Shri Mahavira Puja New Delhi (India)

Shri Mahavira Puja, Delhi, April 4th, 1993 (translated from Hindi)

Shri Mahavira resides on our Ida nadi and rules it. All the “samskara” [mental impressions] that we have in us are corrected by him. He has defined and explained what is Hell, what happens when humans go to Hell, the way they suffer in Hell, and he has explained this in every detail. Buddha and Mahavira were contemporaneous and both of them had a life of penance. […]

Shri Mahavira Puja: Dead Spirits Perth (Australia)

Mahavira Puja. Perth (Australia), 28 March 1991.

Today we are going to celebrate the birthday of Mahavira.Mahavira is the incarnation of Bhairavanath, or you call Him as Saint Michael. Now these two saints as you know one as the Gabriel, Hanumana, and another is Saint Michael, one is placed on the Pingala Nadi and another one, Saint Michael, on the Ida Nadi.So, Mahavira had to go through lots of search. Of course He was a angel, […]

Shri Mahavira Puja: Touch Your Depth Barcelona (Spain)

Shri Mahavira Puja, Barcelona (Spain), June 17th, 1990.

Today we have gathered here to do the puja of Shri Mahavira.

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Today we are going to do the puja of Mahavira and we never had this puja before. The reason for this was that Mahavira’s life was an ascetic’s life, just like Buddha: even more than Buddha it would be. Because at the time when these two were born, the Brahminism of the Hinduism had taken a very funny form. […]