Chapter 14: 2009 – India and Europe

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

The inauguration of President Obama

I was with Shri Mataji at Pratishthan when She watched the inauguration of the new American president live on the TV, in January 2009. She watched the whole programme, avidly and with great interest. She did not speak much. Mother has been very quiet in the last few years. In the last few months She barely says a few words every day.

While watching, She had Her Devi eyes during the inauguration, those eyes I know, they were full of waves of consciousness intended for a man, sent in by Her, I believe. Mr Obama!  She did not say anything, She just watched very quietly.

Anand Varma

Some months later, this was sent to Shri Mataji

Birthday greetings letter from President Obama and his wife

Republic Day of India

Today, in the morning hours of 26th January 2009, a small collective of Sahaja Yogis offered their prayer and respect to our most Holy Mother Shri Mataji in Her residence, Pratishthan, in Pune to celebrate the Republic Day of India. It was indeed a very special day for India. Shri Mataji blessed all Her children and paid Her respects to the Indian flag as it was placed before Her, with highest respect for the nation. It was placed on rose petals. Shri Mataji stared deep into the yogis as if to remind them all the essence of the dedication, devotion and respect for the nation.

Condensed from

Moments of heavenly bliss

We had a very nice Birthday Puja at Noida, Delhi, on 21st March 2009. Shri Mataji was there and after the puja Her grandson Anand got married. Shri Mataji in Her kindness called my wife Shanta and me, also for the wedding. Then, on 22nd March, Shri Mataji called us to a very grand reception at a five star hotel in Delhi. We both were able to fulfil our life’s desire, and did pranam to Her at a very close range. What strong vibrations we enjoyed! Yes, it was Divine. Now, we will go through rest of our lives re-living those moments of heavenly bliss at Shri Mataji’s Lotus Feet.

 Yatindra Pratap

A desire fulfilled

I wanted to see Shri Mataji closely but never knew my desire would get fulfilled very soon. It was March 19th, at Radissons Hotel in Noida, Delhi, and some of us yuva shaktis got a chance to present a dance in front of Her for Anand bhaiya’s (Shri Mataji’s grandson) Mehendi rasam. It was evening and we were all awaiting Mother’s presence. After some time that heavenly moment came and Mother came, wearing a pink sari.

We had performed the dance and were sitting down, and got lost at the sight of Shri Mataji, and got deeply engrossed enjoying the darshan of the devi. She was looking at all who had gathered there in the hall. We were in front of Her, so as soon as She looked at us, a yuva sister and me, we bowed down and to our surprise when we raised our heads and looked at Mother She blessed us by showing Her hand. It was an incredible experience!
Lavanya Bhamidipati

Anand and Priya’s Wedding

Back to France after six months in India, in the spring of 2009, we have the great joy to share with you a few moments of our daughter Fatima’s marriage, who received the name of Priya from Shri Mataji, to Anand, Shri Mataji’s grandson. We deeply thank Shri Mataji for organising this family isolation, because we could slowly but surely, Djamel, Fatima and myself, experience, day after day, the seriousness of this union. Through our meditations, our vibratory experiences, the messages received at night during our dreams, as well as our meetings with Shri Mataji, She clearly indicated that this plan was indeed Her choice and not of Anand’s nor even of Fatima’s. This was for us a reminder that Sahaja is a big family and not a rigid army, and that we should never neglect our heart.

In December, Anand and Fatima hoped to join the collective marriages in Pune, but administrative complications at the last moment delayed this and the festivities in Pratishthan were transformed into engagement celebrations. Three consecutive days of rejoicing: the ceremonies of mendhi, then of the haldi, and to finish with the engagements or exchange of rings, ceremonies that Shri Mataji attended with all the strength and the power that we already witnessed before. So we would be tempted to believe that the general attention was focused on one couple, but throughout this superb adventure, Shri Mataji confirmed what everyone already knows: Her love is unconditional, She spreads it in an equal manner, without any preference. It was touching and moving to see Mother deciding at the last moment to go bless all Her children who were waiting for Her in the pendal.

We were admiring, grateful and dumbfounded at the same time. In a few days, Shri Mataji had attended four ceremonies, a puja and the marriages, all this with the silence that we are familiar with, because She no longer speaks or almost, with the only language of Her eyes, Her eyes that scan you through, answer to your inner prayer, or a nodding of the head which means that She has heard you. She is active and present more than ever; She manages everything absolutely.

I will come to Anand’s marriage in March, in Delhi,’ She had said some time before Christmas, when it was thought that the marriage would take place on 26th December.

That is how Shri Mataji chose the day of Her own birthday, right after the puja, to celebrate the Sahaj marriage of Anand and Fatima, not in private in Her house at Noida, where again four intensive days of ceremonies, animated by dance and music took place, but in the precious company of Her Sahaj children, 14,000 in total.

This puja was unusual in the sense that Shri Mataji had gathered yogis and non-yogis together. Anand’s parents, and especially his mother Sadhana, have been Shri Mataji’s instruments for organizing and hosting two to three hundred guests (the respective families and a variety of yogis). Moreover, all the French present were invited to join the dinner on Friday evening after the musical programme. To receive in India for a wedding means to accommodate the guests in a hotel, organize their daily transport, the food, and to offer gifts to each of the guests. One can therefore understand that the invitation could not have exceeded a certain number, but in reality Shri Mataji and Her family invited 14,000 yogis.

I cannot conclude without giving my impressions related to the wedding ceremony itself – an unforgettable moment, magical. Everything happened so fast, and besides we didn’t know exactly what we were supposed to do. There was no previous rehearsal and everything was spontaneous, very natural, and very simple. After a first namaskar at Shri Mataji’s Feet, we went down the few stairs leading to the small podium, to where the fire ceremony would take place.

There, suddenly everything became solemn, serious, and silent, but so light and joyful at the same time, the head and the heart completely in unison. It was only after the event, later in the evening, that I could put words what I had felt: the impression of sitting on a cloud at the foot of heaven’s gate, widely opened, where, on Her throne, the Mother of the heavens was seated, Shri Adi Shakti Herself. As everything was going on at night, I had the feeling that the stage was a kind of an Aladdin flying carpet or something similar, floating in the space. This was true still more down on the stage, because all around were 14,000 angels, the yogis, and we felt their presence through their imperious silence. I do not know if there was any noise, but on my behalf, I did not hear anything except the sacred silence of all the people present.

To listen to the Sahaj marriage vows was the deepest, most fantastic moment, because here we were, at the essence of what we wanted to hear and perform. We recalled the last twenty-six years, wondering whether we had been faithful to this or that vow. It was especially solemn for us, because Djamel and I didn’t have a fire ceremony, despite of the fact that we were married by Shri Mataji in 1982. So it was, in a small way, our marriage too. Later many yogis told us that they also had the impression that they were reliving their marriages.

Guillemette Metouri

A blissful morning with Shri Mataji

This morning, Sunday 17th May 2009, Shri Mataji expressed a desire to see some artistic items, amongst the gifts that were offered to Her in the past weeks. A variety of artifacts, tea sets, marble statues and ceramic plates were brought in front of Mother. She was admiring and directing the attention of the yogis present to every detail of these beautiful illustrations of craftsmanship: the fine chiseling on the silver, the delicate motherly features of the statue, the scenes depicted in the painting. Shri Mataji wanted to know everything about the gifts: the name of the artists, the place where we found these items, and much more.

There was a lovely moment when Mother gazed long upon a beautiful book on the Renaissance.

Today I am very happy!’ Shri Mataji remarked with a loving smile, and our hearts were filled with joy.

Anonymous Italian Sahaja Yogi

Some Sahaja Yogis presenting the book of poems

to Shri Mataji in June 2009

The book cover

The beautiful birthday present

In 2009, I went to Cabella before the Adi Shakti Puja. I had a bouquet of flowers to offer to Shri Mataji on behalf of Holland. In the morning, which happened to be my birthday, I went to the castle with the flowers and was told to go to the little cupboard where the vases are kept and choose a vase for them. I opened it and saw a very beautiful kumbha in a rare sculpted pottery made in Holland in a very traditional manner, which we had offered at a Krishna Puja about ten years before. I realised that this would fit perfectly with the bouquet I had bought, so put the flowers in it and left them in the dining room, happy to have been able to offer flowers to Shri Mataji on my birthday.

In the afternoon, I was reading some talks of Shri Mataji and was amazed to read the following extract from the Navaratri Puja 1990:

Yesterday, of course, when the last song started it did penetrate, I know, into many souls, to many hearts, that unique joy which we call as nirananda. I did feel it yesterday. But keep it up, it´s to be kept very safely into your kumbhas, it is the Kundalini, and she’s the one who has come up. So My idea was that today it’s not only the worship of the kumbha where the Kundalini resides, but the kumbha becomes like a flower-pot. It’s like that, that has happened. And then it can also, as somebody said that “Mother, these flower-pots also can become table lamps” So I said, “See, now, you have said it!” So the kumbha becoming flowers, and flowers becoming light, and the lights with fragrance.’

I felt my Kundalini very strong growing like a flower and could feel Shri Mataji’s attention on me. It was a beautiful birthday present!

Trupta de Graaf

Shri Mataji gave everyone a big smile

This is an email from July 2009. I am working at the castle. In Cabella we had an amazing weekend. It was so hot and we were preparing for the puja from 9.00 am in the morning. I think the Guru Puja isn’t an easy one; it’s a big test for everyone. Shri Mataji came around 7.00 pm, and lots of things were clearing out, as She interrupted the puja, and you could see that She was struggling with something. The puja was finished in less than twenty minutes, and amazingly enough Mother stayed for all the presents.

 I have joined the Yuva Shakti realisation tour for a week or two as I think that’s the best thing to do after the Guru Puja, to spread realisation. We’re around ten young people starting tomorrow in Amsterdam, going through Belgium and France and coming back to Cabella for Shri Krishna Puja.

 Yesterday one of the men who lives here went to see Shri Mataji and told Her about the tour, so She knows about the people who are going. When they were talking about it, Mother didn’t say anything, but She gave everyone a big smile, like only Adi Shakti could give. And that’s everything we need to know, that we have Her blessing. 

Saakshi Kenny

Overwhelmed with joy and love

It is summer 2009, and I have just spent the most amazing and extraordinary time as a volunteer in Cabella, in Mother’s house. Each day you had different responsibilities, such as cleaning, cooking, doing the dishes and arranging the flowers in the front of the entrance to the castle.

You felt so lucky that you were able to stay in Mother’s house and be Her humble servant. You could see the Goddess doing very ordinary things, such as going out shopping with Her family, and when She came back you could see what kind of silver or china She had bought.

The most amazing thing is that you could work in Mother’s kitchen. You just felt so happy, washing Mother’s silver plates and crystal glasses and sometimes you could even decorate the silver tray with different flowers from the garden. You could see what the cooks were preparing for Her and at the end, when Mother finished Her meal, you could get prasad, directly from Her plate. You could feel your Nabhi is just opening and blooming like a lotus flower.

Sometimes very early in the morning, before Shri Mataji had Her breakfast, you could pick fresh flowers for a little bouquet, which She could smell when She woke up. At that moment it didn’t matter that you sometimes needed to wake up even before five o’clock in the morning, just to please the Goddess. You felt overwhelmed by the joy and love of Mother’s gentle attention on everyone, because the Goddess was actually on the same floor, in the room nearby.

Being a volunteer in Mother’s house can be a very special experience. Sometimes you were responsible for arranging all the flowers and plants in the main entrance. As you needed to water the flower pots and change the water in the vases you usually did that just in front of Mother’s living room, because the flowers were there, in the entrance.

This summer, between the pujas Mother didn’t go out much, so sometimes we weren’t able to see Her for weeks. One day someone forgot to close the door of the living room when I was working near there, and just a few metres away there was Mother sitting in Her chair and listening Mozart’s Requiem. She looked at my direction, somehow letting me know She was aware of all Her children in Her house. I didn’t really know what to do at that moment, as I didn’t want to disturb Her privacy, so I made a namaskar and quietly went away. Just a glimpse of the Goddess can completely change your life as a Sahaja Yogi, especially when you’re able to see when the Divine personality, Shri Mataji, doing things which are very human, like listening to the music. You realize that the Goddess can be also a Mahamaya at the same time.

Sakshi Kenny

One miracle after another

Cabella, 2009: last night when I was working in Shri Mataji’s kitchen, arranging the flowers on the trays with Christina (Sakshi). We heard that Shri Mataji was heading back to the castle and I had a strong desire to see Her. Right before She arrived, someone poured a bit of vibrated water on my head. It felt so nice, dripping down all sides.

I ran outside to see Shri Mataji – She was just about to go to Her room when She looked directly towards me. I felt that was Her way of answering my desire to see Her. It made me feel so happy and full of joy!

As I continued to do the dishes, I kept feeling this water flowing sensation coming down my head. I felt my hair to see if it was still the water from before, but it was not. It was vibrations pouring out like a fountain, an incredible feeling that continued the whole time I was in the kitchen. Then an aunty who was cleaning out Shri Mataji’s bag came up to me and stuffed napkins in my apron. I asked her what it was and she said Shri Mataji had just used them and I could have them. What an evening – one miracle after another!

PrAgnya Richards

The Americans visit the Adi Shakti

During this summer, many of the American yuva shaktis had the opportunity to present a painting of the Statue of Liberty and the new yuva magazine to Shri Mataji at Cabella. About twenty of us gathered on the steps outside of Her living room. We were singing wonderful bhajans, just enjoying the fact that we were all together singing right outside of the Adi Shakti’s room. Someone came out and asked five of us to represent different areas in America. I was asked to represent the South, while holding the painting in my hand. I placed it in front of Shri Mataji’s Feet, which were at arm’s length away from where I was sitting. As soon as I put the painting down, Shri Mataji lifted Her Feet up and held them above it. The other American yuvas were asked to come into the room and sit in front of Shri Mataji. You could see She was looking so closely at all of us. Every minute or so, I noticed that one or both of Her Feet lifted up again over the painting. I made eye contact with Her so many times – I felt through these looks that all negativity was getting destroyed.

Sadhana Didi introduced us to Sir CP and Shri Mataji. Sir CP started talking about how the yuva shaktis are the future and it is our job to keep this dream going and this vision alive. He said, on behalf of Shri Mataji, that She gives all Her love and blessings to America and the American yuva shaktis. He also said that we should all promise to keep spreading Sahaj because Shri Mataji’s job is now done, to never forget how much She loves us and how She is always protecting us. Through this whole meeting, Shri Mataji was very alert, looking at everyone. When we left the room we were filled with so much joy and happiness that we couldn’t help but cry and hug each other.

PrAgnya Richards

Yuva shakti at Cabella

Shri Mataji’s visit to Austria

It all started with a rakhi being sent from Austria to Cabella, as the symbol of one world, for Shri Mataji, on 1st August, 2009. That very day we received news about Mother’s desire to come to Her house in Austria. The news was received with great joy and reverent prayers that nothing would change the course of Her coming to Austria.

 On Friday, August 7th, 2009, around noon, Shri Mataji’s plane landed at Vienna Airport. A stream of yogis had gathered at the airport arrival hall to receive our Holy Mother, who was visiting Vienna after fourteen years. The sound of the conch welcomed Her advent to Astraland. Shri Mataji and Her family were received very briefly at the airport before being driven straight to Her new home Nirmalprasth. Hundreds of yogis were waiting for Shri Mataji’s arrival with flower bouquets in their hands, prayers in their hearts and songs praising their Divine Mother on their lips.

As Shri Mataji’s car entered the gates, sounds of Her Jai kara were heard and flower petals were showered on the car by the yuvas and kindergarten children from Austria. When Shri Mataji arrived at the new ashram, Nirmalprasth, She made it holy. Amazingly I could feel almost all of my chakras and fingers tingling, though I had considered myself being balanced, and again I recognised Who I was facing. Shri Mataji sat in the meditation hall of the ashram and everyone admired Her. Sir C.P. addressed us and a dance performance was offered. After watching Shri Mataji for about half an hour all the tingling on my fingers was gone and I was drenched in bliss. A new desire arose: ‘May there be nothing between You and me, Shri Mataji.’

Shri Mataji at Nirmalprasth 2009

When Shri Mataji had moved up into Her private rooms on the second floor of the ashram we were truly sitting under Her Lotus Feet – and were struggling to realise that She really had come to Austria. In the evening Shri Mataji blessed us again with Her presence and bhajans were offered to collective delight.

On August 8th, 2009 Raksha Bandhan was celebrated at Nirmalprasth, Vienna. Shri Mataji and Her family witnessed the ceremony from the ashram balcony. On behalf of the whole collective a rakhi was offered to Shri Mataji by the yuva shakti. All the rakhis and the perfume were blessed by Shri Mataji before the ceremony. It was an unforgettable event and Sir C.P. commented later, ‘This is Heaven on Earth.’

On August 9th, 2009: Shri Mataji accepted a puja to Shri Ganesha. The meditation hall was full with approximately three to four hundred Sahaja Yogis, and even more were sitting in the garden. A few Ganesha songs and Krishna Govinda Govinda gaya karo were offered before the Aarti and the Sahasrara mantras. After the inauguration of the Nirmalprasth ashram Sir C.P. addressed us once again and said something like that this house was a marvel, and he considered it very beautiful. He said that Pratishthan was the most beautiful house of Shri Mataji – as designed by Shri Mataji Herself, then followed Nirmalprasth and then Cabella. The builders of the Shri Mataji’s house presented the foundation stone in midst of an Austrian patriotic choir.

I’ll remember that for the rest of my life

On the very auspicious occasion of Shri Ganesha Puja in Cabella, 2009, the Sahaja marriages took place. For the last few years Shri Mataji has not usually been physically present during the marriage ceremony. As a woman, considering there are normally five times more women who apply for marriages than men, you feel very fortunate if Mother finds you a husband. Every year the Sahaja marriages are very special, but this year everything was beyond my expectations.

Since the day I got matched, you could feel Mother’s attention on each couple and on the actual day of marriage, it felt like heaven came down to earth, when Mother came to the marriage ceremony. She stayed for the whole ceremony and each couple could go on the stage to do a namaskar and receive a set of silver as a gift. The most amazing thing was that not only had I got married in front of the Shri Mataji, but also that after each couple could go on the stage again and dance in front of Her for a few moments. Mother looked very content, as if She was enjoying our presence very much, and I’ll remember that for the rest of my life.

Sakshi Kenny

Experiences at Shri Krishna and Shri Ganesha Puja 2009

As the coach approached Cabella, my attention had been concentrated, deep within and at my Sahasrara. The Shri Krishna Puja commenced the next day; it was a short but powerful one. I had brought a pair of lotus feet (chappals) from India to be vibrated at the Krishna Puja. I was directed to go to the castle on Thursday to collect them. As I was told the lotus feet had been placed on the dining table where Shri Mataji was sitting at the time, I decided not to disturb and left instead.

I returned the next day and was told to wait, which I did till 1 am, and reached the pendal almost 2 am. Time flew by, doing absolutely nothing and enjoy the peace within. I was told that Shri Mataji wanted me to stay back. I was invited to wait in the office until the musical evening began. It was to be conducted by the Yuva Shakti from different countries for Shri Mataji. We all had Her darshan in the garden, then we went inside the castle for more bhajans to the Divine Mother. Early the next morning I managed to collect the lotus feet that had been vibrated by Our Holy Mother. The vibrations were tremendous. I was in thoughtless and immersed in deep silence for days to come.

On the morning of the Ganesha Puja, I found myself back at the castle again, helping out with the ironing. I had brought with me a portrait of Mother painted by my daughter Nagi, which I wanted to bring to Shri Mataji. As I was heading towards the office, Shri Mataji’s elder daughter happened to walk out and commented that it was a lovely painting.

Is it for Shri Mataji?,’ she asked.

Yes,’ I replied, to which she requested someone to give it to Shri Mataji.

Later, I was given the chance to be one the seven married ladies on stage during the Shri Ganesha Puja. I remember Shri Mataji looking at us and at one point, I couldn’t help but to look back and I remember seeing the love that radiating from Her eyes that go beyond words in the realm of Divine.

Are you from Malaysia?” Shri Mataji asked in Hindi while brother Hwe and I were on stage to present our gift.

Yes Mother,’ I heard myself in replying.

When I namaskared on stage for early morning meditation the following day, my forehead touched the white carpet where Shri Mataji had been sitting, the vibrations were tremendous and it was travelling like lightning in my brain, such joy and bliss and a deep sense of silence.

Thank You Shri Mataji for all the attention and love that You showered upon us. I completely surrender my dedication to you at your Holy Lotus Feet.

Ching Hooi Ong

Shri Mataji at Frankfurt Airport, September 2009

Dear friends,

It has been a great privilege to welcome Shri Mataji yesterday, the 10th of September, in transit at Frankfurt Airport, Germany, on Her way from Milan to Togliatti. Those who could bought fully refundable business class tickets so that we were able to pass through security and greet Shri Mataji on Her arrival. We were able to perform aarti, and offer prayers and a gift from Germany and everyone present was able to Namaskar and offer flowers at Her holy Lotus Feet. Shri Mataji was accompanied by Sadhana Didi, Sir CP and a group of maybe fourteen yogis. We also welcomed Her with a golden watch. Symbolically, as She was travelling through the right channel of the Virata into the ego, Russia, we all felt that there must be significance beyond our minds.

Before Shri Rama entered the final battle, He was offered gold, and as Shri Mataji arrived today in Togliatti, we also offered gold; not knowing the true meaning of Her journey, but assuming that the world´s manifestations of ego had to come down.

A group of about fifty yogis also gathered in the prayer room of Frankfurt Airport, and watched the Diwali Puja of 2002. In between, Herbert, on a mobile phone, stopped us with news of Shri Mataji’s arrival. When She landed at Frankfurt, the vibrations swelled more and more and the air was filled with the familiar scent of roses that the arrival of Shri Mataji often signals.

Various German Sahaja Yogis

The gold watch which was offered on Frankfurt Airport

Shri Mataji at Frankfurt Airport

Shri Mataji’s visit to Togliatti, Russia, 2009

At 5:50 am, on September 11th, the flight from Frankfurt has landed in the airport, not far from Togliatti, the Holy Feet of Shri Adi Shakti stepped onto the Russian land. Sahaja Yogis are meeting Mother and Her family with beautiful flowers and their hearts thrust open. At 7.00 am the escort consisting of fifteen cars starts off to the venue of the Festival. After a deep meditation about 3000 Yogis lined up on both the sides preparing to meet Shri Mataji. Beat of the drums. In front of Shri Mataji’s car, rose petals are falling.

Tears of joy are in the eyes of many! Is it real that Mother has come to Russia? Thank You, Beloved Mother, for all the love You are giving Your children, for Your compassion with which You fulfil our desires and meet with us. The car of Shri Mataji has reached the house. The drums have become silent. Silence inside and around. The loving children are longing to absorb all the vibrations which Shri Adi Shakti gives us.

Several minutes after Shri Mataji disappeared in the house, the doors opened again – for the Mother to meet Her children. All the Yogis were invited onto the lawn in front of the house on the front porch of which Shri Mataji had come out. Spontaneously the desire to sing a bhajan Kundalini, Kundalini for Mother was born – the voices of brothers and sisters flowed together into one chorus. Shri Mataji desired to listen to one more bhajan – the yogis started singing the Twelve Names of Shri Ganesha. A harmonium and then a dholak joined it. Silence set in again.

Puja,’ Shri Mataji said.

Leaving for Her room for breakfast, Shri Mataji expressed the desire that Sahaja Yogis continued singing. Other bhajans were performed, such as Jago Savera and Vishvavandita and others.

It is verily a puja; Shri Mataji, let Your Lotus Feet be in our hearts – Jai Shri Mataji!

A blissful evening with Shri Mataji and Her family, on September 11th

In the evening, the Baby Shaktis were invited to the front yard of Shri Mataji’s house. The elder children were singing bhajans to the accompaniment of a harmonium praising Shri Adi Shakti. The hearts of the children and adults were full of joy and love for Shri Mataji.

At some point, the curtains covering the windows at the veranda of Mother’s house were drawn aside – Shri Mataji went out from HeHr room to meet with HherHer children again. All the Sahaja Yogis present at the Festival were invited into the yard of the house. The Yuva Shakti and the teachers of Togliatti International Music Academy continued performing bhajans and qawali. This unforgettable concert was crowned with beautiful fireworks. When Shri Mataji was leaving for Her room, about 4,000 Sahaja Yogis, standing, were applauding for a very long time. On that really magical evening the Goddess stayed with us for about an hour.

A little bit later, at the large stage, there were announced 23 Sahaja couples which had been blessed for Sahaja weddings by Shri Mataji that day.

Shri Ganesha Puja, September 12th, 2009, Saturday

The Goddess presented Her children with one more great day. Early morning. In the glade between Shri Mataji’s house and the large stage Sahaja Yogis from different countries are meditating. They are from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Italy, Iran, Finland, France, Argentina, the USA, etc. At 8:30 am there is a meditation for children which is conducted by the Yuva Shaktis. Since early in the morning Sahaja Yogis are preparing for the meeting with Shri Adi Shakti.

Since 12 o’clock midday brothers and sisters are gradually gathering at the large stage: the puja can start at any time – depending on Mother’s will.

15:00 – a little more than four and a half thousand Sahaja Yogis are meditating to the accompaniment of Indian classic music. When the raga Kirvani is being performed, the hot sun disappears behind the clouds and several drops of rain bring freshness and purification.

16:20 – the car with Shri Mataji leaves the yard of Her house. The glade is again lit up by the sun. All the time while our Holy Mother is going to the stage by car, the birds are making circles high in the sky above Her car welcoming Shri Adi Shakti. In several minutes the great puja starts! Baby Shaktis offer rose petals at the Lotus Feet of Shri Mataji. Worshipping with petals is also offered by the members of the Russian and Ukrainian Councils and by the Council of Yuva Shaktis. Aarti to our Mother is performed by members of the councils and the Country Coordinators present. The deepest vibrations, the deepest love, the deepest uniting in one ocean. Thank You, our Beloved Holy Mother, for You have given us an opportunity to offer this puja to You!

After the puja all the Yuva Shaktis were invited to the stage to make a pranam to Shri Mataji. Presents from different countries were also offered. On behalf of all the Sahaja Yogis, the Coordinator of the Russian Council expressed our deepest gratitude to Shri Mataji for having made the long journey to Russia to meet Sahaja Yogis. Afterwards Sir C.P. took the floor:

It is my request to you: carry Her message to everyone in the world. It is my prayer to you. I will take the liberty of repeating the word of Her. When She addresses, She says, ‘I have done my job, now you take Her’.

Yes, we will spread,’ everyone says. (The Sahaja Yogis raise both their hands to show they agree with it)

Shri Mataji stayed for about three hours with the Sahaja Yogis. At about 18:30 She left for Her house. What joy everyone felt when after several minutes our beloved Holy Mother expressed the desire to meet with the Yuva Shaktis, who were invited to the front yard of Shri Mataji’s house. The Yuva Shakti ensemble, surrounded by many brothers and sisters, with much love and devotion, performed bhajans and qawwalis describing the greatness of Shri Adi Shakti, the One whose compassion is so great that despite everything She aspires to give each minute to meeting with Her children. For about an hour beautiful fireworks lit up the darkness of the sky above the River Volga, to the accompaniment of ‘Mata ka Karam’.

Nature also celebrated that day. After about half an hour flashes of lightning started illuminating the dark sky everywhere on the horizon, one after another. Soon, the venue of the Festival was refreshed by a little rain.

Sahaja marriages in the presence of Shri Mataji

On Sunday September 13th, at 10:30 am, at the small stage, more couples (about 30) blessed for Sahaja marriages by Shri Mataji are announced, and on the sand on the bank of the River Volga the haldi ceremony had already started. In the center of the beach, there is a Yuva Shakti ensemble performing bhajans and qawwalis from the sounds of which the vibrations are flying into the heights. On the right, sisters are dancing in a ring. On the left, with loud exclamations, brothers are dipping into the cold water of the Kundalini of Russia.

In the second half of the day, dressed in wedding garments, blessed by Shri Adi Shakti for marriage and remarriage, 123 couples are preparing for the meeting with the Goddess. First, the sisters offer rose petals at Mother’s Lotus Feet at the Gauri Puja in the front yard of Shri Mataji’s house. Then the brothers worship the Lotus Feet of Holy Mother with rose petals at the Shri Ganesha Puja. The atmosphere is permeated with tender and, at the same time, solemn vibrations.

To the accompaniment of the drums, the brothers come up to the glade in front of the main stage and on the other side of the white sari the sisters line up opposite them. The nature and people quieten down in meditation, waiting for the arrival of the Great Mother. In the height of the blue sky, the clouds are forming the images of Shri Ganesha. The curtains of the large stage are parted. Joy is reflected on the faces of Sahaja Yogis – of the children looking at their sublimely beautiful Mother.

The brides and the bridegrooms, sprinkled with rice and rose petals, make seven steps towards each other. The sari is put down in a very solemn way. The happy and excited bridegrooms and brides meet each other’s eyes, and after some minutes the marriage ceremony continues in front of the havans. The brides and bridegrooms make wedding vows in an undertone. Each couple comes onto the stage to do namaskar to our Divine Mother and to get a present from Her. All the 4,500 Sahaja Yogis present at the festival are rejoicing! Soon the immense joy of the Sahaja family is expressed in dancing to the accompaniment of the qawwali Mata ka Karam. After staying with Her children for some more time, Shri Mataji leaves for Her house.

Surrounded by their younger and elder brothers and sisters, the Yuva Shaktis perform bhajans and qawwalis in the front yard of Shri Mataji’s house. It is not possible to describe by words the feeling of joy which overfills everyone, the dancing Baby Shaktis, the smiling and singing Yuvas and adult Yogis. The concert finishes with unending applause devoted to Shri Adi Shakti, and dazzling fireworks. Bolo Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Ki Jai! Into these words, repeated again and again, Sahaja Yogis of all the countries and ages put all their love and respect for our Beloved Holy Mother. In the eyes of many there are tears of joy.

September 14th, Sunday

6:00. All the brothers and sisters present at the Festival gather for collective meditation at the glade in front of Shri Mataji’s house.

7:20. Shri Mataji and Her family leave the house for the airport. The Sahaja Yogis see off their Beloved Holy Mother with rose petals, in complete silence and thoughtlessness.

Shri Mataji, we love You very much and we know that You are always with us!

The Russian Collective

The great visit of our Holy Mother to Russia (letter to a rakhi brother)

My dear brother, I am hurrying to share my impressions of the great visit of our Holy Mother to Russia with you and the whole Sahaja family. It is September 11th, 2009. Early chilly morning. The day is breaking. Thousands of Sahaja Yogis are leaving their sleeping bags, putting on their warm jackets and hurrying to meditation on the bank of the Volga with smiles on their faces. The plane with Shri Mataji will land very soon. The Russian land is in complete standstill waiting for Her Holy Feet. The realisation of Mother’s great sacrifice – to undertake such a far travel for the sake of Her children at such a venerable age – gives rise to awe preparing our chakras, channels and hearts.

We all are lining on the sides of the road. The torches are lit. All of us are wearing festive clothes and holding rose petals, with hopeful hearts. The wind has come to a standstill. Even the Volga has stopped its flow – it only reflects the first rays of sublime Suriya. Silence. But here come the sounds of drums – Mother enters the camp, joy and love fill our hearts and the hands shower Her car and Her way with the tender petals of roses.

Mother is calling everybody to the house!’ I suddenly hear. I ran on the cold dew and saw Her face! Her Divine eyes were pouring love upon me, through me, upon all Her children. And we, enthusiastic, with our hands in namaste, put our hearts at Her Lotus Feet.

It’s cold but Mother wanted a puja and you have offered it,’ someone who had been with Her said. The glass doors closed, shielding the Goddess from the morning coolness… but our hearts, they were delirious with joy! Morning puja – we even could not have dreamt about such a blessing. Bhajans were played and the chorus of voices reached the heaven. I raised my head – each leaf, gilded by the morning sun against the background of the blue sky, turned towards Her.

Tears were rolling down our cheeks: I am part of the greatest event which is celebrated by nature here, on Shri Ganesha’s land (Togliatti is the Mooladhara of Russia). Vishva Vandita was sung and we, Shri Mataji’s Russian children, bent all our egos, and maybe, the ego of the planet, in a deep namaskar to the Lotus Feet of the great Goddess. In the quietest awe, we left the regal court.

The next day, as soon as it was announced that Shri Mataji had decided to start the puja in the afternoon, all the Yogis immediately gathered in the glade in front of the stage waiting for our great Mother. I could see a sea of Yogis, and the bottomless sky, where the burning rays of the sun were covered with clouds in a very caring way. Suddenly we all stood up and turned our heads towards Shri Mataji’s house – Mother was coming out and all of a sudden a flock of birds appeared above the house, making circles and spirals. Then, high in the sky, they slowly followed Shri Mataji’s car, accompanying Her to the stage. At the same time the clouds opened, and the sun and a stream of rays rushed to the stage. Our hearts could not bear such a divine and touching vision, and tears appeared in many of our eyes. The children started worshipping Mother. In awe and silence they went up onto the stage and showered Her Lotus Feet with rose petals.

During the whole puja, Shri Mataji was sitting on Her throne bending Her head down a little bit, as if directing Her Sahasrara towards all the Yogis. The vibrations were so strong that we went through dimensions and depths unknown to us before. In such a sublime state and oneness, we solemnly performed the last verse of the aarti and the third great mantra. Then thousands of Yogis bowed in a grateful namaskar, pouring their love to the highest Goddess of all, the Queen of the Universe.

The gift to the Russian collective – the picture of Shri Mataji in a gilded frame – followed the offering of presents to Shri Mataji.

Our gratitude was endless and we applauded, standing up. When Shri Mataji was leaving the stage, we were asked to meditate, to absorb the essence of Mother. So we all humbly sat down, put our attention to the Sahasrara and tried to drain the cup of vibrations which our Divine Mother was pouring onto each of us.

The next day the marriage ceremonies were to take place and we were making a garland for the Gauri Puja. Somehow it was very difficult vibrationally and we felt very tired. Suddenly wonderful news arrived: for the first time in the history of Sahaja Yoga all the vibrations were absorbed after the puja and Shri Mataji felt wonderful. All the tiredness vanished. A deep feeling of gratitude overfilled our hearts. She had helped us to reach the state in which we could make Her pleased.

Nataliya Zakharova

Impressions of the International Sahaja Yoga Festival held in September, 2009 in Togliatti

There is some small universe in your head, absolutely empty, and joy. One couldn’t even imagine that one day Shri Mataji would come (again) to Russia.

Yaroslav Salmin

When Shri Mataji arrived for the puja, the yogis just showered Her with ovation and love, without any fanaticism but with all humility and complete response. Such things simply make you admire.

Lyudmila Lomakina

The fabulous pure energies of the Yuva Shaktis! They are ancient souls indeed, they have lots of dedication and love and all the time Mother gave them so much attention, and it was felt that they are Her hope. Then we saw Mother off and there wasn’t any sadness, only peace.

Larisa Sterkhova

Mother has been there in Her physical form, this place has become a swayambhu forever. Mother’s energy has spread all around, and we as small particles were dissolved in it. All our small egos, thoughts and feelings have merged into one big strength – love.

Konstantin Sterkhov

The incredible feeling of tenderness and love – so much touching care for each other has spread in the air.

Yulia Pronenko

(This poem is translated from Russian)

She came as a breath of wind

As tenderness of the lightest words

And gave each and everyone the blessing –

To be beyond all illusions and shackles.

She came, as freshness of waterfalls

As a soft cool stream

Dissolved all barriers in an instant

In order to light the spark of joy.

She came, as a golden song

Whose sound only the heart can hear

As lightness of heavenly tenderness

Opened to us how to be an eternal light.

She came, as a palpitation of small leaves

That give a sweetness again and again

As a silent echo between the lines

She is the One Who is called Love.

Marianna Gevorkyan

Navaratri at Cabella, 2009

Dear All,

Today we have celebrated the sixth night of Navaratri at Cabella, with our Holy Mother. It is inconceivable how many blessings She will shower upon us.

On the first night – of silence – we were able to offer a small puja. It started with an invocation of an English Christian hymn that some of you will recognise:

Immortal, invisible, God only wise

In light inaccessible, hid from our eyes

Most blessed, most glorious, the ancient of days

Almighty, victorious, Thy great name we praise.

We also prayed that everything we offered the Great Devi, during this period of Navaratri would please Her. We offered a beautiful red sari which had come from the Sheffield, UK, collective. Also, as it was the night of Shri Shailaputri, who holds a lotus and a trident, we offered the most enormous trident that we found in the castle. It was a silent and deep experience, with a small number of the hosting countries present.

On the second night – of the Guru principle, we made some special offerings: prasad, which was channa, no sari, modest decorations, but lots of Lakshmi baskets from the UK, Israel and Ukraine, as it is a night of peace and prosperity. This was also a special night because the film crew, who have been in Cabella for the last two months, had completed their trailer and were able to show it to Shri Mataji. There was so much joy and lots of wonderful bhajans. It was the night when Shri Mataji announced that Diwali Puja would be in Cabella. The room was full with beaming faces and amazing Italian joy.

On the third night – the first night of the Devi Kavach – there were extensive and wonderful puja preparations. We had a delivery of flowers from the market which produced a wonderful garland, beautiful fragrant anklets, wristlets and a hair tie. By this time there were more Yogis present, and the bhajans were focused on the Devi. We prayed that our surrender would be deeper, so that Her work would be faster. Shri Mataji was offered an amazing sword, an axe, dagger, whip, pistol and wonderful, wonderful flowers. There were trays of prasad fresh fruit, nuts, dried fruit and five more Lakshmi baskets. Everyone felt totally blessed and rejuvenated.

On the fourth night Shri Mataji graciously accepted some more small offerings. We were informed that only seven people could come inside. The puja began with an invocation for this night, when the light comes into the darkness and the blessing of Devi Kavach is complete. In the Nine Nights booklet, Shri Mataji also talked about the need for religious integration and detachment on this night.

Glory to Thee My God this night,

For all the blessings of the light.

Keep me, oh keep me, Queen of Queens,

Beneath Thine own almighty wings.

The offerings needed to be fast and low key, so we offered a beautiful purple sari, flower adornments, trays of prasad made by the hosting ladies, lots of flowers, and more weapons – another huge sword, a rosary, tinsel and a dagger. There was no music tonight, but a depth of silence that inspired many to take long and luxurious namaskars. There were tears, as conditionings dissolved and a wonderful silent joy afterwards.

The joy gets greater as more and more people arrive from the hosting countries and so many other countries across the world. On the fifth night – the night that Chamunda slays two big demons – we were joined by some of the West Country collective, (from the UK). The invocation was: ‘On this fifth day of Navaratri, we ask with all humility and complete surrender. Oh Goddess, help to fulfill our destiny, please give us the spiritual personality, the victory, the spiritual ascent and the destruction of the negative forces weighing us down,’ with love, adoration and devotion from all the Sahaja Yogis in the world. 

The offerings were quite amazing. We had heard that it was also the night of Shri Skandamata who has a lotus in Her hand and carries the baby Skanda in another. The sari that was offered was pink, with large green and blue leaves and flowers. The perfume from the oils was all pervading – jasmine, rose and sandalwood. The garland was rich red and bright yellow, with pinks and whites mixed in, and we had some beautiful English cut glass pieces to offer at the end. The Lakshmi baskets were over-flowing from Ukraine, Israel, the UK and Cyprus and there were so many people to make offerings that we had to queue across the sitting room and dining room in Shri Mataji’s castle. Many people found this night quite tough on the attention. It felt like the battleground was clearly inside our own heads and hearts. 

The sixth night – Shashti – is the night of the shaktis. We were blessed with a huge tray of moghra garlands from India which filled the whole room with their sweet fragrance. The garland was rich and splendid and the sari, was a beautiful soft pink – from East London, UK. The evening started off with the offering of a wonderful heart of roses and a sincere prayer for Shri Mataji to awaken all our shakti powers. This was followed with some very small children offering flowers and the kumbha. There was the most beautiful namaskar moment, when a two to three year old boy prostrated himself completely before the Goddess. This lit up the room. It was also the first time we were joined by the Greek Sahaja Yogis which was wonderful and we now have a full complement of hosting countries. Compared to the night before, this night was the most joyful and sweet that many people had experienced. Shri Mataji was so alert, watching everything and everyone, and I’m sure you all felt the blessings across the world.

There was a very special Lakshmi basket from the UK. It contained all vegetables and honey that had been prepared at Blossom Farm, the English collective’s country property. It was incredible to see pumpkins, tomatoes, carrots, onions, garlic and other things, all grown by the Sahaja Yogis. When Shri Mataji was informed about this basket there was a spontaneous round of applause from everyone present. Sir CP assured us that Shri Mataji and he would very much like to visit the UK – they are planning their trip – he said, but we do not expect this to happen in the immediate future, since Diwali will be in Cabella this year. Finally, there was sweet music to keep all this flowing and a depth of silence in the ensuing meditation which was completely and transformingly joyful.

 Lots of love to everyone and once again, from everyone in Cabella!

  Anthony Headlam

The tenth day of Navaratri, 2009

Navaratri, 2009, Cabella (email report)

We have just returned from Navaratri Puja at Cabella. This was a great blessing for the English, and for everyone there. Shri Mataji was at a puja at the castle every night from Saturday to Friday, and there was a chance for ladies to offer Lakshmi baskets. There was a havan every day. On Thursday and Friday there was also a puja at the hangar. On Saturday Shri Mataji attended the inauguration of the new school. The English play, Sleeping Beauty, was on Saturday night. It was very joyful, and also great fun; a mixture of pantomime and deeply spiritual moments.

My husband and I arrived late on Thursday evening; we could already feel the joyful vibrations as we were driving up the valley, before we had even reached Cabella. On Sunday morning I was blessed to be put on the rota for working in the castle laundry. I was given cloths to iron – tablecloths, tray cloths etc – that were to be used by Shri Mataji, or used in the puja.

By late afternoon everyone was in the hangar. A video of a talk from a previous Navaratri puja had just been put on when we heard that Mother had just left the castle, so we started singing bhajans. She was with us for the puja, and for a while afterwards as people made offerings, then briefly for a spectacular firework display that showed the Devi destroying Ravana. She looked well.

On Monday I was lucky to be able to go up to the castle again. Some of us were outside on the bridge, the vibrations were beautiful and we were happy to be there. Then Anthony Headlam called out from the doorway ‘The English!’ and beckoned to us. (The English collective did seem to grow somewhat at this point)

We made our way slowly forwards. Suddenly I realised I was in Mother’s sitting-room, She was sitting on the far side of the room. Children were sitting in front of Her, the bhajan group was singing. Anthony told Parvati from London, Christine from Bristol, and me from Birmingham to stand to one side, then gave us a large dish holding four saris to offer to Mother. He came up with us, and said to Shri Mataji as She touched the dish, ‘We offer these four saris from the United Kingdom for the reunification of the four countries’. Shri Mataji looked at all of us intently. Then we bowed down. We went out to the side through the kitchen, and ended up in the hallway, joyfully.

After Mother left the sitting-room we went out to the site where the hangar used to be when it was up near the castle. In the centre was a giant wooden statue of Ravana. The men had great fun setting this alight – helped by some petrol – and it blazed away to nothing. Behind in the night sky to the south was the crescent moon on the right, and Venus shining brightly on the left, fairly close together. Then we went and had something to eat in the downstairs kitchen in the castle; this night was a wonderful finish to Navaratri, and to the weekend.

Maggie Burns

This other dimension

It is Navaratri Puja 2009, on one of the nine nights and many people from the hosting countries are gathered in the meditation room underneath Mother’s apartments. There is discussion and confusion about who goes into Shri Mataji to perform a small puja; rubbing perfume on Her feet and offering flowers. Somehow I am one of those called in. We wait for a long time in Shri Mataji’s dining room. There are lots of people and there seems to be confusion and at the same time deep peace, mighty peace. The waiting is so full of awe, vibrations, peace and power. How to describe such a time, waiting outside the room of the Goddess when there seems so much going on; discussion and confusion as well as peace and awe? We are from the UK, Cyprus, Greece, Israel and I don’t remember the others. The mixture of countries in the mighty rooms gets beautiful waves of Divine vibrations going through, washing away differences and illusions.
Then we are called through. So quickly we are ushered in and out. A girl from Cyprus and I put some perfume on Shri Mataji’s Feet with cotton wool. I remember those times of finding it so strange and difficult to see Shri Mataji with Her face so seemingly unresponsive after all those years She shared Her Almighty Divine personality with us. As I leave the room, though, I know I am full of vibrations like I have never been before. I cannot contain them. I cannot talk to anyone. I have to find a space to sit and be in this other dimension I am in. I find the meditation room empty now. There I sit. All the places I have been recently, I remember Sierra Leone being one of them, are all one inside me and filling up with these trillions of vibrations contained within me. I feel myself swimming in joy and infinity as all those vibrations get dissipated and shared out to those places and people. After an hour or so I am back to where I was, little me, with vibrations I can contain now. Beautiful. I know Shri Mataji is as She ever was and I am so grateful to have been able to be in that.

Sarah Saatzer

Diwali 2009 Email report

Wow, what a time, what a place, what a life! We had an amazing Diwali Puja at Cabella, and my son Gabriel was enjoying Mother so much when we went up to offer our basket, he wanted to be up with Her on the stage and kept holding his arms out to go to Mother. My other son, Cameron, also got some direct Divine attention when Mother’s car door opened he was right there and he said She looked straight at him. He was so happy, and shining like the sun. I was completely blissed out and felt so amazingly lucky to be a part of it all.

I got so excited at the memories that I forgot to attach the miracle photos in the earlier email. Here they are.

Angela Vogel

Photos from the Diwali Puja 2009, Cabella