You can make more articulated searchs by combining your search terms:

  • If you make a search with more than one word, it will searches documents with all the words contained.
  • If you want to search a sentence, you need enclose it with double quotes, for example “search phrase”.


Search in a specific category

If you want to limit a search to a category, you need to use the following trick:

First select the category and then add the search query in the address bar.
For example, if you want to search ‘birthday’ in Sydney category, first you click on Sydney category and you will see in the address bar something like “…/category/location/australia/sydney/”; then you add the search query “s=birthday” in this way:

  • ..category/location/australia/sydney/?s=birthday

and then click on ENTER key.
For some categories, the query in the address bar is different, something like “../?cat=109” (for Australia). In this case, if you want to make a search you need to concatenate the queries with &, like for example “../?cat=109&s=birthday” (and press ENTER to run it).


After typing the search term, just press ENTER to run the search.