Chapter 10: 1985 – March, India

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

You are My people

We had a puja to Mother as Shri Durga up at Talnoo in 1985, now the site of the International Sahaja Public School. We offered red rhododendron flowers, which were out in crimson profusion at that time of the year as the mountains were covered in rhododendron forests. The Nepalese ladies, Sahaja Yogis from a nearby village, laid a kukri, a curved sword which is the traditional weapon of the Nepali Gurkhas, at Mother’s Feet after the puja.

You are My people, the people of Parvati.’ Shri Mataji had said to them, when these Nepalis first came down to Delhi to meet Mother at the end of 1983. Parvati was the daughter of the king of the Himalayas, and the Nepalis, especially the Gurkhas, are a brave warrior people.

The night before the puja we had had a music evening, and some local villagers were looking in through the windows. Some of the Sahaja Yogis were not sure whether they should be there.

These people have a place in the kingdom of God. You city Indians, and most of all you .Westerners, it is not so sure,’ Shri Mataji said of them.

Concerning the three thousand or so people who came from nearby mountain villages to the public programme, some of them had been worshippers of Shri Durga for generations. They said they had been waiting for the Devi, and now Shri Mataji had come, as they knew She would. There was much to learn from the mountain people of the Himalayas.

Linda Williams

Mangli the cow

When Shri Mataji came to Dharmshala in 1985, I related the story of how I had put up a photo of Her in our cowshed so that the vibrations could spread to the cows. One day, Mangli, a brick-red coloured cow who was the tallest, ate the photo on the wall. I was horrified. Shri Mataji laughed and said that the cow was very smart as she ate the vibrations. I also told Her how this cow would greet people by running up to them like a dog, and put her face on their chest or in their bags. If the person was new he would be really terrified.

One day, as I went to Shri Mataji’s room and She told me that our cow Mangli had just come. The cow, and her calf Laxmi, had put their heads in through the mesh door and Mangli mooed to Shri Mataji and She was laughing while narrating this.

The same morning, as I was making tea for Shri Mataji, I noticed about ten to fifteen dogs outside the cottage where She was staying. They were all around and fast asleep. I asked Her about this strange phenomenon as I had never seen so many dogs at one go. Shri Mataji explained that they were sleeping and enjoying the vibrations. They knew who She was and hence had come there. They recognised Her better than the human beings.

Deepa Mahajan

Bhima’s mountain

When Shri Mataji came to Dharmshala, She looked at the dip in the mountain above the Sahaja school called the Dhauladhar range, and told us that was the spot where Bhima* fell down from the heavens and died. It is called ‘Bhima ka Tila’ (Bhima’s mountain), by the locals.

Deepa Mahajan 

Editor’s note: Bhima was one of the five Pandava brothers, heroes of the Mahabharata.

The planet and the mountains

Another incident happened in Dharmshala when Shri Mataji visited there in 1985. There had been a puja to Shri Mataji in the hall below and we were all walking with Her back to the cottage where She was staying. She stopped and looked up at the sky.

In the sky to the left of Her was a star shining brightly. I thought perhaps this was a satellite as they look quite bright. On the right of Her were the snow peaks of the Dhauladhar Range. She showed us vibrations rising from the Dhauladhars and flowing into the star. At first many of us could not see it, but then She again pointed out and we saw the vibrations, like streaks of light going into the star. She explained that the star was Venus and followed Her wherever She was. Once She acknowledged Venus, it faded away.

I remember this as later I came out to see the phenomenon, but Venus had faded and the vibrations were gone. That was the first time I had seen vibrations outside of photographs.

Deepa Mahajan

We can even cure fractures

There was a Devi Puja and public programme at Talnoo, Dharmshala in March 1985. On the first evening there was a beautiful musical programme in the presence of Shri Mataji and the next day we did the Devi Puja. The next day, the 30th March, Shri Mataji suggested that we all go and visit a temple, which was about five to ten kilometres away. Inside the temple precincts we saw a small artificial pond. I put my foot in the pond at the temple and fell sideways into the pond. I climbed out all right, but had hurt my right wrist, quite badly.

The next day was Shri Mataji’s public programme for the villagers of that area and thousands of people had assembled at the side of a lake nearby. At the end of the programme someone mentioned my accident to Her and She immediately called me to the stage. She inquired what had happened and I told Her that I had slipped and maybe fractured my wrist bone.

So what?’ She said, ‘We can even cure fractures.’ She took my wrist in Her hand and I knelt beside Her. Shri Mataji held my wrist for about ten minutes, at the same time talking to the new people who were queued in front of Her. Suddenly She looked at me. ‘How is it now?’ At that moment I was able to take my hand out of the sling, and put it high up in the air.

Mother, it is nearly gone.’ Shri Mataji was laughing and I could hear applause of the people all around. I thanked Her and stepped below the stage.

Deepak Midha

The road to the school at Talnoo, Dharmshala

Music could be used to help give realisation

What I particularly remember about that programme at Dharmshala was that at one of the meetings with the yogis prior to the puja that was held there Shri Mataji clearly said that music could be used to help give realisation. I had never heard Her say anything like that before and I absolutely thrilled me to hear that music could be a vehicle for realisation to flow through. Now we take it for granted but then it was a revelation.

Matthew Fogarty

A swayambhu to cleanse the whole world

In March 1985 Shri Mataji visited Talnoo, Dharmshala, now the site of the International Sahaja Public School. On the 30th of March a puja was performed to Shri Mataji in Her form as Shri Shailaputri, the daughter of the Himalaya. It was a full moon. After the puja we walked to my cottage.

Look at the vibrations coming out of the Himalayas,’ Shri Mataji said as She pointed to the snow clad Dhauladhar mountains. In all humility, I confessed that I could not see anything. Then very graciously She put Her divine attention on me and said, ‘Now can you see?’

I was amazed to see waves of vibrations cascading down the Himalayas.

The Himalaya is a swayambhu created to cleanse the whole world,’ I heard Her say.

I did not see the vibrations again.

Yogi Mahajan

The Himalayas near Dharmshala

The food cannot finish

When Shri Mataji was staying with us at Talnoo in 1985, there was a luncheon for all the yogis. More yogis came than the food was cooked for yet there was plenty left. We kept serving it for two days but it would not finish. We reported the matter to Shri Mataji.

It is the blessing of Shri Annapurna. It cannot finish. Just offer it to the river,’ She smiled.

Yogi Mahajan

You are the Shakti!

The classical singer, Parveen Sultana, sang a particular bhajan, Bhavani Dhayani, before Shri Mataji at Shanmukhnanda Hall in Mumbai at the Birthday Puja celebrations in 1985. This was her final song. As she sang something came over her and she connected with the Devi sitting in front of her. Towards the end of the song she threw up her hands in the air. Then she came and fell at Shri Mataji’s Feet and with tears in her eyes cried out, ‘Mother You are the Shakti. I have never sung like this before.’

Deepa Mahajan