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Like say Australia – whatever I have said there in Australia they should transcribe. That what I have said in England they should, in every country whatever I’ve said should be transcribed by that country, is better to make it systematic. All right? Is all right now? So four of you here should transcribe whatever I’ve said in England, which is going to be a hard task. Some more people should raise their hands, who would like to do transcribing. Please stand up, Derek L and Luis, you take down their names, take down their names. You give your names, write in on a chit of paper. And now you form a group and tell them how to transcribe. What else? First of all you must understand My Indian English, otherwise you can’t, or they call it King’s English I don’t know why but they say so.” (H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 1985-0921, UK)

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