Chapter 17: 1995 – September and October, Europe and America

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

The one who enjoys and gives joy

Before Shri Mataji gave me the name Rama I was called Reena. When I had just started Sahaja Yoga, my mother and I went to greet Her at Milan airport, and I had the good fortune to be able to give Her flowers, like a lot of the Sahaja Yogis. My heart started to cry like a flower of joy, because it had been a difficult period of my life. I knelt before Her, and prayed to Mother to give me joy. Soon after that I was married in Sahaja Yoga, with the blessings of Mother, and a week after I was married, I asked Shri Mataji to give me a name. She gave me the name Rama, which means the one who enjoys and gives joy.

Rama Iurili

Precious gifts for life

In 1995, at Cabella, Shri Mataji had given me a beautiful ring with a topaz, to protect my Swadishthan which has hip prostheses. In the course of different years, She always received us with a big smile, remembering our first names, and pronouncing the name of Mexico (Miheeco) as we pronounce it in Spanish. Twice I had the privilege of receiving beautiful silk saris from Her, and another ring with which I feel totally protected.

Our Holy Mother came to the United States every year during the ’90’s, and when the sacred land of the American Indians was bought at Canajoharie, we enjoyed Her presence there, where Sahaja Yogis came from different countries, especially for Shri Krishna Puja. Mother pampered us with Her presence, and gave us gifts for life, with the vibrations and protection of the Divine, and with a particular message for each of us.

Graciela Vázquez-Díaz

Nobody had any idea what the numbers were

Once I brought a briefcase to Shri Mataji. Originally it had come from Tunisia, but it had been in a shop in Como for some time, and I brought it up to Cabella. It was one of those cases which had a lock which was numbers.

Will you try to open this briefcase?’ Shri Mataji asked. I tried every number I could think of. Triple zero, one two, and so on. After about five minutes I still couldn’t do it. Shri Mataji was smiling.

Bring it to Me,’ She said, and smiling towards us She moved Her fingers on the lock.  After a few seconds there was a ‘click!’ and both the locks were open. She wasn’t even looking at the numbers, and nobody had any idea what the numbers were.

Rajeshwara from Italy

We watched videos

When Shri Mataji first came to Cabella, She used to have the people into Her rooms so they could meditate in front of Her. But when I came we only went to watch movies with Her. Shri Mataji used to tell us what was going on because they were in Hindi or Marathi.

When I was there She came down once to the mezzanine living room and gave us recipes for Indian food. When Shri Mataji came into the castle we took turns to do the aarti to Her. The first time I did it, I had the garland. She was coming in and first you put the garland and then you did the aarti. I didn’t know what to do and She was waiting.

You have to put it on Me,’ She said, laughing. Then, of course, I did.

Roxana Sindici


That topic came up many years ago in Europe. The answer was that in our first incarnations as a human being gender is not so fixed. Then as we evolve it becomes fixed. Most ardent seekers, being ancient souls, gender is fixed since long for them.

Pascal Sreshtaputra 

Shri Mataji laughed

We were all watching a video movie with Shri Mataji in the big room. It was nice because a hundred people were working at the castle that day and She was explaining what it was all about, because it was in Marathi.

Another time we were watching a video and it was quite frightening. I suddenly let out a shout and everybody turned to me. I was behind Shri Mataji and nearly going under Her Feet and She laughed. A lot of times we went in to watch videos with Mother. Mostly it was the men, who were building, because we had to cook.

Nanda Tagliabue

A violent Hindi movie

One evening after midnight in Cabella the building workers who were staying in the castle were woken up and asked to go upstairs to Shri Mataji`s rooms. We had to watch a Hindi movie which was very violent and also had some romance in it. While watching the movie it felt like it was an exercise in keeping your attention fully in the Sahasrara and a way to be worked on, also there was no joining in with hand movements or making any loud noises, which you would normally do if you were on your own, or making comments about the direction of the movie. We were also tired so had to fight to keep awake.

Derek Ferguson 


Mother told me, as I was asking Her, years ago, that Blake and Khalil Gibran were, like Kabir and Shankara, incarnations of Luv and Kush, meaning that Luv and Kush incarnated as Buddha and Mahavira. Later, the Buddha principle incarnated as Kabir, to balance the right side with devotion, and the Mahavira principle as Shankara, then as Blake and Gibran. She said ‘principle’ meaning that it’s not reincarnation as in metempsychosis.


Lord Jesus was a carpenter

Shri Mataji knows what we are thinking when She puts Her attention on us. At Shri Mataji’s castle at Cabella, when about forty yogis were present, She was talking about Lord Jesus, and how He had been a carpenter. As my father has been a carpenter I thought of him, and at the moment She spoke about that She looked exactly at me, so I knew She had read my thoughts.

Harald Knoebel

The unlimited power of Mother’s protection

There was a doctor who was very happy and full of gratitude to Shri Mataji as her daughter had been cured of a severe skin disease. It happened in 1995, just before the Shri Devi Puja in Moscow. The girl was ill and her whole body had a greenish tinge. Nevertheless, she had very subtle, pure vibrations, so we took her with us to Moscow.

In the airport, where we were meeting Shri Mataji, a happy moment was granted to us and, especially to the little girl who was smiling through her pain and waiting for Mother, for the first time in her life. Mother passed by and wrapped us up into vibrations of boundless divine love, and glanced at the girl with such tenderness that all of us thought She was not passing us by accident, but She had done it to bestow a miracle upon the girl. And the miracle happened at once! The girl’s skin began to change in our sight and she had no stains at all by the Shri Devi Puja.

This incident again, for a thousandth or millionth time, showed the unlimited power of Mother’s protection of those who are vibrationally connected to Her.

Anastasia Polunina

Moscow, Shri Devi Puja, September 17th, 1995

Shri Mataji met doctors and scientists

In 1995 active work with doctors was taking place. The first group of doctors who Shri Mataji gathered consisted of not more than thirty people but soon She had to prepare a Medical Conference for the next meetings. A talk by Shri Mataji with the scientists and university teachers was organised at the Biological Faculty of Moscow State University.


Time is different for Shri Mataji

Togliatti Airport, Russia, 1995. We were standing waiting to collect our luggage and I was called across to go and talk to Shri Mataji.

I have just been told about your husband,’ She said. I was about to say – oh but that happened four years ago – and then She spoke a bit about my husband, and about my son. I realised that even though I had lost my husband some years before, it was that moment that was important, when She spoke to me. Time is different for Shri Mataji.

Melody Hodgson

Shri Mataji at Togliatti

Public programme, Togliatti, 22nd September, 1995

How things are going to be

When I was in Togliatti, Russia, on one occasion Shri Mataji talked to me for about three hours – just Her and me with my new stepson behind me. She had always pointedly not talked to me about Ireland (my homeland) and on occasion changed the subject when I mentioned it. Here in Russia She asked me what I thought of the Irish. I said that individually they were very good people, but collectively, that’s where the problems were. She said I was wrong, individually they are very nice people, and collectively they’re also nice people.

It was only in 2009, when I read my journal, I checked and noticed that the Good Friday Agreement, between the English and Irish governments, ending hundreds of years of conflict, was signed in April 1998 and followed some months after the event in Togliatti which was in September 1997. It was significant too, that She told me this in Russia, the land of the ego and was working on the Centre Heart (Ireland) through that channel. Had I not read my journal, I would never have seen the connection.

I noticed on a number of occasions that Shri Mataji spoke of how things are going to be, not as they currently are, and some years ago She said how nice Russian policemen were, helpful, friendly, honest, didn’t take bribes etc – somewhat to the surprise of the Russians present.

Alan Wherry

Permission to stay in Russia

Once, I accompanied Shri Mataji to Russia, and on deplaning we went to the immigration counter. The person checking my passport found that there was no visa slip. Russians issue visas on a separate slip and not on the passport. She asked me if there was a visa slip.

Yes,’ I said.

I did not know what to do as the rules in Russia were very strict. At this moment Shri Mataji gave a strange look towards the immigration officer. He immediately asked as to how long we wanted to stay in Russia.

Three days,’ I told him, and he took out a slip and gave permission for us to stay for four days. At this point, I confess that I got slightly worried, but Shri Mataji was in a joyous mood.

Suresh Nigam

Public programme in Kiev, 1995

Shri Mataji with the Sahaja Yogis in Kiev, 1995

It was just like in my dream

I had been reading books, seeking for something, and my friend called me to say there was a guru lady in town, so although our house was in a mess because it was being renovated, without water even, I got ready and went to the public programme in Istanbul. Shri Mataji was there and it was in a big hotel. At the end She asked who felt vibrations and everybody put up their hands. I did not feel anything, because I was very mental, and did not believe all the people had felt anything either.

At the end we all went up to Shri Mataji and people were asking questions. Her questions were so sweet, just like a child. All the time She was giving the proper answers. I was very impressed. She said that if people didn’t feel anything they should believe and should come. My friends were so enthusiastic, so we went to the follow up programmes, and although I did not feel anything I felt so good and the people there had so much light in their faces, and many health and other problems cleared up.

Three months later I had a dream that I was in a big hall, and Shri Mataji was there and people were lining up and giving Her things. When it was my turn She gave me a big hug, and I felt a big ‘hwoomph’ from my centre heart. In my dream I said, ‘Thank You Mother.’

I told the people at the centre and they advised me to go to a puja at Cabella. I did not know what a puja was, or about Cabella. Somehow I finished up sitting right in the front at the puja, because a friend insisted and it was just like in my dream, except Shri Mataji did not hug me. She looked at me and I felt something go out of my Centre Heart. I felt so relieved, so happy! All my problems had gone including some cysts on the ovaries. If I had not started Sahaja Yoga I could not have had children, and now we have three.

Oezlam Gibeau

Sahaja Yoga must go everywhere

It was October 1995 and we were in quietly sitting in Shri Mataji’s hotel room in Westin Bristol Place near the Toronto airport. We were told by one of the Sahaja Yogis that we could write two questions on a piece of paper for Her.

Then we all went shopping with Shri Mataji, to Chinatown, and went to a shop called Honest Ed’s for Christmas toys, stuffed animals and other gifts. Shri Mataji used to buy a lot of stuffed toys for the children from Toronto to be given out to the children at the Christmas Puja in Ganapatipule. After negotiating the price with the Chinese shop owner, Shri Mataji of course gave him self realisation. At Honest Ed’s, after we loaded many gifts into the cars, we all got split up trying to follow the trail of five vehicles which were going quite fast.

Afterwards we caught up with Shri Mataji in Gerrard Street, Indiatown, at a Sahaja Yogini’s clothing and jewelry shop. Mother was about to leave when I saw our Canadian leader take out some papers and I knew what they were. When he gave the notes to Shri Mataji, She paused, read them slowly and then moved quite close and looked at me straight in the eye with Her shining, smiling, deep, questioning, slightly concerned, amused, eyes.

Of course you are My son, why do you doubt?’  Shri Mataji said.

Mother, if Lord Jesus is Your Son, then are we too most highly blessed?’ I had asked. My other question was, ‘Mother should I spread Sahaja Yoga in Nova Scotia?’

There had been some concern about me trying to do this, and be a leader in Sahaja Yoga, maybe because I was too new, just over a year. At the time I knew many people in Nova Scotia as I’d attended university there for five years.

Where is Nova Scotia?’ Shri Mataji asked me.

On the east coast of Canada, Mother,’ I replied.

Sahaja Yoga must go everywhere,’ Shri Mataji said, turning round to the yogis.

Shortly afterwards Mother left and went to the car and we all bowed. She had worked wonders for us all and I am forever grateful to Her for that sacred moment.

James Murdoch

Shri Mataji was playing the instrument

Several times in the hall in New Jersey we performed for Her. In October 1995 Shri Mataji sat through our humble talent shows – pop and rock songs, classical pieces and a very few bhajans. Once I was allowed to play Air on G String, a gorgeous and graceful piece by J.S. Bach. I struggled to play it as freely and sweetly as it should be played and Shri Mataji watched patiently. When I finished I felt that the composer, who had been a musical angel, was grateful that Shri Mataji had heard that piece played that night.

One evening Shri Mataji spoke to all the performers. She told them they would become great musicians and that music will do important work and She encouraged them to grow in their talents. She was always very concerned, supportive to artists, and tremendously inspirational. No artist could play for Her without noticing their performance had transcended to a new level. It was magical to perform in front of Shri Mataji. She was so attentive and it felt that She was playing the instrument, not the hand of the performer.

Elizabeth Singh

Being greeted by the Goddess Herself

In 1995 Shri Mataji asked me to move to New York. Living in the ashram with various brothers and sisters was memorable. I was always surprised when Shri Mataji would phone. There would be times when I would come downstairs in my pyjamas, being the first one awake, pick up the ringing phone, and be greeted by the Goddess Herself.

Stephen Day

Classical music is best

In New York, Shri Mataji spoke to me about music. She said that of all the types of music, classical is best because once you learn classical you can learn anything. I asked Her about jazz.

Jazz is good,’ She responded, and then about pop music, ‘Pop music is also good.’

Stephen Day

Shri Mataji in Yonkers, New York, 1995

The arrangements just fell into place

We would help prepare the camp in New Jersey for Shri Mataji’s arrival. Hours of scrubbing, clearing and decorating would transform that dusty, grubby, well trampled place into a small palace, elegantly draped with bright saris. Once I was helping with the stage and we were hopelessly behind schedule. I was getting so flustered and the fabric was determined to slip off the chair over and over again. As happened on several other occasions, Shri Mataji asked us to take our lunch first. Then the chair and all the other arrangements just fell into place.

Elizabeth Singh

Shri Mataji took his hands

It was 1995, and Shri Mataji came to see us in Chicago for a public programme. Before the programme I prepared a stand with pictures of Shri Mataji, and when She came She said how nice it was. After the programme I asked Shri Mataji if maybe She could give a name to my grandson. So my son took him to Her in the hotel room. My grandson was about a year old and was shy, and so She took his hands, and he sat near Her, and She gave him an Indian name. I sat nearby, and watched Her Feet, very nice Feet, and spoke with Shri Mataji, and saw Her, and it was wonderful to be there with Shri Adi Shakti.

Anna Katz

It was like a cloud

We went to the airport and I told Shri Mataji that I came from Uzbekistan, where my elder son had been tragically murdered. She said She had been to Uzbekistan, and it was a difficult country, but that in the Koran it never said that people should kill each other. Shri Mataji also said Chicago was a hard city, because the mafia and narcotics business from Italy had gone to Chicago. Shri Mataji was in Italy for so long, and so many of them moved to Chicago. When we were at the airport and She was about to take the plane to New York, I put my shawl under Her Feet, and later, when I took it back, it was like a cloud, it was amazing!

Anna Katz