Chapter 17: 1986 – January to March, India

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

Go and sing

One day in 1985, at Dharmshala I was doing my music practice when I felt the urge to write a song. I had been humming the first two stanzas of a traditional Devi song. I got up and started writing. It kept flowing and the song was made.

That year at Ganapatipule Shri Mataji asked the North Indian ladies to come on stage. I too went and stood with the sari.

You have done many pujas, you go and sing,’ She said.

I was wondering, thinking, ‘But I have never done any puja except for one in Vaitarna,’ so I went down and started singing. At that moment they were just starting Her decoration. I opened my book and it opened on the page where my bhajan Tere Charana de Heth was. Nervously I decided to sing it. I was lost in singing and when the song finished Shri Mataji had been fully decorated.

Later the ladies on stage told me that each verse was going exactly as the shringar (puja decoration) was.

Deepa Mahajan

Shri Mataji at Malgond. 1986


On 2nd January 1986, in the morning, on the seashore near the MTDC quarters, during the haldi ceremony for the Sahaja Yoga marriages, Shri Mataji applied haldi (turmeric) power paste over Her body and also gave it to those of us Sahaja Yogis standing nearby. When I applied the haldi on my body, I found that air was erupting from my whole body. I was surprised to observe the happening and this further strengthened my faith in Sahaja Yoga.

RR Singh

Where is your husband?

The first marriages in Ganapatipule were in January 1986. On the beach at the haldi ceremony, Shri Mataji spoke strongly to us women.

If you don’t want to marry, tell Me now. I don’t want you to make a man unhappy. Never argue with your husband. Your only job is to nourish him with your love. If he is doing something wrong, just do a bandhan. You are the left side and all the deities and ganas will help you.’

At 5 pm, all the couples had to meet under the pendal to get their marriage jewellery from Shri Mataji. I was sitting second in the row but my future husband was the only one missing. I was meditating. Suddenly I heard the voice of Shri Mataji.

Christine, where is your husband?’ She said.

I don’t know,’ I answered.

I tried to meditate but I went completely on the left side, thinking he was like all the other ones who left me.

But where is your husband?’ Again the voice of Shri Mataji, and the same answer from me, but this time I went on the right side, angry he didn’t come. I was lost in the turmoil of thoughts and emotions. Again I heard the voice of Shri Mataji and the same answer from me. This time, She started laughing saying to the people, ‘Look at her, She even doesn’t know who her husband is.’ Because of the turmoil in which I was, I didn’t hear that She asked who my husband was. Of course, everyone was laughing and I felt so embarrassed and desperate. Suddenly I remembered Mother’s words, ‘Just give a bandhan.’ I closed my eyes.

You know where he is,’ I said while doing the bandhan. I opened my eyes and he was standing smiling near me and took his place in the row.

You see, it is working,’ Shri Mataji looked at me and said.

Christine Haage

A drop in the ocean

During the my second India tour in 1985/86, on the morning of the weddings in Ganapatipule, after the haldi ceremony Shri Mataji said we should go and wash in the sea and we would feel like a drop in the ocean. So I went to the sea to rinse the haldi with another yogini. We swam for a bit and at one moment, we were both floating on our backs very quietly and at that moment I felt like I had no more body, like I was a part of the ocean, a very pleasant feeling. I was without limits, just one with the sea. I told my friend and she said she had the same experience. At that moment we had forgotten what Shri Mataji had said in the morning.

Trupta de Graaf

A present for each and every person

During the Ganapatipule seminars in the 1980’s there was always a night when, after the different bhajans given by Indian yogis, after the dance performances, after the grand concert given by a famous artist, Shri Mataji used to give presents to all the Indian Sahaja Yogis and Yoginis. There was a huge queue of thousands of people and Shri Mataji would personally give a present to each and every person and it would last for hours and hours until the sky would whiten with dawn. We, the Western Sahaja Yogis, were sitting watching this divine allegory of infinite love and generosity.

 Christophe Rivaud

You are a cell in My heart

This is a dark story, but instructional. In 1985, when I was living in Dehra Dun, there was a young Sahaja Yogini who was very pretty and vivacious, but had some problems and was very dishonest. At least three prominent Sahaja Yogis felt she should have a Sahaja marriage, although I was not in favour. I tried to warn them about her but they felt I was seeing negativity when there wasn’t any.

At the end of the year she, and I, went to Ganapatipule, and a marriage was arranged for her. The morning before the marriages, Shri Mataji sent a responsible Sahaja Yogi to me.

Mother wants to know if you think this marriage should go ahead,’ he asked.

I am sure she must be a very nice girl so I suppose it should,’ I replied

I did not know what to say; by this time I was totally confused – I assumed I had misjudged her and most of all did not dare go against the leaders. The marriage went ahead, and after Ganapatipule we were in the villages on the tour, with Shri Mataji.

You are a thorn in My heart, why do you give Me such pain?’ She said to me.

I was very shaken, but could not figure out what I had done wrong. As always when Mother got angry, I felt wonderful afterwards, a deep inner peace, because all the negativity ran away.

The following year, Shri Mataji called me into Her room at Ganapatipule. There were four or five prominent Sahaja Yogis with Her.

Why did you let that marriage go ahead? The young man that girl married is absolutely ruined,’ She began.

I have to obey the leaders, and they strongly implied I was wrong to say anything against her,’ I said.

Who runs Sahaja Yoga, Me or the leaders?’ Shri Mataji asked.

You do, Mother,’ I replied.

Why did you not use your vibrations?’

In fact, I had been too afraid to stand up for myself. Mother went on being angry with me for some time, and then sent the leaders away.

Why are you looking so worried? It’s only a drama!’ She said, and was not at all angry anymore.

Some years later the girl caused a lot of trouble for some Sahaja Yogis and Sahaja Yoga. I asked Shri Mataji how this could be, and She said the following:

We have to let everyone through the door of Sahaja Yoga.’

Linda Williams

Shri Mataji said exactly what was in my mind

There was a public programme in Ratnagiri, near Ganapatipule, in January 1986. Though I had attended the Ganapatipule seminar just before that, I was quite new in Sahaja Yoga. Many people came to the public programme and at the end the seekers lined up to ask questions to Shri Mataji.

I used to suffer from dizziness most of the time in those days, so I wanted to ask Shri Mataji what treatment I could do for this. In Mumbai (where I am originally from) there were so many people that this would be the best opportunity to ask the question. I stood in the queue and when I neared the stage, Shri Mataji was busy talking and working on new people.

Why are you standing here in the queue? You are from Mumbai. Ask your questions in Mumbai,’ a Sahaja Yogi uncle said.

Mumbai is so crowded, how can she ask me any question there?’ Shri Mataji said to him, before I said anything. ‘Better tell me now, what is your question?’

I was completely melted in Her love and vibrations, because She said exactly what was in my mind. She asked me to not to eat oily food and take radish leaf water to resolve the problem, and since then I never had the problem again. She showed me so much concern and care after I asked Shri Adi Shakti such a simple question.

Maneesha Shanbhag-Cruz

Crystals from Ajanta

It was the 1985/86 India Tour, in early 1986. I was a part of the video crew and we went to stay in Shri Mataji’s house in Aurangabad. Shri Mataji had some programmes there. We went to visit the caves at Ellora and Ajanta. At Ajanta we did some filming at the Buddhist caves, and collected some souvenirs, including some geode stones, which, when you cracked them open, had amethysts or crystals inside them. We came back to Shri Mataji’s brother’s house, where She was staying, and met with Her in the evening, and everyone was showing Her the stones. Some people offered them to Shri Mataji, but I was a new Sahaja Yogi at the time and did not understand that when they were offering them to Mother, it was an honour to offer anything to Her. So I did not offer mine, as I wanted to keep them.

Meanwhile Shri Mataji was opening up the stones and handling them, and looking at the crystals, and commenting on them. After that She would hand them back to the people who had handed them to Her, beautifully vibrated. I realised that in my own selfishness I had deprived myself of the ultimate pleasure of having Shri Mataji vibrate the stones I had bought.

Whatever you surrender to the Divine, you get back many times over.

Phil Trumbo

India Tour, 1985/6, Rahuri (diary entry)

We are at a large camp near Rahuri, staying by the side of a dam, close to the Ekadesha Rudra temple, where we had a beautiful collective meditation. Last night we saw Shri Mataji at two public programmes. We were late for the programmes and She had to wait for us to arrive before starting. When we entered the room, the vibrations began to circulate and Shri Mataji said that now we not only have the ability to receive vibrations but also to emit them, which is another blessing She has given us. At the end we all went up on the stage to help give realisation to any people who had problems.

Yesterday was also a wonderful day. First we went for a bathe in the river, then we had a meal, then we went to a nearby village for a procession and a public programme. The procession began when Shri Mataji arrived on a bullock cart. It was very short and ended in the village square, which was full of people. It was very impressive to see literally thousands of people waiting for Shri Mataji’s talk. They were silent and attentive, and by the end of the evening could hardly believe what they had received.

On the 12th January, in the evening, we went to a public programme at Shrirampur, near Rahuri. Shri Mataji arrived late and the introduction had been done by two of the Western Sahaja Yogis. The stage was in the form of a large bandhan and Shri Mataji was seated in the centre. At the end everyone was able to come to Her Feet and receive Her darshan. She was so beautiful – She smiled at everyone and was so ‘prasanna’, pleased.

On the 13th we were with Shri Mataji the whole day. She came to the camp at the dam and was seated in the big tent from ten in the morning until late in the night. She spoke to us at length and answered questions on diseases and the Sahaja therapies for them.

At five in the afternoon we had a meal and both we and Shri Mataji had a rest for about an hour. After that we returned to the tent for a music and dance show. Some young Sahaja Yogis performed in front of Shri Mataji, some Bharat Natyam dances, and Shri Mataji was very pleased that they had mastered this classical Indian dance form.

Alessandra Pallini

India tour camp, Rahuri

Shri Mataji at Rahuri

The Ekadesha Rudra Swayambhu

We were staying in pendals in the dried up area of a reservoir. During that stay we visited the swayambhu there. When the dam was being built many years before, the construction engineers had tried to cover these stones up, but each time they poured cement the next day the stones would re-emerge. Eventually they gave up and built a wall around the swayambhu. Mother spent ages telling us all about medical matters one day there.

The photo shows Shri Mataji making offerings to the stones.

Auriol Purdie 

Medicine for the foreigners

On the India tour we were camping by a dam near Rahuri near an Ekadesha Rudra temple. There was an impromptu medical conference and Shri Mataji answered questions about health, and a lot of people had stomach problems because it was before the days of bottled water. I was living at an Ayurvedic medicines factory then, in Dehra Dun, and had brought a box of bottles of Amritdhara, their famous patent medicine, which is brilliant for bad tummies, as presents for the foreigners. I went up to Shri Mataji and gave Her the box of medicines. She was delighted and thanked me very much. She gave out the bottles to anyone who needed them, which was a lot of people, and it really helped.

Linda Williams

Fragrant music

One day I was in India in one of those magical trips through Maharashtra when Western Sahaja Yogis would board the buses and travel on dusty roads for hours on end to arrive at surprise places like a temple by a river or a village where a programme would be organized. We would always be welcomed with a meal that we would eat with our fingers, sitting on the ground. Delicious vegetarian food would be served on banana leaves. Shri Mataji would very often wonderfully surprise us by meeting us at the programme or She would travel in front of the buses in Her grey Ambassador car with number plates MTJ. So one day we arrived at a music programme organised by a young orchestra of yuva shaktis. Mother was present and I was sitting next to Her with Her bag on my lap and these beautiful young Indian people started to play heavenly music: I felt totally overjoyed and in my heart I was praying, saying to myself, ‘Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have children so talented as to express such fragrant music, giving so much joy to people.’

At the end Shri Mataji asked for Her purse and took some money out and gave it to me to give to the yuvas. I was obviously very pleased to have this mission to fulfil and thanked Her and She looked at me with a smile. Soon after I got pregnant with my third child, and not even one year later with our twin girls. As it happens the three of them sing beautifully and now the twins are trained at singing classical Indian music – one professionally – and have delighted lots of people with their voices. What a wonderful leela of the Divine!

Antoinette Wells 

Meeting collectively

When I began running programmes in Dehra Dun, I asked Shri Mataji how often people should meet collectively, and She said that once a week was good.

Linda Williams

Peanut oil can be very damaging

When I was living in Dehra Dun, North India, one of the new Sahaja Yogis there had a daughter who had leukoderma, also called vitilego, a harmless condition where the skin becomes discoloured and gets unsightly white patches. I asked Shri Mataji about it and She said it was caused and/or made much worse by the use of peanut oil in cooking. Sure enough, the lady told me she always used peanut oil for cooking. On another occasion Shri Mataji told us to avoid peanuts as they are very bad for the liver.

Linda Williams

Thirsty work

On one occasion during the India tour Shri Mataji had been standing in the hot sun for a long time while She was purchasing saris for all the Sahaja Yoginis present, and for the weddings. All the Sahaja Yogis had assembled while Shri Mataji chose and negotiated the price of each item. 

Though it was a fair distance to Her house it seemed obvious that someone should get a chair for Her as well as a parasol and some water, so first I brought a large chair.  Seeing it, Shri Mataji gave a sigh of relief but also a mild look of censure as if saying, ‘Why did it take so long?’

I rushed back to the house again and got a big parasol and finally on a last trip a tray with a jug and a glass. On arrival it was very reassuring being greeted by Shri Mataji’s silent loving look. I kept filling up the glass of water, but as soon as water was poured She drank it immediately and in less than five minutes She had drunk a large jug of water.

Shri Mataji seemed amused that I was a perplexed by Her capacity to consume a full jug of water in such a short time.  Though not a single word was exchanged, with Her face alone She was communicating Her joyful playfulness.  

Luis Garrido

Go and see Shri Mataji

The first time I met Shri Mataji was in India in the early 1980’s. All the Australians went to see Her and my bad eyesight was mentioned. The problem is a degeneration which affects more the centre of the eye, so I have a bit of side vision and not much central vision. At that time Shri Mataji said it could have stemmed from living in Jersey, an island to the south of England. Shri Mataji suggested we ate ghee and used fire on the Back Agnya using a ghee lamp.

At Rahuri, when I got married, we were having the legal wedding in a tent next to where Shri Mataji was talking about various cures. We went in at the end of the talk and Shri Mataji asked that if anyone had any physical problems, they were to go and see Her. I felt, as I had just got married, I was fine.

Go and see Mother,’ people kept saying to me. I was sitting there, and Mother looked over to me and asked someone why I was looking so unhappy. I wasn’t feeling unhappy, but obviously She felt something, and they must have mentioned my bad eyesight and She asked me to go up to Her, and my husband and I went up. She asked me to look at Her Feet, and ask in my heart for my eyes to see Her Feet. They became a bit clearer, and She asked me to look at Her bangles, then one or two broke. Then She looked as though She was tying something up in Her wrist. After that She got up and walked out and apparently threw something into a lake outside the pendal.

There was another experience in Sydney. This was after a public programme, and a lot of people were going up and being worked on. ‘Oh, to be new again!’ I thought, then found myself in front of Mother. Maybe She asked me to go up. I had to sit at Her Feet, and turn around and sit with my back towards Her. She whispered mantras into my left ear, Shri Vishnumaya, and Shri Vitthala Rukmini in the right ear. Then She manipulated my neck, and after that told me to use ice on the Back Agnya and on the liver, so it changed from fire to ice.

Bel Henshaw

The newsletter written to the American Sahaja Yogis after the 1985/6 India Tour

It was the Goddess Vishnumaya

In February 1986, Shri Mataji very sweetly asked me if I could drive Her to Rajasthan and I was delighted. I was quite surprised that I wrote almost twenty-four songs in just a few days, while in Her presence. Finally, we drove back to Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. On the way, She asked me if I could go with Her to Mumbai, as She had no one accompanying Her on the flight. She told me that I would have to sleep outside Her room, as She was staying in a one bedroomed flat. She enquired if I would be comfortable and I was simply thrilled.

When Shri Mataji first met me in 1982, She worked on my left Vishuddhi, and just prior to our departure for Mumbai, something extraordinary happened. She was sitting with about forty yogis meditating in front of Her, and I had just entered from the opposite door into the big drawing room of Mrs. Pardal’s home in Jaipur.

I could see Shri Mataji directly face to face. Her eyes were closed and there was complete silence. Then all of a sudden the candle flame on the opposite wall flickered very hard and I heard a swish kind of a sound coming from the left of the room. The moment I turned towards it, I saw a big ball of fire entering through the wall, and it circled around the room so very fast that in a jiffy, and in a wink of the eye, it went through to the other side of the wall and disappeared. Its light was still lingering in the room as I gazed towards this miraculous happening. At that very moment, my eye met Mother’s, as She suddenly opened Her eyes and looked directly into mine. She smiled at me and shut Her eyes again.

None of the forty yogis in the room saw this miracle. They sat unmoved, as if nothing had happened. Soon after, when Mother sat relaxed in Her chair and the yogis had got up and were moving around, I went and asked a few of them if they had seen anything. No one acknowledged it. I could not contain myself and went to Shri Mataji. Before I could even utter a word to Her, She whisperingly told me, by cupping Her fingers around my ear, not to panic, as it was the Goddess Vishnumaya. Then She emphasized that it was my own Vishnumaya that I saw, having just finished with my clearing, and that I was now free from guilt. She told me that I could now freely express myself and I need not fear anyone. She also said there was a lot of potential in me which could be tapped, and She was working on it.

I ran to another room, unable to contain my joy. I returned after a few moments and sat at Mother’s Feet. I had brought a paper and a pen and was writing a poem and reading it aloud to Shri Mataji. She closed Her eyes and began talking in prose and I jotted down every word She spoke. It was filling up the words of my poem and at the end of it a beautiful song was born – Jeevan hai yeh apna. She then asked me to sing it, which I did.

It is a true happening in Sahaja Yoga and that is how the transformation happens. You must sing it to all the new people,’ She commented.

Later we travelled in the plane from Jaipur to Mumbai. In the plane She would suddenly fall asleep while talking and I would then start writing poems. She would wake up and enquire how much I had written, then go through the poem with me and correct it. The miracle was that when I narrated the poems back to Her, I would actually sing them as if the music was composed already. She liked the compositions and told me that the ragas I selected were most appropriate to the subject matter of each poem. Amazingly, I had not a clue about it until She actually told me.

You must first share it with all the yogis,’ She said. ‘They will simply love it, and then take it to all the seekers of truth. Only music will do the final trick.’

Sanjay Talvar

Shri Mataji at the royal palace

This photo was taken at Jaipur in 1986. I had driven Shri Mataji from Jaipur into the interior of Rajasthan, when She went looking for artefacts to put in Her house in Pratishthan at Pune. In the photo Shri Mataji was seated at the Royal Palace of the Queen of Jaipur. It was the festival of Gangaour (Shri Ganesha and Shri Gauri Mata). At the time of the photo Shri Mataji was listening to my musical compositions, which were created during the journey there.

Sanjay Talvar

Shri Mataji at Jaipur in 1986

Let’s hear a song!

One day Shri Mataji asked me to drive Her from Jaipur to the interior of Rajasthan, when She was looking to build Pratishthan, in Pune, and it was a twelve hour drive. I was very new to Sahaja Yoga and didn’t realise I was sitting with Shri Adi Shakti. She was talking to me like any ordinary person on a journey, and She asked me to sing. She prompted me to sing for the divine, and that actually helped me build up a capacity to write about the divine. I was always very fond of music because my mother studied classical music, and as a small child I used to sit next to her when she was rehearsing. Later I sang in my college competitions.

You start making the poem, and I’ll start listening to it and then we’ll see how it develops,’ Shri Mataji said. So the poem was created in the car, and so was the music, very popular music from the Indian films, because I was not able to create anything at that time, but Shri Mataji said that it would happen, and that I should not worry.

Let’s hear a song!’ She said. I was a little amazed.

Mother, how did You know I sing?’ I said. She didn’t answer that question and it wasn’t relevant. I started to sing.

It’s so beautiful; there is so much love in it. How would it be if you could portray your love for the divine with the same emotion?’ She said, when I sang that song.

Yes, of course it can be done’, I said.

Then let’s change the words of the song,’ She said. This was something She instilled in me, She brought that out. ‘It’s your Swadishthan chakra, the chakra of creativity, that is lying dormant within you,’ She told me. ‘So, what’s really happening is that this is opening up and the seat of knowledge is coming back. As you talk, as you create, as you are being asked to respond, it’s coming out. So just let it come out, just let everything flow.’ I was experiencing that flow and then some words started to come out which I didn’t realise.

My God, are they coming from me?’ I said.

Yes, you are the source of energy,’ She said. ‘And it’s the chakras. If they are open, this energy just starts flowing through you.’

Shri Mataji would often say when She heard this song, Jago Kundalini Ma, that if people understood the meaning of the greatness of Sahaja Yoga that I was singing about, they would love to know more about it. And lo and behold! I was writing poems which She was inspiring, or rather prompting me, and some beautiful poems got created. It didn’t stop here, because as a musician I was actually creating music along with the creation of the poetry. It was happening so spontaneously that several compositions started to flow out. I think that’s how music started in me, more of a self discovery prompted by Mother’s presence. I am very fortunate for that.

The words, the creation, the sense of music were already there. She just brought it out. My voice wasn’t great and I remember on that journey Shri Mataji kept Her hand on the back of neck. I could not understand, because I was very new to Sahaja Yoga. I didn’t even know that this was the Vishuddhi chakra and She was opening my Vishuddhi. She had Her hand there for a long time.

On several occasions, I had the opportunity of rubbing one of Her toes with oil which actually reflected the Vishuddhi chakra. At some point She made me put my Agnya finger on Her forehead while She was lying down and sleeping. There have been instances where She was directly in contact with my chakras through Her forehead or Her Feet. It must have cleared out all my negativity, to allow the path to be opened and the energies to flow. First, She opened my Vishuddhi, because She had kept Her hand there and had worked on it. After that She asked me to sing and it was as if I had a new voice.

Did you know that your Vishuddhi chakra is open?’ She said. Every time there was an opportunity to be with Shri Mataji, She worked on me. The next chakra She worked on, was the heart.

Shri Mataji I am getting some funny feelings,’ I said to Her at one of the sittings.

It’s your heart. It is opening, and now that it’s opening, why don’t you go into the other room and just create something new, create a poem or a song?’ She said. I went into the other room and came back in five minutes with a song, fully composed and created, which She asked me to sing.

Then She asked me to go and record it, so I did a private recording. When She heard the recording, there were professional musicians playing the harmonium and the tabla. She told me to shut out the harmonium and the tabla and just listen to the voice. Then She asked me to put my hands in front of Her.

Can you feel the vibrations?’ She said. I felt the vibrations.

Okay, now let’s put on the harmonium and the tabla,’ She said, so we did.

Are the vibrations going down?’ She said.

Yes, Shri Mataji,’ I said.

Because you are realised and those people who are playing are not realised,’ She explained. So the vibrations can tell you the difference between truth and untruth.

Sanjay Talwar

The Lalita Sahasranama

It was the late evening of the festival of Gudi Padwa, in March 1986. A few Sahaja Yogis wanted to offer puja to Shri Mataji’s Lotus Feet on this auspicious occasion. They were seated around Shri Mataji and I was reciting the Lalita Sahasranama in my mind. When a Sahaja Yogini was about to offer the vermilion on Her Lotus Feet She stopped her. After about five minutes, when I had finished the recitation, Shri Mataji looked at me.

Have you finished?’ She asked. When I said I had, Shri Mataji told the Sahaja Yogini to proceed with the puja.

Raman Kulkarni

The protocol of the Devi

Once, while listening to Shri Mataji, my eyes met Hers and I looked in Her eyes. It happened for one or two seconds but I felt that I was looking into something like a fathomless but transparent lake and as if I was not myself. I shook myself out of that state and told Her my experience.

Never make eye contact with Me,’ Shri Mataji said.

Raman Kulkarni

A programme at Delhi University

I returned to Delhi in January 1986 but unfortunately the university had been closed for about six months because the teachers were on strike. I arranged a programme in Delhi University even though it looked as if no students would be there for it. This thought never struck me when Shri Mataji first asked me to organise it. On 24th of February the programme was held on the campus and on that very day, the university was reopened, and many students came.

That year had been declared a year of peace, so we arranged the function, named Harmony 86, honouring Shri Mataji as an international figure for spreading peace. While organising I had a couple of opportunities to meet Shri Mataji. She was staying at Her elder brother’s residence, and I went there and asked Her who I should invite as the chief guest.

I suggested to Shri Mataji that we wanted to invite the External Affairs Minister. She said She knew him very well, and was very positive about him. I also told Shri Mataji that I had invited the Prime Minister, and his principal secretary. So we sent a formal letter and Shri Mataji gave it a bandhan, because She very much wanted him to come.

What sari should I wear to the evening function?’ Shri Mataji said to me when I was about to leave. I was so new to Sahaja Yoga, and I did not know in the real sense Who Shri Mataji was, and I was only a young student and felt shy.

Is this a nice sari? A cotton sari?’ Mother said, and I said that it would be all right. Then She blessed me and I left and went on organising the function.

Unfortunately the ministers we initially invited were not able to come, so we invited another minister to honour Shri Mataji, a Muslim man. A number of ambassadors from various countries, such as the then Soviet Union, came. Some local artists performed in front of Shri Mataji: a leading singer, then a leading dancer. The singer was very particular about which songs he sang, because he said he knew he was in the presence of a great saint.

Among others, some Palestinian students helped me to arrange the function and they performed their national dance, the dabka, in front of Shri Mataji. Once the dance was over, She spoke about it, and aid that the cause of the Palestinians was justified but they should not be aggressive. She does not like any form of aggression. Once She had spoken about this, within a couple of years the problem started to get sorted out a little bit.

Sandhya Laxshminarayan

All students should unite and work for the spiritual cause

I expressed a desire that Shri Mataji might form an International Sahaja Students Association. She called some Sahaja Yogis who were students, and dictated a structure to us for an association called ISSA. She dictated every word, right from the basic principles, to promote spirituality. Shri Mataji seemed to be saying that all students should unite and work for the spiritual cause, and help other students. She went through all the details as to how an organisation like that should be.

Sandhya Lakshminarayan

Editor’s note: Although it did not actually happen, and the instructions concerning the Bombay Life Eternal Trust etc are obviously not applicable, the ideas and concepts behind this charter might be very useful if any Yuva Shaktis want to set up students’ societies in their universities.



I N T R O D U C T I O N:

International Sahaj Students Association (ISSA) was formed in the year 1987. The idea of forming this association was conceived in joint consultation of the Students of various Universities for the spiritual welfare and achieving all-round benevolence of the students all over the world through Sahaj Yoga.


1. To be a member of International Sahaj Students Association (ISSA) one should believe in Sahaj Yoga and later take to Sahaj Yoga practice.

2. To be a member one should be a student / teacher / employee of some educational / vocational institution / university and should be above 18 years of age.

3. The member can be from any part of the world.

4. There will be no membership fee.

5. Members will be allowed to exchange presents of nominal charges amongst themselves.


A) For those who do not get self-realization may be because they are mentally or physically sick or are in some trouble. (They will be given all the help and correction).

B) For those who get their self-realization. (Up to the state of thoughtless awareness).

C) For those who practice Sahaj Yoga collectively and individually. (Up to the state of doubtless awareness).

D) Lastly there will be a Committee set up by Life Eternal Trust (Bombay) who will decide about the three Categories mentioned above.

E) Those who are troublesome members or go against the decorum of the Association will be asked very modestly to leave the Association. They can rejoin with the aforesaid committees sanction.


This Association has been formed keeping in view the following objectives:

1. To work out the solutions of the problems of students / employees / teachers welfare all over the world with the help of Sahaj Yoga.

2. To solve the problems of Health through Sahaj Yoga.

3. To achieve enhanced mental capacity through Sahaj Yoga.

4. To create balanced personalities between emotions & actions.

5. Help to solve financial and economic problem through wider vision of Sahaj Yoga.

6.To make young generation aware of the Social problems and to generate collective continuous force to eradicate the evil. International Sahaj students Association will not indulge into Political affairs but take to constructive work for the emancipation of the down trodden and other fields.

7. To create interests among young people to learn the deep culture of their country, thus making them Patriotic People.

8. To oppose all false hoods through collective measures and individual efforts to eradicate the deep rooted mental corruption in our country.

9. To give new spiritual dimension to our education that instills peace and sense of security among students / honour for law / respect of elders & assiduity to studies and work. To create proper image of students all over the world.

10. Such personalities will have to create a new type of peaceful revolution to establish the foundation of the new beautiful world of peace and Pure Love. This can be achieved through transformation of the student’s personality into a new being who is completely integrated, fully empowered with love and absolutely equipped with all the knowledge of the divine power.

11. To revive Art and Craft and Music all over the world in the light of Sahaj Yoga.

12. To study the divine culture of all the religions and all the nations.

C O N S T I T U T I O N:

A) There will be one unpaid secretary and one unpaid Treasurer appointed by LIFE ETERNAL TRUST (BOMBAY).


Fundamentally the Basic Law of Inter National Sahaj Students Association is expressed in a Cardinal Phrase as under:




1. The Secretary in Charge would perform all the functions necessary to the working of the Association.

2. All Secretaries in Charge of various centers would keep in touch with each other for any problem to be sorted out collectively or any programme to be organized collectively.


1. He will maintain record of the Finances spent for his center and should the Life Eternal Trust find any irregularities in the accounts thus the Trustees can suspend the Treasurer.

Plenty of cement

In 1986, during the construction of Shri Mataji’s house, Pratishthan, at Pune, the builders were casting the slab of the first floor, and the cement ran very low. According to the contractor he estimated he would need at least twenty-five more bags. Shri Mataji assured him it was enough. After the floor was laid there were still seven bags left.

Yogi Mahajan

She put Her Feet over the palms of our hands

I came to Sahaja Yoga in 1986, and first met Shri Mataji in the leader’s house that year when Shri Mataji came to Kolkata for the Mahakali Puja. There were about twenty-five Sahaja Yogis sitting with Her in that room. Someone cleared me from behind and I felt tremendous vibrations on my Sahasrara. At that moment Shri Mataji looked at me.

She is through,’ She said, in Hindi. After that Shri Mataji called all of us, one by one, and She put Her Feet over the palms of our hands. I remember tremendous heat was coming out of my body at that time.

In the night we had a big havan with Her and said a thousand and eight names of Shri Mahakali. Shri Mataji had us start it at about one o’clock and went on until four o’clock. We all felt sleepy, because we have a lot of problems with tantrikas in Bengal. During the havan Shri Mataji’s Feet swelled up so much because so much heat was coming out.

Whenever Shri Mataji came She always liked to hear Tagore songs. From the first programme onwards She asked us to sing Tagore songs in front of Her. So we practised a lot and She would tell us which songs She liked.

Mahua Sarkar

They taste better that way

On that trip to Kolkata in February 1986, Shri Mataji took the parched rice from the roadside stalls; in fact it was purchased for Her. We ate it from the traditional paper cones. She said that we should eat them from paper cones, in the traditional way, because they taste better that way. She even took a local delicacy that is called phutchka – small round things made of flour, with tamarind water in them. People also take them from the roadside stalls.

Gautam Sarkar