Chapter 15: 1995 – August, South America

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

4th Brazilian Tour: end of August 1995. Shri Mataji only went to Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro.

Duilio Cartocci

Shri Mataji giving realisation, Brasilia 1995

Ramana Maharshi was a realised soul

On the 25th of August, 1995, during Shri Mataji’s fourth visit to Brazil, I was at Rio and then Brasilia, and this time we had public programmes in both cities. When Shri Mataji was not resting, we were with Her talking about everything. In Brasilia, on the evening of the 27th of October, She made a little list of various Indian gurus, and cited Ramana Maharshi as a realised soul.

Duilio Cartocci

He had to wear his best uniform

I live in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. Shri Mataji blessed us and visited us in 1995 and stayed in our house. My husband was not yet a Sahaja Yogi. He had got his realisation and respected what I did as I had been in Sahaja Yoga since 1989.

My husband was happy to let us use the house and I asked him to be there to receive Shri Mataji that day, but he said he had a very important meeting with the governor. He said he would do his best but thought he would have to be out. He had to wear his best uniform to see the governor, as he was then the Chief of Police in Brasilia. So he went, but managed to return five minutes before Shri Mataji arrived, because the meeting with the governor had finished early. He was still wearing his smartest uniform to greet Shri Mataji.

When Shri Mataji arrived many Sahaja Yogis were there to meet Her. She got out of the car and walked directly towards him, and shook his hand. She knew he was not a Sahaja Yogi. The leader explained that he was the owner of the house, and Shri Mataji thanked him. The leader explained that I had married him.

But no one told me Angela had got married!’ Shri Mataji said. I never thought it was necessary to say anything to Shri Mataji about this, but She indicated to me and said, ‘You know, she is My daughter?’ After this She sat down on a chair and talked in a very deep sense especially about how there was some contact between my husband and Germany. I don’t remember the talk.

How does She know everything?’ my husband said, when She had finished talking.

Was he chosen as the Chief of Police after you got married?’ Shri Mataji asked when I went into Her room, and I realised this was true. As he was the Chief we had many facilities and advantages to receive Shri Mataji, and he became Chief just at the right time to do that. When Shri Mataji left She asked me to bring him to India, and one year later I did take him. After that he retired from that job and went to New Jersey where he worked on the ashram there. Recently we have been spreading Sahaja Yoga in Mozambique.

Angela Cavalcante

Shri Mataji always heard me

In 1995 I had a strong experience, which gave me the certainty that Shri Mataji comes into our meditations, no matter how simple they are. In my morning meditations, I very much enjoyed singing bhajans, especially the song Namoh namoh Maria.

On one of those days, I felt my spirit surrounded by the sorrow of Christ’s Mother. Ever since, whenever I sang that song, I had the same feeling. At the same year, when Shri Mataji came to Brazil, I had the blessing of being near Her in Brasilia. There, in the middle of a journalistic interview, She asked us to sing Namoh namoh Maria to Her. There, without musical instruments and having just my own voice to conduct the other yogis, Shri Mataji was crying while listening.

To me, it was one more proof that She always heard me, when I give Her my heart during meditation.

Cynthia Luz

The keys of the city

In 1995, Shri Mataji only went to Brasilia and Rio. When in Brasilia, She was again offered the keys of Brasilia, at the public programme.

Valeria Ferriera

Shri Mataji receiving the keys of Brasilia in 1995

Shri Mataji at the Brasilia ashram in 1995

Public programme in Buenos Aires, 1995

The hall was full

This picture shown above was from the public programme given by our Holy Mother Shri Mataji in the Theater Avenida in the centre of Buenos Aires, in 1995. Many people came and the hall was full, and about fifteen hundred seekers received their self realisation. There were more people who wanted to see Shri Mataji but they could not enter the theatre because there were no more places inside.

Francisco Fenili


During Shri Mataji’s visit to Argentina in 1995 there was very successful public programme in Buenos Aires. The seekers made a long queue from early morning and when the programme was about to start at seven o’clock in the evening many were left outside without place to sit. The authorities of the theatre closed the doors and would not allow anyone else in. Many seekers were outside the glass doors asking us to give them a place. Some were almost imploring us and we felt that we should do something for them. The authorities of the theatre were very strict and would not change their mind. Then Shri Mataji arrived and we gave a bandhan. We went to ask the authorities again and suddenly they changed their mind.

OK, let them in,’ they said sweetly. All those people rushed inside, full of joy to get their realisation. They were all accommodated in the higher part of the theatre: the gallery, which is called Paradise.

Mariano Martinez

South American presents

Many people were giving presents to Shri Mataji in Argentina. Many of them did not have money, so they made the presents themselves. She liked them very much and spent maybe ten minutes with every person who gave Her these hand made things.

They took Her to a craft market in a park. She bought a lot of things there, all handmade. Some of the people were hippy style and there were some funny things also, like a shirt with a funny design. Somebody told me that the next year, in 1995, Shri Mataji again went to that market when She went to Argentina. The next year some people recognised Her and came to say hello to Her and She to them. She gave realisation to some of them, too.

Shri Mataji said that South America cannot develop if they do not appreciate their own things. Usually they look towards North America and Europe, but She explained that they have to be more proud of their own things. Shri Mataji was looking everywhere for porcelain from Argentina. She wanted it from the country itself and couldn’t find any anywhere. They were showing Her English china and so on, but none from Argentina.

Shri Mataji said that South America goes behind Spain. If Spain develops in Sahaja Yoga, then South America will. She also said that the difference between the poor people in India and those in South America was that in India they are pure, whereas in South America the poor have Mooladhara problems.

Roxana Sindici

Shri Mataji receives the leather rugs

Shri Mataji receives a gift of porcelain

The seat of the Goddess

In 1995 Shri Mataji again visited Argentina, and on the 30th of August She met with Sahaja Yogis at the Bencich Palace, which we rented for the occasion. There, some presents were given. I was searching for a gift for Shri Mataji and I found some sheepskin and leather rugs. I had to choose between a rounded and a rectangular one. Even though the rectangular one was more practical to my mind, I bought two rounded ones, feeling their vibrations, but I did not understood why. After giving them to Shri Mataji She told us that in India their name is the seat of the Goddess, and at that moment any doubt vanished.

 Marilú Durand

The journalist won the highest award

Also in 1995, during Shri Mataji’s visit we found the best hotel in Buenos Aires, where She stayed. One day a Sahaja Yogi saw a famous journalist leaving the hotel after an interview with a very important politician from a neighbouring country.

Do you know that the most important spiritual personality of today is staying at this hotel?’ the Sahaja Yogi told the journalist.

He was very curious and requested us to arrange an interview with Shri Mataji. We asked Her and She agreed, so in less than ten minutes everything was arranged. She gave a beautiful speech and answered precise questions. Shri Mataji was very pleased with the journalist and gave him realisation. That programme was broadcast to all the corners of the country and also to other nearby countries by the most important TV channels of Argentina. The next year that journalist won the highest TV award in Argentina, the Golden Statue – and became the most respected journalist of the country.

Mariano Martinez

The puja was just going to start

Another time in Argentina, the day after Shri Mataji came, I went to the ashram, but was very new. The people said there was going to be a puja, which was something very strong. I decided it would be too strong for me and stayed at home, but I wanted so much to be with Mother and the collective and felt bad that I had not gone.

I went in the night and assumed the puja was over. When I arrived, the Sahaja Yogis said that the puja was just going to start. I had the blessing of doing the puja, in that I had to paint Shri Mataji’s Feet.

Maria Lantos

In heaven

In my first years of Sahaja Yoga I felt a tremendous desire to meet my Mother, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I had the chance in Buenos Aires, Argentina in September 1995. I went there with my five year old daughter and it was a very moving and unforgettable experience.

I had the chance to share the cooking for our Mother. When it was the moment to be in front of our Mother – what a feeling of peace and bliss! I looked at Her as a child looks at her own mother with so much love that I started to see a golden shining light as if it were the sun. This grew more and more in sweetness and then, slowly, it went down and I could see the sweet face of our Mother. How much love and compassion! It was so wonderful, astonishing and splendid, like in the Mahabharata where Shri Krishna showed all His grandeur to Arjuna.

When we said goodbye at the airport of Ezeiza, Buenos Aires, I was very excited. I was saying goodbye with my mind and holding my daughter.

No! Not yet!’ I heard a male voice saying. Then, Shri Mataji came back and walked close to us.

Are you Flora?’ She asked.

Yes, Mother,’ I answered.

And this is your daughter?’

Yes, Mother.’

Do you want to get married?’

Yes, Mother.’

How old are you?’ I forgot my age for the time being. Mother raised Her head and arm towards the sky, and said, ‘To India, in India.’

We bowed and She disappeared behind the desk. We remained lost in the joy and bliss, and pure tears came to my eyes. There were many embraces and congratulations after Shri Mataji had told me to go to India to get married.

Back home in Bolivia, I slowly remembered what happened. I could not hold a conversation in English because I hardly knew any words. ‘That sweet beautiful voice (Shri Mataji’s) sounded in Spanish,’ I thought. This was something sublime and there was no reasonable explanation for that. I was surprised at such a marvellous miracle.

In Ganapatipule it happened again. That time I felt just spirit, and that conversation was longer. I was full of bliss, tremendous peace and love. That is what I call, ‘I was in heaven’. Sahaja Yoga is heaven. This miracle happened again in Cabella and once again I felt immersed in joy. I felt my spirit, and I was in front of God Almighty. She is strength and security every moment; She protects us and guides us to fulfil Her vision of this world. Thank You Mother, thank You for my family, I owe it to You.

Flora from Bolivia

Ezeiza Airport, Buenos Aires in 1995