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Saint-Michel College, Etterbeek (Belgium)

1986-09-17 A Feeling Of Confusion, Etterbeek Belgium DP-RAW, 118' Download subtitles: EN (1)View subtitles:
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Public Program. 1986-09-17

We are living in these modern times which are very eventful In last 50 of 60 years so many things have happened and the churning should bring forth many truths before us First we have to realize that man has separated from each other. The relationships that existed once upon a time are no more to be found today. And on the collective level we are waiting for a shock. God knows what sort of a disaster is going to fall upon us. Loudly. God knows what sort of a disaster is going to fall. You can come here, better. And in these uncertain times only we have to realize that there must some way out. The way we understand through our mental projections, the solution is not in the view. The solution that we think is the solution becomes a bondage, a system. We try to break one system and build up another one and that’s how we find ourselves miserably caught up into these systems. So there has gone something wrong in our understanding of the problem. We have to a little bit stand back and see what mistake we must have committed. Once upon a time I came to Belgium on a ship, it was a very thriving shipping company. All that is showing us that even our economic enterprises come to a halt. Now other enterprises on the emotional basis or on the physical basis are giving us a feeling of confusion. Like today only a gentleman told me that allopathic medicines are rather dangerous. So I said what is the solution you have for it. The reason the cement is very dangerous because it retains lot of moisture. The reason the plastic is very dangerous … Ultimately it looked as if everything that we eat or live into seems to be a dangerous spot. Now we should understand that the progress that we have made so far is recoiling back upon ourselves. As if the progress was linear. I went to Houston 10 years back nobody would look at you. Nobody would look at you, there were so rich you see. Dynasty and all that, in Houston. And today they told me if anybody is willing to pay even the amount you have to pay to the bank we are willing to sell our houses. This ask for oil, oil, oil, oil, now they don’t want oil. Then in the science we discovered atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb, all kinds of things. Then we have discovered our computers. And now we are worried that this computer will take over us. Everything is getting out of control. Where does the control lie? We talk of peace but how will you establish it? There is a control within us. We can control everything. First we have to be in control with ourselves. First we have to know ourselves. And this feeling is very fashionable I should say. So many people are seeking the truth. Is a special quality of human beings who are seekers. And when they try to seek the idea goes to the market as usual. It goes to the market, the idea. So the demand is there for somebody to guide you in your seeking. So you have people who provide a kind of a market. You get so many money spinning gurus, they talk to you about peace and happiness and emancipation. But you have to pay. Today somebody told me in the car that the people who were telephoning asked how much do we have to pay. How much did you pay to Christ? How much are you going to pay for the love of God? Is nothing human that you can purchase it. The seekers if they realize one little point that you cannot pay for it, for your evolution you cannot pay. That’s one point, if you realize, half of the work is done. The second point is that it is your evolution which is a living force, of living divine. This living force which has made you from amoeba stage to human being is going to make you something higher. The living force that has created these beautiful flowers, how much did these flowers pay to that? How much did they pay for it? Or how much did they exert for it? So this evolution has to be spontaneous. Effortless. And that is what is Sahaja. ‘Saha’ means ‘with’ and ‘ja’ means ‘born with you’. It is born with you, the power. And ‘yoga’ means ‘the union with the divine’. So every human being has a right to get to that state where you become one with the divine. We have heard about the all-pervading divine power. Right from Lao Tse to Christ to Buddha, all of them have talked about it. We did not know about the ether before. But we have heard about the Divine power, which is all-pervading. Once you are united, connected, then only you realize that you are a part and parcel of the whole. But before that it’s only talk, talk of religion, talk about all philosophies, it’s just a talk. Without any experience of this Divine power, if we are going to believe into these talks and these dogmas also these mental projections we reach a state where we will say we don’t believe in it. But this is not the way to know the Divine. In the Bible it is said I will appear before you like tongues of flames. In the Koran it is said that at the time of resurrection your hands will speak. You’ll be surprised in the Koran, more chapters are dedicated to the resurrection time than to the doomsday. They talk of the doomsday because that is how you frighten people. So this resurrection has to come first. Of course in all the Indian scriptures it is described that the only way to be in charge, to be in control yourself is through Self-realization. We do not know ourselves. People get cancer, they don’t know they have cancer. People get mad, schizophrenic, they don’t know they are mad. They don’t know because they don’t know their body, they don’t know themselves. So to find out about ourselves we have to go inside. By going outside you cannot find out. How do you go inside? You are all paying attention to me. But if I say please pay attention to yourself, you’ll say, “How?”. You cannot take your attention inside. But you must know: the One who has made us has put all that in image within us. As the one who has made this instrument has also left the connection there. So it has just to be plugged to the mains, that’s all. Then it works, fantastically. Only we are not connected to mains, that’s all. There’s nothing else to be done. Once you are connected to the mains you’ll get all your physical benefits, mental benefits, emotional benefits and spiritual benefits. I’ll tell you about the spiritual. The spiritual benefit is that you get awakened to a new awareness. That on your central nervous system you can feel the collective consciousness. That you can feel yourself and you can feel others within yourself. We have a force within us which is the power of pure desire. Is not an impure desire. As you know in economics it is said that the power, the satisfaction out of anything passes on from one to another. Like I want to buy a house then I want to buy a car then I want to buy that, I am never satisfied. So in general it is never satiable. But the pure desire within us is the desire to be one with the divine so that we get into the eternal life. This desire has to be awakened. Once it is awakened in this human awareness you can feel on your central nervous system these centers that are within your body which are subtle centers and when they are in any way in trouble you get all these problems. You can feel them on your fingertips. It’s something in English, to feel something on your fingertips, means it is very easy. So you feel it on your fingertips, your own centers which are in trouble. And you feel the centers of another person. Then if you know how to correct them in a very simple way, maybe just rubbing. And which are these centers. You can correct everything that is physical, mental and emotional. That is how you come in control of yourself, control yourself. We are at a stage which I can describe you with an analogy. Like in the car you have got a brake and an accelerator. in that way in our body also there are two nadis, two systems, two channels, left and right which act as the brake and the accelerator. In the autonomous nervous system the left and the right sympathetic. The central part is for our evolution. So once we learn how to use the accelerator and also the brake we become a driver. That means become in the center. That means we become evolved enough to be automatically driving the car. But then there is the master sitting behind. Second stage you become the master. And you see the driver in you and you see the brake and the accelerator. And you are in charge. In the same way today I hope today many of you will become in charge. It is a very simple spontaneous matter. Like I would say if you have to put lights, so beautiful, so many beautiful lights you have to just put on one switch and then everything gets light. But behind that is a big history. Behind that there is a big organization. I need not explain all that to you. It’s better to put on the light first. And it has worked. Yesterday it worked and I am sure today it must work. And this has to take place in a very smooth manner. There are people who have read some books on Kundalini, I believe. First when I read them I was shocked. They are really absolutely against what is Kundalini awakening. They say it creates heat within you. They say that it burns you. Just the opposite. The reason is those who are trying the Kundalini awakening are not authorized people. The one who doesn’t understand about electricity and puts his hands in the plug will get a shock. You have to be authorized. These people have no authority. It has to be a divine authority. A person who leads a life of taking money from others in the name of God is not a pure person at all. And moreover he has no self-respect. Or we can say he’s a cheat. Such a horrid person, how can he raise the Kundalini? That’s the purest form of energy, for that a person has to be a pure person. He talks to you about God and accumulates Rolls Royces. It’s nonsense. But what happens to people I don’t understand. That they accept such situations and such people as their leaders, who are cheats, who are fake. It’s very agonizing, to see the way people accept them. You’ll be amazed in 1970 I openly denounced all of them one by one and told them, “Be careful about these cheats.” And I said it on a very big platform. People were very frightened and they said, “You shouldn’t have said it, they will prosecute you or they will kill you”. I said, “I’ll have to see a person who can kill me”. They have no courage because they are cheats. And they have cheated you people, you must understand this, that you cannot have a fake person to raise your Kundalini or to give you a rebirth. Buddha has said that ignorance is the biggest curse. Though we have progressed very much outside, like a tree we are very ignorant about the roots, I think. And very beautiful people, seekers are lost because they did not know about the roots. In India we know the category of gurus. Therein a guru who is called as Kuguru means is not a guru but a bad man. And they are all out in the market, in the West. Because they can’t exist in India. If they try to spread their ideas in India a farmer will say, “All right, you get lost. We know all this nonsense.” We have had this absurd in the sixth century sometimes but we have known all this, we have gone through all this. Now, one has to realize that you have to become your own master. That is the sign of reality. So they say that there are gurus which are just called gurus but they are agurus, mean they are not gurus but they do the job like priests and all these people are not gurus but they do the job you see they are paid for it. But the sat guru is the one that makes you meet the Divine. That’s the thing. So now what happens if your Kundalini is awakened. What happens when you get your realization, what should happen? When the disciples of Christ were blessed by Holy Ghost what happened? they felt the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. They started the language, speaking the language of centers, chakras. And people thought they’re speaking some Latin or Greek. If you become divine person you don’t speak human languages do you? Then you speak divine language. And the divine language is the language of the chakras, the centers. The people thought they were mad. I mean if you go in the madhouse everybody thinks you are mad, isn’t it. No use talking to the blind people about the colors. But here now we are to prove of the existence of God. And existence of this divine power. Existence of the divine laws. On your fingertips. The time has come, the blossom time has come so thousands have to become the fruit. The other day another gentleman just raised a question for nothing at all. That it is called as a serpent power. I mean I never called it, but somebody must have called it. Because I think in the west people are very allergic to the word serpent. But this energy is coiled into three and a half coils. And in some people you can even see the pulsation, just like a heart on the triangular bone. When there is obstruction in the stomach on the solar plexus but it rises it pierces through your fontanel bone area. And you get a cool breeze coming out of your own head. It’s an experience which is just the beginning. Then you have to feel your own centers on your fingertips. This is the actualization of that teaser. It’s not something artificial, that you put some water and somebody there and now you are baptized. And we accept it. We accept all these certificates we accept. William Blake said, “A priest cursed me on my head”, because he was a realized soul. We had so many realized souls but they could not convince people about it. At the most they were called as mad people. Nobody tried to understand. Doesn’t matter. Now when we will know the truth, that we are the Spirit, that we are in charge. Then you will see for yourself that whatever all these great incarnations have said, all these prophets have said is the truth. We may that is the knowledge of the roots. To know the knowledge of the roots we have to be at a subtler situation. We have to become a subtler personality. And when we become that subtler personality we know that we are collectively conscious. Truth must be experienced, one thing. And everybody must say that that is so. Like say you can say that I am wearing a red shawl all right. Everybody sees it’s a red shawl. It is not that for some people it is green. In the same way truth should be universal. And truth should be expressed on our central nervous system. Like for a dog to go through a dirty lane is no problem. He cannot smell the filth. But he can feel a thief. But for a human being it is difficult to go through a dirty lane. But he can trust a thief. So the central nervous system is the one that tells you the truth. Our central nervous system as it is at the human level has to be enlightened by the Spirit. Lots of confusions there are already, I find, about the Spirit. Language problem. Like the Spirit could be dead body which is haunting or could be the Spirit, the Atma the reflection of God almighty. Or could be alcohol. Now which one I am talking about. It’s the Spirit in your heart. Same about eternal life, there’s a confusion I think. Some people think that if you die and become a ghost or a vampire, you have an eternal life. It is not. Eternal life is a life where you become the Spirit which is eternal. I must confess in this short time is not easy to explain everything about this ocean of knowledge. I must have given thousands of lectures before so I would apologize for not explaining everything but need not explain at all As I said that you have to just switch the button on and you get it. So why not have it. May God bless you.