Shri Kartikeya Puja, On Shri Gyaneshwara

Mumbai (India)


Shri Kartikeya Puja (Transcript of English talk). Mumbai (India), 21 December 1996.

[Shri Mataji speaks in Marathi for about 45 minutes]
I am sorry, I had to speak in Marathi language because I had to tell them something which I don’t want you to know (Laughter).
Today is a great day, I should say in a way, because I am going to tell you one thing great. That is Shri Gyaneshwara – in Marathi they call it ‘Dnyaneshwara’ – He was the incarnation of Kartikeya.
And Saraswati, who was a virgin, she looked after Him like Her own son. He was the brother of Shri Ganapati but She looked after Him. And then also there’s description how He was born and all those (things), is very interesting.
But here in this place, in this Maharashtra, He took His incarnation. And also there were many great, great, very great saints in so many numbers took place, took their birth in this Maharashtra. But such horrible people, they tortured their lives. Worse than Christian Inquisition I tell you; worse than any inquisition anywhere. Individually they attacked. And that same people are born again in this great country of Maharashtra.

They are very talented people; they write very well. Their language is so rich. You can see that, what description of a realized soul, given by Gyaneshwara, is so beautiful.
He says that, “The moon doesn’t run after moonlight, the sun doesn’t run after sunlight.
In that way a realized soul doesn’t bother about his own glory. The sun shines till it shines, then it takes back all his rays.
Whatever work the rays have to do they do it. And the sun is just watching, watching all the work, then he takes them back.
And he gets completely contained within himself”. Samavun ghene, completely contained within himself.
The description He has given of realized souls is so beautiful, if you could just experience it. Namadeva, who was born much later, said that even one line of Gyanesha [MEANS Saint Gyaneshwara, fondly called by a short name] if you could experience, you had that.
I wish you all could read Amrutanubhava in English, understanding how He describes a realized soul, and you’ll find that within yourself it has happened.
You are different from others very much. You’ll be amazed how you have got such beautiful description of your Self.
I was talking about Maharashtrians; they are extremely talented people.
See their music. In music no-one can beat them. See their drama. In drama no-one can beat them.
You can see from films. In Maharashtra only great films were created.

The another one is Bengal, which is, I would say, different but of the same level. It’s such a talented people here, it shows that God has a special blessing for these two, and, should be, Maharashtrians should rise very high.

But all the time complaining about others, talking ill of others, and something very low they do.
I’m surprised it, I hope you don’t pick up anything from them. And also the fussiness that is of the North Indians; that’s also not a very good thing.
It’s surprising how you people have adjusted yourself to this country, which has all kinds of parasites. Because you live with vibrations, you feel the vibrations. It’s something so great to see you all here, and I’m telling them that they should try to understand you people.
Really I’m very proud of you all who have come all the way here. In this puja I am thinking of so many great saints who were born, who were great gurus, mahagurus.
Of course Gyanesha, I must say, is the king of all those high, highly evolved souls, no doubt.

So we are now having a puja on the twenty-fourth of December because it’s a Datta Jayanti, Dattatreya’s birth.
And so we’ll be having on the twenty-fourth night. In any case it’s a Christmas Eve. We could all start with that. And also Dattatreya, who took His form in Maharashtra. Maharashtrians understand Dattatreya. They understand the Nath Panthis.

These Nathas went all over. They went to Kiev. You’ll be amazed, they went even up to Bolivia, those who are from Maharashtra, from Rahuri. Can you imagine?
Such great people they were, and that is what I expect to happen in this Maharashtra. And I’m sure one day I’ll be very much happy with all of them; not few.
There are some very great Maharashtrians, no doubt, but all of them have to join together because I talk of synthesis, not of divisive method.
I hope they understand the inner feeling that I have, otherwise all the good diamonds will be selected and the ones which are defective will be thrown away. What’s the use? But all of them are capable of achieving any height. They may belong to any caste, community, doesn’t matter; but they are born in Maharashtra, which is such a great country.
So today they wanted to do Mahalakshmi, this thing, we already have Mahalakshmi temple. And they have a great blessing of Mahalakshmi also, in a way, but they lack: one is the wisdom, and the second the spirit of Kartikeya. The spirit of Kartikeya – that pure, absolute dynamism which doesn’t indulge into nonsensical things and useless things; which shows the results.

May God bless you all!

[The puja continues with the leaders who go to wash Shri Mataji’s Feet.
Bhajans: Ganesha Sthuti, then Tujhya Pujani, Tuzhe Rupa Pahuniya, Nirmala Kiti Varnavi Tujhiga Sthuti.
Then Devi puja begins, with more bhajans, Vishwa Vandita. Then decoration with the sari.]

[Video ends]

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi