Chapter 13: 2008 – India, Dubai and Cabella

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

Nursing Shri Mataji

This is the experience of Mrs Supria Kadam, one of the nurses who was fortunate to serve Her Holiness Shri Mataji. She was first asked to report to Pratishthan on the 31st Dec, 2007, in the evening. The next day, New Year’s Day of 2008, she began her work along with two other sisters, three sisters in the day and three at night, as was scheduled by the doctors, for personal care. In Pune while serving Shri Mataji Mrs Kadam was assigned duty for about three months, she was on duty for one and half months on the day shift, and the rest of the period she was serving at night. She was amazed with the fact that Divine Mother did not take any rest, sometimes not winking Her eyes for more than three days and nights.

Most of the doctors were of Italian origin. Sometimes, when Mother wished it, Mrs Kadam would make some Maharashtran dishes for Her, like puran poli and surli cha vada, but this didn’t go well with the doctors, who had quite stringent diet restrictions.

Kalpana didi called Mrs Kadam to come to Italy in August 2009, and she was at Cabella for about a month, and also travelled with Shri Mataji to Rome and Genoa. During Navaratri, there was a puja on each of the nine days, and Shri Mataji would HHHerself select the sari that She wanted to wear each day.

Once, Mrs Kadam asked an Australian Sahaja Yogi to check her chakras, but the person was not able to then. The same night, when Mrs Kadam was with Shri Mataji, and She told her that all her chakras were OK and just the Swadishthan needed to be cleared by having lemon juice regularly. Whatever questions we had in our mind, Shri Mataji read them and knew them very aptly. She used to call Mrs Kadam (a Hindu name) a Mussalman, and by birth she was a Muslim and her maiden name was Mumtaz Inamdar. The Divine Mother knew everyone.

Supria Kadam

Birthday Puja at Chindwara

The 21st March 2008 was also Good Friday, Holi, the equinox, the Persian New Year, Prophet Mohammed’s birthday, of course Shri Mataji’s 85th birthday, and was celebrated in Chhindwara.

It was amazing to see a small village in the middle of nowhere transformed into a huge well-facilitated campsite to accommodate thousands of yogis, in such a short time.

The most memorable experience for me was the visit to Shri Mataji’s birth place in Chhindwara. As soon as I set foot in the house, I was drawn towards the centre of the building, where Shri Mataji’s shrine was. That is the little room where She was born 85 years ago. The vibrations were so amazing that everyone just wanted to sit down right then and there to meditate. I took a photo of the room where Shri Mataji was born and twice blue light emitted out from the photograph. So I took another photo of the Dhanvantari photograph in the same room and the same blue light emitted out from the picture.

We meditated in the meditation hall for a long time and felt so peaceful that we didn’t want to leave. The vibrations were so tremendous!

Another unforgettable incidence in Chhindwara was on the night of the music programme, when rain started to pour so hard that the pendal was all wet. The air immediately cooled down and it felt like a massive cleansing. We all had to get up and some started to sing and dance. What a unique experience.

Ching Hooi Ong

Mumbai Airport, 2008

It was our fortunate privilege to present Her Holiness Shri Mataji with the list of programmes conducted in Mumbai during 2007/8, at the Mumbai airport lounge. When Shri Mataji was shown the book mention was made that during the year more than 65,000 seekers got their realisation.

Who did this?’ She remarked.

Shri Mataji, the Mumbai collectivity did it,’ I replied. Later I realised that it is only by Shri Mataji’s grace that self realisation programmes on such a scale are possible and I should have said, ‘Shri Mataji, You did it.’  However Her one sentence was like a mantra and enough for introspection. Later, in Europe, Shri Mataji asked list of programmes which each city has conducted.

Shri Mataji looking at the book

Anonymous Indian Sahaj Yogi

Phone call to a Bahrain Sahaja Yogi in 2008

Bahrain Sahaja Yogi: Jai Shri Mataji. Today evening Shri Mataji called a public programme in Dubai at 7.00 pm. We all went from Bahrain to attend. Yesterday evening Mother was very active, giving realisation to all the children there, and asked others to follow. Great things are happening.
Hala Sukarieh: Can you tell me more about it, please?
Bahrain Sahaja Yogi: We were there to attend and just came back from Dubai.
Hala: How was it in Dubai?
Bahrain Sahaja Yogi: Shri Mataji was very active and was very happy with the children.
Hala: What did you do in Dubai, meditate or do public programmes to spread Sahaja Yoga?
Bahrain Sahaja Yogi: Yesterday everything was ready for the programme, but at the last moment Mother said, ‘You all do the programme,’ and She called us all to meet Her in Her hotel room. When we reached there She was sleeping but we could see Her and had Her darshan and everyone was very happy. There were around a hundred new seekers (at the programme) and they all felt the cool breeze. Today morning Shri Mataji left for Italy.
Hala: How long and what happened exactly?
Bahrain Sahaja Yogi: It was all so good we just enjoyed it.
Hala: Did you give Her presents? Or flowers? Did you stay with Her, and for how long? Were any bhajans performed?
Bahrain Sahaja Yogi: Yes, we all gave flowers, and some gifts were also given to Her Lotus Feet. There were bhajans from the Dubai collective.

Hala Sukariah

Dubai Airport, 2008

At Dubai Airport in 2008, hundreds of Sahaja Yogis stood in a huge circle, and Shri Mataji blessed everyone with Her right hand lifted up from Her wheelchair, which was moving at slow speed. It was also a privilege to attend a small puja in Dubai, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on April 20th, 2008.  

Anonymous Indian Sahaja Yogi

A present from Shri Mataji

It was summer 2008 and I bought tickets for my two kids and me to go to Cabella to do some volunteer work after Adi Shakti Puja. We went every year but this time was different. From the day I told my children we were going, my daughter didn’t think or talk about anything else except that she was going to meet Shri Mataji. She was nearly nine and was convinced that she could talk with Shri Mataji and ask for a boon; the boon of flying. She had been obsessed with flying like Shri Hanuman since she was small. She mentioned it about twenty times a day and I repeated the same answer:

It’s unlikely you’ll meet Shri Mataji. She has withdrawn and doesn’t receive visiting yogis.’

After the puja weekend I was sitting in Bar Italia when two of my friends passed by with a lovely bouquet of flowers, and asked me to give them a lift to the castle. We arrived, they asked if I wanted to offer the flowers with them. I declined, as I was in jeans and a t-shirt, but they took my daughter with them.

I started to chat with some ladies from Mother’s kitchen, was suddenly filled with the strongest vibes and knew my daughter was with Mother. My friends came out and said Mrs Sadhana took my daughter and brought her with the flowers to Shri Mataji’s living room. After a while my beaming daughter came out with a box of J’adore Bath Essentials by Dior. I’d never seen her so lost in vibrations. She couldn’t even tell me straight away what had happened.

Shri Mataji was asking questions in ‘Indian’ language,’ she said later, ‘and Auntie Sadhana translated into English. She wanted to know my name, where I was from, how old I was, who my mom was and where she was from. Then She gave me a present.’

After many days I remembered the boon for flying, and asked my daughter if she asked for it. She looked at me, very surprised and said, ‘No,’ and since then has never mentioned it.

Eva Anedda

Chicken curry

During my stay at the Castle in Cabella in 2008 after Shri Ganesha Puja, I volunteered to cook one day for all the volunteers who were staying at the castle at that time. I started to cook a chicken curry that I know well. During the preparation, I was secretly wishing that it be offered to Shri Mataji and did express it to a yogini. She calmly said that if Sahaja Yogis and Yoginis eat it, it is as good as Shri Mataji eating it.

My recipe was the most basic and the smell was all over and was drawing people to the kitchen but an aunty said that the quantity I made would only be enough for half of the people. I got a bit concerned and decided to increase the quantity by adding tomato sauce and water. Then I started add different spices, grinding more of that and of this and somehow made the curry thick. It slowly became better and finally presentable.

A few days later, a yogini who was helping in Shri Mataji’s kitchen said, ‘You know, Shri Mataji came into the kitchen on Sunday?’

Really?’ I said.

Yes, She was showing us how to make chicken curry,’ she said.

I could not believe it!  Mother actually took time to show the correct way to cook chicken curry. She made me realize that She knows everything – the mess up I did with the dish and my little desire that She tasted my chicken curry.

Ramji Srinivasulu.

In the kitchen at Cabella

Shri Gruha Lakshmi

Words are not adequate to express the beauty and sweetness with which Shri Mataji welcomed three local mayors as guests to Her house at Cabella on Friday 13th June 2008. In the way only She can, She made them feel very at ease. She explained what Sahaja Yoga is and the importance of self realisation. She did it in the same way She did in public programmes, still saying new things. She offered tea with many snacks, and talked of this and that, taking care of them as special guests and going deeper into various topics She helped them, with immense love, to get their self realisation. Afterwards they enjoyed dinner with Shri Mataji in a completely relaxed atmosphere and finally received Her gifts.

Shri Mataji, Sir CP, some Sahaja Yogis and the mayors

These few words are an attempt to reproduce, aware of the limitations and the inaccuracies, some of the many things Shri Mataji said during the meeting that lasted about three hours. Shri Mataji explained what Sahaja Yoga is to Her guests and repeated how very important it is for the future of the world, saying that even though She is 85 years old She works every day from morning to evening for Sahaja Yoga and She desires to do so for the whole of Her life.

Then She talked of Her desire to go to Russia, because they need a lot and they must be saved. They solved a lot of problems, but deny the existence of God, and on this point they must be saved. In China, for example, as well as in other places in the world, where people say that God doesn’t exist, terrible calamities occur, because the Earth reacts. Between saying that God is or is not, it is better to say: He is.

What do you expect from the school in Vignole, where the children will go?’ was asked. There is a plan to allow the children of Sahaja Yogis to attend school in Vignole, near Cabella, and they will live together in the house at Centrassi, close to Cabella. Shri Mataji said that She is going to start two schools. It is a wonderful thing that the children can go to an Italian public school and that they can follow the Italian school curriculum. She wanted to know everything about Vignole – where it is located, what people do for a living there, etc.

She said that one the major problems in America, as well as in England, is that boys and girls are left to themselves in too early an age and they are not adequately brought up by their parents. The parents do not take care of their children and then the children do not take care of parents. It is good that the children live their life and gain their independence, but they must always been loved and supported. Shri Mataji said that She has two daughters who have children, but She still keeps on taking care of them. One of consequences of the fact that the young people are left to themselves too early is an increase in the consumption of alcohol.

Afterwards Shri Mataji again expressed Her approval of Italy, saying that it is the best country in the world. Someone commented that Italy is appreciated a lot by foreigners for its beauty, its food, and for its clothing, but that Italians tend to complain that everything is no good and do not appreciate what they have, maybe because of a habit of dissatisfaction. Shri Mataji replied that they are like this because they are humble. Someone else said that not only is Italy beautiful, but all the world is.

Yes, but Italy is more beautiful!’ Shri Mataji replied.

Someone asked about Mahatma Gandhi and Shri Mataji said that She lived in his ashram, and he was extremely honest, of great ideals and a very hard worker. The problems arose when Pakistan separated from India and that provoked a mass migration of Muslims with whom it is difficult to find an agreement. But now, many of them are receiving self realisation and becoming Sahaja Yogis, and this is the only true solution to remove divisions and bring them to unity.

One of the guests asked if this means that it is possible to be Muslim and practice Sahaja Yoga, or be a Christian and practice Sahaja Yoga. Shri Mataji answered that without self realisation it is not possible to understand and realise the essence of the religion being followed. It is not possible to be a Christian in the true sense of the word if you first do not know yourself. Christ said that you must get your second birth. Shri Mataji gave the example of the Christians who came to India, and also went to other parts of the world. They said they were Christians, but they came to dominate, full of ego and aggression. Christ was the exact opposite, the personification of humility, to the extent that He even allowed Himself to be crucified for humanity. He was so powerful that He could have destroyed them all, but instead He forgave them.

First of all it is necessary to know ourselves, and be aware of ourselves, in order to be able to

practice these teachings,’ added the person who asked the question.

They also asked questions about food or the importance of being a vegetarian. Mother replied that in Sahaja Yoga there are no rules and that we can eat everything, but that we prefer not to eat beef. She added that we consider the cow as our Primordial Mother, and for sure we do not drink alcohol.

At this point one the Sahaja Yogis present suggested the guests should try for the experience, by putting their hands towards our beloved Mother, and all of them got their Self Realisation.

Antony Visconti and Duilio Cartocci

Even a broken foot can be a blessing

In the summer of 2008 I spent the most amazing time in my life, in the house of the Goddess at Cabella. After a month I was about to leave, to work, before the start of a new academic year at the university. Three days before my departure, I fell and broke my foot. I was taken to the emergency unit, and was told I wasn’t allowed to step on my foot for the next seven weeks. The most interesting thing was that I had no pain. I had to stay at the castle, and realized what a blessing my broken foot was. I could see Shri Mataji so many times and had a feeling Mother wanted to keep me there. I was alright just in time to enrol again at my university in Glasgow, UK.

At one point I thought it would be nice to offer to Mother some flowers from the United Kingdom, as I was almost the only person from there I bought a nice, but rather simple bouquet, because as a student I couldn’t afford anything more sophisticated. I did not know, but it was the Independence Day of India, commemorating when the country had its independence from England. These days it is very rare to see Mother and offer Her flowers; we normally leave them in Her apartment and they are offered to Her every morning. On that morning Mother mentioned was that it was Indian Independence Day, and when the flowers were about to be offered, She asked if English had sent Her any and found my little bouquet, and Mother was very happy about it. It’s the most precious and joyful thing if you can please the Goddess.

Sakshi Kenny

Shri Mataji inaugurates the school at Centrassi

It is with immense joy that we write to you to inform you that on Saturday 2nd August, 2008, Shri Mataji inaugurated the International Cabella Sahaja Primary School in Centrassi.

For several days Shri Mataji had been expressing the wish to visit the Centrassi villa, where the new Cabella School will be located. The Arts Academy had been occupying the villa for the previous two weeks, so everyone helped prepare for the arrival. Shri Mataji had never been inside the house before, not even when She bought it more than fifteen years ago.

Shri Mataji went into every single room of the house, on all of the three floors. There are no lifts in Centrassi but Her curiosity was such that She was happy to allow us to carry Her up and down the stairs. She said She was amazed by the beauty of the place, both the environment in which it was set and the construction itself. She said it was an ideal place for children and that in fact She had always intended using Centrassi as a school.

She asked us lots of questions about how we planned to organise the school, how many people would work there, how many children would there be and so on. She also gave us lots of suggestions on how to do things, advising us to use smaller tables and chairs for the children, to make sure we have a bus to transport the children, to add some fences for the safety of the children and lots more.

Yesterday Shri Mataji was out shopping and while returning home She asked to use a different route from the usual one. As a result we ended up driving through the village where the children will be going to school. The children will be living in Centrassi but attending the local school. In this way, quite spontaneously, Shri Mataji was able to see the school and grant it Her blessings. On her way home today She asked to briefly visit Daglio where, She told us, She plans to open in the not-too-distant future another much larger English-medium international school.

We are deeply grateful to Our Holy Mother for this unique inauguration of the Centrassi School. We feel we are now truly ready to welcome Her children to the school and offer them the best possible environment in which to grow, develop and realise their full potential.

Shri Mataji, Your graciousness and compassion is endless. We thank You again and again.

Anonymous Sahaja Yogi

Shri Mataji at Centrassi, Cabella, in 2008

The Cabella School

In the last year I happened to be present many times when Shri Mataji spoke about the school. Last year (2008) She was very often silent but when She used to speak it was often about the school. She is very concerned about it and Her attention is very much on this English school that She wants to start here in Cabella.

She sent us around the valley looking for a new building for it. We took a lot of pictures and we showed them to Her but nothing satisfied Her. She was describing a building that She had in Her vision – a three story building with some stone on the façade but we were not able to find it, so She went out with us looking for this new building. Once we found one and Shri Mataji spent many hours telling us how to renovate it and then we came back to the castle. And again She spent a couple of hours explaining where to put the stairs and how the  rooms should be and all these little details, but still She was not really satisfied.

Last year our experience was that Shri Mataji was really concerned and a lot of times stressed the importance of the school.  She had a meeting with the mayors of the valley and explained how She wanted to open a new English medium school where the children could learn the Sahaja culture in English.  So we are quite sure that Her attention is strongly on this point. She is very concerned about the education of the new generation in Sahaja Yoga.

Duilio Cartocci

The feeling that lifted me skyward

This is a personal account of some of the wonderful happenings in Cabella during the Guru Puja weekend, 2008. Tearing ourselves from the rigid conditionings of our mundane, daily life, we cruised into Cabella, tired out by the long journey but full of innocent anticipation. Just entering that magical valley lifts half of the vibrational heaviness from the care-worn soul. This time, it was an ascent from zero to a thousand in a matter of an hour or so. Whatever layers of drudgery that still lay over us were quickly blasted away as we arrived at the castle to find that Shri Mataji was about to depart on a shopping outing.

It’s very difficult to describe the feeling that lifted me skyward as She came out and, before entering the vehicle, looked around at our faces. I can still remember Her eyes, dark and fathomless, as they briefly cast a liberating glance in my direction. Every time that comes to mind, I am once again reassured that She truly knows every detail of our struggle to ascend to Her realm of divine grace. I suddenly knew that She had been with me all my busy weeks and months leading up to that moment, and that She would most certainly always be in me and all my heartfelt actions.

At the puja, we waited quite a long time for Shri Mataji to arrive. My subtle system wasn’t feeling very subtle at all. It seemed that my inner mechanisms were being put to work for a greater purpose, possibly along with everyone else’s. I had almost despaired that I would miss feeling anything light and delightful on this important occasion, but I was deeply gratified to experience a wonderful wave of awakening the moment Shri Mataji appeared on the stage – once more renewing the self-confidence in my higher state. I was further away from the stage than I’ve ever been at a puja in Cabella (out on the lawn near the road entrance, although I usually play drums near the musicians), but near the end, in a state of bubbling child-like enthusiasm, I made my way to the front. It was all so beautiful and – well – heavenly homey!

Shri Mataji speaking at the 2008 Guru Puja

Shri Mataji had just delivered a forceful talk and, as if to emphasize Her absolute authority, had done so wearing the puja crown.

Edward Saugstad

Email from Cabella, August 31st 2008

Dear brothers and sisters of the US Sahaja family, it was a great and unexpected blessing to find myself having the opportunity to spend a few minutes in the divine presence of our beloved Shri Mataji on Monday afternoon in Cabella. I wanted to share the experience with you all, as Her message that day was very much one of tremendous love for America and for the Sahaja Yogis of this country.

I had gone to the castle to give something from our country to Shri Mataji, or at least to leave it with someone who could offer it later. I was told that it might be a good day to have the chance to offer it to Shri Mataji personally, but it would be much later. I left to go get some flowers to be prepared for the possibility that I would receive a call to come back.

However, the call came not fifteen minutes later in the form of two yogis from the castle who found me standing at the flower shop in town whisking me away into a van, telling me, ‘We’ve got the flowers already. You’ve got to go now!’

As I entered Shri Mataji’s room, there was the tremendous presence of Her joy and divinity filling the room and washing over those of us who were there. I bowed down to offer Shri Mataji the bouquet of flowers from America.

What followed was a most amazing, surprising and blissful ten minutes or so, in which Shri Mataji expressed endless joy and satisfaction with America, and blessed this country again and again. From my notes, which may not be exactly accurate quotes, here are a few of the things I remember.

So great, what you have done, all of you in America. I am so grateful to you for what you have done,’ Shri Mataji said, and several times said, ‘Revived,’ and ‘Sahaja Yogis have revived Americans.’ Shri Mataji mentioned that She was so worried about Americans and the children there, and that She was very happy to see Americans revived. Shri Mataji said about America, ‘It is a great country,’ and three times said, ‘I always loved America.’ She also mentioned that we have taken ground breaking steps in America, saying that, ‘America has done it.’

I was also able to make my offering to Shri Mataji, which She looked at in detail and with great satisfaction and joy, and also offered Her some maple candies made somewhere near Canajoharie. She took great interest in these.

Maple?’ She asked. I explained that they are made from the syrup from maple trees near Canajoharie, to which She responded, ‘I have never tried them.’ Towards the end of my time with Her, Shri Mataji put Her right hand on Her heart and with deep feeling, said, ‘Give My love to all the Americans.’

It would be difficult to describe the utter joy and power of these few moments, but it was such an outpouring of love and satisfaction at the path we are on in America, and such an expression from Shri Mataji of Her blessings for our future success, it was tremendously moving. For those of us in the room, our Sahasraras were wide open, and the vibrations were so tremendous, the love and blessings flowing from Shri Mataji for America were so all-encompassing, that we all felt it was a deeply significant moment – an expression of Her love which would infuse all of us in America with the inspiration, confidence and strength to go further, with Her blessings, in bringing the experience of Her divinity to the people of this country.

With love, Jai Shri Mataji!

Steve Wollenberger

A blessing for Japan

At Cabella, at the Shri Ganesha Puja in 2008, Shri Mataji talked to us when we were offering Her the national gift from Japan. She said that She had been to Japan twice, and that She felt the islands were very beautiful. But She said, with a sweet smile, that the food is not so good and that they have to cook more Indian food. She said the silk in Japan is of a very high quality and that they should export more to other countries. She also talked about the culture and art. She said the culture and art are very good in Japan but the people cannot appreciate them. Finally She asked if the war was over.

There is no more war in Japan, Shri Mataji,’ Hitoshi said.

Shri Mataji was nodding with such a motherly smile. We both felt that the influence of the former World War will end now. We offered a lacquer bowl and an album of our collective. Shri Mataji was looking at every picture and the vibrations were very strong when She looked at each one. It was such a blessing for Japan.

Sawako Watanabe and Hitoshi Igawa

Visit to Genoa, 2008

Shri Mataji came to Genoa on the 11th of September, Thursday and it was unbelievable. She was so happy, and smiling the whole time. It made me so happy. She said She was so happy to be in Genoa and at the house which made me even happier.

Shri Mataji arriving at Her house in Genoa

I got to do aarti to Shri Mataji and then we all offered flowers to Her one by one. We were only about fifteen people and She asked us all our names and their meanings. It was beautiful! Then She began to talk about young people and how it is sad that when some yuvas turn eighteen they tend to drift off and out of Sahaja Yoga and getting into silly things such as drugs, alcohol, and boyfriends and girlfriends. She said it was important to try and keep them in. She talked a lot about the USA and how the parents there do not want to share their money or life with their kids. She said it is horrible how they throw their kids out of home as soon as they are eighteen or nineteen, and expect them to fend for themselves. She then said how luckily Italy and some other countries, such as India, have not followed this example of parents. (Italians are totally the opposite) She then spoke about Italy and Genoa, asking questions about Genoa’s port, politics and about the Sahaja Yogis in Genoa.

A small baby, only five days old, was presented to Shri Mataji, and She named her Madhura, meaning sweet, which was beautiful. Mother caressed the baby’s head and She was so happy. She kept smiling and joking.

After this, Shri Mataji went upstairs into the house to have a look and then had lunch. She met some more yogis and spoke so much. She left at about 6:00 but drove past, to see the new centre we bought here in Genoa, before going back to Cabella.’

Italian Sahaja Yogi

Shri Mataji and the five day old baby

Shri Lakshmi Puja in Delhi

Today, Sunday the 26th October 2008, was Dhanteras, the first of the five day period in the middle of which is Diwali. A small puja was performed to Shri Mataji on the occasion and She was very pleased. Two ladies started by offering to Her Feet chandan (sandal wood powder), kumkum, haldi and rice. Then they did the Shringar (decorating Mother’s Feet with alta) with all the ornaments. When the crown was presented to Mother after that, She asked that they put it on Her. Mother then vibrated all the offerings being made to Her including the oti, which was a thali with offerings for the Devi like bangles, comb, sari and silver coins etc. When all the offerings had been made, the aarti was performed after which the yogis all sat down again to absorb the vibrations, while some bhajans were being sung for Mother.

Shri Lakshmi Puja

After two bhajans, the yogis present were getting ready to leave but Shri Mataji asked them to stay on, saying there was no hurry. After another extremely beautiful bhajan, Mother started speaking. She said She liked the song a lot that had just been sung and that we kept singing so many songs for Her all the time. A mike was brought for Her so that all could hear what She was saying.

Can you hear Me now?’ She then said. ‘You are all like this mike, but you don’t know what power you have inside.’ She said we all had incredible shakti within us, that it was God who had placed that shakti in us and that we do not know how powerful it is. She said today was a very auspicious day and that anything started on this day would bear fruit and be blessed. She said it was the day of Shri Lakshmi, that Shri Lakshmi does not mean money, but She is the Devi and the Devi is our mother. She said that She looks after every detail of our lives and has kept aside a lot of blessings for us. She said Shri Lakshmi would go to any length to help us, and that Shri Lakshmi was all forgiveness and compassion. 

She also spoke about the Delhi collective and said She was happy to be in Delhi on this day because the yogis of Delhi have a lot of shraddha (faith). She said they understood Sahaj very well and that is why Delhi was blessed. She said She had been to all the countries and that there was goodness there but that in Delhi there was more bhakti and shraddha, so everything worked out for Her to be in Delhi on this day; it was not just a coincidence. She then said that Delhi was the ‘sthan’ meaning place, of Shri Lakshmi. Mother said the number of yogis in Delhi hadn’t changed but that they grew deeper and understood Sahaj very well. 

Shri Mataji remembered all the yogis that were not present and said it would have been nice to have this occasion in a big hall so that more yogis could have been there. She said She was happy about having had a puja on this day because it was such an auspicious day. At the end of the puja Mother looked at Her Feet and said the vibrations were very strong. She then asked that all the flowers that had been offered Her Feet be distributed to all present so they could take them home. She later also vibrated sugar and water and asked that it be distributed to all the yogis. She was really in the roop (aspect) of Shri Lakshmi, the impersonation of generosity through Her smiles, Her blessings that She gave again and again, Her personal enquiries to the yogis present and then the distribution of vibrated sugar and water. She even spoke about how big Her house was and said it was big enough for all of us to come and live there together. It was really a beautiful evening that came to an end too quickly, leaving us so charged and joyful.

I am telling you this because I know you will tell everyone else,’ Shri Mataji said when speaking about Shri Lakshmi and the importance of this day, referring to the yogis who were not there. It is impossible to put into this note the mixture of emotions and wellbeing that was in the air, but I hope these words transmit a bit of the message and carry some of the vibrations of the puja. 

Jai Shri Mataji! Jai Shri Lakshmi!

Delhi Sahaja Yogi