Chapter 15: 1991/2 – November to February, India

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

My Mother had Her own way of working

This was in 1991 October or November in Delhi whence the soviet Russian ambassador to India came calling with a huge bouquet of red roses. The Adi Shakti got up from Her throne to receive the ambassador.

May I shake hands with you?’ She said, and that was the beginning of the breakup of the Soviet Union

Virendra Verma

I have touched them also

Shri Mataji was sorting out metal statues from a big heap, in a house in Delhi in 1991, for the ensuing seminar at Ganapatipule. I was sitting next to Her Lotus Feet and noticing Her connoisseurship, Her testing observation and choice, and felt how lucky and honoured must they be, in whose hands the Queen of the Universe would bestow those gifts, individually. I was quite bemused, but was looking at a small statue of Shri Ganesha.

Mother, could You please give me a statue of Shri Ganesha?’ I somehow asked.

Why not, why not?’ She said softly and lovingly, as She picked up a small one, placing it in Her hand and lovingly caressing it, before giving it to me. ‘You can take these other two as well, and I have touched them also,’ She said, pointing to two others.

Virendra Verma

Just bhajans

In 1991, we were in a temple in Shrirampur and Shri Mataji asked us to sing some bhajans, including Adi Ma and Jogawa. After that She asked the members of the temple, in a packed hall full of local people, to put their hands out and feel the cool breeze, without giving a talk or explanation other than the bhajans.

Linda Williams

What a lucky life, to grow in Shri Mataji’s garden

Towards the end of the India tour in 1991/92, we were welcomed to Shri Mataji’s home at Pratishthan, Pune. Every detail is so tasteful; handicrafts and antiques are there, lots of light and big spaces. We were treated to the most amazing shennai concert. I was so totally lost in that music, and Sir CP was at Her side when the marriage matches were announced.

Shri Mataji fed us a delicious meal, the best food I have ever eaten. I remember the car waiting for Her outside, covered with flowers. We even walked to the garden which had rows of young rose bushes. What a lucky life, to grow in Shri Mataji’s garden.

Somehow another lady and I missed the buses and were welcomed into the crowded car to drive in front of Shri Mataji to the programme. Four boys wedged into the front seat drove briskly and yelled at everyone to make way for Shri Mataji. I felt I was inside the blast of a conch, announcing Her arrival. It was the best attended programme I ever saw: ten thousand people, and I was one of the last to arrive. It was a thrill to sit behind a sea of motionless human beings, all in meditation. I could barely see Shri Mataji because She was so far away, but She could still reach all of us.

When it was time to leave India, I bravely put my Western clothes back on but my heart was breaking. It wasn’t exactly India that I had experienced. It was the country of the Spirit, which belongs to every human being, which is tied to collectivity and vibrations not just to place. We travelled from site to site, each handpicked by Shri Mataji, a meaningful sequence, sacred places, auspicious events carefully arranged. The blessings just poured on us, spontaneously, powerfully, to gently pull us up together and make us deeper souls who could bring hope to our countries. It was Shri Mataji’s tireless efforts, constant and creative generosity, and Her joy in caring for Her children that completely dissolved so many thoughts and conditionings and made me wish to stay forever in that country She has created for all of us.

 Elizabeth Singh

Heaven on earth

Ganapatipule was heaven on earth: music, stars, sunrises and the red, red soil. Every day the ocean cleaned us, every day we were embraced with so much warmth and kindness. Friends would suddenly appear the moment they crossed one’s thoughts. The swayambhu was incredible. Once Shri Mataji stepped out of the car in front of me and the whole Sahasrara just peeled back like a banana, all the way to the back Agnya as I had never felt it before, and I just couldn’t talk at all. She stayed late with us every evening. The haldi, the dancing, the weddings, the long sublime concerts, hearing fantastic improvisations through the Sahasrara, the wonderful pujas, what more could anyone wish for?

Elizabeth Singh

I came out of the sea there

On one of the India tours, in 1991, I gave Shri Mataji a gift from South Africa of a book which had photos of many places, including one of beautiful wild flowers growing near the sea at a place called Saldana Bay just north of Cape Town. Shri Mataji commented on this, that the flowers went right down to the beach.

I came out of the sea there,’ She said.

A year or so later some fossilised foot prints were found, of one of the earliest examples of modern man, and they were just near where the photo had been taken.

Linda Williams

Sahaja Yoga’s level is changing

Shri Mataji,’ we asked Her at Ganapatipule in 1991, ‘today whatever is happening in Sahaja, the good and the not so good events, when this is all happening, what should we do?’ She looked at us with affection and put both Her hands in front of Her.

This Sahaja Yoga,’ She said in Marathi, ‘its level is changing, and when the level is changing all this is bound to happen. You just do your meditation, and come into balance, and stay in the witnessing state. All this is going to become all right. When the level of Sahaja Yoga is changing all this is going to happen and will happen.’ Shri Mataji told us that a lot of Sahaja Yogis condition themselves.

I don’t want to do this, I don’t want to do that,’ they say. She said conditioning should not be present. We have to feel the joy in Sahaj and make our life joyful. I felt the joy and at that time prayed to Shri Mataji that the joy I received on that day – and let all the Sahaja Yogis get this joy. I experienced so much paramchaitanya on that day.

Digambar Bhal

I really felt Her motherly love

I came to Sahaja Yoga in 1991. I went to my first puja after about two months and that was the first time I saw Shri Mataji. I was near Her one year later at the announcement of my marriage. I was with my wife-to-be. She looked at us, and wanted Her handbag, but my wife didn’t actually lift the bag from the table. I gave it to Shri Mataji, but Shoma told me later that it was too heavy to lift even though it was a very small bag. I remember the smile Shri Mataji gave, as if She knew something was happening.

Marco Arcilio

You are My daughter
Sitting in the hot and dusty ladies’ tent in Ganapatipule on the afternoon of the marriages in 1991, I laid out the fine brocade pink silk sari, boxes of jewellery and bangles on my old sleeping bag, smiling at the juxtaposition of elegance and functionality. All around there were ladies chatting and laughing flitting about like birds of paradise. Somehow my bridesmaid had disappeared, my own parents were far away in the UK and my close friends were involved in various wedding related activities. To feel lonely in that crowded tent would have been impossible – but I did feel a need for some reassurance perhaps. 

Shortly afterwards an Indian yogini popped her head around the tent and said that Shri Mataji wanted to see Danya at Her bungalow. It had been a while since I’d travelled with Shri Mataji; and during this tour I’d enjoyed no lucky personal audience… I arrived at the MTDC with a feeling of anticipation and shyness. I sat and meditated a while on the soft grass outside her bungalow waiting for all Her meetings to finish. I don’t know how long I waited – enough time to enjoy the ocean breezes weaving through the lush tropical shrubbery. A sense of oneness with the natural beauty settled in me and the fluttering butterflies in my tummy subsided. 

When I went in to see Shri Mataji, She reacted as if I’d been in the room the whole time, with Her gentle casual attitude. She also surprised me by giving me some gorgeous wedding gifts: a precious gold necklace and some silver anklets. She wanted me to wear them during the ceremony.

You know you are My daughter!’ is one thing I’ll always remember Her saying at that meeting:

She also said something humorous that I can’t recall exactly, about ‘adopting me’ during the wedding ceremony. I was so overwhelmed by all Her kindness that I floated back to the camp richer in every sense, securely wrapped up in Divine love. I was still without my bridesmaid though. Of course that didn’t matter now and I calmly got ready – wedding sari, make-up and precious new jewellery on my own.

Later when sitting with the other brides waiting for Shri Mataji to arrive at the camp, the wedding organisers told me my couple number was ‘1’ and that meant I was to be beside ‘havan number 1’ during the ceremony. I was secretly pleased! This meant I would be close to the front of the stage and would be able to see Shri Mataji throughout the proceedings. 

Actually, havan ‘number 1’ was the very farthest from the stage, right at the back – almost merging with the night. During the ceremony it was near impossible to see Shri Mataji at all! To have had such privilege earlier in the day, to have been in Her bedroom receiving those beautiful vibrated wedding gifts and tender words – and now to be so ‘very far away’ from Her during the wedding. Was She perhaps trying to tell me something about my limited sense of what it means to be near or far from Her? Something I am still learning about today.

Danya Martoglio

Attention to aesthetics

In about 1992, Shri Mataji was visiting Mumbai and staying with Her elder daughter Kalpana. My friend/neighbour Dolly, who introduced me to Sahaja, was going to meet them. She was carrying a basket of red roses for Mother. She asked me casually whether I would like to send some flowers too. Since she was going by public transport, I did not want to inconvenience her by giving too many flowers and so I made a small posy with few flowers as my offering.

When Dolly returned home she told me that Mother loved the flowers I sent. It seems She enthused about how the colours and textures were placed, the different shades of green in the leaves against the ferns, the pink flowers with delicate lemon and the lilac ones interspersed with white daisies, making a lovely composition. I was of course very thrilled with Her appreciation and would like to make a point that it was not the quantity of offering that ever mattered to Mother. She always paid a lot of attention to aesthetics and that always caught Her attention.

Armaity Bhabha

Business advice

I wanted to be businessman but each attempt resulted in a big loss, even after I started Sahaja Yoga meditation. My family faced very hard times and ultimately, I decided not to do any business.

I met Shri Mataji in 1992 in Pune for some Sahaja activities. During the discussion, She told me to do business in software. I was surprised and nodded my head, but could not gather enough courage to tell my wife about this and I also dropped Her advice.  

The next year, Shri Mataji repeated it. My heart was with Her while my mind commanded the opposite. My remuneration was very good so I never thought of resigning from the job I had then. The third time, I again agreed with Shri Mataji but never acted on it. By this time, I felt guilty of being dishonest to Adi Shakti – before, I had not recognized Shri Mataji as Adi Shakti.

In 1995, the owner of the group I worked for expired and his son took over, then promptly resigned. The remuneration structure of new company was very low, hence I told the new CEO that I wished to resign, but he did not accept my resignation. For the next four months, while enjoying the benefits of employment, I was able to work out my own software business. I told the chairman that I felt bad about drawing a salary without doing his work, but He gave me one month’s extra salary and we had enough to run our house for a year. Still my wife was not sure about my chance of success in business.

I requested Shri Mataji if I could come, with my wife, to meet Her. She not only agreed but instructed others to see that we were not stopped at the gate of Pratishthan. The next day, I discussed with Shri Mataji a Sahaja related subject.

Did you start the business of software that I told you to do?’ Shri Mataji said all of sudden.

Yes, Shri Mataji. I started last year only,’ I replied

Do it with full dedication, it will help your family,’ Shri Mataji said.

My wife’s anxiety was over. She asked me why I had never told her what Shri Mataji said and I explained that before, I was not serious about what Shri Mataji had told me for the last three years.

This was my first experience of Shri Mataji as Adi Shakti, how She enabled me to start a business effortlessly. She worked out everything and removed all the hardships on the way. More important, Shri Mataji knew I told lies, still, She lovingly removed all my doubts and since then I have never had doubt about Her powers.

Sushil Pugalia

Help with a visa

In February 1992 Mother came to our place for dinner after a public programme in Kolkata and my sister had recently got married at Ganapatipule. She was having difficulties getting a visa from the French embassy in Delhi.

When Mother enquired about her visa status, She recommended her to go to the Mumbai French consulate. My sister had heard stories that that consulate was even stricter than in Delhi and didn’t easily give visas but as Mother had asked her to go she went. My sister was surprised by the behaviour of the lady at that consulate as she gave my sister excellent attention. She got her visa and the lady even came out of the embassy to bid her goodbye.


The photo below was taken after a puja and when shown to Mother, She mentioned that the lines of light show Her name written in Urdu.


Some tender saplings of Rudraksha

On a visit to Dehra Dun, India, in March 1992, Shri Mataji was staying at the Forestry Research Institute guest house. We brought some tender saplings of Rudraksha to be vibrated by Her. In Her divine grace She did this, and remarked that the seeds of the Rudraksha tree are worn to control blood pressure. One of the saplings was planted at Dehra Dun, and has since become a big tree.

Virendra Verma

No chillies for the foreigners

In 1992, when Shri Mataji came to Dehra Dun, we prepared food for Her as per the instructions given to us, that there should be no chillies in the food. So we used only two green chillies in the kebabs for thirty to forty people. When Shri Mataji started eating, both the green chillies were somehow, seemingly by chance, on Shri Mataji’s plate. No other person had a single piece.

Neelu Ahluwalia

They look for something higher

In the year 1992, we heard that Shri Mataji was coming to Lucknow and She would have a public programme there. We were all very happy about it. Mother had gone to Dehra Dun, further north and west, before that and She also had a public programme there. A number of Western Sahaja Yogis were travelling with Her and so they all came to Lucknow as well.

Shri Mataji arrived by overnight train from Dehra Dun to Lucknow and things started happening from the very beginning. In India, as we all know, trains never run on time. They are nearly always late, but Mother’s train from Dehra Dun to Lucknow, which was supposed to arrive at eight o’clock in the morning, arrived fifteen minutes earlier than the scheduled time, which was very strange for an Indian train. Quite a lot of Sahaja Yogis had gathered at Lucknow station. They all had flowers and queued up outside and didn’t go on the platform because there were quite a lot of people. Mother came out and saw people queued up on both the sides and She was so happy. She took flowers from each and every individual, got in Her car and went to Her home. We had prepared the house for Mother’s stay there.

The ladies at the house were trying to do aarti to Shri Mataji when She arrived and they were taking some time because the matches were not working. Mother’s house was next door to this doctor’s house and there was hardly any boundary. She knew that these ladies were not able to do it and She wanted to give them some time to get it right. She turned towards the doctor’s house and there was a boy playing.

Hello, where is the doctor?’ She said. That gave the ladies enough time to light the aarti and then they were able to do aarti to Shri Mataji. Then She came up and started telling us about the house, which was in the shape of a ship. It was done under Her supervision and She was personally there to supervise all the construction. There were some paintings outside the house in which there was a triangular figure and at quite a height there was a structure like a moon on the wall of the house.

You see, everything here is symbolic. This symbolizes a person who lives in this house. That means humans that live on earth, they look at the moon, they look for something higher in life, they look for spirituality and they look towards the heavens for some sort of spirituality,’ She explained. She said the moon shape on the house symbolized this. Every single thing that was done by Shri Mataji had a meaning and a purpose. Right in the middle of the house there was an empty space, which went right up to the top. This was called a well where all the negative air of the house is sucked up automatically and goes out in the atmosphere.

Shri Mataji came in the morning and had breakfast. Then, because Sir CP was from that place, there were a lot of his relatives waiting to see Mother. They were not yogis, but they had tremendous respect for Shri Mataji. They had heard so many incidents where Mother cured people and they had so much faith in Her. Of course, the Sahaja Yogis got a chance to see Her and there were quite a lot of yogis travelling with Mother, Western yogis as well. Shri Mataji was curing some people at the same time.

She had kumkum in Her hand and She would put it on the forehead or on the Agnya and then She asked the people to cover their face and go out of the room through a different door. She explained to us why She was doing that. She said that when they come inside a particular door, the negativity in them cannot face Her and so it stays outside. This was a very new experience for us. We had never before heard Shri Mataji telling us about how She dealt with negativity.

The whole day, Mother was there working on people. She had Her lunch and a rest and in the evening we got ready for the public programme. At the programme Shri Mataji gave a speech about the people in Lucknow and how happy She was that so many people had come. There were fifteen thousand people. It was a surprise for us, as well. Shri Mataji did it all. They all got realisation and just after the programme She went to Delhi. She had arrived in the morning and left after the public programme in the evening.

Akshay Saxena

As if it was Shri Ganesha’s foot

About 1992 Shri Mataji was staying in the Kutab Ashram in Delhi and I had an intense desire to touch Shri Mataji’s Holy Feet – if I could massage Her Feet. I could not bring myself to the point of requesting Mother, but Sir CP was feeling tired. So I asked if I could massage his feet. After a few minutes, Shri Mataji then offered one of Her Feet, and called me by name. So I started massaging Mother’s Feet, and after one Foot I massaged the other one. Once I came close to the ankle, I could feel the folding of thick skin, like an elephant, as if it was Shri Ganesha’s foot.

GK Datta