Chapter 10: 1994 – September, Eastern Europe

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

A fortunate mistake!

From 1993 until 1997 I was the interpreter of Her Holiness Shri Mataji on Her Russian and Ukrainian tours. I was the eyewitness of many different situations concerning these tours, but most vividly I remember one case. It was a Scientific Conference in Saint Petersburg in 1994. I was sitting at the table between Shri Mataji and another Sahaja Yogi. For several hours I had interpreted Shri Mataji into Russian and my throat was very dry because the organizers forgot to put the bottle of water before me.

After the conference was over I asked the Sahaja Yogi with Shri Mataji for some water, but he did not hear me. I asked again but again he did not seem to hear or understand my request. Then Shri Mataji opened Her bottle and poured in Her own glass some water and gave it to me to drink. I wasn’t aware that She had heard me, because I was talking only to the Sahaja Yogi with Her. It was the best water I’ve ever drank in my whole life – I’ll never forget this glass of water!

Yuriy Vasilyev

Shri Mataji at Otopeni Airport, Romania,

being welcomed by Sahaja Yogis, 1st September 1994

Your vibrations fed us

On the day of the public programme, in Bucharest, in September 1994, Shri Mataji was shopping from 10 am. to 5.00 or 6.00 pm. The lady looking after Her carried a little basket with a few Diet Coke cans for Her. After returning to the palace where Shri Mataji was hosted, we were surprised to find out that we were neither hungry, nor tired. Shri Mataji, as usual, asked us as a careful Mother if we were hungry.

No Mother, we already had Your vibrations feeding us,’ we answered, which was true. And the programme was at 8.00 pm! In fact, Shri Mataji had no rest at all before the programme, even though She came at 9 o’clock, allowing us to give the introduction. To us, these prolonged shopping sessions were a lesson of endless love and patience as well, which taught me to be patient in Sahaja Yoga.

Dan Costian

Putting Her attention on Romania’s problems

When Shri Mataji returned to the palace after the programme, She was as fresh as a flower. She either asked to watch the Romanian news on the TV (we learned that this was Her way of putting Her attention on Romania’s problems), or desired to watch one (sometimes even two) Indian movies, which She translated for us. We were prepared for this request, having borrowed videotapes from the Embassy of India.

One evening, She watched the movie Ghost with us, and told us it is realistic in what concerned the ghosts. After the public programmes, Mother usually went to sleep at about 3.00 or 4.00 am.

Dan Costian

Divine music

We had rented the queen’s apartments for Shri Mataji, in the palace. The furniture was inspired by the Persian art, and Mother immediately noticed this and referred to the Parsis in India. A pianoforte was in the living room. After the public programme, Mother had asked us which bhajan would we like Her to play at the piano, and then She started to play. As I was listening to Shri Adi Shakti’s interpretation, I fully understood the meaning of the words ‘divine music.’

Dan Costian

Cells in Shri Adi Shakti’s body

One morning, after breakfast, Shri Mataji told me that I had a hot liver. She called a Sahaja Yogini and asked her to bring some ice cubes wrapped in a towel. She insisted that I should put the ice on my liver, holding it with my left hand while keeping my right hand towards Her.

Now, it’s better,’ Shri Mataji said after several minutes, I then realised that we were really cells in Shri Adi Shakti’s body and She suffered every time something was wrong with us.

Dan Costian

The bandhan

In Romania, the problems came from a religious organization. It so happened that one time they put pressure on the Romanian Government to legally ban all the ‘sects’. When I told Mother about that, She said that this organisation would be exposed and we should not worry, then She gave a bandhan.

Any time you have a problem, give a bandhan,’ She said.

From that day on the bandhan has helped us many times, no matter how serious the problem was when we brought it to the attention of the Divine.

Dan Costian

Even while sleeping, Mother worked on us

Some time after I was appointed leader of Romania, Shri Mataji permitted me to give a massage to Her Holy Feet, using eucalyptus oil. She had taken rest on a sofa and during the massage She fell asleep like a baby, holding Her arms above the head. I felt like the vibrations became stronger than before and realised that even while sleeping, Mother worked on us. On another day, I was given the opportunity to massage Shri Adi Shakti’s Lotus Feet during a puja, in Bulgaria I think.

Dan Costian

A small toy-plane

To go to Sofia, we had to fly by Air Bulgaria. We had a big surprise finding how small their aircraft was, with only two dozen places. A short ladder gave us access under the tail of the plane. Shri Mataji made no comment. On such a small toy-plane, we expected to have a very bumpy flight, especially on a hot summer day, with ascending and descending air streams due to natural convection. The presence of Shri Adi Shakti allowed, however, the airplane to hover as smoothly as a car on a modern highway. After that Shri Mataji travelled between Bucharest and Sofia by sleeper train.

Dan Costian

The Bulgarians and the Indians

In 1994 Shri Mataji came and we were at the airport offering flowers to Her. She was looking at each one of us, and suddenly said that we had very good noses! We don’t know if this was all the Bulgarian people, but that is what She said. She also said there was a connection between the Bulgarians and the Indians, that we are very close to the Indians, also in the way we look.

Gary Boneva

I couldn’t believe She knew this

In 1994 I had a little accident with my leg. I was not well and could not walk for four months. I prayed for Shri Mataji to help me, and I cleaned my body – I meditated all the time, but nothing. Slowly I started to doubt, and was in hospital, and they said I would have to undergo an operation. I wrote a letter to Shri Mataji and put it in front of the photo. ‘Mother I leave You all my problems, my life is in Your hands and I just want to be Your instrument.’

The next day it was raining, and I put my hands in the rain. I felt that like the raindrops are one with the rain, we are all one with Shri Mataji. I thanked Her for everything and was sure I would walk again one day. But I accepted whatever was my destiny. I became very humble, and after one week, I couldn’t believe it – I could walk! But then I fell down and had a problem in the other leg. I knew I had to not worry, and this was the lesson in all this. After ten days that leg got better, and after twenty days there was Diwali Puja in Turkey with Shri Mataji. After the puja, we went up to receive presents, and as I went near I heard Her voice.

How are your legs now?’ She said. I couldn’t believe that She knew this, that She knew everything. I felt like a small child, and was aware of how great She is, and that She is really my Mother.

Rosa Alexevia