Chapter 15: 2010 to 2011 – Europe

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

The Divine had a plan: Cabella, 2010

On that particular weekend, I had plans to go to Scotland to celebrate my birthday with my family but Edinburgh Airport was closed and I ended up staying in Cabella. I wasn’t upset because this happened to be the same weekend Shri Mataji was returning from India to Italy.

The yogis in the villa had asked some of us yuvas to help with the preparation for Mother’s arrival. For the next eight hours, we worked hard at decorating the walls with saris and making sure everything was tidy. The problem was that the walls were made out of marble, so the sari was not sticking to it very easily and one of the yuvas felt we wouldn’t be prepared for Mother’s arrival. At this moment she received a phone call saying that Shri Mataji’s flight was 30 minutes delayed.

We continued to work until the very last minute, dhooping the whole house, placing flower petals and rangoli in front of the entrance way and continuing to fix the sari wall decorations. Around 11:30 pm, Shri Mataji’s van pulled up. I started filling up with so many emotions of gratitude, love and happiness. My hands and knees were trembling and my heart was beating so fast, as if I was seeing Shri Mataji for the first time. The four of us yuvas were standing in the front by the stairs holding flower petals. When we looked up, Shri Mataji was there, with all of the nursing staff and other yogis behind Her. The staff didn’t move Her wheelchair for what seemed like an eternity. She was facing us, looking at the sari decorations the whole time.
Some ladies came to do aarti and then Adi handed us the garland and told us to offer it. I had a huge smile and nearly had tears of joy running down my face. After Shri Mataji entered the elevator, we all stood there completely blown away with happiness and vibrations, trying to comprehend this very surreal moment of us being blessed to greet Mother back home.

I soon saw why I didn’t make it to Scotland.

PrAgnya Richards

There are no questions: September 2010

A yuva friend asked me to join him on a trip to Cabella for Ganesh Puja, as he had had a dream of us being together there and meditating in front of Mother. It was my sixth year in Sahaja Yoga, and I decided to go. As a seeker going to see his Guru Mata for the first time, and being a twenty-three year old with very ambitious desires, questions and goals about my career, family and situation, I always wanted to ask Mother one question: ‘What does success mean to a Sahaja Yogi?’ which somehow I thought would be possible. withwith Her wer

We reached Cabella, and Day One started off with the haldi ceremony with loads of dancing and singing, after which we visited Mother’s castle. On our way, we met a few more yuvas. One knew the aunty who was taking care of Mother, and she mentioned if we would like to meditate silently, we could do that in Mother’s living room. For a yuva who had never seen Mother or been close to anything like this, I was already floating in the heavens. We meditated sitting next to Mother’s chair, and tears rolled down my cheeks in thankfulness. My attention reached a new level of silence and I tried to remember the questionnaire I had prepared, but not a thought entered my mind and I felt blissed in Her immense love and compassion.

Attending a sakshat puja is definitely a different feeling – I started realizing the truth that you are not the doer. In the evening when it was time to get ready for the puja, the showers were so crowded that we decided to bathe in the river. After this we were running late and Mother’s car had already started pulling into the pendal area. I rushed to greet Her, managed to get next to the pendal, and saw Shri Adi Shakti coming out. Still I thought I would have a chance to address my questionnaire, which obviously I didn’t. Instead I grabbed the sand on which She stepped out, a lifetime gift.

There was barely any space in the puja hall, so we sat next to an entrance filled with footwear. There were yogis sitting on chairs in the front all the way to the stage, so initially I thought we could never get a glimpse of Mother. But as the divine does it in the most playful ways, She formed a gap in between the chairs which started exactly in front of us and went up to the first row, where Mother was sitting, an uninterrupted view of divinity, another present.

When I sat down I could feel this silence again engulfing me in Her compassion, that transcended into tears of joy in which I found the answers to my prayers: the answer to all the questions about everything. The answer was that there are no questions at all; when you are one with Her, Her love becomes yours, Her attention becomes yours, Her compassion becomes yours, Her smile becomes yours, Her auspiciousness become yours, Her goals become yours and you can only feel this in your meditations.

Nanak Chugh

Mother is the doer

In 2010, just before Diwali Puja, we went to India. Our return day was just one day before the Diwali Puja at Cabella and I wanted to attend it, but initially my husband was not in favour. However later he agreed and got me a ticket. Just after, we went to our aunty’s house in a village of Maharashtra. She called a couple who were new Sahaja Yogis, and they asked if we could take a thesis to Cabella. It was a big book around four kilos and we agreed – actually, Mother told this girl to write it.

We reached Milan – the planes were late and we reached Genova just before they closed the doors of the Shri Mataji’s room. I had the thesis and was able to take it in to Mother. I was so impressed, I had never offered a gift alone to Mother and almost never spoke to Her, and was too shy!

We were behind Shri Mataji and could see Her Sahasrara; my heart was beating, and I felt tears coming into my eyes. I went towards Her from Her right side and She was looking with such sweetness and love at me. I bowed down to Her and couldn’t say anything, so I presented the book to Her. As She knows everything, there was no need to say anything She blessed it under Her left Foot and then another man there said, ‘Come this side now and come closer.’ My hands, with the book, went under Her right Foot. I can’t tell you the divine blessing, the divine love and the divine joy I felt. 

How Mother created the maya to send us in far lost place in India to meet new brothers and sisters, and to bring the thesis to Cabella! I was exhausted after all the travelling, but afterwards I felt just fresh, very fresh. That was the last time I saw Shri Mataji.

Virginie Patil

The holy departure of Shri Mataji from India

It was a very exciting day (Saturday, 4th December 2010) for everyone in India. Sahaja Yogis in India, especially those staying in Delhi and around were gearing up to catch up the event since morning to offer their pranams and surrender at the Holy Feet of Shri Mataji on the eve of Her departure from India. It was a very short stay but was a historic holy visit in this land of Kundalini with the unique Virata Puja. The departure of Shri Mataji was also clubbed with Her holy darshan at Nirmal Dham in Chhawlagaon, Delhi in the morning.

The stage on this day at Nirmal Dham sported a very elegant appearance and looked majestic. It reminded us of the earlier Birthday Puja celebration in this venue and several other events in Shri Mataji’s holy presence. At around 11:30 am Shri Mataji departed from Her Noida residence for Nirmal Dham on the way to the Delhi Airport. At Nirmal Dham thousands of yogis were anxiously waiting to catch a glimpse of our most holy Mother. Amidst the sound of the conches, applause and jaykara Shri Mataji’s van arrived at the venue at around 12:30 pm. It was parked on the stage and She was welcomed as Her chair was brought out of the van and She blessed Her children with Her darshan. The emotions and sentiments behind Her darshan to the devotees cannot be expressed in simple sentences. It really touched the heart of the collective as everyone felt the moment has finally arrived when Shri Mataji will be leaving India for Genoa after Her short but historic visit in India. There were a couple of very soothing bhajans sung in Her praise in Her holy presence.

Sir CP addressed the collective of more than five thousand yogis who had gathered to have the darshan of Shri Mataji and offer their pranams. He made two very important statements. One was translating Mother’s message to the world – that had been the pure desire of Mother. The second statement was that concerning the holy abode of Shri Mataji in Pune, Pratishthan, She desired to gift it to the world. It should be maintained as part of the world Sahaja heritage. Shri Mataji left for the airport around 1:10 pm.

Arsene Mountembessa

Navaratri 2010

I have not experienced a puja anything like the nine nights of Navaratri at Cabella in 2010. The nine nights are about worship of the Goddess – and that is exactly what it was. Every moment was only for this. 

On the second evening, like the first night, representatives from each country were invited to go to Genoa and fortunately I was one. We sat in meditation in the vestibule of the villa, and then we were called to make our offerings. My heart opened and opened and then opened some more as I bowed before Shri Mataji. She is God. Here, on the second night of worship to the Goddess – and there was nothing but love, pure and simple. We all sang from our hearts Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu and then when all the offerings had been made we were ushered out. 

Finally it was Sunday, the tenth day. We prepared for puja which was due to start at around 5.00 pm. When Mother arrived the curtains were closed and they remained closed for some time. At that point we didn’t know that Mother was deep in meditation and looking for all the world like She was asleep. Somehow to know that She was behind the closed curtain made the Ganesha Atharva Sheersha more deep, the attention was more focused. The children went up and then the Yuva Shakti. 

By now the curtains had been opened. Even before they were opened they showed on the screen Mother’s right foot moving forward and then back. When the Yuva Shakti went up, Mother ‘awoke’.

After ten days of having attention only for worship of Shri Mataji, this puja was pure bhakti. 
Philippa Newman

Genoa, Christmas 2010

Little did we all realize that this was the last puja to Shri Mataji in Her physical form. It was also different from other pujas; Shri Mataji seemed to enter into a state of deep sleep and silence. Her right Foot was held up.

During the puja, seven of us from our country went on the stage to present gifts. Shri Mataji was staring at me with a Motherly look as if She was checking the state of my being.

She further blessed us in Her physical form and stayed so long during the New Year’s Eve celebration.

Chinghooi Ong

Worldwide homage to the Great Mother

On the 26th February 2011, a silent crowd of thousands of people from all the corners of the world was lining up under a grey sky on the country road of a remote valley in the Ligurian hills of Italy. Standing motionless in dignified silence for several hours, they sang softly and threw petals of roses as the funeral procession slowly drove away. Some felt they were dreaming in a night of sorrow, waiting to wake up, waiting to see the beloved One walking out of Her house to smile at them as She did in the old days. They had gathered to pay a last homage to the earthly remains of the person they consider to be the most significant path breaker in the history of the world at the beginning of this third millennium AD. 

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Srivastava had passed away on the 23th February 2011 in a hospital of Genoa after a period of silent withdrawal that lasted several years.
The world was a very different place on this date of grief in 2011 than when She was born. At the spiritual level, much of the difference for the best that Her followers registered in their daily life must be credited to Her lifelong vision and action. 

Gregoire de Kalbermatten

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Written by Shri Mataji’s coffin, Nirmal Dham, Delhi, 28th February 2011

A polished wood coffin, closed, was what my eyes rested upon at midnight on Sunday. No thoughts that this was the last time came into my head then. All I felt was the flood of vibrations blasting towards me – through me. My dad knelt down to pray. So did my sister and the rest of my family members – seventeen of us from my seventy year old grandmother to my ten year old cousin. Even the cab driver who brought us here bowed down, by what instinct I know not. I prayed but only for a short while.

From the near seventy thousand that came yesterday stretching into mile long lines to this steady trickle in the wee hours of the morning, there were very few people present now when I reached Shri Mataji’s final resting place. In the end I slept right there, near the coffin.

I have been blessed to have been named by Shri Mataji and to be held in Her arms and have my future predicted and thus in a way written by Her. She even told my parents what medicine to give me when I had a bad tummy. I have worshipped Shri Mataji many times at many pujas as a kid. I once sat directly in front of her for nearly six hours as a lowly bag carrier for the camera crew at a Puja in Pune a few years ago. I had to watch the camera, which was directly in front of Shri Mataji. So there I was six just feet away directly in front of Shri Mataji with no work. After that and a dream of Shri Mataji yelling at me to take my biology seriously, then a subsequent one saying She was pleased that I was, taking it seriously now, I am here, in front of a closed coffin blasting out vibrations of a level I can barely take. The right half of me felt the coolest I have ever felt while my left side was warm in vibrations. My body at that time chilled in the cool night air.

I sit down for my last meditation in front of Her physical form. I read the Devi Kavach, the Rama Kavach, the Ganesha Atharva Sheersha and hymns in praise of the Goddess. As my vibrations in every part of my body cleared I became happier and happier.

I am writing sitting out at the back of the tent where Shri Mataji’s body is being kept before Her last rites were to be performed. The vibrations are still blasting out of there. I had slept for three hours on the earth beside Shri Mataji until someone asked me to move for the increasing numbers of people were coming. I may be tired but I do not feel it. The crowds have begun to throng and shortly I will lose myself in them to be apart from the greater awareness. I will be a part of the collective again. This stay with Shri Mataji has been my longest in Her physical presence.

Sunny Redican

Gone away

Gone away, the days I feel the night stronger than ever

Whispering a dream in red I can see colour as She sleeps

Far away with lotuses a kingdom is welcoming a queen

Dawn and day are the same no time left in between

I come from a place where people talk in whispers

Gentle souls with gentle gestures

Hovering over a billion lotuses

A whispering queen no one notices

I have pronounced a sadness today

But the departed Queen spoke as She lay

I lived to whisper a lotus in you

And I will whisper so many flowers in you

Come and gather in the lotus lake

Not a place but a body of fluid grace

Where one is bathed in auspicious scents

Of wafting benedictions and ambrosial blends

A lighter light knows all that is little

Our thoughts crossed in a world so subtle

The Queen and me beyond the mind

Landed on a lotus and with the Gods we dined

I sit in a place thinking of the queen

Left behind in a flood of tears that She cleans

As each drop breaks the embankment of the eye

I hear a voice telling me not to cry

The lotus whisperer can be anywhere

There is no choice but to be aware

There is no harbinger to the whisper of the queen

A lotus just emerges killing all that is unclean

At midnight on the last day of destiny

I will hold a lotus for the best in me

A rain of lotuses we wish upon us

A lotus whisper each is your gift for us.

Anand Varma