Shri Ganesha Puja (India)

1994-12-31 Shri Ganesha Puja Kalwe
Today I’m talking about Shri Ganesha. Now we’ll be parting we will be going to our own country and I must congratulate you the way you have come up to the expectations of Shri Ganesha. I’m very happy with you people. I wish Indians would learn a lesson from you that you are the people who don’t have this tradition; you don’t have Shri Ganesha established there. Still somehow you have come up to such a level that I feel very proud of you and all of them should learn a lesson from you. […]

Talk To Yogis Madras (India)

Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Madras 1994-01-17
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[Transcript Scanned from Divine Cool Breeze]
Today we are lost in the Shabad Jalam We say mantras, we read books, there are Shaivaites and Vaishnavities. All these things to us have been important also because we thought by following these methods, we will achieve our moksha, our last goal. This way I must say that Indians are very alert and basically spiritually minded. They also know what is wrong and what is good. […]

Sahaja Culture (India)

Sahaja Culture
Now you see the western culture is coming so fast on your head and also another thing is that today low-level creations are coming, do you understand that part like dramas, like cinemas, like books so many also newspapers, very low level they are. Now what should we do about it, one way is to criticize them, but we don`t want to take that position (risk). Then what should be our attitude? What can we do? […]

Public Program Sangamner (India)

1987-12-22 Sangamner Public Program (Marathi)
१९८७-१२-२२, मराठी सार्वजणिक कार्यक्रम, सगंमणेर – १/३ (मराठी भाषणाचे लिखीत रूपातंर)
पर्मेश्वरी शक्तीला शोधंणार्‍या सर्व साधकांना, भाविकांना {मोठा विलबं (Big pause)….} आमचा प्रणिपात. एवढ्या थोड्या वेळातचं सगंमणेरला सहजयोगाची जी प्रगती पाहिली ते म्हंणजे एक फारचं मोठं समाधान आहे. कुंडंलीनी शास्त्र आणि चक्रे हे एक गुप्त शास्त्र होत. जनक राजाने एका नचिकेताला फक्त आत्मसाक्षातकांर दिला, इंद्राला सुद्धा आत्मसाक्षातकांर घ्यावा लागला अशी एक दोन उदाहरणे आपल्याला पुर्व काळात मिळतात. इतिहास सुद्धा असचं सांगतो की फारच कमी लोकनां आत्मसाक्षातकांर झाला होता. […]

Evening Program, Beauty must have auspiciousness (Ganapatipule)

Evening Program, Beauty Must Have Auspiciousness
God almighty created this universe, in a very beautiful manner. I have told you many a time the story of creation, and how the evolution took place.
The mirror, is made to see your face, and God almighty could not see himself. His qualities, His greatness, His generosity, His magnanimity. Like the sun cannot see itself. Moon cannot see itself. Like the gold cannot see itself. A pearl, how can it go inside itself and see itself? […]