Shri Ganesha Puja, Sahaja Yoga Now At the Zenith


1991-12-31 Shri Ganesha Puja: Sahaja Yoga Now At the Zenith, 29' Add subtitles:
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Shri Ganesha Puja. Kalwe (India), 31 December 1991.

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I’ve been telling them about Shri Ganesha, how important it is to worship Shri Ganesh. Now, you know through photographs and all that – that it’s a living deity, and it is on Mooladhara. He is actually the chancellor of all the universities, I would say, in the sense that He is sitting on all the chakras. Without Him, nothing can work out, because He is the one who is holiness. So wherever the Kundalini goes, it is He who pours the holiness and the cleansing power of Shri Ganesha cleanses your chakras.

So it is very important to understand the virtue of Shri Ganesha, how He works within your chakras and how He helps you. We may worship Him; just we may sing His praise and all that, but we should also think what qualities we have got from Him of great chastity, great purity, also of wisdom. We have to understand that our wisdom is not something that could be inculcated. It cannot be something that can be maneuvered. It is something very innate thing and it comes through our maturity.

So this maturity can only come through the proper attention to your Kundalini, to fixing up your Kundalini with the all-pervading power. This has to be done through regular meditation. It’s not a ritual, but it should be done whenever you feel like, and after sometime you’ll find that you are all the time in meditation. You don’t have to even meditate, but you are in meditation.

His style is so great that it has no words to be described. But only thing I would like to say that He is a little child. He is an eternal child and the eternal childhood gives Him that innocence of a child. We cannot force ourselves to be innocent because we have grown and we have learned lots of cunning things. But when the Kundalini starts rising and She starts blessing our chakras, automatically we start thinking our innocence has come back. Now we have got innocent heart, innocent mind and innocent love. This simple innocent personality is the sign of a good Sahaja Yogi. And then he also knows, for definite through his experience, that he’s looked after by the ganas of Shri Ganesha. Whether you are in Russia or in England or in India, they’re all over and the way they are watching you and the way they guide you and the way they help you, you have these experiences and you know that how many people have written about their experiences that we could not even compile them in a book.

But all these ganas are there and they are so kind and so nice, but apart from that, they are also watching you. They’re seeing how is your behavior. If you try to take advantage of Sahaja Yoga by any chance, it may be punished, it may act against you. I have warned you many times not to exploit Sahaja Yoga for your advantage. It is for the advantage of others and not for your advantage. You already have got your own Realization. But exploitation should not be there at all. On the contrary, the enjoyment of Sahaja Yoga is the best way to know Sahaj Yoga. So far we have had some bad experiences, but very, very few. Surprisingly, people who have never known even the first word: “Ga” of Ganapati, have become such devoted bhaktas of Shri Ganesha and they have understood the importance of innocence and of purity.

I’m rather sad today that all the Sahaja Yogis are now going away to their countries and I wish them that they carry this purity of Shri Ganesha with them, which is very much required in your countries, very much to be spread out. Only you have to desire and it will spread. I am sure things will change very soon and you’ll have a much better, much better time. Moreover, I am sure also there are many people who think and who are seeking this truth and they’re seeking also this purity. So only thing what you have to do is to find out, find out as to which people are those which are just striving to seek the truth. Try to find them out, it’s very easy to find them out, and, also, after finding them out, do not argue with them, just give them Realization, let them feel the vibrations and then things will be better. There are many, many things which are false in this world. Lots of things are full of falsehood – doesn’t matter. All this falsehood, everything can be easily cleared out by the Truth, the light of the Truth.

So today is – Shri Ganesha’s temple is here, so we’ll do Shri Ganesha’s worship first and then the Devi’s worship. I hope you people will say all the Atharva Sheersha and everything.

May God bless you all!

I hope you have enjoyed the Tour very much and now you are going with such good vibrations. Carry them to your own countries and give My love to all the Sahaja Yogis who have not come.

May God bless you all!

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi