Chapter 14: 1995 March to July, India and Europe

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

A birthday gift

At my first Birthday Puja in New Delhi, we stayed in a camp in the centre of Delhi. My daughter was asked to dance in front of Shri Mataji. I was asked to present the gift to Mother on behalf of the Thailand collective. It was a necklace, which Mother had touched on Her earlier trip in Bangkok, so Khun Janine thought it was the best gift for Her. When I presented the gift, Shri Mataji smiled and gestured with Her finger as if saying, ‘Aha, this is the one I saw in Bangkok recently.’ Her face was so bright, like beams of light. I just bowed down.

Celia Tanaka

Due to the gravity of the earth

We were gathered around Shri Mataji, in Delhi, in 1995. Sahaja Yogis from various countries were there for an informal chat.

See, see, see!’ Shri Mataji suddenly remarked, pointing to each of them. She focused our attention on the varieties of pronunciation. ‘This,’ She said, ‘is due to the gravity of the earth.’ Elsewhere She observed that the Kundalini of Mother Earth passes through each chakra and emerges at Mount Kailash, where it is cool vibrations.

Virendra Verma

Shri Mataji was full of smiles

In the mid-nineties I spent two years in Nepal. In April 1995 we had a huge programme as Shri Mataji was coming to visit Kathmandu. The programme we had organized in a huge park in Kathmandu was attended by some 25,000 people. Shortly after Shri Mataji had started speaking the crowd became increasingly restless and after some fifteen minutes started to get up and leave. Then, from what I sensed, Shri Mataji said to the crowd that it is known they enjoy Hindi movies so they can easily follow Her talk in Hindi also. It was most amazing to see this huge crowd responding to the softly spoken words by Shri Mataji who didn’t even raise a finger, let alone Her voice. Everybody sat down again quietly and nobody left until the programme was over more than an hour later and Mother had given them all their self realisation.

On the last day of Shri Mataji’s visit to Kathmandu a car was organized to take us to the airport to see Her off, while She went shopping with Lisa for a last time. Although Mother had been staying with us, right next to my room, I hadn’t seen much of Her. There was no more room in the car going to the airport, so I could not go.

I went back to the restaurant I was managing at that time, then had an idea and started to decorate one of the tables. The tablecloth was changed and fresh flowers were brought in. About half an hour after we had finished I received two phone calls. The first came from the people who had gone to the airport, saying that the plane was delayed by one hour and the second call came right afterwards from Lisa, repeating the same news and saying that she would come with Shri Mataji to the restaurant within the next ten minutes as it now was way too early to go to the airport. When Shri Mataji entered the restaurant a few minutes later She was full of smiles and like all the other times, love was just radiating from Her whole being.

How did you know?’ She asked, to which I was incapable of answering, as my mouth was stretched from one ear to the other with a huge smile.

Herbert Walland

If Shri Mataji would just look at me

I met Shri Mataji on 15th April 1995 at a wedding in Calcutta. When I saw Her something tugged at my heart. I felt perhaps She would have the answer to my health problems and I requested somebody close to Shri Mataji if he could kindly get me an audience with Her. He asked me my credentials, I told him and he said that he would try. I knew that it was a very important moment in my life and felt that if Shri Mataji would just look at me, my life would change.

Beta, (son) what is wrong with you?’ She said when I went in front of Her.

I told Her that when I was in New York in December 1994, something had happened and my heart had suddenly started beating 200 to 250 times a minute, and I would feel very uncomfortable, but the doctors there could not make out why it was happening. The doctors in Delhi did not have a cure either and told me that I would have to leave the army. Shri Mataji asked me to put my right hand on my heart and my left hand towards Her and repeat after Her, ‘General Joshi! Go and take a rebirth, I am in the very good hands of my Mother, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.’

She asked me to close my eyes, take a deep breath and repeat these words three times and I did it in all sincerity. Incidentally, General Joshi, erstwhile Chief of Army Staff, India, had died in India of a heart attack on the same day and approximately at the same time when I started experiencing this trouble at New York, so obviously a possession had taken place. He was very fond of me and I was formerly his adjutant. He was the one who had sent me to New York, on duty.

Now you are cleared. This problem will never take place again, if you learn how to meditate in Sahaja Yoga,’ Shri Mataji said, after my third repetition. ‘The Sahaja Yogis in Delhi will teach you to meditate.’ When I bent down to do pranam She told me to come near to where She was sitting, and tapped me on my back with Her right fist.

I returned to Delhi and learnt to meditate but did not feel any vibrations for about 45 days. Anyway, like a good soldier I kept on meditating, morning and evening. In the middle of May, it was very hot and I was meditating at 4 o’clock in the morning and for the first time an intense experience occurred. The chaitanya started flowing from every pore of my body, like a cloudburst, from my eyes, ears, nose, hands, feet and head. It was such a wonderful experience, and from that day onwards till today it has been a journey full of joy and love.

Needless to say, I have never had that heart ailment again.

VK Kapoor

The twenty-fifth year

We were building the hangar in Cabella in 1995. I was busy buying the sheeting for the roof, and was going up and down to Torino, because we could not find the large measurements of sheeting locally. Finally after almost three days of coming and going, we measured for it, got it, and paid for it and all those things like that. Then on the fifth of May of that year, I came back to the castle to give the good news to Shri Mataji that we got the sheeting.

Shri Mataji is going out, who is going to drive Her?’ someone said. I replied that I couldn’t, because I had been three days in the car without any rest. Then I went up to the castle, and I saw Shri Mataji.

Have you got good news for Me?’ She said.

Yes, Shri Mataji, we got the sheeting for the hangar,’ I said. She was very happy, and was going to the car to leave for somewhere.

Who is driving Shri Mataji?’ said Sir CP’s relative.

Rajeshwara,’ someone said.

I was so tired, I did not think I could drive, but somehow I found myself in the car driving Her. We went to Vigevano, about an hour and a half away. We stopped and had a nice pizza, ice cream and a coke with Shri Mataji, at midnight, to celebrate the twenty-fifth year of the opening of the Sahasrara, in the main square of Vigevano with Shri Mataji and Sir CP and a few other people.

Rajeshwara from Italy

Advice for building at Cabella

In 1995 Mother was talking about the things that She wanted us to do in the castle, because we were the builders. We were doing the façade at the time and Mother was saying She would like it to go a little bit faster. We shouldn’t worry about being perfectionists, and we should look at the fact that this is an old house, and in twenty or thirty years someone will come in and do a bit more on it. We shouldn’t make it look like a model, but something real. It was a wonderful time.

At Cabella I was in charge of the building site and was with Mother virtually every day. In most cases it was to help me vibrationally. Some days She would ask me to come down to Her room and I would be sitting there maybe four or five hours and She would not talk to me at all. I would leave, and the other men would ask me what Mother said.

Nothing, She just asked me to be there,’ I’d say, and I would be just there enjoying myself!

Hardev Bhamra

Your son is well – you surrendered completely

In December 1994, my son Pedro, until then a healthy young man of twenty-one was diagnosed with amyloidosis, a rare genetic disease that had already taken the lives of my sister and brother. The origin or cure for this disease is not known. I faxed a letter to Shri Mataji. That same night, I felt the cool breeze at the top of my head for many hours. During that interminable month, I worked on my son, clearing his chakras with a candle and a camphor flame, and completely surrendered to the great and benevolent power of our Holy Mother. In May 1995, Pedro underwent a thorough intensive medical examination at the National Hospital of Boston, USA. The cardiologist told us that Pedro’s medical results were now negative and he was in good health.

The next day, I took a plane to Cabella Italy to personally thank the Holy Mother.

Your son is well. You surrendered completely,’ She told me before I could talk to Her.

Thank You, Holy Mother.

Graciela Vázquez-Díaz

Shri Mataji with a Sahaja Yogi’s daughter in Vienna, 1995

Shri Mataji at Vienna Airport

The greatest master of all time

We were at the airport in Vienna with flowers to say goodbye to Shri Mataji, very close to the exit. She took the flowers and took two or three steps away from us and turned around.

And don’t forget, you have to save the world,’ She said to us, and then went away.

There is a very famous astrologer in Austria called Ben Jack. Five Sahaja Yogis did a course on astrology with him. He told us he had done thousands of horoscopes of famous people, especially the ones who had influenced human history. One day we brought him the horoscope of Shri Mataji, and asked him to tell something about it.

The first thing he said was that the aspect of motherhood was like the queen of Austria, Maria Theresa. He said that the subject of this horoscope would continually keep on becoming more and more famous, even after She is no longer in this world. Then he said She had the highest spirituality. Nobody can be compared with Her, and no one can oppose Her. He said no one could create such a horoscope out of their imagination, because nobody could believe that such a person could exist. One week later, this astrologer met us and told us that we have a very great guru or master. Then he said that soon people will not be interested in the outer life, but the inner life, and this time is coming now.

After some months another Sahaja Yogi went to the astrologer, and he was showing horoscopes of many famous people, the writer Goethe, famous politicians and so on.

I am going to show you the horoscope of the greatest master of all time,’ he said. ‘Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.’ Then he explained it in terms of astrology.

Werner Steindl

Shri Mataji in Budapest in 1995

Shri Mataji being welcomed to Bulgaria, 1995

Shri Mataji shopping for Bulgarian glass and porcelain

Kamelia Ersan

Shri Mataji meeting journalists in the Sheraton Hotel, Sofia

After all, you are My son

In 1995 Shri Mataji was visiting Sofia, Bulgaria. I was driving Her from the airport to Her hotel, and we happened to pass the central flea market, a permanent site where all sorts of souvenirs and second hand goods were on sale, and also artists would display their paintings and crafts. We knew that this market, by the side of the cathedral, was on the site of the original Roman city’s graveyard so we always felt that the vibrations there were not very good. To my surprise, Shri Mataji noticed the market and asked if we could stop. We walked around for some time and bought many items which She would give as presents.

It was a very hot sunny day. I had the honour of holding an umbrella over Shri Mataji for shade, and finally we went to sit down on a bench and She asked if we would like some Coca-Cola. Someone went off to buy this, everyone sat down and there was a small space at the end of the bench right next to Shri Mataji. She must have noticed me looking down at the space as I held the umbrella. She looked at me and smiled.

Come and sit down here,’ She said, ‘after all, you are My son.’

Kingsley Flint

Shri Mataji receiving the Golden Sign and Diploma, Sofia 1995

In 1995, Sofia was hosting the annual conference of the World Movement Ecoforum for Peace and Shri Mataji was given a golden medal and honorary diploma for Her work as UN Peace Messenger. The ceremony was held at the Institute of Hygiene. Below is the diploma.

Kamelia Ersan

The diploma presented to Shri Mataji

A visit to Romania

On 2nd August 1995, after holding a conference on medical subjects, Shri Mataji was awarded a PhD in Cognitive Sciences by the Ecologic University in Bucharest.

In 1995, on the occasion of a musical evening in Bucharest, Shri Mataji praised the yogis’ singing and said that Romania is the place described as heaven a long time back, and that the Romanians and the Greeks are the ancient gandharvas who used to praise the Divine by chanting.

Mihaela Balasescu


In 1995 I went to Bucharest, Romania and there Shri Mataji was praising the Romanian yogis in a very positive way for their musical abilities. She told them that they were the Gandharvas come down on the Earth to make this celestial music. She was so happy with the singers and musicians there and was just pouring Her Divine Love on them.

Barbara Costian

Go to Nagpur

The first time I played for Shri Mataji was in July 1995, during Her visit to Istanbul. I had changed the tuning of a Turkish folk instrument called a jumbush and with my own understanding of rhythm and ragas started to play Indian melodies on it. The event took place in a yogini’s house near the Bosphorus. It was a heavenly evening and I played Vaishnava Janato and Vishwa Vandita for Shri Mataji.

Selim, I did not know you were such a great artist. Go to the academy at Nagpur and learn sarod,’ Shri Mataji said when She heard me.

Selim Ergen

Selim Ergen playing the jumbush for Shri Mataji in Istanbul

Exactly the time

I was the managing director of a big industrial company in Bursa, but lost my job in December 1994. When I came back to Istanbul we had a big fire at home at 4.30 in the morning, where our dog warned us and we were saved. One week later, in January 1995, some Sahaja Yogis came to our Rotary Club. Having read many spiritual books, I thought, ‘That’s it!’ cleaning the chakras, I was looking for this. First I received my realisation and then took my wife to the centre, saying I had found something great. We were meditating, but I had no job, no money and was fifty-two.

In July 1995 Shri Mataji was visiting Istanbul and we met at the leader’s house. We were sitting in the big living room, while She was in another room with the leaders. As we were listening to the bhajans performed by some Romanian yogis, our leader rushed in.

Those who are members of a certain secret organisation* should come,’ he said. ‘Shri Mataji is calling!’

Three men, me included, stood up and went to the room where She was. I was in the front, and Shri Mataji was sitting only one metre away, where I made namaskar to Her. She stared at me.

What did you achieve? She asked.

They are supposed to be seekers but I think they are limited,’ I said, or something like that. Then, looking into my eyes, She told some stories how people from this organisation cheated with the money which was designated to go to poor countries in Africa. I must have looked very sad, being ignorant of those actions. She began to say funny things, and made everybody in the room laugh. Then She came to the living room and gave a short speech about the left Vishuddhi.

You should always repeat the mantra – I am not guilty at all,’ She said. I thought this was addressed to me.

Next day a friend of mine wanted to speak to me. He had some companies including an international real estate company. He asked me if I would accept being the Managing Director of this company.

Your company has had no manager for the last six months,’ I replied. ‘You know I have no job, how come that you ask me this today? Besides that, I am a metallurgical engineer and have no real estate background.’

You can coordinate. Yesterday afternoon I was sitting at home, suddenly I had this idea, that you can do this,’ he answered.

This ‘yesterday afternoon’ was exactly the time when I had been sitting just in front of Shri Mataji. I led the company until 2000, then by the grace of Shri Mataji I created my own company.

Saffet Cicekdag

*Editor’s note: name deleted, but the dictionary definition of this organisation, originally something to do with building, is ‘a widespread secret fraternal order pledged to mutual assistance and brotherly love’. This is not the Rotary Club organisation, about which Shri Mataji has spoken very positively, comparing the Rotary’s wheel to a chakra.