Chapter 13: 1995 – February and March, Australia and South East Asia

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

All the yogis did leave

In 1995 I was in Melbourne, Australia after the public programme and I went up to the stage. I let everyone go before me, even though Shri Mataji told me to come forward. I stood at the edge of the stage and looked at Her.

Best wishes from Christchurch, and they all send their greetings to You,’ I said.

Christchurch?’ She said, and looked at a Sahaja Yogini standing next to Her. She spoke to Mother in Hindi about Christchurch, saying that She had arranged my marriage the year before, to Pam from Australia.

Yogis in Christchurch? There are no yogis in Christchurch,’ Shri Mataji said.

Soon after that, one way or another, all the yogis did spontaneously leave.

Nigel Matthews

The blessing of God Almighty

On the day of Shri Mataji’s arrival in Tokyo in March 1995, it had snowed in the morning, and snow in March is unusual. After we welcomed Shri Mataji at the airport, we went to the Four Seasons Hotel in central Tokyo. She was so gracious, and we were allowed to spend some time with Her in Her suite. We could all see out of the window and there was a traditional Japanese garden covered with snow.

It is because of Shiv Puja we had in Australia,’ She mentioned about the snow, looking outside. I felt the snow was the blessing of God Almighty, Shri Shiva falling on the land of Japan because of Shri Mataji’s visit. The whole atmosphere was so cool and clear.

Hitoshi Igawa

How could I leave the flowers?

It was in 1995 and Shri Mataji arrived in Japan. We had prepared everything, and we went to pick Her up at Narita Airport in the morning, The yogis had been staying at my house, and some yogis went to the hotel. It had snowed all night, and we had never seen so much snow in May. We could barely take out the cars. We arrived at the airport, and there was Shri Mataji with so many flowers. She had just come from Australia.

How could I leave the flowers?’ Shri Mataji said. ‘All those flowers that they gave Me. So I decided to bring them with Me.’ Later on She said that it was because of the Shri Shiva Puja that they had had in Australia, and She had carried all the snow from Mount Kailash.

Bruno Descaves

One hand out of the window

One time Shri Mataji was in a car travelling through Tokyo and put one hand out of the window and the other to a Sahaja Yogi for clearing. In the Four Seasons Hotel room She asked to open the windows, but they were locked, so She stressed the importance of being able to open the windows for vibrating the country She is in and clearing the negativity.

Shri Mataji also said that if She put both Her Feet flat on the ground the vibrations did not flow, but if She put Her heels on the ground and Her toes a little up, then they flowed. She showed us this in the hotel room after the public programme in Tokyo.

Then She asked us to massage Her Feet. The vibrations were very strong and I can still feel them until now every time that I try to remember the situation. It is really timeless, Kalatit.

Hitoshi Igawa and Bruno Descaves

A very powerful lady

After that programme the sound technician came to us.

Who is that lady? She must be very powerful,’ he said to us, and we asked how he noticed that. ‘All the hand meters from the sound equipment were moving up and down when She came on stage! I have never seen that before, ever since I became a sound technician.’

Hitoshi Igawa

Shri Mataji waved to us

Shri Mataji left us and we were looking at Her plane. Then suddenly we saw Her waving at us through a small window of the plane, even though it was so very far away. We all felt Her hand was getting bigger and bigger, as if She had done it so we could be still with Her. Some of us got so emotional. It was very beautiful, very poetic.

Then the plane took off and we could still feel Shri Mataji waving to us in our hearts.

Kasuko Ishii

Seaweed is good for the Nabhi

I cooked a large amount of niku jagger, a special Japanese dish that consists of sliced meat, potatoes, and vegetables in some delicious sauce, for Shri Mataji. She ate all the meat and vegetables but not the potatoes.

You people eat too many potatoes, but potatoes are not very good for the Nabhi,’ She said, but afterwards added, ‘Thank you very much for the dinner, I have never eaten so much in My life!’

Another time I cooked onigiri (rice balls). Inside there is kombu, a thick seaweed, that is cooked with soyu, a Japanese sauce, and some sugar, and the whole thing is wrapped with Nori, a paper-like seaweed that is also used for sushi.

Seaweed is very good for the Nabhi!’ Shri Mataji said. ‘Oh, and inside the rice ball there is another kind of seaweed, how delicious!’

Kasuko Ishii

Shri Mataji at Taipei Airport, Taiwan, in 1995

Public programme, Taipei

Shiva is at My Feet

When Shri Mataji came to Taiwan, She always used to stay at the Grand Hotel. The old part of the Grand Hotel was originally a temple to Kwan Yin, and it had been demolished in the beginning of the 20th century. When the hotel was built, in temple style, decorated in red and gold, it again became a temple in a way because it hosted Shri Adi Shakti.

In 1995 Shri Mataji was in the living room of Her suite and we were around Her. We noticed the blue pigmentation on Her Feet. She said She got this pigmentation because once She had an illness, and was given an ayurvedic medicine which contained antibiotics. Because anti-bios means against life, She took upon Herself the poison of those antibiotics and got the pigmentation on Her Feet. I remarked that it is like Shri Shiva, who took the poison and became neelkanth, when absorbing the poison from the churning of the ocean.

It is because Shiva is at My Feet,’ Shri Mataji said.

Harald Knoebel

Editor’s note: on occasions Shri Mataji has advised the use of antibiotics, when it is really necessary.

Shri Mataji in Taipei, Taiwan in 1995

This photo was posed for a journalist who was interviewing Shri Mataji at the time

Shri Mataji and an earthquake

We were in the presidential suite of a hotel, right up on the top of a giant skyscraper in Taiwan. There were about twenty yogis in the room and everyone was watching television. Then they all left the room for some reason and were in another little one that connected with Shri Mataji’s.

Suddenly, an earthquake started. I looked down and the carpet was rippling, all the chandeliers were smashing, everything was falling off the shelves and the paintings were bashing against the walls. It was a very big earthquake. I looked and Shri Mataji was just sitting there. I was the only person in the room; I was feeling so good because I was with Her and just enjoying the whole thing. After it finished, all the other yogis came in and sat down.

Why did this happen?’ someone asked.

Shri Mataji said it was the spirits of the dead ancestors that wanted their moksha, self realisation. She said they created that earthquake so that She would give them moksha. She said that they had to come in and take their birth and get their realisation.

Mark Williams

Shri Mataji waving goodbye at Taipei Airport

Bandhans do work

Shri Mataji came to Hong Kong for a few days’ visit in 1995. We were in a car with Her going to Stanley Market for shopping. On our way we drove past an exclusive residential area on the south side of Hong Kong Island and I pointed to the house where the richest man in Hong Kong lived. Shri Mataji turned to me.

The only use for money is for giving. What does this man do with his money?’ She asked.

After having lunch with the yogis in Repulse Bay, we drove Shri Mataji to do more shopping in the Western Market. On our way down from Victoria Peak, Mother looked at the surrounding trees.

I know every single tree here,’ She said. The wind was blowing hard and Shri Mataji was concerned that we would get cold when we got out of the car. ‘Let’s give a bandhan,’ She said, and the wind slowed down. ‘Bandhans do work.’

Lily Chen

The same boat of spirituality

Usually after Shri Mataji’s shopping expeditions we would go for lunch and one time we went to a very famous restaurant called The Jumbo. It is a floating restaurant in Aberdeen Harbour. To get there you need to catch a boat. We had a chauffeur driven car for Shri Mataji, and all the yogis came behind by taxi and we all rushed, and all arrived at about the same time. All the yogis and Shri Mataji managed to get on the boat, and we took up every seat.

We’re all on the same boat of spirituality,’ I said, and She laughed.

Shri Mataji always loved Chinese food and She loved to try the different types that were on offer. Every time Shri Mataji came to Hong Kong it was a delight to host Her at a Chinese banquet. Sometimes we would order upwards of fifteen dishes, and would all sit round a big round table, and as the collective expanded that became more and more big round tables.

Alex Henshaw

Her eye for detail was incredible

Every time we had the hotel suite, we were able to decorate it with a lot of traditional Chinese handicrafts. It was amazing how Mother would always focus in on the little intricate things, and would always pick up the little things that the ladies had done. She would notice a Quan Yin here, a little carved elephant there, some tablecloth or some embroidery work. Her eye for detail was incredible. She would look around and enjoy everything. Usually the hotel suite was fairly plain, but we would come in and take out all the furniture and put in more appropriate furniture and really beautiful objects. She would always comment on what was there.

Alex Henshaw

Laundry lady

I was doing the laundry in Hong Kong. I stayed behind to clean Mother’s room when the others had gone out to lunch because it seemed appropriate that someone should be there. I was meditating and felt Shri Mataji outside, so opened the door and She was walking down the hall with two Sahaja Yogis. I opened the door just as Shri Mataji reached it and She wasn’t going to stop. She knew I was going to open that door, because there was no pause in Her step. As She came in, Shri Mataji asked if I’d had lunch.

Yes, thank You,’ I said.

Katy Mankar

A special time

I moved into the ashram in Hong Kong and lived there with Alex Henshaw and others. We had a very small collective there and when Mother came we used to go to the hotel to visit Her. Once She stayed in the Peninsula Hotel, which is very expensive. I was making silk ties and clothes for men at that time and Shri Mataji bought a few things from me. She said they were very beautiful and that I should continue with that kind of work. I did continue for maybe one year after that.

I had some very beautiful Bangalore silk and we used it to help decorate the stage for Shri Mataji’s programme in the New Territories in 1995. We used that silk to decorate Mother’s chair. We had a screen at the back and covered it with the silk too and we took a photo of the stage design, which turned out to be a miracle photo, as if there was a presence above the chair before She arrived.

The next day, we had lunch with Shri Mataji in the restaurant. The yogis were giving presents to Her and I gave Her some silk.

I didn’t really want you to give Me presents,’ She said, but I gave Her this silk, which had been on the stage, because I had heard that Mother was looking for silk. Mother was very pleased and thanked me so much for it.

It was a very special time for me and was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

Marcus Biggs

Reverse oscillation

Back in 1996 I was lucky enough to travel to Hong Kong with Shri Mataji and one morning when all the yogis were out, She called me in and asked me to sit at Her Feet.

I’ll teach you how to meditate,’ She then said, and I was quite excited by this, face to face with Adi Shakti, learning the art of silence directly from Her.

Just watch your thoughts,’ She said.

To watch them, She added, your attention peels away from the thought process and the two waves, the thought wave and the attention wave, hit each other and cancel out; reverse oscillation, She called it. Then the vilambha state begins. She said that you can do this anytime…driving your car, washing the dishes, and you can be in total detached silence.

Do it now,’ She said.

So I watched Her and was completely blank. I then said that it was not a good test as it was hard to think in Her presence anyway. She laughed and suggested I try it on the tram back to the ashram. It worked amazingly well. I was able to hold the thoughtless state for as long as I liked.

Mark Williams

Shri Mataji answered our questions

The fourth time Shri Mataji came to Bangkok was in March 1995. After the public programme at the Rembrandt Hotel, Mother came from the stage. I was in the entrance area, taking care of reception. I so wished to touch Her, and I had a desire to be near Her. She walked towards me to where I was standing. She looked at me and asked, ‘Alright?’ I was so amazed and astonished, and I was able to touch Her.

One evening Shri Mataji gathered us to sit in front of Her and answer our questions. My daughter, who was about five years old, started asking Her questions and She sweetly answered them.

Celia Tanaka

Public programme in Bangkok, 1995

Shri Mataji with Celia and others at Bangkok airport

An Indian name

In 1995, one day while serving Shri Mataji, I decided to ask Her Holiness to bless me with an Indian name. In my ignorance I thought Shri Mataji did not know my name since She has millions of children all over the world. This of course we know is not the case. She knows each and every one of us whether we have had a chance to speak to Her physically or not.

You are KT,’ She looked at me and said. I replied that KT are the initials of a very difficult Chinese name.

What is this difficult Chinese name?’ Shri Mataji asked.

Shri Mataji, it is Keak Tean,’ I replied. She was silent.

But this is good. It is Kattyayeni,’ She said. It was not an Indian name which I was familiar with and it did not sink in. Shri Mataji taught me how to pronounce it correctly.

Then Shri Mataji asked if I had been to Kolhapur. I answered that I had not. ‘You must have been. It is on the way to Ganapatipule and is famous for wedding jewellery,’ She said. I very apologetically replied that I had never visited Kolhapur. So Shri Mataji explained that Kattyayeni killed the rakshasa Kolhasur at that place and that is how it became known as Kolhapur. She said I should visit it some day.

I was afraid I might forget this difficult Indian name and asked Shri Mataji how to spell it! She very patiently spelled it for me. I tried to remember the correct spelling and then Shri Mataji took a piece of paper and pencil and wrote, ‘Kattyayeni killed Kholasur,’ and gave it to me. I treasure this precious piece of paper with Shri Mataji’s writing on it.

Shri Mataji asked if my Chinese name was a common one. I told Her it was not, and I had been a school teacher for twenty-five years and had never come across a child with the same name. So Shri Mataji asked me who gave me this name and I explained that it was my mother who named me.

KT Tan

The Kundalinis were floating

Back in 1995 Shri Mataji came to Kuala Lumpur and stayed there for five days. One time we were driving Her out for lunch and the traffic was very slow and heavy. Shri Mataji said it was very interesting to see the Kundalinis floating three feet above the ground, which is how high they would be in the cars. She was not seeing people in cars, but their Kundalinis.

JP Low

Some personal glimpses

We were deeply honoured to learn many things from Shri Mataji when She visited Malaysia in 1995 and 1996. These are some of the things which were not imparted during formal gatherings and thus were not documented. Shri Mataji, please forgive me if I have misquoted or misunderstood what You said.

Detergents: in 1995 some foreign yogis were also visiting at the time Shri Mataji was in Malaysia. One of them became very ill and when this was reported to Her Holiness, She explained that in the West people are obsessed with cleanliness and use too much detergent which is not good for us. Westerners make their environment so sterile that they have lost their natural immunity: just a little dirt and they get very sick.

The death sentence: in 1996, there was an article in the papers about someone who was found guilty of drug trafficking in Malaysia and was given the death sentence. Our Divine Mother said it was very harsh. I said maybe because of the death sentence, the drug problem is not so bad among our youth both in Malaysia and Singapore, as in other countries. Shri Mataji said that even though what they (drug traffickers) had done was wrong, a life is very precious and should not be taken away just like that. Instead we should show them that they were wrong, rehabilitate them, teach them and give them a chance to correct themselves.

Division of countries: in 1996 there was some tension between two Far Eastern countries, and it was reported in the news. Shri Mataji looked at me and asked whether they should stay divided or be reunited. I was at a loss for words. She then explained that it is not good for countries to be divided, and gave the example of India after independence. She said that they would be much better off united.

Princess Diana: one morning in 1996, the news carried an article about the late Princess Diana’s confession that she was involved with someone. Shri Mataji explained that Diana should have known who she was and her position in life. She should not have reacted to her husband’s ways but kept her dignity and chastity. Women must not take the attitude that what the men can do we can do too. Shri Mataji said we women should be able to absorb everything. We are the ones who hold everything together.

KT Tan

By sheer coincidence

One time I took a plane flight from Sydney to Mumbai. On the Singapore to Mumbai leg, I happened to be on the same flight as Shri Mataji. It was the year after we had a picnic in a park in Sydney with Shri Mataji.

On that day I had taken three full rolls of film and I had them with me the day I was on the flight with Shri Mataji. I was eager to show them to Shri Mataji, and someone made it possible for me to go up to First Class and sit with Her during the flight. There were no other Sahaja Yogis and I was sitting there showing Shri Adi Shakti the photos I had taken of Her. She was admiring them and enjoying them.

One better than the next,’ She said. In the early years there was a need for photos and a shortage of them, so I went and bought a camera and made it my thing to do.

Matthew Fogarty