This website has been created by sahaja yogis for sahaja yogis.

So we rely on the collaboration of all of you, to know everything HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi taught to us. Please, do not hesitate to contact us, if you notice any imprecision.

This website is born from the collaboration of many Sahaja Yogis: those who made transcriptions, those who translated, those who took the videos, those who digitalized them and finally those who put everything together on this site.

The videos and audios are now provided by the Nirmala Vidya Webteam.

Many thanks also to the invisible collaborators, i.e. those who created (and shared for free) WordPress, the program that allowed us to create this website and many others for spreading Sahaja Yoga… and for allowing the whole world to communicate easily: no borders on the net.

Jay Shri Mataji


Some notes about the quality of the transcipts.
There is a category called “Quality” where you can see different parameters, which are going to exist until we reach the final refinement when all the transcripts are completely checked and properly classified:

  • Adapt for newcomers: the talks that are supposed to be “adapt for newcomers”; we have not qualified so many as such because it is important to read them first. Not all the Public Programs are actually adapt for newcomers.
  • No dated: it qualifies the talks that have not clear date.
  • No transcript: it qualifies the talks that are without transcription (or translation).
  • Updated: it qualifies the transcriptions that clearly come from the Book Project (some/few transcriptions come from other sources); in any case, it is not known if they have been recently revised and this is why they are not marked as “revised” .
  • Revised: it qualifies the transcriptions that have been clearly and surely revised.
  • Final version; it is supposed to be (one day), the final and best possible version of a transcription.