Chapter 01: 1993 – January to March, India

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

I am sending you to Colombia

In the Indian tradition, after your marriage, we offer oti to the Goddess, in the same way as in the puja we offer, for example, a sari, flowers, perfumes, kumkum, fruits, dry fruits and sweets. When I got married, I got the chance to visit Shri Mataji at Pratishthan in 1993 to offer this oti. I was one of the first Indian yoginis to be married to a Colombian.

Colombia is a very beautiful country, people there are very creative and have open hearts,’ Shri Mataji explained. ‘You will like it and you will enjoy it. I know it is very far away, but you have a computer background and you will easily find a job there. Work, and then you can travel to India more often. Try to learn their language and try to go as soon as possible. Find a flight where you can stop for one or two days in Spain. You can stay in the ashram in Spain and I will tell the Spanish leader that you will be going there. In Colombia, I have just bought an ashram. It is very beautiful. Always live in an ashram because it is cheaper and you are protected in the vibrations. I know, and have seen, that you can do it.’

She mentioned so many things in detail in a conversation of just two minutes. She showed much love and concern, and this helped me to surrender, and filled me with courage to go Colombia. Indeed, everything She mentioned about the country is true, we have always lived in an ashram, full of joy and vibrations, I worked as She mentioned and could travel to India. Now, by Her blessings we have moved to Canada, but everything I got from Colombia is unforgettable.

Maneesha Shanbhag-Cruz


In 1993 Shri Mataji told me to learn Kuchipudi classical Indian dance and recommended the renowned dance master Veempaty Chinna Satyam at the Kuchipudi Arts Academy in Madras, now Chennai. She further said that Kuchipudi is the most vivid Indian dance style and that it resembles the cosmic dance of Shri Shiva.

Siddhi Bhasale

Thoughtless awareness

Since 1993, Richard has been attending international pujas and has, several times, presented gifts to Shri Mataji from Malaysia. On one occasion this conversation occurred.

What is this?’ asked Shri Mataji.

It’s a fish,’ Richard replied.

It’s a dolphin,’ She insisted.

No, Mother, it’s a fish.’

It’s a dolphin.’

No, it’s a fish.’

After a while, he realised what an idiot he had been contradicting Shri Mataji, and thought, ‘My God, what have I done?’ But Shri Mataji was smiling all the time. At other times his mind was a total blank and he did not know what to say, even when he had rehearsed answers many times. On other occasions, when Shri Mataji asked him questions, his answers were always monosyllabic, for example when She was in Malaysia in 1998.

How is Malaysia?’ She asked.

Fine.’ (This was during a bad economic crisis)

How’s the economy?’


On a further occasion Richard had the privilege of carrying a stereo set for Sir CP from Singapore to MTDC, Ganapatipule, India, where Shri Mataji was staying,

This is a very good stereo set. It has a good sound system. Sir CP likes to listen to music and this will be good,’ Shri Mataji commented. Throughout the conversation Richard just said ‘Yes,’ to everything. It struck Richard that Shri Mataji appeared to be like any other ordinary person talking, but that facing Her, his mind usually went blank, in that he did not know what to think.

Richard Ng Bek Choon

A Wednesday meeting

In 1993 Shri Mataji came to Nagpur for the wedding of the son of Baba Mama. The function was arranged at the CP Club, Civil Lines, Nagpur. Shri Mataji sat on a sofa and we stood in a chain for security so not too many people should crowd around Her.

Some Sahaja Yogis came forward to ask Her something. Shri Mataji called them to Her, and then they asked Her why there was no meeting at the Sahaja Centre on a Wednesday, and there was one in three other cities. Shri Mataji said that She had a very close relationship with Nagpur, having lived there when She was young for many years. She was also born on a Wednesday.

If you people want to have a collective meeting (a ‘centre’) on a Wednesday, then have one.’

Mr Khalatkar

Editor’s note: On occasions Shri Mataji has advised against doing various things, like travelling long distances, on a Wednesday. But there are always exceptions.

I wanted to talk to you there

I was in India for Shri Mataji’s seventieth Birthday Puja in Delhi in 1993. At that time I was feeling depressed (I discovered after that I was at the beginning of my second pregnancy) and had it in my mind that I hoped Shri Mataji would not see me in that state. She knew everything, but somehow I didn’t want Her to see me. The whole time we were there I wanted to keep in the back.

We left India and went to Rome for Easter Puja and we were allowed to meet Shri Mataji at the airport. There were two entrances, and everyone said Shri Mataji would come out of door number A, so there was a big crowd waiting there. Just when they said Shri Mataji was about to come, because I had had to go somewhere, I happened to be passing door number B, which was completely empty as all the crowd was at the other door. As I passed the B door it opened and Shri Mataji came out. I was standing there completely alone with Her.

Oh, hello, how are you?’ She asked me. I bowed down and She continued, ‘I saw you in India.’ I had tried to hide from Her in India. ‘I wanted to talk to you there, to see how you were,’ She went on, ‘but there were so many people, I did not have a chance. I hope you are well.’

Now I am well,’ I said. It was just matter of a couple of minutes, and then all the other people saw Shri Mataji and came over to Her. She was at the airport for about half an hour and everyone was trying to be near Her, and I was standing somewhere in a corner, completely blissed out. All the feelings of guilt, and worry about my vibrations had gone. I felt very well for the whole of the rest of my pregnancy.

Sabine Hackl

Shri Mataji declared the gold to the customs

I worked in customs at the airport, in Delhi. In 1993 Shri Mataji mentioned about the ban on the import of gold into India. At that time it was absolutely forbidden. If we found anyone with gold ‘biscuits’ in his possession, we had no option but to arrest him. Once Shri Mataji mentioned this problem, and then there was a total modification of the Gold Control Act. It has been repealed now. Nowadays people are allowed to bring up to five kilos of gold into the country, with one condition that it should be bought with money earned outside India.

The crown of the story is that Shri Mataji came to India and She brought some foreign marked gold with Her. She declared it to the customs, and gave me the money to pay the customs duty, which was duly paid.

GK Datta

My Mother had not even had lunch

Once I was asked to escort Shri Mataji from the Delhi Ashram up to Noida, for the inauguration of the Noida Centre on 23rd March 1993. We waited on the ground floor of the Kutab Ashram for Shri Mataji. When She came down She was accompanied by Her son-in-law and had a paper bag in Her hand, and was eating out of that. As She came to the last step I could see it contained popcorn, the sort that is obtained from the popcorn wallas – fresh.

Look, here, this is what your Mother is eating for lunch!’ She said, and it was almost six in the evening. There were tears in my eyes. My Mother had not even had lunch. So we went to Noida.

GK Datta

I showed them my badge

The day we had the inauguration at Noida in March 1993, afterwards we had a doctor’s conference. After the function Shri Mataji got into the car, and as we were seeing Mother off, She asked me to sit in front next to the driver. I was scared, because my knowledge of the roads of Delhi is quite poor. I could guide the driver on the main roads, and we came from Noida across Nizamuddin Bridge and reached Pragati Maidan.

When we were there, Mother asked me if I had any water with me. I did not, because we had just left suddenly. I was worried, so I asked Shri Mataji if She would care to have some soft drink. She agreed, but there was no shopping centre there, and no stalls selling cold drinks. We turned into another road, which was all government offices, but all closed, and also there was a holiday because of the Muslim festival of Id, so still nowhere to get a cool drink. Then I saw some government building and asked the driver to turn in, and there was a small coffee shop.

I went up the stairs but all the vendors were relaxing and idling and said I could not buy a cold drink. I showed them my badge of Shri Mataji and asked if they knew Who She was. They said they did, and I explained She was in the car down below and wanted a cold drink. Suddenly one boy stood up, got a cold drink, put it in a glass on a tray with a napkin, took the drink down the stairs and gave it to Her in the car.

Next there were some small roads, and I wasn’t sure of the way, but soon Shri Mataji told me She knew the area and could direct because She had lived there, Meena Bazaar. So we got to the conference and Shri Mataji addressed more than two hundred and fifty medical doctors.

GK Datta