Mahashivaratri Puja

Pune (India)

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Shivaratri Puja, Pune (India), 16 March 2003.

Shri Mataji is silent for about six minutes before speaking.

Today we are going to worship Shri Shiva, Sadashiva. His quality is that He is forgiveness personified. The amount of forgiveness He has, has helped many of us to exist, otherwise this world would have perished, so many would have been finished because you know what is the condition of human beings. They don’t understand what is wrong, what is right. Apart from that, they cannot forgive. They go on making mistakes – doesn’t matter. But they cannot forgive others. This is what we have to learn from Shri Sadashiva.

Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi: Transcript of the translation used as subtitles in the VHS edition

Today we are going to worship Shri Sadashiva. He is the embodiment of forgiveness, so powerful that nobody is able to be against him, to challenge him. He forgives all our mistakes, no matter what they are. If he does not, he could banish the world because within him there is a destructive power which is able to ruin the entire creation. Although forgiveness is his inherent quality this power of destruction could be awakened within him as well. His power of forgiveness increases gradually until it becomes mature and then finally he is able to destroy.
So first of all we need to acquire his quality of forgiveness. We as human beings are capable of forgiving to some extent but, nevertheless we get angry and are ready to quarrel. But now He, who is the embodiment of forgiveness itself, reaches the point where his destructive power could be awakened? How does that happen? Once his power is awakened, he is able to banish even himself, the whole universe and every creation he has already created. So people should remember that in case we have not learned to forgive and forgiveness is not established within us, this destructive power will be awakened one day. And then we will destroy even our own people.
That’s why you should always keep in mind that there is no need to get angry with others in vain. You have absolutely no right to be angry with others. If Shiva is not doing so why should you? But people get angry extremely often and very heavily. Animals never get angry to such an extent. They won’t get annoyed without any reason. Thus while getting angry at small things we should always remember that the power of Shri Shiva exists within us as well. Forgetting that Shiva exists within us is exactly what makes us get angry with people and unable to forgive their faults and mistakes.
But what makes us act like this and what can such a person achieve? Wherever and whenever big events and occasions have occurred men have started to destroy other people out of pride and arrogance. This destructive power was even stronger in the past when people were banishing each other without any reason. We do not need to think about where has this attitude come from and why. The only thing we need to remember is not to fix our attention on such an inferior thing. If we could live in peace, if we could be able to see the peace in every single thing, we would be capable of making our lives peaceful too. But the point is that human beings are not able to control themselves. Moreover, they feel pleased getting angry with someone and giving punishment, to such an extent that even countries could be involved. If a person starts to quarrel with another one from a different country, all the people go behind him and nobody thinks of discussing, everyone is ready to fight. This inclination of human beings is very strange. How could one feel happy because of getting angry with someone, suppression, fighting or killing someone? But you can see for yourself. Imagine that while travelling on the road you see a crowd gathered. What are you going to do? Some of you will join the crowd, but some will just watch. Sometimes such strange outbursts in our temper are a sign that the power of Shri Shiva inside us comes out.
By worshipping this power heartily human anger and wrath could be banished. It is considered an auspicious thing that even Shri Krishna has done this greatest feat out of anger. All the things were born out of anger, the whole creation. But you people are very proud with what you’ve done and consider yourself very powerful because of that. I am very angry with you about that. I can not see the beauty of humanity in your behaviour. To get angry for small things is a very typical thing. You get angry very easily and are not able to find an excuse for someone’s faults. But this anger can cause many troubles – wars can begin, homes can be ruined and countries can be banished. With every passing day I can see human anger and wrath not decreasing but increasing and people proclaiming it with pride.

I know you want Me to speak in English language, only. But people who don’t know English are outnumbering you. What I’m trying to say, that it’s very important to understand when you are worshipping Shri Shivashankar that He is the complete embodiment of forgiveness. He forgives. He forgives everything very sweetly. As one would forgive all small children. He forgives. He doesn’t get angry. He’s not that easily perturbed.

Also we have certain amount of prejudices. For example, a woman in India, if she speaks, then people don’t like it. A woman should not speak, a man can speak. And a woman can never beat – a woman can never beat a man, even if the man kills the wife. That is the criteria of a good wife in India, or a good woman. So you can imagine how men are getting towards their discretion. All this kind of concession that is given, is very dangerous, is the destructive of the whole community.

Same I’ve seen abroad. There are people who go on beating their wives, killing their wives – I don’t know all kinds of things. Because they have married somebody, they think they have every right to expect everything good from their wives, while they may not be at all good, and they go on torturing their wives. Not only that but in the school, the teachers, they ill-treat the students so badly, the students pick it up. And later on they carry on the tradition of beating others and troubling others.

So every time you say, “I get very angry,” tell yourself you are on the wrong path. I’ve told so many times to so many of you that to boast of your anger is the worst thing because it is like boasting about your sins you are committing. These are the sins. I can understand some people who are drunkards, or some who are mad, or some who are out of their minds – but a mad person you’ll find very, very sensible otherwise, can be very ferocious, can be very dangerous.

It is difficult to say from where do you get these qualities, because none of the Divine Personalities had this kind of thing. For no rhyme and reason They won’t lose their temper and even if They do, it has to be a very strong reason up to the point of destruction. But I can understand Them, because They have to maintain this world and They have to look after the people who are supposed to be human beings. But sometimes I’ve seen human beings are even worse than animals. They get provoked for nothing at all. What is the reason? Why are you angry? They’ll give you an excuse which is absolutely unreasonable.
In this world you have come to enjoy peace and joy. Without peace, you can’t have joy. If you cannot give peace to others, how can you have joy? And the way people treat others in such a contemptuous manner, it’s very surprising, what do they think of themselves? Why should they think so low about other people? It’s beyond understanding to see a man losing temper on small, small things. But actually they are cowards. If it comes to some facing some real problem in life, they recede back. Then they cannot come forward. This is the biggest tragedy of the whole thing.

Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi: Transcript of the translation used as subtitles in the VHS edition

In our country hot-tempered people are very well known too. In the villages they call them tetchy or naggers, or flares-up. Nobody likes to live with them. All right. Imagine that someone has done a mistake. Forgive him! If somebody has done something very wrong, forgive him because tomorrow you could be in the same situation. And then someone could come and ask you questions and you could be given a punishment. So you should understand that as Sahaja yogis you have absolutely no right to preach and punish everybody. You have to respect Shri Shiva. This is the right thing to be done. So one has the nature of Shri Shiva within himself, one is on the right path and is protected by Shri Shiva. Those who have open hearted and fair have nothing to be concerned about. Shri Shivshankar looks after them and takes care of them. If it is so, then why do you need to get angry at all? That’s very strange. All the time you trust other people for your good prospects. And at the same time, you are not able to forgive anything which is wrong. When somebody has made a mistake you wish that he would be ruined. Unless and until you overcome this desire, you will not be able to understand your real nature. And you won’t be able to answer the question. “Are you a human or an animal?”? Animals never get angry without reason. The power of Shivaji is very strong inside them. But man is exactly the one who is able to completely destroy all human beings. He reckons he has the right to destroy hundreds of thousands of people. Such a man was Hitler. He killed so many people without even creating a small child. Who did he think he was? The families of all these people have also bee ruined and their countries were destroyed too. Who did that man think he was? There were a few more people like him in the world but you do not need to follow his example. You are Sahaja Yogis so you have to forgive. Fair and open-hearted people are capable of forgiving. Their quality of forgiveness is very strong. But the very embodiment of forgiveness is Shri Shivashankar. That’s why He is the supreme one. He doesn’t need any property. He can wear any clothing, but if he hasn’t got any, he would simply put some ash to cover his body. He can live and survive in any circumstances. He has no need of anything. But is someone feels wrath and tortures somebody, finally Shri Shiva will destroy him. His power of forgiveness is as strong as his power of destruction. Why is it so? Because when a man sees somebody being oppressed, he should feel pity and should know that if someone dares to behave like this- oppressing others, he will be finished soon. Today not many people dare to act like this. In the past there were many more. They were famous for having tortured and killed lots of people, and having interfered in many countries and destroying them. But today, nobody hangs their pictures on the wall, nobody remembers them, nobody worships them as idols. Nobody remembers their faces either. You do not need to build such a temper. You’d better try to understand that if you are hot-tempered, people might obey you out of fear. But you will be pleased with something done under a threat? And what is so special about that? Consider for yourself how many people have you been angry with in this world and how many people you have destroyed? How many people you have quarrelled with? There are some people whose dharma is to be wrathful and to quarrel for small things all the time. Hey will argue with someone in the morning, with someone else in the afternoon and with someone else in the evening. People keep away from such individuals. They will even cross the street in order to avoid such a quarrelsome person. All this can be overcome only through pure love. Sahaja yoga is the pure love and we have Jesus Christ as a great example to follow. If we have established within us the quality of forgiveness to the same extent as Christ has, we will be able to realize the true nature of Shri Shiva and acquire his qualities. To get angry with someone is not unusual at all. That’s why today all of you have to consider for yourself – do you wish to destroy some other people and living creatures ant to what extent? As Sahaja Yogis, you should completely give up this because it is useless and it isn’t worth doing. Today while worshipping Shri Shiva, you people make a decision not to get angry in any situation. If it makes no sense, why do you need to feel wrath? You doing that will just make you feel worse. So today, let us all worship Shri Shiva and pray for acquiring his qualities.

May God bless you.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi