Chapter 17: 1992 – March, South East Asia

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

Suffocation death in infants

On Shri Mataji’s second visit to Taipei, in 1992, it was again the departure time and we were at the airport. I felt compelled to bow down to Shri Mataji, just at the passport control. I got an instant reward. I had never spoken to Her about the research I was doing at my work, but She apparently knew about it, and told me that suffocation death in infants was related to air pollution. After that we had two good publications on the subject in well-known American medical journals.

Harald Knobel

You are the doer

Shri Mataji told me to come and live in Hong Kong, and although it took a year and a half, and She spoke to me a few times about this, that was the first time She had mentioned it. It was very significant, because staying in this little room near the airport, I was not impressed with the place, but Shri Mataji said I would do well there. I finally moved there in 1991, during the hot season. It was quite a transition from Australia.

In 1992 Shri Mataji was coming and it was the first opportunity we had to arrange a programme for Her. We did a postering campaign, had some radio publicity and newspaper articles, in preparation for the public programme.

She came to the hall, the first time we had taken a hall for the Chinese people, and there were about four hundred and fifty people there. Shri Mataji was so happy with it. She gave a beautiful talk and gave realisation, but we did have trouble with the translation, because there wasn’t an established yogi who could translate. Then somebody spontaneously jumped up from the audience and translated Shri Mataji’s words quite accurately.

After the programme I was going back in the car and Shri Mataji was so happy.

You’ve done it! You’ve done it! You’ve got the Chinese! This is the first time I’ve seen so many Chinese people.’

I didn’t do anything,’ I said. ‘You are the doer.’ She laughed and was very contented.

Alex Henshaw

Shri Mataji was so pleased that She was looked after so well

Every time Shri Mataji came to Hong Kong we went out shopping. One of Her favourite places was a place called Stanley Market. It is on Hong Kong Island on the south side, and it is like a hawker market and there are a lot of handicrafts. There was one shop in particular which was Her favourite, called Tong’s Linen, that sold hand embroidered sheets and tablecloths. Shri Mataji would go there every time She came to Hong Kong. The shopkeeper knew Shri Mataji very well and was always very happy when She came because he knew that She would buy a lot of things. She was looking at the work one time.

See,’ She said, ‘look at this. The Chinese really have the ability to do such beautiful handicrafts. The quality is excellent.’

The price was very good, too. Every time Shri Mataji went shopping there was some sale going on, so She managed to negotiate a really good price for everything. It was delightful to be with Shri Mataji, enjoying the moment, bargaining, showing Her the things that the shopkeeper had. He was so enthusiastic, and would always rush away and show Shri Mataji the best stock he had, that he had saved from the year before. This went on for a number of years, when Shri Mataji was going to Hong Kong regularly. He made sure he had the best embroidery and linen for Her to look at and She was so pleased that She was looked after so well.

Alex Henshaw

Shri Mataji at Stanley Market

You shouldn’t feel guilty

We had been shopping for two days in Hong Kong and I had been asked to keep a list of the things that had been bought. I had to check at home, when it all got delivered, that everything was there. I counted and recounted the pieces and it just didn’t correspond. I was terribly worried because it seemed there was one bag missing that had been paid for. Then I had to go to Shri Mataji and tell Her. To some extent, I also felt guilty because I should have seen to it.

You shouldn’t feel guilty because you didn’t cheat them,’ She said at one point.

It was like a revelation because I was feeling so bad. Suddenly, I realised that if someone cheats you, there is no point in feeling bad because you didn’t do so much wrong. After that, it somehow all turned out all right and there had not been any cheating anyway.

Mary-Martine de Techtermann

A face like the moon

In 1992, when my third daughter was born, we named her Olympia when Shri Mataji came to Hong Kong that year – we asked Her for a name. We were at a restaurant at the time, in Repulse Bay, which is over on the south side of Hong Kong Island. It was just after we had been shopping at Stanley Market. The restaurant looks out over the sea, and it is a very nice position.

She’s got such a round face, I’ll call her Chandramukhi, which means face like the moon,’ said Shri Mataji. The baby was at the restaurant with us, and she kept touching Mother. Mother was saying, ‘She’s so sweet,’ and the baby was looking at the teacup. We had finished eating and Shri Mataji was about to get up to go back to the hotel.

Alex Henshaw

The baby looking at Shri Mataji’s teacup

In the restaurant with Shri Mataji

Don’t be disappointed

As we didn’t have much attendance for the first visit of Shri Mataji to Thailand in 1990, we promised ourselves we would do our utmost for Her next visit. Therefore in 1992, when Shri Mataji came back we had gone all of the way to advertise as much as we could and were full of hope. However, deep within, I still was not very confident and prayed for the programme to be a success.

Even if there are not so many people it is alright. It takes some time for the collective to grow and we should not be discouraged,’ She suddenly said, while I was driving the car to take Her to the programme. Shri Mataji knows all our thoughts.

This was when we reached the YMCA hotel where the programme was to take place. Instead of comforting me, Her words almost had the opposite effect, as I started to think that if Mother said that, it meant that there must again be very few people in the programme. I felt a pang of sadness and thought that we had failed our Mother, however when I reached the hall which contained three hundred and fifty seats, it was so full that there were even people sitting on the floor in the alleys.

When it was time to give realisation, Shri Mataji asked me to come on the stage to demonstrate how to put hands on the different chakras. As the people were all closing their eyes to meditate a veil of peace was surrounding all of us. It was such a joy-giving vision and Shri Mataji was really enjoying Herself.

Beautiful, so beautiful,’ I heard Her say, while She looked at the audience in front of Her.

Prakash Sreshthaputra

One Namaskar that I will cherish

One day when Mother was in Bangkok for the second time, I had left Her suite late at night to sleep in another room nearby. I came back early the next day, after having purchased some fresh fruits for Mother’s breakfast. When I reached, Mother was already awake and was sitting in the living room with Her nephew, who was accompanying Her that year. I bowed down in a Namaskar when Mother saw me and can still remember the feeling of total surrender in my heart as we all were bathing in joy and vibrations – after all, being around Mother for a few days is definitely a transformative experience. As I was bowing down, enjoying the blissful waves of vibrations emanating from Mother.

Excellent, she’s very good! Her Kundalini comes up very straight!” She exclaimed.

From this time, whenever I feel down, I try my best to resuscitate this state of mind and feeling of togetherness I had felt back then at Mother’s Divine Lotus Feet.

Saraswati Sreshthaputra

Mother can catch our thoughts

On several occasions, as I was taking care of Shri Mataji during Her visits to Thailand, I experienced first-hand how She knows us inside out and how one becomes totally transparent in front of Her. Mother can penetrate whatever layers of our physical, mental or emotional self and address directly the innermost part of our being, or She can hear our thoughts as distinctly as if one had expressed them out loud. Among others, there was an example during Shri Mataji’s second visit to Thailand.

Mother had just finished giving vibrations to a yogi who had been involved with a false guru and who was still caught up on many chakras. She had been giving him vibrations for quite some time, visibly extracting a lot of negativity out of his system, so much so that She asked him to stand in front of Her with his left hand out the window.

The window was left open for a while although the air-conditioner in the room was full-on. We were in one of those luxurious Bangkok hotels, which Shri Mataji commented as unpractical and purely design-oriented. The temperature in the room was rising and I was chewing the question over in my head, without daring to interrupt.

Yes, you can close the window!’ Shri Mataji turned round and told me.

I was quite stunned and promptly complied. This example was only one among several which were proof of Mother’s divine nature – and fantastic sense of humour.

Saraswati Sreshthaputra

Close encounters with Shri Mataji

In March 1992, at the YMCA, on Satorn Road, Bangkok, Thailand I saw the poster of Shri Mataji. I always thought of yoga as a means to attain peace of mind.

That was a room full of people, some standing, about six hundred in total. Khun Janine, Mrs Sreshtaputra, who first introduced Sahaja Yoga in Bangkok, introduced Shri Mataji together with Pascal, her son. I could not completely understand what Shri Mataji was saying as I was far away from Her, but I followed the self realisation process in which She instructed us. My stomach was spinning and only later did I realise that the presence of Mother was clearing my Nabhi. Since then I never missed the weekly programme.

Celia Tanaka

Shri Mataji at Singapore Airport in 1992

Shri Mataji absorbs all our problems

In 1992 when Shri Mataji was in Malaysia we had an audience with Her in the meditation hall of the centre. I was seated behind the coffee table on Shri Mataji’s left. My job was to refill Her drinking glass.

Shri Mataji spoke to us with great love and at one time a yogi with lower back problem was treated by Her. She asked him to sit in front of Her and Shri Mataji put Her foot against his lower back. I was amazed to see Her Foot starting to swell. It was much later that we learnt and understood that our compassionate Mother absorbs and sucks in all our problems and then clears them out after that.

KT Tan