Chapter 01: 1984 – January and February, India Tour, Maharashtra

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

Thousands of photos of Shri Mataji

On the India tours, I made sure when I went to India every year that I was always early, up the front and ready, and I have taken thousands of photos of Shri Mataji. In later years we did not have the access like that. The vast majority of photos I took were in India on the tours around Maharashtra, when we would follow Shri Mataji closely around the country. Sometimes, for example, we would see Her on the road. The bus would be travelling to the same place that She was going, and we would see Her most evenings, at the least for a public programme. During the day we would often stop at a little village where She would do a public programme. In between all these formal events, She might take the opportunity to relax in the shade of a tree or something and all the yogis would gather round Her. There were rarely more than a hundred of us on those early tours. I took some casual photos with a very motherly quality.

She was very welcoming. She knew me by name and by what I was doing and that the paramchaitanya was working through me. Whenever I had taken a good photo I knew it, and on the days when my attention wasn’t right I kept taking photos when Shri Mataji was blinking or something like that. It was amazing, these experiences with my attention, as if something was making these photos happen. I just had to be there in the right vibration for it to work.

Matthew Fogarty

God the Mother

It was the first time I’d been to India. I had a suitcase full of Shri Mataji’s things and when we arrived at the airport in Mumbai this suitcase was missing. The others went off to the camp and I had to stay back and deal with the bureaucracy. I finally arrived at the camp and there was nowhere to sleep. My mind was just racing. Then we went out of Mumbai to Rahuri. Someone broke into our room and stole my money, and it was one thing after another. In Rahuri, there was a procession and Mother was on a bullock cart and all the people were dancing in front of Her and going to a programme. I tried to dance and throw myself into this procession and was knocked over and cut my knee right in front of Mother and felt a real idiot.

It the end of the programme, all the Indians rushed to Mother’s Feet, and there was a cordon of people holding everyone back. I had gone up close because I’d never seen anything like this. At a certain point, one of the Indians in the cordon said that the Westerners could come. He grabbed my arm and literally threw me at Mother’s Feet. I would never have done a thing like that otherwise. As I knelt at Mother’s Feet, I thought, ‘Please forgive me,’ because I was in a real state. I felt Her pat me on the back.

Excellent, excellent! Tremendous vibrations, wonderful,’ Shri Mataji said.

Me?’ I looked up and said.

I got up and walked away and burst into tears. I realised the nature of the Mother. She will do anything, say anything to put you right, to make you feel good. For the rest of the four weeks of the tour, I was just in meditation, no problems at all. It was a deep realisation, especially for Westerners who grow up with the concept of God the Father, who punishes you if you are not all right. Instead, we have God the Mother, who will do anything just to put you right, to make you feel OK.

Robert Hunter

You have to pray

In 1984, during Shri Mataji’s stay in Pune, a few seekers called on Her at Her residence. She told the Sahaja Yogis to give them self realisation. I was trying to raise the Kundalini of one of them but it was not rising. After some time Shri Mataji noticed me.

You have to pray. You are nobody to give the self realisation,’ She said, then raised his Kundalini and gave him realisation. While working with the next seeker I remembered Her words. She was talking to a seeker seated at Her left while I was at the right. I prayed to Her in my mind, with folded hands, to grant self realisation to the seeker, and Shri Mataji turned to me.

Hm! Now he will get it,’ She said, and the seeker felt beautiful vibrations.

Raman Kulkarni


me. In the south of Maharashtra is the city of Kolhapur which is famous for its Mahalakshmi Temple. Since Mahalakshmi symbolizes the principle of our spiritual seeking and the central channel in which the Kundalini is rising, visiting Kolhapur was a very special experience. Shri Mataji taught us the song Jogawa, which had been sung in the temple for a long time, and we often sang it at public programmes: Udebai, Udebai, udebai ho! to strengthen the rising of the Kundalinis in the seekers. She asked us to walk three times around the little statue of Mahalakshmi like the local people did, in order to pay our respects. Never again have I experienced such an impact of a sanctuary on me. Coming out of the temple I was virtually not of this world, completely enraptured.

Another place of famous worship is the island of Elephanta near Mumbai. Here a deep cave was carved into the rock and sculptures were cut into it. The temple is dedicated to Shri Shiva. The most famous figure is a sculpture of a three-headed Shiva and some yogis said the mantra to Shri Shiva in front of it. Since I rarely feel vibrations, as a cool wind on my hands I was astonished when in front of the figure the vibrations were flowing as if a fridge had been opened. Thus, we came to know the holiness of a place and also learned to discern that so-called holy places may sometimes have most ‘unholy’ vibrations and should be avoided.

The third place was Saptashringi, in the mountains of Eastern Maharashtra. The footpath to the sanctuary of the Goddess Durga went continuously uphill in the glowing heat. If pilgrimage means effort, this was a real pilgrimage. Before the last ascent, via many stairs, to the small figure of the Goddess there were many stalls but Shri Mataji warned us not to eat there, because often negative forces gathered around such holy places.

Thomas Menge

Bassa, bassa

Shri Mataji was on Her India tour along with mostly the overseas yogis and a few Indians. 
On one occasion Shri Mataji asked the yogis to chant and repeat some mantras after Her. So they were in full swing when suddenly a Maharashtrian yogi stood up for some personal reason and crossed before Shri Mataji. She immediately asked him, in a harsh tone in Marathi, addressing him specifically, to sit down, saying ‘Bassa, bassa,’ meaning, ‘Sit down’.

The other, Western yogis, who were already in a deep meditative mood, without realizing that Shri Mataji had addressed the specific Marathi yogi, thought it was another mantra to be chanted.
So they all said in a collective voice, ‘Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Bassa, Bassa Sakshat Shri Adi Shakti Mataji’.

Shri Mataji had a great laugh, seeing the innocence.

Rabi Gosh

This is Shri Rama

It was India tour 1983/84 and Shri Mataji let everyone on tour – over two hundred of us – put our foreheads on Her Feet. She gave us presents, and walked among us at times. All was bliss, in spite of our minor physical woes.

At one point She gave us original Indian ink drawings. She looked into my eyes and handed me a scroll.

This is Shri Rama,’ She said pointedly, with a tender smile. I knew my right heart was damaged. The drawing still hangs above my bed, more than twenty years later. When I look at it every day I still see Her smiling, handing it to me and telling me it is Shri Rama.

Jenny Watling

On the India Tour of 1984, we were offering this dinner thali to Shri Mataji as Shri Anapurna and She accepted our humble offer.

Prerna Richards 

Just my whim

One time I was in India, and I entered Shri Mataji’s room when She was having a discussion with a colleague of Sir CP’s who was a Professor of Mathematics. He was telling Her how he could work out a formula for the vibrations. She listened politely and patiently, nodding and smiling slightly. Then She seemed to decide it was enough.

You see,’ She explained to him, reaching over to the coffee table and picking up some object – a bowl or something, ‘you see, if I created this, and if I wanted it to know Me as its creator, then I would have to evolve it up to the level that it could recognise Me as its creator. And that’s all it is, it’s just My desire,’ then She said, ‘No, I don’t have desires, it is just My whim.’

She had confounded him into thoughtlessness with such a succinct and simple explanation of creation and its meaning. Very soon he made his excuses and left. She then laughed and laughed as She pointed to an Indian yogini who had been sitting on the floor next to Her during this conversation.

She is feeling sick, poor thing, catching on Void. His Void was so bad. It was full of scorpions and bugs,’ She said.

Sometimes it is not so good to be clever.

Kay McHugh

Saturday, 14th January 1984, India tour diary entry

Arrived at Gokul Hall in Bombay, and met the Australians who had just arrived too. Got up late, had breakfast and the man with the kurtas came; I bought three bottoms and two tops.

At about 5.00 pm we left for a hall for a puja with the Indians and Shri Mataji. It was to the Adi Shakti and the talk was about becoming soldiers and enjoying the maya. During the puja there was a lot of noise and the PA system was not working properly, and people were constantly taking photographs and were in the way. Shri Mataji told the Indians to collect photos from the Australian and French leaders, so there were lots of people walking about, and then many of them went to touch Shri Mataji’s Feet.

With all this going on, I decided this was the time for deeper meditation, so the attention was put on Shri Mataji’s Sahasrara, which was very nice, then on my own, and this was very effective. The Western Sahaja Yogis went to touch Shri Mataji’s Feet, and to me She said, ‘Very good, excellent’. Sat down and had another good meditation.

We were told to go to the beach, about two hundred yards away, so we did, and had a 2.00 am footsoak, and said some mantras to the ocean. Then we had a fire and music on the beach, and used sticks for drums. We boarded the buses and got to bed about 3.00 am.

Derek Ferguson

Sunday 15th January – India tour diary entry

The men left Gokul Hall about 10.00 am for Elephanta Island, outside Bombay. This was where some monks settled many centuries ago and carved some huge caves out of the rock, one with statues of Lord Shiva in His different aspects.

Statue of Lord Shiva at Elephanta

We arrived about 1.00 pm and had a look around the caves, then started back to Bombay for the public programme. We reached the jetty to get a boat at about 5.00 pm. Some Sahaja Yogis left and the rest of us waited patiently for another boat. The other people waiting started to accuse us of gate crashing, then a number of boats arrived and lots of local people were fighting to get on them. Some of us got on but before this some of the English went to get tea. A boat came and the tea drinkers had to run for it – some got on and some did not, so by the time we all arrived back it was 9.00 pm. The people who had come earlier were still waiting.

We took taxis to the train station and then a train to the programme. We arrived just as Shri Mataji’s programme was finishing and people were touching Her Feet. She told me to tell one of the leaders that She would come to the place where we foreigners would go to eat.

Shri Mataji arrived there and gave a talk, and asked us if we had enjoyed ourselves. She said we had to learn about the Indian travel system, and not to drink too much tea, especially the English. She told us we should enjoy ourselves when things become chaotic, and not listen to the people who are complaining. She then talked to an architect about the design for a house, and changed it for him.

Derek Ferguson

Monday 16th January – diary entry

We went to an open air public programme with Shri Mataji, which was very nice, then to a Sahaja Yogi’s house for a meal, then back to the hall, and I thought I would have an early night, but had to sort out the dhobi – the clean laundry – and got to bed about 3.00 am again.

Derek Ferguson

Tuesday 17th January – diary entry

Got up and helped load the buses. We set out for Vaitarna and stopped at a little place called Aarie Colony Guest House, Goregaon. At about 2.00 pm we returned to the buses and went to an open air public programme with Shri Mataji at the house of an Indian Sahaja Yogi, Moreshwara, and there was also a music programme with some Indian fisherwomen. A French Sahaja Yogi sang a song with Moreshwara, to Shri Mataji.

Derek Ferguson

Wednesday 18th January – diary entry

Shri Mataji arrived at about 2.00 pm and stayed in a hotel in Vaitarna. She came to see the yogis at about 8.00 pm because some were sick. She spoke to us, then we went to a music programme at the hotel. Some musicians played and also the same French Sahaja Yogi, who played the tabla, and Shri Mataji put a bandhan around his head with a hundred rupee note to take out negativity, and handed the money to the musicians. She did the same with three other yogis.

Derek Ferguson

Never forget Me

I remember when Mother came to India that year as if it had happened yesterday. I had my self realisation in 1975 but never had chance to meet Shri Mataji personally. That year was special as I was about to meet my Mother in person!

I remember Mother sitting in the garden and looking at the Polaroid photos of Her which had just been taken. She was about to leave for Her bungalow, and sat inside Her car and wound the windows down.

Where is Anil?’ She asked.

As we had never met I was sure She was not talking about me. I just kept quiet. Mother kept asking about Anil and in the end She wound down Her car window and looked straight at me.

I am calling you,’ She said. I was surprised and went to Her car. ‘These photos are for you.’

How do You know my name?’ I asked, because I was young.

I know everything about you. Come with Me and I will tell you!’ She laughed.

I went with Her and when we reached Her residence She asked me to hold Her hands. She told me all about myself and then asked me to sing Her something. I sang one of Kabir’s poems. I kept singing and She kept listening with Her eyes closed.

Now you know who I am,’ She said.

Absolutely,’ I replied.

Never forget me, ever,’ and then said She had been looking for me and had finally found me. I will never forget that day.

Jai Shri Mataji!

Anil Shetty

Thursday19th January – diary entry

Got up and went to the river for a swim. The day before, Shri Mataji had arranged in Her talk for a Western style choosing of partners because people became romantic when they went for a swim. First the men arrived and we started swimming in the water that comes from the dam, then the ladies arrived and we swam and had a great time. An Australian Sahaja Yogi helped me to float, then he and I returned to the camp and helped the dhobi wallah distribute the dhobi (washing).

Shri Mataji arrived and we had a short meeting with Her, then some Indian players came for a procession. Before this took place we had a list of people who had been engaged.

Procession to a village programme

Derek Ferguson is behind the children beside the lady in blue, left centre

We went to the procession and had a great time. None of Shri Mataji’s talks have been recorded so far because the video equipment has broken down. I talked to some local Indian boys about Sahaja Yoga and cricket.

We went back to the camp and Shri Mataji gave a short talk about the English banking system and housing for us in India, also projects where we could come and teach and learn for three months at a time. The day before She said I was much better.

Derek Ferguson

You are all My soldiers

In 1984 we arrived in Vaitarna towards the end of the group and about fifteen or twenty of us went to sleep in the house where Mother was staying. We were sleeping in the hallway and on the floor. In the morning, Shri Mataji came out of Her room, still in Her sleeping sari.

One of the American ladies was having difficulty putting on her sari, so Shri Mataji came over and smiled and laughed and helped her to put it on, talking to her all the time. When She had finished, She stood back and realized She had put it on back to front. So She took it off and then put it on again the right way, talking and laughing. At the end She took the palloo, the end of the sari that is usually left hanging, and tucked it in round the front, as you do if you are working.

There, that’s how the soldiers wear them and you are all My soldiers,’ She said.

Elizabeth O’Gorman

Like an Impressionist painting

One time I was photographing Shri Mataji as She sat in a bullock cart during a procession where lots of Sahaja Yogis danced before Her, at Vaitarna. The flash did not go off and I felt concerned as Mother was looking at me. Suddenly She waved at me to come over to Her. She told me to come and sit next to Her on the bullock cart and photograph the procession from Her viewpoint. After a while of doing this She told me to go forward and climb a tree and photograph Her from the branches of a tree.

After the tour when the film was processed I discovered the picture taken at that moment was a miracle photograph. Later on a copy of the photo was given to Shri Mataji and She said it was like an Impressionist painting.

      Colin Heinsen

Shri Mataji on a bullock cart during the procession at Vaitarna

From Shri Mataji’s talk at the Guru Puja, Gmunden, 1986

’…who has seen the Sahaja Yogis dancing and singing the praise, has seen Me and the villagers of India.  It is very clearly describing that. You can have a look at it, how they saw the real picture of the truth. … he will read out the part which is about the region he saw, which is so clear cut. Those who have been to India have been dancing on the streets of India, in villages, in their villages will remember exactly, what it is, how he saw you all there.

This is an excerpt from a book by C.S. Lewis, called The Great Divorce

The excerpt referred to by Shri Mataji

Vaitarna, January 1984 (diary entry)

Vaitarna is a wonderful place deep in the countryside, a little village. There is a dam and a river and it is where Shri Rama and Shri Sita lived or a period of time during their exile of fourteen years. In the river the vibrations were very strong.

Shri Mataji arrived at lunch time, because there was to be a procession in the evening. She was wearing a white sari and looked so beautiful, as always. She was seated under a lean to, with all the Sahaja Yogis in front of Her. I do not recall exactly what She said, but She gave a present of some French perfume to an Indian girl who She was going to get married. The atmosphere was marvellous. There was a light wind which gently moved the trees and refreshed the air, which at this hour can be very hot.

Shortly before sunset the procession began. Shri Mataji was seated on a little seat in a cart pulled by two bullocks. Four large palm leaves and a red umbrella shaded Her from the last rays of the sun. All the Western Sahaja Yogis, the inhabitants of the village of Vaitarna and those who lived round about in the countryside, children from the schools, the country people and the local music band who beat out a lively and demanding rhythm, and a shennai played the melody.

To begin with we were a bit inhibited. Only the Indians danced with an exceptional sense of rhythm, and with a joy that poured out of their faces and the movement of their bodies. It was as if the men were firmly in the centre and the women revolved around them, as if reproducing the movement of creation. The masculine principle of Sadashiva is immobile, and His Shakti goes around him in a circular fashion. It is the feminine principle which creates, acts and loves. When the procession began moving the band went first, then the dancers, then the children and young people in a circle round the edges.

Shri Mataji watched all this great celebration from Her seat. I was not feeling well, and stayed near to Her to photograph Her. She turned to me with a marvellous smile.

You’d better go and enjoy yourself,’ She said. So I left my camera with someone, and went and joined the group. After a little uncertainty to begin with I abandoned myself in the general frenzy and began to dance with the Indians who took my hands and led me into the circle of dancers.

Eventually Shri Mataji stopped the procession and called all the Western Sahaja Yogis to Her, so we could be recorded on camera. We had spontaneously learnt to dance and enjoy ourselves, like the Indians. After this, and after a short talk by Shri Mataji, we returned to the camp for supper.

After that there was a puja to Shri Chandra, the moon, so as to refresh us. The night was beautiful, and the waning moon was reflected in the dam, and there was a refreshing breeze. In Her talk, Shri Mataji spoke of the phases of the moon, and how our power and vibrations can decrease (when the moon is waning) and we must be very alert and watch how this affects us inwardly.

Alessandra Pallini

When I came here as Shri Sita

In 1984 we got married in Bordi, and after the marriage we went on the tour, to Vaitarna, Rahuri and two or three other small villages. When we went to Vaitarna we had a havan that night, and the newly married couples got to do it. After that Shri Mataji asked me to come up to Her room and I spent the whole night taking vibrations out of Her Feet. That was quite incredible because before that I had just had a few chances with Her, serving tea and that kind of thing. That night I spent with Shri Mataji was really amazing. She would sleep, but not really sleep, as if She was working things out.

In the morning we got up, and there was a little balcony outside Shri Mataji’s bedroom. We were standing on it and looking out and there was just forest all around. Shri Mataji pointed to the area.

This is where Sita Nani was – it was right here,’ She said. ‘This is where I stayed when I came here as Shri Sita,’ and She pointed to the areas, and started describing how there used to be a river there, and how it was all clear, and there was a path. It was like Shri Mataji could see it clearly. Sita Nani was a place where Shri Sita could have a private bath or shower. Shri Mataji was there with Shri Rama and Shri Lakshman, because She was describing the whole area.

That is where the river flowed,’ and, ‘There was a path there,’ She said. ‘It has changed a lot since the last time I was here.’

Prerna Richards

Diary entry – Friday 21st January

Got up, had an early breakfast and helped load the bus. We set out for Nasik, where we stayed at a Rama temple. We stayed in the flats section, had lunch and went. Came back, had dinner and went to a music programme with Shri Mataji in the same building, with some ‘for a hobby’ part time musicians. They were excellent, including two small boys who played the tabla very well.

Derek Ferguson

Diary entry – Saturday 22nd January

Got up early, ready for a 10.00 am puja, but breakfast was late so we had it at the puja place – the home of the father-in-law of Hari Jairam, Dr Sangwe. Hari lives in England and is a Sahaja Yogi. Shri Mataji came and we had a very powerful puja to Shri Ganesha, because it was the day of one of his birthdays, which happens every month, so very auspicious. She gave a strong talk about the Mooladhara chakra then we had a havan. We came back to the camp then went to a public programme with Shri Mataji. It was very good, and when we came back I sorted out the dhobi before going to bed.

Derek Ferguson

A look that seemed to last an eternity

I have special memories of the Krishna Puja in Dr Sangwe’s house in 1984. Shri Mataji gave Her legendary talk about the role of men and women, to prepare everybody for the forthcoming marriages. She enchanted everybody with Her humour – the story about the mango tree and the coconut palm. Shri Mataji was indeed the ‘teacher of all teachers’. In spite of the light atmosphere, or maybe because of it, the puja was very deep. After the aarti Shri Mataji assumed the position of a mudra, holding one hand in benediction and the other to protect us from negativity.

At that moment I tried to concentrate on Her bindi without moving my eyes. Shri Mataji always had the ability of giving the feeling to somebody that She was looking straight at him or her. She looked at me from a distance of approximately twenty metres, returning my concentration on Her with such an intensity that it seemed to last an eternity. After some seconds, in which I went extremely deep, I could not bear this look anymore, as if my system was not yet capable of going deeper. When the puja was finished the whole atmosphere was permeated with this depth and at the same time with joy and fun.

Thomas Menge

Clearing a swayambhu

On the India tour in 1984, in Nasik, Shri Mataji took us to a temple dedicated to Shri Rama. The statue in the temple had vibrations but also had catches. Shri Mataji showed us how to clear it. She did it just as if it were a person – raise the Kundalini, give bandhan, feel the catches, clear them – and so on. She explained that even swayambhus can get caught up, when people come and bring all their catches to them, and need to be cleared.

Linda Williams

Nasik, and the village of Anjineri, January 1984 (diary entry)

After Vaitarna we went to Nasik. We stayed outside the town in the lodging house of a large temple made of marble. Shri Mataji stayed in the same place.

We went to a stupendous programme at Anjineri, the place where Shri Hanuman was born. The little, traditional village was in an exceptionally beautiful valley, with a series of rocky, arid mountains behind, of an unusual shape. Just above us, about thirty metres high, there was a rocky spike which Shri Mataji had told us about the evening before and which we could also verify, that looked like the head of a monkey. It was exactly here that Shri Hanuman, the devoted monkey, who was the wind of Shri Rama, was born.

Evening was coming and the sky was the colour of sunset, which in India is particularly strong. The red of the sky contrasted with the yellow of the mountains. The Indians had one rose for each of us, and gave us biscuits and tea, and while some of them prepared the programme, we began to meditate in front of our Indian brothers and sisters, some already realised, and with good, cool vibrations. Shri Mataji arrived, dressed in a white sari and then began to give a programme in Marathi.

The vibrations were very strong. My Kundalini was so high that I did not feel any catches at all. What I saw was the outer aspect of Shri Mataji, Her human aspect, but within I felt Her essence, invisible, eternally the same, immutable. It was a marvellous experience.

When Shri Mataji finished, it was completely night. After a few minutes there was a sense of childlike joy which characterises the programmes in India and is completely different from the European ones. The spontaneity was visible with both the many children present and also the adults, so uninhibited, and joyful, making everyone so happy and full of life.

Alessandra Pallini

Shri Mataji speaking to the Western Sahaja Yogis on the Indian Tour, 1984

In 1984, we visited a village called Anjineri, named after the mother of Shri Hanuman, Anjani. Shri Mataji gave an introductory programme and gave the villagers realisation, and told us the story of the place. Above the village was a rock in the shape of a monkey’s head, as can be seen in this photo.

Derek Ferguson

Sunday 23rd January – diary entry

We left for Saptashringi, which Shri Mataji said was the place of Shri Adi Shakti in Maharashtra, at about 7.30 am. We arrived, set off up the mountain and when I was about half way up I asked for help from the Goddess. My whole body became light and I floated up the rest of the mountain. Reached the bottom of the last climb and had lunch there, climbed the last leg to the temple and said some mantras, then came back down.


About 2.00 pm we set off for Dhulia and reached there just as Shri Mataji arrived so we saw the performance of Her welcoming aarti. She gave a short talk on what we would be doing for the next two days, and She also told us to take it easy and not use cold water for showers because it could give us problems – one lady got a fever from doing this.

Meanwhile a small girl sang some nice songs to Shri Mataji, and She explained that in India people sing a sweet song to children to wake them up, and She sang a song to Shri Ganesha.

Derek Ferguson

Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire

On the India tour, in 1984, we were staying near the shrine of Saptashringi, which we were scheduled to go and visit the next day. Most had already gone to bed, but a few of us stayed up to practice a song under the direction of Brian Bell, which we hoped to present to Shri Mataji at some point. The song lyrics start as follows:

Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire,

Enlighten with celestial fire.

Thou the anointing Spirit art,

Who dost thy sevenfold gifts impart.

As we were rehearsing, we turned round to see Shri Mataji Herself enter the hall where we were practising. It was completely unexpected and we were thrilled. Brian explained to Mother that we had just been singing a song, ‘Come Holy Ghost,’ and then She came!

You’d better not sing that song too often otherwise I will be running all over,’ Shri Mataji said.

She sat with us for a while, in a chair at a table with rungs. She propped Her Feet up on the rungs so that the bottoms were facing towards us; and we opened our hands absorbing the vibrations as they rained down on us.

Kristine Kirby

Monday 24th January – diary entry

We went to Ajanta and looked around the Buddhist caves, then had a footsoak in a garden by the river there, had lunch then left for Aurangabad. When we arrived we had dinner and an early night.

Ajanta Caves

Tuesday 25th January – diary entry

Had a collective six o’clock meditation, where we were asked to put our attention on the Mooladhara and then on the Sahasrara. Had breakfast then left for Ellora. Reached there and saw the caves – very good sculpture, all carved out of the rock, and had a good meditation in front of the Shiva lingam – the Sahasrara started to open. We had an excellent lunch at a restaurant called Kailash there. We boarded the buses and left for Rahuri, and passed through Shirdi, the place of Sai Baba, the Adi Guru.

We reached Rahuri about 7.00 pm. The bus would not start for a while, and when it did we did not know where we were to sleep so we went to Mr Dhumal’s house and on the way a tree tore the tarpaulin off the top of the bus and four cases fell off. We reached Dhumal’s house and found we were supposed to have arrived earlier and were expected at the sugar factory, so we turned around and went there. It was a brand new building and we rushed through it. After that we had dinner in a huge pendal put up especially for us.

Shri Mataji arrived and asked us if we were alright.

Derek Ferguson

Wednesday 26th January – diary entry

Got up, walked down the road from where we were staying and had breakfast. Boarded the buses and went to a village programme, where Shri Mataji gave a talk and then realisation.

We visited a small temple in this village dedicated to Muktabai, an incarnation of Shri Adi Shakti, the sister of Gyaneshwara. He was an incarnation of the disciple principle, Shri Mataji told us. In other places She said he was Shri Kartikeya. He translated the Gita into Marathi for the villagers but had strong opposition from the local Brahmins.

We came back to our base and had a rest, then went out for sugar cane juice and a sing song, and finally came back for a meditation programme where we were staying with Shri Mataji, which was very good.

Derek Ferguson

Thursday 27th January – diary entry

Shri Mataji came about midday and we had a puja to Shri Mahalakshmi. She said Rahuri was where a rakshasa called Rahu was killed by the Goddess, and the kings of those times used to worship Her. There was a link with Shri Mataji’s forefathers, because they used to carry the shawl of the Goddess, so they were called the Shalivahanas. After the puja we each gave a garland to the Devi, and She asked me about my marriage. After lunch we waited for the havan but it was cancelled and we had a bhajans session with some local Sahaja Yogi musicians – very nice.

Derek Ferguson

Shri Mataji at Mr Dhumal’s farm, Rahuri, 1984

Shri Mataji was explaining the qualities of the tamarind tree, which was above Her.

When Shri Mataji saw this photo, taken on the India tour in January 1984, She said She was Shri Sita waiting for Shri Rama to come and rescue Her from Lanka, when She was captured by Ravana.

A very useful boon

In 1984 we were on the India Tour near Rahuri, and the men stayed in a disused schoolhouse. In the night a snake crawled over the sleeping bag of one of the men, and it was a poisonous one. Next morning everyone was scared. Later Shri Mataji spoke to us and gave some very reassuring advice. She told us that as Sahaja Yogis we have a boon that we will not be bitten by snakes or scorpions, and if by chance we are, we will not be seriously harmed.

Linda Williams

Friday 28th January – diary entry

Left for Nandgaon-Shingve, near Ahmednagar, to open a student hostel for orphans, in memory of the late Shri Prasadrao Salve, Shri Mataji’s father. Had a procession and a realisation programme then went to see the land that had been donated to Shri Mataji. We went to a Shri Rama temple, where a peace treaty had once been signed between two groups of warring people.

We went to Mula Dam for lunch which was very pleasant. Shri Mataji spoke to us about Japan and the American people. She said that when She went to Japan they greeted Her as Buddha’s mother. She said the village people were very simple, naïve and good.

We went to a programme in a school with Shri Mataji at Ashok Nagar where there were some children, after which we were given a snack before returning to Mr Dhumal’s farm for dinner. The vibrations were very good and afterwards we returned to the camp.

Derek Ferguson

Saturday 29th January – diary entry

We went to a programme which Shri Mataji gave at Rahuri Khurd, and some of the people said that Sahaja Yoga can change the world. After lunch we split up into two groups: one group went to Sita Nani, the place where Sita used to bathe with hot and cold water, which comes out of the rock in two springs, and the other group went to Ahmednagar, to a school prize giving event and Indian dance session.

Derek Ferguson

Sunday 30th January – diary entry

Got up, loaded the buses and we were ready to leave at 7.30 am. Before leaving Rahuri we collected the dhobi and went on a long drive to Solapur. We reached Dhumal’s mother’s house at about 4.00 pm for lunch. Then we went to the place where some land has been given to us for an ashram, near Vijani Dam, at the crossing of two rivers. There a small puja for the land was performed after which we went for a footsoak in the river just across from the Narasimha Temple.

We boarded the buses and went to a building, and when Shri Mataji arrived She wondered why it had taken us fourteen hours to get there. She told us to cover our Sahasraras against the cold and told us there would not be any snakes tonight.

Derek Ferguson


We had a meditation and breakfast, and Shri Mataji gave a talk on the white man’s ego against India, especially the Sahaja Yogis, and She also spoke to the leaders.

We were given garlands by Mr Dhumal and his son, then we went to the dam for a swim. Shri Mataji arrived and said She had just given a programme and realisation to fifteen hundred people at the dam – workers and staff etc, and asked if we were alright. Before, She had appeared on top of the dam wall and nobody noticed, but as soon as She waved we all looked up and said, ‘Ki jai!’ Then we boarded the buses and went back to the base.

After lunch we went to the Narasimha Temple, at the crossing of the two rivers. The Bhima River is the Shiva River and the Neema River is Vishnu’s. We came back and had a small workshop and seminar on the different aspects of the divine relationships between Sahaja Yogis – brother, sister, father, son etc.

Derek Ferguson


We went to Tuljapur, where there is a temple to Shri Mahakali. Some soldiers asked the people there to give us space and we visited it quickly, then went to a rest house for tea.

We boarded the buses, reached Solapur about 4.00 pm, and in the evening we went to a meeting with medical doctors and students. Shri Mataji worked on some sick people – one lady with breast cancer and some sick children.

Derek Ferguson


Shri Mataji at the Medical Conference at Solapur

A poet from Hyderabad

I developed epilepsy and was admitted to a hospital in December 1979 and my right side starting crumbling and shaking. A friend told me about Shri Mataji and how She gave realisation. I started doing foot soaking and feeling calm and cool – something flowing down from my Sahasrara, so soothing. I read the Maha Avatar magazine that my friend had given me, and surrendered to Shri Mataji. My whole body became light and my chakras and all my body were cleared. I knew that God was working in me and I would be become all right, only with the vibrations. I am so blessed that Shri Mataji cured me and I have written many poems in Her praise. It took three years to become completely all right, and I am still fine, over twenty years later.

In 1984 Shri Mataji was doing a programme in Solapur. We were four or five families, we went to Solapur in south Maharashtra and when we entered the hall we saw the programme was already over and people were around Shri Mataji.

It is all right, go up to the stage,’ someone said. There were so many people crowding round but somehow we managed to get there. I had a small notebook in which I had written some poetry of Sahaja Yoga and I gave it to Shri Mataji. She asked where we were from, and we said we had come from Hyderabad to see Her. She said we should not go straight back but should stay, and that we should meet Her again the next day.

The following day we heard that Shri Mataji had arrived and we were not ready for Her. We had to get a chair, and a new cloth, and we didn’t know the protocol. We fell at Her Feet and Shri Mataji asked us to sit down. She gave us three hours of Her time – a group of some ten to fifteen people. First She asked who had written the poetry.

Mr Patel has written it,’ somebody said.

I enjoyed it very much,’ said Shri Mataji. ‘You have known the depths of Sahaja Yoga.’ I was not able to talk, and just kept quiet, and thought that it was all from Shri Mataji, but She said many times, ‘Very good, very good.’ I wrote that She is Shri Durga, Shri Radha and many other deities, but it is the Kundalini that has told us everything.

Mr Patel

He was fed up with the doctors’ treatment

I first met Shri Mataji in February 1980. After seven months I was transferred from Delhi to Hyderabad and I met Mr Patel. He was completely paralysed but within two years he was cured. I was a new Sahaja Yogi and was amazed, because he had just been doing a few treatments with the photograph.

He had a strong desire to see Shri Mataji, and that year some of the Sahaja Yogis from Hyderabad went to Solapur in south Maharashtra in January 1984. We met Shri Mataji there. She talked to us for three hours and answered all our questions. There were about forty people present. Mr Patel is the man in white behind Shri Mataji’s left shoulder. We told Shri Mataji that Mr Patel had been cured completely from Her photograph.

RR Singh

A miracle

In October 1981, I had trouble with a tooth and the dentist advised extraction. While foot soaking, I requested Shri Mataji to give me some experience of healing like Mr Patel, on whom I was working in those days. Within minutes my hands were stretched around the chair and my mouth opened as if I was on an operating table and something was being done to my tooth, which had been painful for some days. After about fifty minutes of this, the pain vanished. During this process I could feel some cool drops were coming out of my left ear and I could even hear the sound of their falling. After this bloodless operation, my hands became loose and my mouth closed and I could not open it for about two hours. When I met Shri Mataji in Solapur, I narrated the story and asked Her what had happened, and what the drops were.

It was your negativity coming out of your ear in the form of drops, and then you were healed,’ She said.

RR Singh

He recognises Me

On the 31st January 1984, the Sahaja Yogis of Hyderabad went to Solapur, and met Shri Mataji for the first time. We took my son, who was only about nine months old, but he had no name. One of the Sahaja Yogis suggested that we should ask Shri Mataji for a name.

He is Sahaj! He is born realised, and see how comfortable he is with Me!’ She said. And that was his name. When She took him in Her arms, he cried ‘Ma!’

You do not know who he is, but he recognises Me,’ She said, and She held him in Her arms for three hours.

RR Singh

Wednesday – diary entry

We got ready to go to Pandarpur, and visited the Vitthala temple there. We bathed in the Bhima River, and as we did a face appeared in the clouds, as if Shri Vitthala was welcoming us. We sang the aarti in the temple then boarded the buses for the town.

On the way we stopped for lunch and Shri Mataji was also there, She arrived to see us. We had some sugar cane juice provided by a local farmer, who only wanted Shri Mataji’s photo in return. We saw jaggery (caked brown sugar) being made. Mother told us She had seen vibrations coming down from the sky.

We left there and went to Shasri, to a public programme Shri Mataji conducted in a village. We had dinner and left for Kolhapur, arrived around 1.30 am at a Krishna Temple and went to bed at about 2.30 am.

Derek Ferguson

To save a life

One time we were on the India tour in Maharashtra, in about 1984, and Shri Mataji was not there when the public programme started in some college, a medical college. The boys from the college in the audience started being very rude and boisterous even when Mother did arrive. She stayed and gave the programme, laughing at their rudeness and forgiving them because they were only young students, She said afterwards.

What the medical students did not know until later was that the Chief of Police of the area had been taken to hospital with a severe heart attack, and Shri Mataji was late because She had gone there on Her way to the programme to heal him and most probably to save his life.

Linda Williams

They’re not much trouble

In 1984, my husband was on the India tour and I was at home because I had had our first child. I had been writing a letter to him over a couple of weeks, and somebody who was going to India later, took it. In the letter I wrote that we were expecting our second child. My husband received this letter, and the other yogis told him to go up and tell Shri Mataji the news. Very shyly he did, and Shri Mataji laughed.

They’re not much trouble, you know!’ She said. Whenever I was having difficulty, I remembered that.

Caroline Henwood

A memorable evening

4th February 1984, Radha-Krishna temple – India (extract from my diary)

The same evening we had a bhajan programme. Shri Mataji was surreally beautiful in a white and pink sari. We were all sitting on the ground and the singers, who were villagers, had a rhythm, a unity and intensity that was absolutely incredible. The poetry of the evening was such that those who were praising God’s blessings, the greatness of Self Realisation and the saints of Maharashtra like Machindranath finally recognized Who was sitting in front of them. They folded their hands in prayer for a last song. It was very moving and Shri Mataji’s expression was of deep joy; She left blessing us all and the saris were She had been sitting were emitting powerful vibrations, whilst the flower garlands that we had given Her were emitting an enchanting fragrance in this Indian night.

Antoinette Wells

February 1984 – India Tour (extract of my diary)

Yesterday evening we all went to a remote farm in the fields of sugar cane which was in Maharashtra. Shri Mataji was with us and as usual we ate sitting on the ground, the food displayed on large banana leaves; Westerners and Indians, around one hundred people eating together. Afterwards there were bhajans in the middle of the fields and Shri Mataji was explaining the constellations in the sky and the young Indians who were singing were telling the story of a great saint of Maharashtra called Markandeya. 

I noticed that bhajans are different in different regions: here they are in a circle with one or two Indians with wooden instruments with bells and the turn and hop whilst singing.  As the night before we went to sleep at 3 am. I started to feel very sleepy and as I was just behind Shri Mataji’s sofa, which was more like a bench without a back, I feel asleep with my head just behind Her back at about 50cm from Her open dark hair on Her shoulders and back! – I pulled my ears later! – but I slept like a baby a wonderful soothing sleep! Coming from the battles of the west all my vibrations changed and I felt so light. Some Yoginis seeing me kneeling down in my sari, fast asleep, kindly covered my back with shawls.  When I woke up it was dawn and I had the wonderful feeling to be totally protected by the great Goddess the cosmic Mother of the universe who had gathered Her children.  

You are all in My body and when you have got a bad liver I feel Mine having a big twist,’ She said to us.

Antoinette Wells 

The Shri Dhanvanteri photo

This is the story of the Shri Dhanvanteri photo. It was taken in Satara, Maharashtra, in February 1984. I was the only one who knew that this photo was taken there. One day I was with an Italian Sahaja Yogi and who is married to an Indian Sahaja Yogini from Satara. He didn’t know I had taken this photo, and suddenly he started telling me this story. Shri Mataji had given this photo to his wife and had said to her that this picture is the one of Shri Dhanvanteri, the one who cures.

The interesting part is this, that his wife is a doctor of ayurvedic medicine and Satara is the place in India which is considered to be the place of ayurvedic medicine and the place of medicine. Shri Mataji was in Satara, and when there She took the form of Shri Dhanvanteri, the one who cures. When Shri Mataji gave this picture to this lady and told her it was Shri Dhanvanteri, it shows She knows exactly which is every aspect She takes. No one knew I took this photo, and no one knew I took it in Satara. So the story is full of coincidences.

Duilio Cartocci

Shri Mataji as Shri Dhanvanteri

Ocean of love

On my first India tour in 1984, Mother greeted the party at Bordi and upon arrival, settled us down and said we should rest after our long journey. She went on to outline what we would be doing later that evening and said we would bathe together in the ocean at about 7 pm in the evening.

When we sat before Mother later that day, I was wondering when we would go to the ocean to swim. It was after 7 pm and I wondered if this refreshing idea was going to take place. I then considered Mother’s terminology and wondered if the ocean Mother was referring to was Her ocean of love. As this thought dawned, my whole body was consumed in Mother’s divine love.

Sean Kelly

Shri Mataji blesses a couple at the weddings at Bordi, 1984

Bordi 1984 – a puja and some magnificent weddings (diary entry)

When we arrived at Bordi, on 17th February 1984, it was wonderful. There were hundreds of Sahaja Yogis at the camp, which was organised by the Indians. They, and about two hundred Western Sahaja Yogis, met together, the largest international meeting I had ever seen.

We did not see Shri Mataji until the next day. There was a wonderful puja to the Devi – Shri Adi Shakti. What was different was that the Feet of Shri Mataji were washed without being touched by anyone, only the water was poured over them, and then the water was distributed to various centres. At the end of the puja all the couples who would be married were presented to Shri Mataji, twenty-four were announced, but in the end twenty-seven couples were married.

Before the havan there was a pause for supper, which was eaten in silence. There were various fires, and around each one were representatives of each country. The vibrations of the puja and havan were incredible, and we, who had just arrived, were astounded by the depth. The vibrational impact of this blessed land of Maharashtra, the seat of Shri Ganesha in this great country which is the Kundalini of the universe, is truly incredible. The power of the earth here is unimaginable.

At the havan the thousand names of the Goddess were read out. The way the Indians do the aarti to our Mother: they make a bandhan with the flame at and around Her Feet. For the havan, Shri Mataji explained that we should read the thousand names, because every one of the names corresponds to one of the nadis in the Sahasrara and these correspond to all the nadis in every chakra. Thus every name which was read purified a nadi, and in this way purifies the whole instrument. Shri Mataji was present, looking magnificent in a green and red sari, with a garland of red and white roses and one red rose at Her Feet.

The evening before the weddings, during the haldi ceremony, Shri Mataji got everything ready for the weddings, including arranging people’s families. For the weddings the couples arrived separately – the young men on horses, looking wonderful and colourful in their red, yellow and green dhotis, and were led into the tent in a line, to where the ladies were. At a sign from Shri Mataji they came slowly closer until each one was in front of his bride. Slowly the ladies put a garland of flowers on their husband and vice versa. Then the couples went towards the fires at the edge of the tent. They offered a puja to Shri Mataji, each one using the puja utensils that they had been given by Shri Mataji Herself. It was a wonderful day. The brides were beautiful in their colourful saris, with gold and silver inlay, and the decorations on their faces and on their heads. The couples were resplendent with joy. Shri Mataji followed every detail and directed the sequence of the ceremony, passing between the couples, and telling them what they should do. The couples were so beautiful and splendid, so right for the exceptional nature of the day. Shri Mataji’s attention was so clearly on all of them – Her eyes were dazzling and the joy emanating from everyone was so great!

Shri Mataji remained with us for a long time, and two miracles occurred. The first one was that for the ceremony of the haldi Shri Mataji asked that the turmeric, from which the haldi is made, and is a yellow root, should be ground up in a mortar, and this quantity would usually take about four days, given the hardness of the root. Nevertheless the Indians began the work and less than forty-five minutes later all the roots were reduced to powder. Another exceptional event was that because of the tide, the sea would, at that time, usually go down hundreds of metres distant, but instead it came very close to the beach and shore, as if to pay homage to the Adi Shakti and Her children the Sahaja Yogis.

Alessandra Pallini

Magical India, Bordi February 1984. Extracts from my diary

We are getting towards the end of our journey and Bordi to me is the epitome. It is by the sea with palm trees, pine trees and a huge beach and it is here that the weddings will take place. Yesterday we had a puja to Adi Shakti and Shri Mataji said that we shouldn’t worship only a specific incarnation in view of avoiding Her incarnation which encompasses them all. She also talked to the new couples and said to the ladies that it was their responsibility to make their marriage successful and they had to please their husbands. Then a small programme dedicated to the yoginis was arranged by the Indian ladies who gave us each a pretty small silver container. Shri Mataji was present and spoke again to the ladies; She called me followed by other yoginis to put a sari around Her. I felt this as a big blessing: Shri Mataji talked about the womb which carries and nourishes, of the feminine force which permeates rather than dominates, and also said that the divine time and its outcome are very different to the projections and concepts of human beings. Yesterday She also spoke about the beginnings of Sahaja Yoga and how everything started from Bordi.

Antoinette Wells 

The need for security

When I lost my husband, my heart beat increased so much that it was like a clock – tick-tock – all the time, and I could count each beat. I could not get rid of that noise in my ears and did not know what to do. Shri Mataji saw me at a Sahaja programme in Maharashtra, and called me.

YHou were standing so far from Me,’ She said, ‘but I can hear your heartbeat so clearly. It must be terrible for you to bear. You need a lot of security. I cannot be with you in person, but I will be with you. I can understand that you have lost your security because of the loss of your husband. Do not worry, it will be alright.’

I was quiet but my heart was full of gratitude to Her. She was the only person who understood me and cared for me. I do not know how it happened but immediately my heartbeat became normal and I did not hear it any more.

Pramila Mehra

Pandharpur, 29th February 1984 (diary entry)

Pandharpur is the place of the cult of Shri Vitthala, where there is a temple that houses the swayambhu that depicts Him. It was here that Shri Mataji decided to celebrate the anniversary of the marriage of Shri Shiva and Shri Parvati, Mahashivaratri, on the banks of the River Chandrabagha, which means the place of the moon, the moon surrounding the heart, and also which is on the head of Shri Shiva.

I will describe what I could see and feel during this puja, one of the strongest I have been to. The interior experience was extremely strong, and by the end everyone was very, very tired. We met at about eight in the evening in a multicoloured pavilion, with a very simple altar, without flowers, and appropriate for this deity of the heart.

As soon as She arrived Shri Mataji had a severe and distant expression and observed us with an impenetrable look, such as we could not return. She remained seated for a long time, in absolute silence, and looked both within us and at the dark sky. She was seated on the dais with one leg under Her body and the other towards the ground, and wore a red sari. Her expression was serious and profound, as is the significance of this puja.

After the initial silence, when we waited for the Sahaja Yogis to arrive, Shri Mataji began to speak.

Shri Mataji explained that Shri Vitthala is the Virata, the evolutionary power which is the brain of God. This is the power which is complementary to that of Shri Shiva, the Spirit. In the puja Shri Mataji opened the connexion between Shri Vitthala and Shri Sadashiva, which has made possible the illumination of the brain with the Spirit. The discourse was very complex, and was recorded. Shri Mataji asked us not to try to understand it rationally.

The sense of the talk was that through the illumination of the brain by the Spirit, all our being and actions will become completely illuminated: actions, thoughts, and emotions will become completely integrated and will reflect the light of the Spirit. The detachment will be complete. This is the state of complete stabilisation of realisation, the full maturity of which has so far only just begun in us.

After the talk, the puja was in three phases, to Shri Ganesha, to Shri Vitthala and to Shri Sadashiva. We did not wash Her Feet, because She said that Shri Shiva is totally pure, so what is there to wash? Instead they were decorated, and also Her lower legs and arms, and Her forehead, with geru – a red powder made from the earth of Maharashtra – which is used in the puja of Shri Shiva, along with a white cloth, which was put around Shri Mataji. There was no need for flowers or other decorations. Everything was austere and simple, essential to remember the absolute detachment of Shri Shiva. Shri Mataji said Shri Shiva can even sleep in the cemetery, because his detachment is absolute and nothing can interfere with him – and that is how we will be when the Shiva tattwa is established.

To conclude, we had a havan. The fire, which is the symbol of Shri Vishnu – Shri Vitthala and of the evolution of the central channel, which starts from the Nabhi chakra, comes to be united with the cold of the left side and the heart, the cold of the detachment of Shri Shiva. During the havan the thousand names of the Devi were read out by the Indian leaders, and only the men were close to Shri Mataji, and for every name given we put the leaves of a special plant at Her Feet, while the married couples fed the fire and threw the baddhas in. At the end Shri Mataji had everyone go around the fire and put their hands towards the flames to purify all of us and to make it easier for each one of us to be open. Also, we used the ash from this havan as if it was kumkum, for a bindi on our foreheads.

This puja was the culmination of the tour. Shri Mataji had sat in meditation in front of us for twelve hours without eating or moving.

Alessandra Pallini

Shri Mahashivaratri Puja, Pandharpur

A beautiful experience

These were golden moments in my life, when Shri Mataji granted me opportunities to be in HDHer divine presence. They will remain cherished deep within my being for my whole life, as the eternal source of peace, bliss and harmony. I would like to share them with my brothers and sisters, to show Her love, compassion and concern for Her children’s ascent.

In February 1984 Shri Mataji blessed the Sahaja Yogis with a Shivaratri Puja offered to Her Lotus Feet at Pandharpur, near the ancient temple of Shri Vitthala, in Maharashtra. Shri Mataji revealed the existence of seven auras around one’s heart, through which one’s spirit communicates with one’s brain.

The next day, Shri Mataji, the Western Sahaja Yogis and some Indian SahajaYogis travelled to Kolhapur. I returned to Pune for work, but after a few days, She called me to Kolhapur. On reaching there, I learnt that She was not well due to a stomach problem. She called a leader and me the next morning and told us about a public programme which She could not hold owing to Her health, and asked us to do it.

She told us that during the Shivaratri Puja She had put the Vishnu Tattwa into the Shiva Tattwa and hence the stomach problem, which would be all right in a few days. She guided us, and some other Sahaja Yogis and we held the programme under Her attention. It was our first experience to speak and give mass realisation in a public programme. This way She prepared us to take public programmes with Her photograph.

In the evening, I was again in Her divine presence. I prayed in my mind, ‘Shri Mataji, by Your grace let my heart become so big that You can be seated in it,’ and instantly I saw that my heart was as big as Shri Mataji, was around Her and She was seated in it. I felt I was not separate from Her. My Sahasrara felt like fully bloomed lotus. This state lasted for a few seconds, then I offered my salutations, which She accepted and then talked on some other subject.

After four or five years, I recounted this experience to Shri Mataji and told Her it had never happened again.

You get it only once,’ She said.

On another occasion, Shri Mataji was working on designs of Pratishthan. A few Sahaja Yogis were also present. This time I prayed and had the same experience on my Agnya. These experiences show how quickly Shri Mataji responds to our prayers.

Raman Kulkarni

Kolhapur, 1984 (diary entry)

When we were at Kolhapur, the seat of Shri Mahalakshmi, Shri Mataji called about fifteen of us, from various countries: Poland, France, England, Australia, Canada and Italy. The day before, Shri Mataji had suffered from a fever and digestive problems. As on other occasions, when this was told to us, it seemed impossible to us Sahaja Yogis that our Mother, Shri Adi Shakti, the one who has created the universe, could be unwell and suffer, what is more, because of our faults. When we were called by the leader, we were told that Shri Mataji had called us because we had faults. We went, a little worried and feeling our left Vishuddhis. When we were in front of Shri Mataji we soon realised that this would be a difficult and hard talk.

She expressed Her discontent towards everyone present, and all our problems, and our slow ascent. She said She was tired of us, and was not sure of our salvation, which was still to be achieved. Then She began to address each person in turn, describing their personal karmic problems, and also those of their country of origin. Everyone was silent and scared. I do not remember everything She said, but these are a few remarks which give an idea.

Of the Polish, she said they were left sided. Of the Germans, She said they were sadistic and masochistic, loaded down with heavy karma concerning their history of Nazism and the Jews. She said the English were too arrogant because of their colonisation, and had to learn humility from the Indians – they were like rats, compared to the Indians who were like elephants. She said the Italians were dishonest and untrustworthy, but She did mention some positive characteristics, such as serenity and a sense of the ridiculous, and a recognition of Shri Mataji.

At this point Her tone became softer, and She said we must think of Her, because She has created us with love and attention, and She loves us. We must observe how much care and attention She has for us, and how much the divine cares about human beings.

By the end all the ladies were crying and the men had soft eyes. Shri Mataji excused Herself for the severity of the discourse, but said it was necessary, to frighten away the bhuts.

Alessandra Pallini

Thursday (diary entry)

Went shopping in Kolhapur, came back about 12.00 noon and went to a programme Shri Mataji conducted in a village which had a lot of coconut palms. We had a tasty meal, then rested, but had to wait for a Sahaja Yogini before leaving, because she had gone off to meditate.

We went to a very good public programme where Shri Mataji gave realisation to over a thousand people, arranged by a sugar king whose business held a world record for production. Then we went to a music programme arranged by the same people – the performers were school children whose instrumental performances had won awards. They did a very good show then we were invited for tea by the two brothers who had arranged the evening. They have many projects going and are going to help Sahaja Yoga.

Derek Ferguson

Friday (diary entry)

Shri Mataji told us we have to rise above food and the other gross aspects of the Nabhi chakra in order to evolve. We had an evening bhajans performance and the leader of the group was an ex-mayor of the town. It was very good and one of the English Sahaja Yogis dressed up as a Brahmin, which woke everyone up.

Derek Ferguson

Saturday (diary entry)

Did some shopping and went to the bank, then to the Mahalakshmi temple at Kolhapur and felt very good vibrations in the head area. In the evening we went to a public programme with Shri Mataji, then to a music programme at Mr Patel’s farm. Shri Mataji kept us there until after 4.00 am and some people had to fight the left side to stay awake! She mentioned that the collective liver was not good, and also spoke about the perfection of Shri Rama and the imperfection of his father. We got back to base at about 6.00 am.

Derek Ferguson

Sunday (diary entry)

We went to a house in the country for a special dinner then came back for shopping or a rest, then went to a programme with Shri Mataji in a school.

Derek Ferguson

Monday (diary entry)

We had a procession and went to a school for a public programme at Tukaram Vidya Mandir, Mallapeth, on our way to Satara. Reached there and went to a very good programme and went to the place where we had a Shri Ganesha Puja last year – had a bhajans session.

Derek Ferguson

Tuesday (diary entry)

Went to the local river, the Krishna River, and had a footsoak and a wash. Then we had a Ganesha Puja, and Shri Mataji told us to put our attention on our Sahasraras so we could hear, because the sound system failed again. She told us about the excellent qualities of King Shivaji, after which we stayed at a comfortable hotel.

We left for Pune and stopped at a rocky spot for a dinner of yoghurt and sweets because of our bad livers. Arrived in Pune, the Mooladhara of India.

Derek Ferguson

Wednesday 8th February (diary entry)

We went to the place where Gyaneshwara took his samadhi – Allende – there were very good vibrations. We visited the shrine there – a cave.

Derek Ferguson

Thursday (diary entry)

We had a free day, so we could go shopping. We came back and had a question and answer session on Sahaja Yoga, then boarded the buses and went to a public programme with Shri Mataji.

Derek Ferguson

India tour 1984 (diary entry)

One thing which is very evident on this tour is that every place we visited had a corresponding subtle place on our journey, which had a circular form like a chakra – Bombay – Bordi – Vaitarna – Nasik – Aurangabad – Pandharpur – Kolhapur – Pune – Bombay. Apart from its historical and spiritual significance, every place had a subtle importance too. Also the vibrations were very strong: the Mother Earth – the earth element, Shri Vayu – the air element – Shri Jala Tattwa – the water element. Every place in this strongly vibrated land had a powerful effect on our chakras. Shri Mataji worked on us in many different ways.

For example, after we left Aurangabad, on our way to Rahuri, Shri Mataji had us visit a place known as Sitanani, Sita’s Bath. We stopped for a picnic beside a river, and went to see it. Shri Rama and Shri Sita had been here, and Shri Sita wanted to have a bath, so Shri Rama shot an arrow into a cave and a spring of warm water appeared in the cavern. Consequently Shri Sita could have a bath. The vibrations were very strong and obviously had a very good effect on our right sides and our heart. I was in front of this spring, and had my feet in the water, and felt a cool breeze pervading every part of my being. It was as if Shri Rama and Shri Sita were in that grotto, giving love to their devotees. I felt their eternal presence in the silence and peace.

Before visiting Ajanta we went to Saptashringi, (meaning seven peaks) the sacred mountain which is the place of the Adi Shakti in Maharashtra. This mountain represents the middle of the Kundalini of Maharashtra and the vibrations were so strong that everyone’s Kundalini rose so strongly. On the summit is a little temple with a swayambhu of Ambika.

When we returned from there we had an extraordinary picnic on the side of the road, under the trees. The food had been personally cooked by Shri Mataji. It is impossible to express the effect of complete satisfaction in the Nabhi which came over me. Every chakra has its own type of joy, and now we felt the joy of the Nabhi, comforted by the love and food prepared by Shri Adi Shakti for Her children.

After Nasik we went to the Ajanta caves, and the temple at Ellora where there is a powerful Sivalingam, carved out of the rock about fifteen hundred years ago, and again felt very strong vibrations. All these places were part of Shri Mataji’s itinerary for us.

Alessandra Pallini