Shri Virata Puja: First of all, you have to rise above your ego Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

Shri Virata Puja. Cabella (Italy), 5 September 1999.

Tonight, we are going to worship Shri Krishna as Virata.

First, it is important to understand the incarnation of Shri Krishna. The word ‘Krishna’ comes from the word ‘Krishi’ – ‘Krishi’ means ‘agriculture’. He sowed the seeds of spirituality. And for that, first of all He had to think: “Where are we, as far as spirituality is concerned? How is the land?”

So, what had happened at the time of Shri Rama is that he had created lots of maryadas. […]

Shri Virata and Viratangana Puja: I have to have 16,000 children YMCA Camp Whittle, Fawnskin (United States)

Shri Virata Viratangana Puja. Los Angeles (USA), 10 October 1993

Today, we are going to celebrate the puja of Virat and Viratangana.

North America and South America, as you know is Shri Krishna’s centre of Vishuddhi. And it is very important to know also that all the communications, all the relationships with the whole creation has to be established through this centre of Vishuddhi. Vishuddhi, as you know is the most important centre in your ascent, […]

Virata Puja: Appreciation Should Be Practiced and Informal talk Lake Road Ashram, Melbourne (Australia)

Virata Puja. Melbourne (Australia), 10 April 1991

Because of distances and also we had no ashram in Melbourne all these days, I found that the collectivity is not yet properly woven here and so I think best thing is, today, we must worship the Viraat.

Viraat is the Primordial Father you can say, or the One who is in our brain, acts for our collectivity. As the Kundalini rises ultimately She ends up by piercing through the fontanel bone area. […]

Arrival and Virata Puja: We have to really examine ourselves Camp Wonposet, Litchfield (United States)

Shri Virata Puja. Camp Wonposet, Connecticut (USA), 11 June 1989.

Today we have decided to have a puja of Virata in the land of Shri Krishna.

As you know, in the growth of Shri Vishnu’s manifestation, He comes into ten incarnations and ultimately He manifests Himself as Virat. Virat is the brain of the being which can call as God Almighty, so the whole central nervous system is worked through by Shri Krishna as Vishnu, then all these incarnations, […]