Chapter 12: 2007 – Australia, India, Asia and Europe

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

Puja at Nirmal Nagari, Pune

This was my first international puja during which three events would coincide on the 19th of March followed by our beloved Mother’s birthday on the 21st of March. The 19th marked the Shri Shivaratri Puja, also the first day of Ram Navaratri as well as the Gudhi Padwa celebrations in Maharashtra. My desire and anticipation to be blessed by the darshan of our beloved Mother began to grow. I overheard that Shri Mataji might not be attending the puja in person, so I closed my eyes in prayer and asked, ‘Please bless us with Your holy darshan as this is my first international puja.’

Soon, Mother arrived and brought with Her an element of serenity that those present could feel pervading all around us.

Chinghooi Ong

Burwood, Sydney 2007

Flowers from Africa

In the above photo, I am behind Rajen Moodley, and dressed in the same colours, red and black, behind the little boy in yellow, but when it came time to offer the flowers from Africa, I was holding them, not him.

Shri Mataji, Rajen has played a trick on me and given me the flowers to offer to You,’ I said.

Thank you! Are you from Sierra Leone?’ Her Holiness looked at him and said.

No Shri Mother, I am from South Africa,’ he replied.

 Peter Corden

The same shop

In 2007 I spent some time in Australia. Shri Mataji once commented that English men should go and spend time there and Australian women should spend time in the UK. What a wonderful time I had there with the collective. I arrived at the airport to see so many yogis waiting to welcome Shri Mataji to their country as my flight happened to arrive one hour before Hers.

One day I went into the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney to buy a teapot in a shop there. On my return to the ashram I discovered that they had all gone out that evening with Shri Mataji to the same shop to buy lots of ceramic chinaware.

      Colin Heinsen

A wonderful gift

Since I was young, I had always wanted to go to Australia, as if the magnetic property of the Mooladhara chakra was magically drawing me there. Upon hearing that the Ganesha Puja would be held there and that Mother would be present, I thought it would be nice to go and two weeks before the puja, I found out that both my grandmother and cousin were going and I had my ticket to Australia within twenty-four hours. Upon reaching Australia, it was like coming home.

The scale of the puja was something I had never seen before, since it was held in the same area as the 2000 Olympics. As was customary before any puja began, musicians were singing bhajans in avid anticipation of our Mother. I don’t know how long we waited but it was one of the most beautiful and deep meditations that I have ever had; as if time and space melted away and I could just sit there for hours on end enjoying the bliss. Even more amazing was when the puja started, somehow miraculously I was selected to come up and offer the garland to Mother! The gratitude I felt for Mother at that time was just immeasurable.

Thank You Shri Mataji, for giving me such a wonderful gift and letting me have my realisation. After coming back home things were definitely different and I came back a changed person. 

Nanak Chugh

14th to 16th September, Homebush, Sydney

I was already in a state of bliss from the previous musical night and the marriage ceremony, especially as I was holding some vibrated rice which was emitting strong vibrations. I got the chance to help in the kitchen on the evening of the Shri Ganesha Puja, the 16th September, 2007. Despite being told that I might miss the puja, I went ahead to Burwood.

As the evening progressed Shri Mataji took Her time to rest. We all settled into deep meditation in the garden of Burwood to prepare for puja. Soon Shri Mataji was ready for it.

I went back in the kitchen to return the apron. One yogini asked me to represent Romania and to present a Lakshmi basket. What a privilege to offer the Lakshmi basket to the Divine!

While we were waiting in line to receive Shri Mataji in the hall She was staring at our direction. Her eyes were so powerful and pierced into my subtle system. She had granted my desire to have a glance of our Mother, and I could feel the silence and peacefulness within. No words can describe Her divine look with such power and the face of Goddess looked so divine. This was my closest encounter with Shri Adi Shakti.

Chinghooi Ong

Email from Pratishthan, March 2007

Jai Shri Mataji!

Dear family,

Here in Pratishthan everything is going according to the Divine Will, and Shri Mataji is blessing Her children every moment with waves of love and sweetness. Last Saturday we had Holi Puja in Mother’s presence and She was very pleased with the bhajans performed by the Pune group, She even asked for one more at the end. A few of Her children were blessed to receive some red powder on their Sahasraras after the puja from Shri Adi Shakti Herself. 

Something very nice happened the other day when it was really hot outside. Shri Mataji started fanning Herself and that triggered a gust of wind that opened all the unlocked doors and windows in Pratishthan. It cooled down the atmosphere and our livers too… 

All the best,

Cristina Harabour

The day of resurrection – Email

Dear Sahaja Yogis,

Easter Sunday 2007 – the day of resurrection, if ever there was a truer reflection of a day of great spiritual import, a day lived out in events, each with its own true meaning, it was to be this day. We were coming to the end of an incredible weekend in Pune, Shri Mataji and Sir CP’s 60th Wedding Anniversary celebrations.

Today was an incredible day. We were meeting with Sir CP, discussing ISPS, plans, buildings, and the future, then word came that Shri Mataji wanted to see us. When we entered the room Our Mother was sitting in Her chair with a broad smile beaming and we were ushered in and we began discussing the ISPS plans.

Shri Mataji was incredible, She was asking about the buildings, their sizes, where the children would be playing, safety issues with heights, teachers and staff accommodation. Then She said to come the next day with larger plans and to have a think about the size of the buildings, which She said were too small. Many of us came out of the room with tears of joy in our eyes, the emotions were such. Sir CP said it was probably the longest conversation in five years.

We met a few hours later for an impromptu Easter Puja. We were fortunate to perform puja to Shri Mataji; the auspicious offerings were made and the vibrations were incredible. Then a moment for all the true believers gathered, and all those in every corner of the world, in every home, and collective house, a moment to silence all doubters, and those who seek to follow paths not in keeping with the Sahaja collective, a day to spread that word that Our Most Holy Mother once more addressed us all with a message of hope and salvation.

Shri Mataji asked for the microphone, smiled at us all and for the first time in many years spoke in a clear lucid tones: words of power, awakening the Kundalini, affirming, reassuring, joyous revelation. Tears of joy again began to flow around the room, and through many water filled eyes were we privileged to again sit as humble devotees before the Feet of our Guru, and listen to the Easter Puja discourse.

Shri Mataji began by saying that it is a very important day, the day of Christ’s resurrection. He resurrected so that he could transform people but now we can do that work and we should not be afraid, and have no doubts about yourself and your self realisation, you should respect your self realisation as it is something very special, something unique. Shri Mataji said if anyone had any doubts then they should come in front, in fact come now and talk to Her.

You should not have any doubts, for you are all special beautiful people, when I look out I see so many beautiful faces in front of me, you are all so beautiful.’

She said that we have to confirm our realisation; we have to respect our realisation and we have to pass on what we have received to the world; we have to give what we have achieved in Sahaja Yoga to many more people who are waiting, and we have to take up this work.

You should all go out and take a lead, spread Sahaja Yoga,’ Shri Mataji said, ‘there is nothing more important to do. There are many good people in the world who have not received their self realisation and the world is in chaos – there is a lot of chaos, the world needs this. Sahaja Yoga is the only solution.

I am sorry if I have not helped you all enough to finish this job. In many things perhaps I have not finished off what I have started so far.’

That was the moment, the beaming smile, the words of encouragement, the tear filled eyes, all around faces were wet with tears of joy. Shri Mataji looked around at us all and asked if there was anything wrong, we should all be happy. We answered we were not sad, just very, very, happy to again hear Her voice.

We then performed aarti and the music began. Some gifts were given, one being a silver chariot drawn by seven horses. Shri Mataji said the seven horses and the chariot was very symbolic, but the horses were not drawing a chariot, they were pulling the Sahaja Yogis, and everywhere the Sahaja Yogis are being helped. When we presented the Australian gift She commented that Australia is a very cut off place, geographically, and it was good that Her children had not forgotten Her, to which we responded not only Her Australian children, but all Her children all over the world had never left Her side, and had certainly not forgotten Her.

Shri Mataji left but said there should be music and dancing and that we should be in joy, the music played and we all danced and danced and danced.

Chris Kyriacou

A momentous time

Today, at Cabella, some representatives of the Italian collective had the chance to offer two bouquets of flowers to our beloved Mother. Another was offered on behalf of the American Sahaja Yogis. Shri Mataji received us with a radiant smile and was full of Her usual humour. She was delighted by the beauty and the fragrance of the flowers, and wanted to know what they were called and where they were from. She wanted to know if it was a special occasion, but we responded it was simply that we wanted to express our love for Her.

Some photos of one of Her previous visits to Como in Italy were presented to Her; the photos showed Her together with Her family and also together with some yogis. Shri Mataji observed them very carefully, recognising and remembering everything and everyone. She was struck by the beauty and quality of the photos. She was full of compliments for the photographer and would not accept any credit for their beauty, even though the photographer insisted it is She who does everything and that his talent emanates from Her.

Shri Mataji told us that She has worked hard over the years travelling everywhere. She said that people make plans for Her and She just goes; Mother commented She has been to so many places that She didn’t even remember them all.

She said that Her message is that all religions are one; and that all the incarnations are the same person. People don’t understand this. It seems they prefer to fight. She said She has done it so many times but they don’t want to come and they don’t listen. Shri Mataji said the problem is that the people who fight in the name of religion have only read one book and people should read the other books – at least two books and then they would not fight, and would realise it’s the same thing. She said we should tell people this.

I’ve done My best,’ Shri Mataji remarked many times.

She then said the young people are much better; because they are more open and they listen. A representative of the Italian yuva shakti was introduced to Shri Mataji; and with Her radiant smile She showered all the young people with Her grace and blessings and with sustained attention. We all thanked Shri Mataji and bowed to Her once again, as we were leaving.

Look that these beautiful flowers. They are all different but they don’t fight,’ She commented.

We all joined Shri Mataji in a burst of cheerful laughter which expressed our delight at the simplicity, beauty and sweetness with which our Mother can get Her message across. It was a unique moment to feel so much love and see Mother so radiant.

This is our humble attempt to recall the magical and moving moments we spent at our Divine Mother’s Lotus Feet.

Italian Sahaja Yogis

Email from Cabella

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I write with great joy the following account of an event that occurred in Cabella on May 5th Monday at 7.00 am. I am in Cabella as part of the nurse’s team serving Her Holiness Shri Mataji. She began the day asking about America and I took the opportunity to present the book ‘2007 and Beyond’, that the American yogis had prepared to document what has and will be done to spread Sahaja Yoga in the USA in the coming year, along with baskets of gifts that the New York and Los Angeles collectives had made. What happened then is truly momentous for this great country of ours that so many of us have come to love.

Mother asked for Her glasses, leaned forward and started reading the book. She read and read and read! For almost two hours She read every page and therefore every state in the USA received Her divine and loving attention. I have tried to include most of Her comments on the country while viewing the book, but do forgive me, as most of it was in Marathi and I am translating them as I write this.

Very poetic,’ She said, on the preface of the book.

The map got the most attention, as Mother could graphically see in one glance which states had given realisation and the numbers of seekers that had received it. Shri Mataji with great child-like innocence started adding the numbers and Her joy grew and grew. At some point I lost count.

It is the quality that matters and not quantity,’ She said.

I am so happy with this,’ She said about the national projects. ‘I am overjoyed to see this effort.’ Mother read the Permanent Center Project and the Sahaja Yoga Growth Project in great detail and blessed it with a joyful, ‘Anant ashirwaad!’ All the other projects were also read and She kept beaming and smiling…it was absolutely incredible. Then we began to look at all the states’ reports with photos of yogis giving realisation. Photo after photo got comments.

Very professional photos.’

I know him/her.’

He/she is an old yogi.’

I have been there.’(Houston, DC, Seattle etc.)

Shri Mataji always read the numbers of seekers loudly and so we referred to the map of the USA constantly. States like Utah and Indiana and others were located on the map, with Mother commenting that She had not been there, so She was keen to see them on the map. She noticed that the photos had people of all kinds, white Americans, African Americans and Hispanic seekers as well. The Mariachi band got Her attention, and She said that the Spanish are good people.

I am happy to see Americans in these photos and not just Indians,’ She commented. ‘I am overjoyed to see that it is working out.’

Canada and Mexico also got considerable attention and blessings with Mother saying that both these countries are a lot easier than the USA. Shri Mataji read the prayer at the end and asked who wrote it, and said it was very poetic. She then made the following observations that lasted about ten minutes.

America is a very difficult place. It has democracy but this democracy is based on materialism. The people at the helm of affairs and the government are steeped in materialism and that has seeped from the top down into the mind-set of average Americans. Americans love money more than their children or their aging parents and even less their Spirit. The root of the problem is their greed for money.’

Then came this profound promise:

I will find the key to dissolve this love for money in the Americans,’ She said, with an extremely compassionate expression of love pouring from those beautiful eyes that had filled with tears. ‘I will find that trick. I have to do this Myself. I have to do it, because if their desire for money is dissolved, automatically as a by-product their desire for their Spirit will increase. They will respect their families and love their children and old parents and if America works out, the rest of the world will follow.’

Dear brothers and sisters, I cannot even begin to describe the vibrations that were flowing. It was like a torrential waterfall! I simply bowed down and then She asked that I convey the following to all of you.

Please tell them, thank you for spreading My message. Thank you for giving Me such hopeful news from all over the country. Anant ashirwaad to all of you. May God bless you! I am so happy today that this is the best news you could give Me.’

I then left the room so filled with joy and emotion that words fail me. So please enjoy this message as I am just a messenger hoping to convey this joyful event that I know will stay with me forever.

In all our Mother’s love, always your sister,

Madhuri Dunphy

Shri Adi Shakti Puja 2007
The phone rings. Our leader calls with fantastic news: France will help to prepare Shri Adi Shakti Puja in Cabella. Tears come to my eyes and immediately my Kundalini starts to vibrate! whoaw! For many years, we have participated in the Diwali Puja, but these last years it was in India, or in America, Turkey, Greece, etc, and we can’t even remember when it was in Cabella. A puja at Cabella means you can cook for your sisters and brothers, and help with all the different aspects. The other countries which are usually in charge of this puja know much better than us how to organise it and we felt like beginners. After this announcement, my Kundalini was vibrating non-stop for two or three days.

One day while I was meditating, the feeling that the children should also give a present to Shri Mataji came to me very strongly. I was convinced that one way or another they should all come in front of Mother on this occasion. So the idea of a big card with the photos of all the faces of the French children came, and an album of the children in nature from all the organising countries as well. The photos arrived from the four corners of France and Europe. The card was a big tree, and each heart-shaped leaf of the tree was a child’s face. We finished the card and album with the children in Cabella on the week-end of the Adi Shakti Puja. While I was finishing the card in the back of the hangar, someone said to me, ‘Hey, Indu, look at the stage!’ The decoration of the stage, made in Belgium, was nearly the same as the card. Some ladies were preparing the corner of the hangar where all the prasad was to be put. They made decorations from nature: leaves, flowers and branches. The front of the stage was also decorated with flowers, fruit, butterflies, etc, as if we were in nature.

When Shri Mataji came, She talked mostly of love, perfume and nature. After Her talk while I was looking at Her, I suddenly realised the poem we had written on the children’s card had exactly the same words as She had just used: love, perfume and nature. That was magical and tears of love rolled on my face. I felt we were completely wrapped and immerged in Her love and Her vision.

Then we offered the presents. To the great surprise of every one, Shri Mataji looked carefully at each present. Our turn came. The children presented first the album and then the card. She took time to look at each photo, commented on them and spoke with the children. When She saw the card, She asked how many children were there on it, and if they were all Sahaja Yogis. She asked three or four times and finally said they were all Sahaja Yogis. That very moment was so beautiful because all the children from France and organising countries were finally in front of Her through these photos, and She was looking at all of them. They were all in Her attention. She concluded this card was a good idea, but I knew this idea was Hers and came through Her power of inspiration, and that She had taken all of us in this ocean of God the Mother

Indumati Patil

Shri Mataji cleared the Vishuddhi

At Guru Puja, in Cabella, 2007, the Canada Council members blessed me with my first opportunity to be with Shri Mataji. This opportunity came in the form of representing Canada with a gift to our Divine Mother. This event came doubly marked with auspiciousness. Dr Wolfgang Hackl, and some other yogis I did not know personally, presented their gift to Shri Mataji ahead of me. As I awaited my opportunity in awe of God before me, I entered into a witness state. As is customary during international pujas, a yogi will describe over the PA system what gift each nation is giving to Shri Mataji. As Dr Hackl leaned towards the Goddess, he presented Her with a book. As the book opened, Shri Mataji instantaneously released a powerful sneeze.

What many of us know from Mother’s teachings, is that a sneeze is a clearing of the Vishuddhi. We also know that Shri Mataji often clears Her throat when She speaks, and that this congestion in Her throat is the result of the vibrational state of the Americas, the land of the Vishuddhi. Immediately after Mother sneezed, the announcement came through as to what was presented our Mother: plans to create a programme of self realisation for corporate business executives, throughout the world, and of course within the United States.

This reminds me of something that took place over Guru Puja and Krishna Puja in 2007.

You have no idea how much power is behind you,’ Shri Mataji told the leaders of America when She met them.

Chad Danyluck

Shri Mataji receiving gifts at the Guru Puja 2007

Miracle photos at Changi Airport, Singapore, 2007

From The New Paper 27th October 2007

A crowd of about a hundred had assembled, their cameras were ready, and many had bouquets in hand, waiting anxiously outside a formidable fence set up by security at Changi Airport for an arriving star. About fifty had even come all the way from Malaysia. They weren’t there for the Rock, the former wrestler-turned-actor, who flew in from Sydney last evening to promote his new movie.

They were waiting for Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the founder of Sahaja Yoga, ‘Divine Mother’ to her followers, who was on the same plane. Singapore was a transit stop on her way home to India.

Yes, there was a barrage of flashes from onlookers when Dwayne Johnson (The Rock’s real name), strode into the arrival hall wearing a black T-shirt and jeans and walked briskly to his waiting car.

The main event was when Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, a benevolent-looking woman in her 80s, who was pushed out in a wheelchair, a few minutes after the Rock made his exit.

Hushed silence took over as devotees crossed the now-open barricades to present her with flowers and ask for blessings. Others held out their hands, as if holding a book, towards her to ‘receive energy’. Her followers believe that her teachings can help them achieve enlightenment and release spiritual energy or ‘kundalini’.

The distance to the white taxi waiting for her couldn’t have been more than 20 metres yet it took her 15 minutes to reach it as she received her followers patiently. They surrounded her like a swarm of quiet bees.

For them, she was the real star.

The New Paper, 27th October 2007. Singapore

Vishwa Nirmal Prem Ashram, Greater Noida, India

On Thursday 22nd November 2007 the children of the NGO, Vishwa Nirmal Prem Ashram, at Greater Noida, Delhi – the home for destitute women and orphan children – and the Sahaja Yogis were once again blessed by a visit of our most holy Mother Shri Mataji

The holy arrival of Shri Mataji was welcomed and greeted by the children, the teachers, the authorities, a few Sahaja Yogis and the organizers from the society, with the chorus of the welcome bhajan Swagatam, Swagatam followed by the aarti.

Shri Mataji arrives at Vishwa Nirmal Prem Ashram

The entrance hall of the Vishwa Nirmal Prem Ashram was beautifully decorated with the colourful rangoli (designs made on the floor with coloured powder) and flowers. Rose petals carpeted the pathway of Shri Mataji as She was escorted to the Centre Hall. It was as if myriads of fountain of love suddenly sprang to life with Her holy visit. This place and was founded by Her a few years ago, where the destitute women and orphan girl children seek shelter, and are helped to grow to become beautiful flowers by the grace, love and compassion of Shri Mataji.

She was wearing a white sari with a light coloured shawl and She appeared as a Divine Mother full of compassion for all Her children in the Vishwa Nirmal Prem Ashram. A beautiful wall painting in the hall depicted Shri Krishna playing his flute and Radha along with all the gopis watching him.

Shri Mataji in front of the painting

The inmate children could be seen with brightly shining faces, reflecting Mother’s love. They, under the supervision of their elders, were seen moving in a disciplined fashion, while watching everything playfully, yet trying their best to be as close as possible to Shri Mataji’s compassionate attention. Amidst a collectivity of around 80-100 yogis, Mother enjoyed the bhajans sung by the children and Yuva Shakti choir. Shri Mataji applauded after each bhajan rendered, and highly appreciated the singing.

Who has taught these children singing so well?’ She even asked. Her compassion was overflowing. Also Shri Mataji expressed Her extreme joy on the group performance of a dance rendered by the children.  

Gisela Matzer, the Director, making an offering

Shri Mataji was then escorted around the ashram on a quick tour and was explained the functioning of the institution, the entire management and the mechanisms adopted for the children. Later, She expressed Her pleasure and happiness and praised the organizer and the authorities who tirelessly look after all the needs of the inmates. During Her short tour Shri Mataji, in Her compassionate and loving tone, enquired personally from the little children regarding what best that they liked in the ashram. Everyone was so amazed to listen to a little one who innocently replied with spontaneity, ‘The food, Mother!’ This comment had not only opened the hearts of all but also those present witnessed Mother’s compassionate gesture, and the blessings that were over pouring. Shri Mataji was smiling as if at last the dream has come true.

Beautiful handmade gifts were offered by the children while the Sahaja Yogis came up to offer bouquets to Her in between. Shri Mataji was presented with the recently created Vishwa Nirmal Prem website, designed by the SITA India team, to receive Her blessings prior to hosting it for public domain. Shri Mataji acknowledged the efforts undertaken by the team, after examining a few of the pages of the printouts of the site offered to Her, and She blessed the people for creating the site.

When Shri Mataji went through the inside garden She saw the pond.

Oh, there are fishes – oh, they have a house!’ She said in a joyful tone, and when She saw the bird cage said, ‘There are many birds, I also have them on My roof.’

Those present witnessed yet another down-to-earth innocence exhibited by the little children. They were carrying six cute puppies in their laps, and surrounded Shri Mataji. She was amused at such an intimate moment as She smiled and enjoyed the children that had come to meet Her, holding the puppies so affectionately.

Shri Mataji, the children and the puppies

 Later Shri Mataji expressed Her desire for a similar ashram to be set up in Pune, but on a larger scale. Initially Shri Mataji suggested it should be in Mumbai, and later decided on Pune. She left the ashram hall around 4 pm. A few of the children were still carrying the puppies with them while they surrounded Shri Mataji. She seemed so filled with love and compassion that asked that two of the puppies should accompany Her to Pratishthan. It was such a touching sight, the children rushed to offer their best to the Mother who had desired for something from them. 

Shri Mataji spent a few more minutes with the Sahaja Yogis surrounding Her while She was in the car. A Sahaja Yogi with a month old baby asked for Her blessings, and a name for the child. Shri Mataji promptly named the child as Sahaj. This was followed by cheers and joy as everyone thanked Shri Mataji for this wonderful opportunity, and the blessings showered upon the Vishwa Nirmal Prem Ashram.

Gisela Matzer and the SITA India Team

Some presents to Delhi

In December 2007 we brought some presents from Australia in order to say thank You to Shri Mataji, after She had visited us. I had the chance to deliver some presents to Her. These were offered during Her mona, or resting cycle, in the evening. We had some toy cars – an all-terrain vehicle that could also float on water, and move in any direction, and there was also a toy Ferrari. Both cars were operated by remote control. There were also some board games and a magnetic puzzle.

Finally there were five Aboriginal paintings, done in a pattern based style. These had been done by Aboriginal ladies who lived on cooperatives in central Australia. They were for Rommel Sahib, Shri Mataji’s son-in-law, never for Shri Mataji, and were meant to be family presents. Rommel had been interested in this art, but Shri Mataji had previously had mixed reactions to Aboriginal art. However Rommel insisted that we present them to Shri Mataji and he would accompany me.

Shri Mataji was resting so we did not show Her the paintings or presents and they were distributed around the big house at Noida. However the next evening Shri Mataji asked to see the presents again, and we searched around and found all the gifts. We thought it would be a very brief encounter, but Shri Mataji was wide eyed, and was very intrigued with the design of the cars, saying that the Australians are very clever at design. I mentioned that these particular cars were designed in Italy and made up in China. She then asked how they worked, and warned that they were very noisy.

Good, show Me,’ She insisted, and signalled for me to hand Her the controls. She moved them forwards and backwards, and from side to side. The engines revved and we played with both vehicles. She laughed with absolute glee. Shri Mataji then lamented that Her generation was dying, and with it many skills such as crafting, and many other attributes.

Shri Mataji continued to laugh, and spoke a lot. By this time most of the other yogis had left, and She asked me who I was married to, and I pointed to Shravani, my wife, my gift of the Goddess, who was sitting next to me, and glowing. Shri Mataji said she was a very good girl, excellent, and asked if I was happy. I could only thank Her. Shri Mataji was very happy.

Then we started to present the Aboriginal paintings. I was very nervous. First I presented a very large landscape and then a smaller one. Shri Mataji looked closely and long at each one – contemplating and absorbing, with Her eyes wide open. The room was still and resounding, and awe inspiring, because there were only one or two other yogis there. The first painting was about a metre and a half long and about half a metre high, and had a black background with a greenish yellow circle, like water, as if flickering from the centre of a flower, at the right side. Shri Mataji seemed energised by this one. The next one was smaller, about half a metre long by a quarter of a metre high. This had three overlapping circles in the middle and a lot of smaller dots all over the rest of it. Shri Mataji looked long and hard at it, and it reminded me of those dots which are placed as makeup on the brides’ foreheads before a wedding – the same symmetry. Shri Mataji ran Her hands over the design, and seemed to be absorbing it through all Her senses. She looked straight through me.

This is the Agnya chakra,’ She said.

After looking at two or three of the designs, She commented that these were the patterns of Her ancestors, because how else could anyone ever put together these ancient patterns. She spent a long time looking at the paintings, and then asked if I could leave them under Her bed. I agreed instantly.

I have something to work out,’ She said.

About two months later, in February 2008, the Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, did something monumental. He officially apologised to the Aborigines for all the mistakes caused by the white settlers in Australia. This was an absolute landmark in Australian history.

Rob Hutcheon

Everybody felt amazing vibrations

Today, the 23rd December 2007, Shri Mataji blessed the Belapur Sahaja Health Centre (Vashi hospital) with a short visit. When She arrived She greeted members of the staff with a beautiful smile as She arrived in the courtyard, which was decorated with rangoli. In the hallway were flowers and there were more flowers to welcome our Holy Mother.

Shri Mataji wanted to go straight into the large meditation room. It was initially very hot, and we were singing a bhajan. She was offered something to drink, and She looked at the ceiling and asked people to turn off the fans. Then everyone was asked to go back a bit to give Shri Mataji some air.

Shri Mataji was asked if She would like to go upstairs to rest in Her apartment and said no, and looked at the room, asked if people wanted vibrations, and then asked everyone to put their hands out. Everyone in the room did and She did too. Then Shri Mataji looked at the room with Her love and everybody felt amazing vibrations.

Do you feel cool vibrations on your palms?’ Shri Mataji asked.

Yes,’ everybody answered, and raised their hands.

Say louder if you felt them,’ Dr Sandeep Rai asked again.

Yes,’ the whole room replied.

Thank you,’ Shri Mataji said.

Shri Mataji asked what diseases the patient had, and Dr Madhur Rai told Shri Mataji about all the different ones which had been cured. Shri Mataji asked what treatment was given for epilepsy. She asked how many patients were there and Dr Madhur said about 75. Dr Sandeep was talking about the possible extension to the building. Then Shri Mataji asked from where the patients were from and Dr Sandeep Rai turned and asked what countries the people were from and people started calling out their countries – Ukraine, Bulgaria, Finland, USA, Turkey etc.

Shri Mataji asked that all the staff should be presented to Her. All the Sahaja doctors who work at the Health Centre were presented to Shri Mataji, and She praised all the people working there for their good work. The doctors presented Shri Mataji with an photo album of all the work which has been done by, at and through the Health Centre, starting from the inauguration of the centre in 1996, by Shri Mataji Herself and a documentary movie of the daily activities at the Health Centre. Shri Mataji was very happy to see all the records.

She enquired whether all the patients coming to the Health Centre get cured, and said that everybody should get cured because it was their own energy working.

After some time Shri Mataji left for Pune and we all felt that bubbling joy and peace that Shri Mataji always blesses us with when in Her presence, and tremendous gratitude to Her for coming to see us.

Linda Williams and others

All My children

We would like to share a beautiful message that Shri Mataji gave to all of us during Her divine visit to Vashi Health Centre in December 2007. Shri Mataji arrived and was soon seated in the Meditation Hall of Vashi Health Centre with all the yogis, around a hundred and fifty, seated in front of Her divine swarupa. On the first floor of Vashi Health Centre, we have Shri Mataji’s apartment, which was very well decorated to welcome our beloved Mother.

Mother, please be kind and bless all of us by coming up on the first floor to Your apartment, the yogis have worked day and night to beautifully decorate it,’ Dr Sandeep invited Shri Mataji.

Will all these yogis (who were present in the Meditation Hall) also come up?’ Shri Mataji asked.

No, no, Shri Mataji, they will continue to be seated here (as all of them could not be accommodated in Mother’s apartment). Only You and Sir CP will be there. Shri Mataji, nobody will disturb You in Your apartment,’ Dr Sandeep replied.

If they (the Yogis who were seated in the Meditation Hall) remain seated here, then I will also stay here,’ Shri Mataji: said. The next moment She spread Her divine hands towards all the yogis and asked them, ‘Do you feel the cool breeze?’

Yes Mother,’ all the yogis replied, and raised their hands.

It was very clear that our divine Mother wished to be with Her children where we could all be together. She did not wish to go to where all Her children could not be with Her.

Madhur and Sandeep Rai

Mother’s greatest blessings

We would like to share with all of you the experience we had during the planning stage of the construction of the extension building of Vashi Health Centre. In December 2007, the architects involved had submitted the drawings to the authorities and were to receive permission (Commencement Certificate) to start work the next day. The night prior to this Shri Mataji had the following conversation in Pratishthan with Dr Madhur Rai (who was blessed to be part of the medical team at that time). Shri Mataji had chosen to be silent, was generally not conversing with yogis and was keeping quiet for last few months; however on this particular night, to every one’s surprise and delight She called Dr Madhur to Her room.

You have not shown Me the drawings of the new extension building of Vashi Hospital,’ Shri Mataji said.

Shri Mataji, the drawings and plan were shown to Sir CP and Kalpana didi and the concerned trustees, and the accepted plans have now been submitted to the government officials for approval,’ Dr Madhur replied.

But you have not shown them to Me!’

Shri Mataji, I am really very sorry. I will get the plans and show them to You tomorrow positively.’

The architects were then requested overnight to stop taking the official commencement certificate, which was to be received by them the next day, and send a copy of the drawings urgently to Pratishthan. The next morning, after Shri Mataji had had Her breakfast, the architectural drawings were shown to Her. She had just one divine glance at them.

This is not right,’ She said, then suggested the necessary changes.

We spoke to the architects and requested them to re-do the drawings as per Shri Mataji’s instructions. The revised drawings were presented to Shri Mataji and She was satisfied with them. She blessed the architects for re-doing them so quickly and to Her entire satisfaction, and gave Her blessings to this divine project.

Mother’s greatest blessings were revealed a little later when the structural engineer for the project, who is very well-known in his field and also on the Board of Consultants for Mumbai High Rise Buildings, later confided in us that had the first plan been executed, there was a danger of the existing Health Centre Building collapsing. He humbly confessed that his junior consultant had made a tactical mistake, that he had inadvertently overlooked. He profusely thanked Shri Mataji for the last minute corrections that saved a very big mishap.

Madhur and Sandeep Rai