja Yoga. In Sahaja Yoga, there should be faith, ours in you and yours on yourself. Here we should not do any kind of stealing. We don`t take from others but the other we whatever we manage we give to others. All these character that I have described earlier, others should be able to see them within us. These must be enlightened. If tomorrow these are not enlightened, then what is the use of doing Sahaja Yoga? In this the disparity is this that we love Shri Mataji a lot.


(audio stops abruptly)