Puja (India)

India Tour Puja. Shrirampur (India), 12 December 1990.
We have come to this place with the idea that we’ll be comfortable in the other place as we were before, but you must have known that there’s a man who is quite devilish, and he has tried to make this funny arrangement just to extract some money from us for doing nothing.
What I have to tell you, that we should remember that when we are doing right in this Krita Yuga, […]

Puja (India)

Puja in Pune (extracts), India, 3 December 1990.
So, welcome to all the Sahaja Yogis from abroad. So we start from today our Maharashtra Tour, which you can see is full of these hills and dales. Also, the atmosphere is going to be extremely rustic. Of course the comforts of this place have not been up to the mark, but next year it will be much better, I’m sure. We have decided to purchase even this plot of land, […]

Puja, Who is the God and Who Is the Goddess Ganapatipule (India)

Puja at Ganapatipule. Ganapatipule (India), 7 January 1990.
I’m sorry today for being late, but actually I was ready and all this police case, this, that, I tell you, unnecessary waste of time. It had to be this time.
In India we believe that God Himself takes incarnations with His Vishnu principle, whenever there is the decline of righteousness, and tries to elevate. Every incarnation has done lot of work – [ Shri Mataji speaks aside in Hindi] – and have done also work within ourselves. […]

Puja Talk, In 10 years we can change the whole world (and Talk about the science) (India)

Brahmapuri Puja. Brahmapuri (India), 30 December 1989.
I’m sorry what has happened yesterday, but I think the war has begun between the evil and good, and after all the good prevails. In these modern times, evil used to prevail over good but now in this Kruta Yuga the evil will be completely conquered by good, and not that but good will spread all over (applause JAI!). The evil has the capacity to go to extremes and then to fall out of the evolutionary process completely, […]

Puja (India)

Sahajayogini Atyant Premal Asle Pahije Date : 20th December 1988 Place Brahmapuri Туре Seminar & Meeting Speech Language Marathi

ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT MARATHI TALK आता साताऱ्याच्या आणि ब्रह्मपुरीच्या, अंगापूरच्या सर्व सहजयोग्यांना असं सांगायचं आहे, की दोन वेळेला असं झालं की आम्ही अंगापूरच्या प्रोग्रॅमला येऊ शकलो नाही. फार वाईट गोष्ट आहे. मला बरं नाही वाटलं ते. असं कसं झालं एकदम! असं का झालं? असं होत नाही. मागच्या वेळेला बँकेने एवढा त्रास दिला मला. पैसे द्यायला तयार नव्हते. पैशाशिवाय हलायचं कसं! […]

Puja talk, How We Earn Our Punyas Pune (India)

Puja Talk at India Tour. Pune (India), 17 December 1988.
So now welcome to you all for this Puna place. In the Shastras is described as Punya Patana, meaning the city of Punyas. That’s the reason I wanted to stay in Puna, thinking that people are very auspicious and full of punyas, and I am sure I’ll find them very soon, all those who have come to this place will be there available for Sahaja Yoga. […]

Puja Talk, God is Satchitanand (Marathi talk not on the video) Ganapatipule (India)

Puja Talk, India Tour. Ganapatipule (India), 6 January 1988.
It is said that God is Satchitanand. He is truth, He is attention and He is joy. In Sahaja Yoga, first you have discovered the truth. Discover the truth on your fingertips. The truth that you can discover on your central nervous system is the truth. First you discover the truth and you can tell about it, talk about, explain about it but you cannot give it to others unless and until the other person gets Realization. […]

Talk on Marriage and Nirvikalpa (India)

Talk to yogis. Kolhapur (India), 30 December 1987.
Today when I was coming from the shopping, I couldn’t get into the car. One foot was inside, and another would not leave it. So I came out of the car and then I knew that Mahalakshmi’s temple there were bells ringing and the aarti was on. So [INAUDIBLE WORD] Mahalakshmi didn’t want me to get into the car. I had to stand outside ’till the whole thing was over. […]

Puja, Attention on Quality Rahuri (India)

Attention on Quality, Rahuri (India), 20 December 1987.
I’m sorry what has happened about the boys who came here and who created a problem, and there’s another problem with us. So I would like to tell you again that next time when you are coming, please see that you don’t bring anybody who has not done Sahaja Yoga for six years? six months? at least. The first one is correct, because in six years also they can be quite stupid. […]

Puja, Complete Your Realization (India)

Puja in Aurangabad (India), 19 December 1987.
English Part
I’m sorry I was dealing with some newspaper people, journalists, and they came very late, whatever it is. I found them to be very sensible and very understanding.
All of us have come to Aurangabad, and it seems this place is full of vibrations. Maybe here Shalivahana has ruled in this area, but also there have been many saints who were born on this side of Maharashtra, […]

Welcome Talk at India Tour (India)

Welcome Talk at India Tour, Alibag (India) 13 December 1987.
Welcome to all of you. This is a great country, it is also passing through a crisis. Nowadays I feel there are so many things that are happening which you could never dream before and at this time you all have arrived bringing peace and joy to all of them. So I thank you for that.
The strife and the pain which is on human beings is perhaps because they are not yet worthy of God’s blessings, […]

Puja by the Krishna’s river (India)

Puja at Brahmapuri. Brahmapuri (India), 27 December 1986.
This is a special month in India and it is nice that we are organizing this program during this month called as the Marga Sheersha, means where Marga means the road and Sheersha is the head, which leads you to the Epitome, that’s the month. And in this month they worship Guru because of His birthday of Dattatreya and also they worship Mahalakshmi. That means this is the month of Shushumna, […]

Welcome Puja at Chalmala (India)

Welcome Puja at Chalmala. Alibag (India), 21 December 1986.
In this beautiful surround, surroundings many of you are wondering why God has created these beautiful things. Because you people had to come on this Earth and enjoy the beauty that is one of the reasons. And now God feels very much fulfilled with the joy and satisfaction and a kind of a completion of His desire.
Why God has created this beautiful universe has been a question asked for thousands of years. […]

Devi Puja (India)

Devi Puja
(Transcriber’s Note: A Sahaja Yogini is singing a bhajan to Shri Mataji.)
Shri Mataji: Waa. [UNKNOWN INDIAN WORDS]. I’ll give her. May God bless you. There’s a Sari [UNKNOWN INDIAN WORD].
Shri Mataji speaks in Marathi / Hindi.
(Transcriber’s Note: Shri Mataji begins in either Hindi or Marathi. She then speaks in English but it seems that in is not the beginning of a sentence.)
Marathi language because Poona is a very, very important; […]

Devi Puja (India)

Devi Puja. India Tour, Brahmapuri (India), 27 December 1985.
(Ask her. Natalie, come here. Join hands with Danya. Are you all right, Ray, now? Put kumkum to everyone. Just take that, see, you can leave that here. All the ladies, put it on.)
Yesterday one boy stood up and asked Me a question, that “When we are such a yoga bhoomi, we are such a holy country, why is it that all the discoveries in the science are made in the West?”
“Very good question,” I said. […]

Puja Nashik (India)

Puja. Nasik (India), 17 December 1985.
Nasik, as you have come here, (towards someone) I think that you should stop now. For half an hour they are doing this. You should not make any noises.
This place, Nasik, has a special significance, that long time back, say about eight thousands years back, when Shri Rama went away for His exile, He came to Maharashtra and He passed through various places and He settled down in Nasik, […]

Puja (India)

Puja at Brahmapuri. Brahmapuri (India), 29 February 1985.
Today was a very great day for all of you to jump in the river and enjoy yourselves very much. I remember the past of such days which I have also enjoyed before. But one must know that it’s not the outside that really gives you pleasure; it’s the inside. Whether there is outside or not, inside should be so elated. You can use this as a memory for yourself, […]

Devi Puja, Republic Day (India)

Republic day puja, Devi puja, Pune India, 26/01/1985
We have arrived in a place which is regarded as he holiest of holy cities, in all the Shastras it is described as something very heavenly. So the people who are born here, must be people of great achievements and of great punyas. [Shri Mataji laughs]
And to add to all the glory of this place, today is the day of our independence, the Republic day of India. […]

Puja, Achieve the power of Spirit within (Rahuri)

Puja at Mula Dam, “Achieve the power of Spirit within”. Rahuri (India) 25 February 1984 .
I hope your journey has been comfortable so far and will be comfortable later on, as the source of comfort is your Spirit. And more you see to the comfort of your Spirit the problems of outside comforts drop off. You are not bothered as to where you live, where you sleep, what you eat, what you do. So allow these gross sensitivities to drop down so that the inner, […]

Devi Puja, What is expected of Sahaja Yogis and where are we, Advice to Brides Bordi (India)

“What is expected of Sahaja Yogis and where are we?”. Bordi (India), 13 February 1984.
[A Sahaja Yogi reads the mantra “Pasayadan” written by saint Gyaneshwara and Shri Mataji translates it.
It is the last hymn (Ovi) of the “Gyaneshwari” (or Dnyaneshwari), which is an interpretation of the Bhagavad Gita written in Marathi by Saint Gyaneshwara (or Dnyaneshwara).
Video and audio start here]
Sahaja Yogi: “Ata vishwatmaké dévé yéne vAgnyajné toshave”
Shri Mataji : Now it says that all of you, […]

Shivaji the Anchavatara (India)

Puja in Satara: Shivaji the Anchavatara. Satara (India), 7th February 1984
It is not proper, but He was not just a mere king, you see He was a Devi bhakta and an ansha avtara and His Mother was also an ansha avtara. What is the sign of an ansha avtara is that they have extra powers over themselves and over others, and they have no temptations, no mistakes.
[Shri Mataji speaks in Marathi to the sound technicians about the sound system problem.]
So, […]

Devi Puja Rahuri (India)

Devi Puja, January 26, 1984 Rahuri, Maharashtra, India
Shri Mataji : Who forgot the bag to be brought in ?
Sahaja Yogi: Magda
Shri Mataji: Magda. You should be careful.
Talk starts at 2:38
Rahuri has a special significance in the history of the Goddess, that when the horrible rakshasa, called Rahu, started ruling this area and devastating it, the whole suffered, all the God-fearing people. Then the Goddess took Her incarnation here and She killed this man, […]

Puja, on the Republic Day (India)

Republic Day puja, Lonavala, India, 1982-0126
On puja and seers.
Shri Mataji: Before that, I know that people think this time, this, but we have to go according to the auspicious time, isn’t it? Because to get maximum effects, so we have to start puja later. I also went for bath afterwards.
So this is what it is. One has to understand that when you start the puja is very important.
[Shri Mataji talks aside in Marathi]
Sahaja Yogi: Presents…. […]

Puja Pune (India)

1982-01-19 Puja in Pune (Marathi), H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

(Mr. Modi speech
upto 7.45mins in English and in Marathi)

मिन नंतर.

Don’t think about
it………. 2 year old. ( She recites beautifully three

(some small children
presentation. 2 year old girl and also some other children)


छान वाह
वाह! असे
मोठे मोठे
जीव येणार
आहेत संसारात.

सहज योगी
आहात तुम्ही.
फक्त बंधन
द्याच आहे.

12’33 mins after

They are wearing the frocks of the cloth we bought in Australia. […]

Puja (India)

महाशिवरात्रि,राजवाडे मंगल कार्यालय, पुणे,दिनांक २५/०२/१९७९,वेळ सायंकाळी ६.०० वा.
Part 1
आजची महाशिवरात्री आहे.म्हणून मी आपल्याला आज शिवांचं महत्व सांगणार आहे. ते समजून घेतलं पाहिजे. ब्रह्मदेवानी ही सगळी सृष्टी जरी घडवली असली आणि त्या सृष्टीत उत्क्रांतीमूळे मानवपद आपल्याला मिळालेलं आहे आणि हे मानवपद आपल्याला विष्णूच्या शक्तीमुळे मिळालेलं आहे. तरीसुद्धा ह्या मानवाला शिवतत्व मिळवायचं असतं. शेवटी विष्णूला शिवाची पूजा करावी लागते. एवढं शिवाचं महत्व आहे.शिवतत्व म्हणजे आपला आत्मा आहे. ही सगळी धडपड,हि सारी उत्क्रांती त्या तत्वाला जाणण्यासाठी आहे जे शिवतत्व आहे. […]