Chapter 16: 1995 – September, China

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

The only speaker who thanked the Chinese government

One of the highlights of Shri Mataji’s visits to China was when She came in 1995 for the convention – the United Nations World Conference on Women. We preceded Her trip by going to Beijing about a week earlier, we set up a booth and must have given realisation to over two hundred people. Because it was raining a lot of people left, so we were able to take over a large stand to give realisation in. Queues of people were getting realisation. We also held a puja in Beijing and had four Chinese ladies performing the puja – the first puja in mainland China – a Shri Ganesha Puja before Shri Mataji actually arrived. The vibrations were very strong.

We received Shri Mataji at the airport and She came to the hotel, and we had again decorated the hotel suite with beautiful items we had bought, and the idea was to give them to Shri Mataji as gifts when She left. She was very happy, and very happy to be in China. She spoke about the Chinese, and what gracious hosts they were.

Shri Mataji gave a very beautiful and moving address and in Her speech was the only speaker who actually thanked the Chinese government, the hosts of the conference. There had been a lot of criticism, especially from some wives of heads of state who had come, but not one delegate had thanked them for hosting. Mother was the only one to thank them for hosting such an important event.

Alex Henshaw

Highlighting the role of women

We went to Beijing with Mother for the UN Women’s Conference in 1995 and we were helping there. Mother was highlighting the role of women.

Marcus Biggs

From The Divine Cool Breeze, September/October 1995

In April 1995 we in Hong Kong were asked whether we would be interested in attending the NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) UN Forum on Women to be held in Beijing in September in parallel with the UN Fourth World Conference on Women (UN-FWCW). We were of course, very interested. In true Sahaja style we had only one day before the cut-off date for applications, but about 16 yogis managed to apply. We then heard that Shri Mataji was keen to attend Herself. A yogini working for Unifem in New York had suggested Shri Mataji as a guest speaker. Soon afterwards, Shri Mataji was officially invited to speak.

Over the next few months we began to assemble exhibition material and to work out a strategy. It was also becoming apparent through correspondence and the media that the whole event was fraught with bureaucracy. The venue for the NGO Forum was shifted right out of Beijing, and we later heard that this happened at the same time Shri Mataji confirmed Her attendance.

Shri Mataji was invited to participate in a high-level inter-regional round-table, entitled ‘Building Bridges of Hope: Women Speak Out on Peace’. Countless faxes passed between Italy, the UK and China as everything began to fall into place. Because Shri Mataji had been invited to attend the UN Fourth World Conference on Women, She was allowed only to stay at an allocated hotel. It turned out to be a very good hotel with most helpful staff who were, for the duration of the conference, completely under the control of the security police. It was only with the permission of these individuals that we could even consider holding any sort of public event for Shri Mataji in the hotel.

Negotiations through these obstacles took a whole day and required our greatest powers of diplomacy, not to mention witnessing. However, at last we received permission from the head of the secret police to hold a public reception/programme for Shri Mataji. The floor of Her room was also under tight security and only forum or conference delegates would be allowed access.

The great connection that became apparent through this drama was the Conference Liaison Officer at the hotel, a lecturer of English in a Shanghai University. He became increasingly helpful and was truly a godsend. The following morning we went to the Jing Guang Hotel to transform Shri Mataji’s suite from a very dull collection of boring furniture into a beautiful abode for the Goddess, with flowers, artefacts and colourful cushions as well as the silk Afghanistan carpet which Shri Mataji later graciously accepted as a gift from the Hong Kong yogis.

Edwin Hou

Women have to understand their position in society

This is my story of Shri Mataji when we were in Beijing, China, at the United Nations Women’s Conference in 1995. I was part of the Hong Kong collective at that time and we got the exciting news that Shri Mataji had agreed to an invitation to attend the UN Women’s Conference as a panel speaker. Some of the Sahaja Yogis went too. Some got accredited to go and some just went anyway to support Shri Mataji, and also because there was a parallel NGO forum a week before that. Sahaja Yoga was an accredited NGO so we had a stall there. We also tried bhajans, and many people got their realisation.

Then came the day when we had prepared the hotel for Shri Mataji, and the car was all shining and clean and there were flowers inside. We went to the airport to pick Her up and She was supposed to come on Swissair from Zurich, directly from a puja at Cabella. The people arrived from the plane, and no Shri Mataji. We were getting nervous and She didn’t come. She was not on the flight, because the flight from Milan to Zurich had not arrived, because Alitalia was on strike. The yogis had organized a small private plane for Shri Mataji, but it had reached Zurich fifteen minutes late. Swissair was on time, and decided not to wait, even though the people in the small plane had radioed that She was on Her way, and was a VIP going to the Beijing UN conference. Shri Mataji then flew by Lufthansa, not Swissair. She had to spend the day in Zurich, and that was very nice for the Swiss Sahaja Yogis. Swissair went bankrupt soon after this.

Shri Mataji went on to Frankfurt and flew from there, so the next day we were on the airport in Beijing to receive Her. It was wonderful. She was fresh and radiant and ready to go to the conference.

Herbert Reiniger

Shri Mataji arriving in Beijing

Shri Mataji speaking at the UN Conference

Shri Mataji takes care of everything

The United Nations Agency where I worked was involved in the preparations for the World Conference of Women in Beijing, China, in 1995. As the chief of the Latin America and the Caribbean Section I was participating in the organization, and the women’s movement was organizing a parallel forum to the conference to take place in Huairu, a city a few hours distant from Beijing. Those less formal forums start a few days before the official conference and are used to highlight some of the more controversial issues. One of the events was a panel on Women and Peace. Shri Mataji was invited by my organization to be part of the panel.

When She arrived, She was led to a small room not far from the hall. As I came into the room and approached Shri Mataji I had the most amazing experience. I felt a strong hard-to-describe bubbling up from the base of my spine to my throat. At the same time I felt my whole body totally covered with goose-pumps. She looked at me and asked someone by Her side if I was a Yogini and he confirmed. My boss, who was by my side, commented afterwards that the room was very cold, with a cool breeze.

It was time for Shri Mataji to join the other panelists in this very huge conference room. A large banner welcoming Her was hanging in one of the walls. It was a great opportunity for me to see Her from very close.

I decided to take advantage of my contacts and found myself a good seat in the front row. The room soon became completely full. The panel opening was about to start when I noticed Shri Mataji’s eyes on me. At the same time I heard Her voice very clearly asking me why was I seating in the front row. I should be in the back with the other yogis distributing Her paper. It was so clear. I did not have any doubt She was talking to me through the subtle means available to Her.

I prepared to leave my place, feeling a bit embarrassed, when I saw a very tall African man coming towards my place and approaching my neighbour in a loud voice. He said that the First Lady from his country wanted to be on that panel and he was looking for a place for her. I immediately offered my place. When the First Lady arrived, all thankful, I gave her a big smile. I was the one that had to thank her for giving me the opportunity to vacate my place in a very inconspicuous way. Shri Mataji took care of everything.

Anna Brasileiro

From The Divine Cool Breeze, September 1995

Our trip to the airport with flowers and eager faces turned out to be a dress rehearsal, as no one informed us that Shri Mataji was now arriving the following day. An unannounced strike by Alitalia in Milan created a drama that began in a specially chartered flight plane and a bumpy trip over the Alps to Zurich to try to connect with the Swissair flight to Beijing. With great inauspiciousness Swissair would not wait the ten minutes it would have taken for Shri Mataji to board the flight. She was forced to stay overnight in Zurich (although much to the delight of the Swiss yogis), then travel the following day to Frankfurt to take the Lufthansa flight to Beijing.

Wednesday, 13th September found us all at the airport again. There was a moment of panic when we couldn’t see the flight on the arrivals board because it had arrived early. Our Chinese Liaison Officer worked it so that two of us could actually go inside to meet Shri Mataji and help with the luggage. After more than two days of travelling, She emerged through migration radiant, relaxed and beautiful, a glorious sight for Her expectant children.

What a momentous occasion, the Lotus Feet of Shri Mataji on the earth of China once more. She graciously accepted our flowers and then travelled straight to the conference site with half an hour to spare. The yogis arrived at the conference to find Shri Mataji sipping tea in the VIP room, chatting with the other delegates. She looked so fresh, not a crease on Her beautiful deep blue sari.

Edwin Hou

Shri Mataji was just smiling

When Shri Mataji entered the conference hall it was already filling up. There was a panel of ladies already there, a mixture of peoples and nations from around the world and She was sitting more or less in the centre of this long panel. Most of the speakers were feminists and were talking war talk – we have to win the war against the men, we have to fight the battle, conquer them and this and that. The woman before Shri Mataji was very tall and strong and was literally pounding the table as she spoke.

Shri Mataji was just smiling at us and it was so sweet to see Her there. Then She took the microphone, and the lecture is known, but the contrast was so evident. Her words were of love and compassion, and that women have to understand their position in society, and their role, and the two wheels of the same wagon and everything. The media was thrilled and all the TV cameras zoomed in on Her immediately. When She finished Her talk She got really big applause, and then She left the panel while all the other ladies stayed. The media went with Her; they didn’t bother about who spoke after Shri Mataji. They interviewed Her and She elaborated on Her lecture.

Herbert Reiniger

From The Divine Cool Breeze, September 1995

The event began with the six speakers along a table facing the audience of about 200. Shri Mataji was respectfully introduced as the second speaker. She read the fourteen page speech She and Sir CP had written, graciously thanking the Chinese government for hosting the event and then enthralling the audience with Her words of wisdom and hope.

This is beyond My imagination, the most glorious time in the history of the world, that at this time we are so much aware of the problems of women,’ Shri Mataji began.

Shri Mataji criticised the Swiss banks and the corrupt officials at the receiving end of UN aid who take the money raised for poor children and women. This was applauded loudly by the audience. Then She told them about Sahaja Yoga as the only solution to the word’s problems. The talk was far longer than that of any of the other speakers, although Shri Mataji didn’t read the entire prepared speech.

Some of the others spoke aggressively of the problems faced by women in areas of conflict and several referred to Shri Mataji’s solution for world peace. One woman in particular was very impressive. She is Marta Benevides from El Salvador, and later Shri Mataji said she is born realised. In Her final minute of response, Shri Mataji told the audience a little more about Sahaja Yoga.

One could sense a real interest in, and respect for, Shri Mataji’s message. At the conclusion She was warmly congratulated by many people as She passed through the audience. She took people’s hands, gave realisation and spoke warmly to quite a few people.

Thank Her for touching me, I feel wonderful,’ a UNICEF lady delegate from the Philippines asked us.

Edwin Hou

The Chinese security service

We went back to the hotel and Shri Mataji was able to have some rest. Food was prepared by the yogis for Her.

The Chinese Security Service was concerned about all the foreigners coming into Beijing, because thousands of delegates were swarming into the city. They observed each and every one of them. When we got out of the elevator in the hotel everyone had to sign a big book, including Shri Mataji. To begin with we had to sign this book whenever we went in or out, but after a while everything got more relaxed.

Shri Mataji expressed a desire to meet the Premier of China, as She had met him years before with Sir CP, through his United Nations work, so we tried, but it didn’t work out. The security people became more friendly and spoke English to us. They asked us about Shri Mataji and why we were all so humble around Her, and why we adored Her, and what was so special about Her? So we told them and although they were not ready for their realisation, they were respectful. A few hours later, one of the security men took me into a room and closed the door.

We are confused,’ he began, ‘because you are all talking so positively about China, while all the other delegates are very negative about China.’ I replied that I did not know about this. He went on. ‘I am very impressed, not only for what you say about China, but for the respect you show to that lady who is with you and I would like to know more about that.’ So I told him who She was, and why She was here, and the purpose of all this.

Herbert Reiniger

That’s better!

Shri Mataji was in Beijing for the UN Women’s Conference. We were in Her hotel room with Her watching the CNN news. The newscaster was talking too fast, and Shri Mataji pointed Her right hand towards the TV and raised Her left channel and brought down his right channel a few times. The newscaster immediately slowed down and spoke more clearly.

That’s better,’ Shri Mataji said, and we all laughed.

Lily Chen

I have become a movie star!

We organized a public programme, even though it might be forbidden, and distributed invitations to a meeting with Shri Mataji in the hotel, maybe about forty. We booked a hall for about a hundred people, and began with some bhajans. When we were singing Vishvavandita Shri Mataji came into the room. By then the hall was full. I saw some of the security people and they indicated that it was all right.

After we had finished the bhajans, Shri Mataji started speaking. She spoke for over an hour in a very animated way, making jokes, making people laugh, speaking in a beautiful way about China, its rich heritage and culture, and the roots of spirituality, and Confucius and Lao-tse as Adi Gurus and all these wonderful things. Then came the part of self realisation and everything went fine. It was all translated into Chinese and after it was finished the people were so enthusiastic, it was amazing to see how they reacted. Joy poured out from everywhere.

Herbert Reiniger

The Kundalini of China

After the formal programme at the UN conference, we arranged a gathering of people. We had arranged it at the hotel where Shri Mataji was staying and we promoted it at the conference. Shri Mataji did not formally give realisation, but did give a beautiful talk about the Yangtze River, and travelling down the river. She said afterwards that this river is the Kundalini of China, and She talked about the relationship between the Tao and the Kundalini, and how Lao-Tse, a great realised master, had described in his poetry about the Mother and Tao.

She also praised the Chinese people for their spirituality and acknowledged that China was a spiritual country. She was awakening the Kundalini of the whole of China, so it was a very special time, and we also had some bhajans. There were some journalists present, and one has recently, in 2006, come to Sahaja Yoga.

Alex Henshaw

Public programme in the hotel in Beijing

The most humble people in the world

During the visit to Beijing, at the UN programme, we tried to organise a public programme in the function room of Mother’s hotel. We invited our friends, our relatives and a few people who we met at the NGO forum the week before and some people attended. We also found a company to film the programme. Shri Mataji told the people who came that the roots of Chinese culture are quite deep and Chinese are some of the most humble people in the world. She made a comparison between the Americans and the Chinese. She also said the Chinese would not accept anyone like a false guru, for example the one who was Mahishasura in a past lifetime, because they have good sense, but warned that the Americans will accept people like this. She said that if Sahaja Yoga spreads in China, it would spread like wildfire. China is a fertile soil for spirituality.

Edwin Hou

I have become a movie star

I particularly remember three middle aged ladies who had been sitting in the front row. They rushed up to Shri Mataji after the programme, and hugged Her, and kissed Her, and Shri Mataji hugged them and kissed them on the cheeks, and then they pulled out some little note books and wanted to have Her autograph. Shri Mataji obliged, and signed, and wrote little things in their books. Over Her shoulder She smiled at us.

Look at this,’ She laughed, ‘now I have become a movie star! I have to give autographs.’

These three ladies had come by bicycle for three days and just by chance stopped over in Beijing to attend this programme, and I have no clue how they heard about it. Shri Mataji asked some of us to stay behind and get this group going, but the person had to leave soon after.

Herbert Reiniger

Shri Mataji with a new lady at the public programme

The Beijing public programme

From The Divine Cool Breeze, September 1995

The event was covered by Indian TV and an Italian news crew. During the afternoon, in Her hotel room (which She so sweetly admired), Shri Mataji spoke enthusiastically about the conference and discussed the other speakers. Much to our delight, She agreed to our suggestion of bhajans to commence the public programme, and was surprised to hear we had brought harmonium, guitar and dholak from Hong Kong just in case. She rested briefly before coming downstairs, looking so beautiful in a sari that defied description.

A large, elegant function room in the hotel was prepared with chairs and flowers and we managed to hire a professional video cameraman to film it all. By 7:30 about forty people had arrived, mostly Chinese, invited from the NGO at Huairou, some officials from the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a number of press reporters, plus the security police. Many of the seekers had travelled long distances from other provinces, some by bicycle. The Cultural Attaché had received his realisation in Austria the previous year and had met Shri Mataji there. She warmly welcomed him.

The programme was beautiful in every way. Shri Mataji spoke for more than two hours – a beautiful talk full of stories and humour. She spoke of Lao Tse and His description of the Yangtze River, where Shri Mataji Herself has travelled. Describing its beauty, She said She had sat outside on the deck for twelve hours just taking in the splendour of the scenery. She praised the Chinese many times, drawing on similarities between Chinese and Indian cultures. She told so many funny stories, and then patiently listened to and answered many questions.

At the end everyone felt the cool breeze without the realisation process. Then the audience wanted Shri Mataji’s autograph and to be photographed with Her, so for about twenty minutes She obliged them. It was very innocent and sweet and touched Shri Mataji’s heart. She was very happy with the programme, the first in China.

Perhaps the most astonishing aspect of the day was the fact that Shri Mataji had arrived after travelling for three days, She had attended two three-hour programs and had waited while Her official UN pass was prepared, She had welcomed all the yogis personally, had given realisation, met numerous people, and had absorbed all the difficult vibrations of Beijing (yes, it was a city transformed – our headaches disappeared). In all these She had been the perfect loving Mother, guru, diplomat, scientist and more. Our sense of awe was beyond words.

Edwin Hou

They are beautiful

While we were shopping at a carpet shop in Beijing and I was standing beside Shri Mataji in Her wheel chair. I was just looking at Shri Mataji’s Feet and thinking how perfect they looked. At that moment She turned to me and made a remark about them, with a smile on Her face.

They are beautiful,’ I said to Her.

Lily Chen

Now put your hands out

We were in the hotel, and for a couple of days it was quite busy, but then we had a day when we went to do some shopping. Shri Mataji wanted to buy carpets, so we went to a state run carpet shop. They had the most beautiful silk carpets which were copies of Kashmiri designs. Shri Mataji said that they were even better than the originals. They were handmade and we were looking at all the carpets, and She had Her Feet on some. The manager of the shop came over and was assisting us, because we were looking at so many carpets. The time for the shop to close came, but he kept it open for us because he knew that we were serious about buying carpets. We were asking about prices and they were not cheap, but were reasonable.

You could see that at first the gentleman was flustered, but then Shri Mataji put Her attention on him, and his Kundalini came up and he went thoughtless.

Look, this is my cost,’ he said, ‘and I need to make some profit, so give me something, but if you buy so many you can buy at a very cheap price.’ So he gave us a very reasonable price. Shri Mataji bought about seven or eight carpets, really big ones, and you could see that She was really enjoying their beauty.

Another time we went shopping in a department store and this was quite an amazing experience. Shri Mataji bought some china, and carvings, but each time we went to a department the shop assistants in that particular department would get their realisation. Pretty soon there was a big gathering of people including the shop manager, so at one stage there were about twenty people there watching Shri Mataji doing Her shopping.

Now put your hands out,’ She said, and was smiling. They did so and all got their realisation, including the manager. They gave Shri Mataji a lot of gifts. By the end we had roughly one ton of shopping to bring back, including the carpets and these had to go to India.

Alex Henshaw

From The Divine Cool Breeze, September 1995

In the handful of shops that Shri Mataji patronised over the two free days, the shopkeepers and salespeople filmed and photographed Her, then queued humbly to receive their self realisation. In a large department store, a sweet young salesman told Shri Mataji of a poem he had read about the Goddess Niranjana riding on a tiger. Later, Shri Mataji blessed a yogi’s two week-old baby girl with this name. Sitting in a huge silk carpet shop among piles of beautiful carpets, Shri Mataji spoke about the bija mantras and repeated them over and over to us. We learned so much about qualities of carpets, pearls and terra-cotta. These most glorious moments stretched the days into lifetimes.

Now I am going to give you a gift, something you cannot pay for,’ Shri Mataji would everywhere conclude by saying.

Kundalinis would dance, vibrations would flow and smiles of peace would shine on all faces. Perhaps it was our desire that kept Shri Mataji with us an extra day, but eventually even that day ended.

Edwin Hou

Shopping in Beijing

They will teach you everything

We had the chance to do some shopping with Shri Mataji in Beijing. The products Shri Mataji bought there were for the new home of Her granddaughter. Other things were souvenirs and handicrafts, a lot of small things and also the carpets.

When we were waiting for the shopkeeper to check the bill, Shri Mataji was talking to us about the chakras, and said that Sanskrit is a very scientific language. The number of vowels, for example, has a correspondence with the number of petals in the Vishuddhi chakra. At one place, Mother waved to the sales people, and took their hands.

Come, come,’ She said, and asked them, ‘Do you feel the peace now?’ Some of them said they did, and She at once told them what their problem was – such as worries about their families or personal problems. She told them to just relax and they would be all right. There were only two Chinese yogis doing the shopping with Shri Mataji, and She pointed to them and said, ‘They will come back and teach you everything.’

When Shri Mataji was shopping, several yogis went with Her. It was interesting to see how Mother did the shopping in that type of a shop. We went in with two other yogis. After half an hour the whole shop was chaos, because Herbert would pick up each carpet and wait for Mother to nod Her head and put it aside. Right after that She asked for things from other shops and bought nearly a ton of products from Beijing.

She didn’t want them shipped straight back to India, but first to Hong Kong and then the Australian yogis could pick it all up on their way to Ganapatipule. It was amazing when these things arrived in Hong Kong – pictures, porcelain, carpets and a lot of tea sets. We filled up a whole room with these things, and when I picked up a small carpet it was so cool on my hand.

Edwin Hou

Shri Mataji’s autograph

When Shri Mataji was shopping in Beijing, a lot of people realised She was someone special, because of the amount of shopping She did and also the credit card She showed. So they asked for Her autograph in the guest book of the shop. This is a Chinese tradition. People also asked for Her autograph at the Beijing public programme.

Edwin Hou

Shri Mataji giving Her autograph while shopping

He will be ok

When we went to the UN conference in Beijing, my wife’s father was quite ill in the hospital with cancer of the stomach. My wife wanted to go back early.

He will be ok,’ Shri Mataji told her. So we stayed, and when we did eventually return, my father-in-law had a successful operation and is still alive eleven years later (in 2006). Before She went to Beijing, we had had lunch at Repulse Bay with Shri Mataji in a restaurant there. At that time we had given self realisation to a relative in mainland China who was quite sick with a serious kidney problem. He had too much responsibility – right side drained out. We had a photo of him and we showed it to Shri Mataji and She made a bandhan on it.

He will be all right,’ She had said. And he lived another ten years without the transplant.

Edwin Hou

From The Divine Cool Breeze, September 1995

During the following two days there was much discussion with Shri Mataji concerning the best way to spread Sahaja Yoga in China. All along it has been felt so important to establish Sahaja Yoga through the official channels, observing all the necessary protocol. Our Chinese liaison officer reported that his superiors in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were extremely pleased with their initial impressions of Sahaja Yogis and particularly with everything Shri Mataji said.

Shri Mataji affirmed that as the Chinese are innately a great spiritual people they will take to Sahaja Yoga very rapidly, but the initial introduction is extremely important. The accompanying political and social transformation would be gradual and gentle. She put a lot of attention on the Premier, Mr Li Peng, whom Shri Mataji and Sir CP had met in the 1970’s. The famous photo of him standing between the Srivastavas was forwarded to him with a letter inviting him most respectfully to meet with Shri Mataji again. However, during such a brief visit, nothing could be arranged.

Shri Mataji suggested that we organize a medical conference and make a submission to the Ministry of Health to assist in official recognition of Sahaja Yoga. She mentioned all the doctors in Australia as being able to help and participate.

Shri Mataji asked Lyndon, a Sahaja Yogi, to stay in Beijing and gave him a lot of advice for his job interviews. He came to ask for Shri Mataji’s blessings before he went for an interview at a Japanese school. For an amazing half hour, She gave him a crash course in Japanese culture. She taught him the correct protocol for an interview, as well as some phrases in Japanese. She told him what questions to ask, all about Japanese gardens, hobbies and the economy. She changed his hairstyle and suggested he wear a dark suit, tie and shoes. He was offered a teaching position in one of the universities in Beijing.

Edwin Hou

A birthday party

The following morning the Hong Kong collective, as well as the yogis who had come from other parts of the world for this special event, gathered in Shri Mataji’s sitting room. A small aarti was done and Shri Mataji lovingly gave all the ladies gifts of brooches and earrings, matching the right colour with the right girl, and then a huge pile of Swiss chocolate for everyone.

A birthday party

After shopping with Shri Mataji in Beijing, we bought a birthday cake for Lyndon, seen blowing out the candle, in the middle of the three Sahaja Yogis. Then they told Shri Mataji that the following day was also wedding anniversary for Edwin, seen on the right, and Florence. So somehow it was proposed we all blew the candles together in the presence of Shri Mataji, in Her hotel room.

Edwin Hou

How do I follow You?

As we were moving towards the departure gate, a gentleman who had been watching from afar came forward. He fell at Shri Mataji’s Feet.

How do I follow You? I can see You are a great spiritual master. I just want to be Your disciple,’ He said to Shri Mataji, through an interpreter. This gentleman had been a devout Buddhist and had recognised Shri Mataji as Shri Maitreya. We spoke to him afterwards.

Another amazing thing like this had happened at the public programme. The head of the Buddhist movement in China had attended the press conference and programme that we had held in the hotel. He had had a dream of Shri Mataji a week or so before, and also recognised that She was Shri Maitreya.

Alex Henshaw

He is a real seeker

When Shri Mataji left Beijing, at Beijing Airport, suddenly there was a gentleman, a Chinese man, who was also seeing someone off, and he saw Shri Mataji from a distance and walked past Her. He knelt down and namaskared to Mother, just like that.

He is a real seeker,’ She said. He was not living in Beijing, and had just come there by chance to see his friend off at the airport, where he recognised Shri Mataji. After that he wrote Her a letter and praised Shri Mataji as a real guru.

Edwin Hou

A beautiful event

When we were leaving at the airport a TV news crew came and interviewed Shri Mataji, out of the blue, as She was leaving. They asked Her how She had found the conference, and She again thanked the Chinese government for hosting such a beautiful event. It was a very special time.

Alex Henshaw

Ten million saw Her image

At the airport, Central China TV was filming the departure of the delegates of the UN conference. A reporter came to Shri Mataji, and She really thanked the Chinese people for holding such a beautiful conference.

I have left My heart in China, as Tagore once said,’ She said.

We didn’t know about the importance of the reporter at the airport. When we returned to the hotel we thought there may be a chance that the evening news might have something about it. At the end there was a special programme of about twenty minutes about the conference. A small part was about the departure of the delegates, what was their view of the conference. They used Shri Mataji’s image as the huge backdrop of the video wall. They used Shri Mataji’s impression, Her quote of Tagore’s feeling of China as the conclusion of the whole programme. When they showed all the names of the film crews at the end of the programme, Shri Mataji’s huge image was there, on the video wall for more than one minute. Ten million people around China saw this image.

I have left My heart in China. If the Chinese people invite Me, I will come back,’ Shri Mataji said.

Edwin Hou

An amazing end to Shri Mataji’s trip to China

I wheeled Shri Mataji in Her wheelchair all the way through Immigration and down to the plane, right through all the security, and She was flying off to Moscow after that.

The final amazing thing was that on the national Chinese news, CCTV, Shri Mataji’s interview was shown in full. After the news had finished, they left the picture of Shri Mataji, showing a whole wall behind which was Shri Mataji’s face. This went on for two or three minutes while the final titles were showing, to millions of viewers across China: an amazing end to Shri Mataji’s trip to China.

Alex Henshaw

Shri Mataji’s picture with its beautiful vibrations

When Shri Mataji was leaving the media were waiting for Her on the airport. The Chinese National TV wanted to have an interview with Her. Shri Mataji agreed, and while She was wheeled through the customs the TV crew followed Her. They asked very sweet questions and Mother answered it in a very beautiful way, and it was an amazingly comfortable atmosphere. The TV people didn’t want to switch off the cameras.

Finally Shri Mataji left and we felt a little sad. We returned to the hotel and somehow turned on the TV. As soon as I turned it on, there was Shri Mataji’s picture on all the national television stations. It was that same interview and the whole was shown. When the news finished, during the credits, which ran for another thirty seconds, they had Shri Mataji’s picture with its beautiful vibrations, as a backdrop. So in that way Mother reached all over China. None of us could ever have dreamed of such an accomplishment.

Herbert Reiniger

Shri Mataji’s photo as the background to the news programme on China TV

The wording translates as: The Central TV Station, the News Criticism Section