Chapter 18: 1995/6 – October to February, India

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

A major solar eclipse

In October 1995 Mother’s flight was coming to Delhi from abroad, and was arriving at about midnight. There were a lot of Sahaja Yogis there but the flight got delayed, then we were told that She was coming on a later flight. However, nobody went back home, and we all sat down on the road outside the arrivals hall, and started singing, and sang all through the night. Mother’s flight arrived at about nine in the morning, and that day there was a major solar eclipse. In India, during a solar eclipse, people are asked not to move, and there are so many precautions, because it is considered very inauspicious, and it was thought that people could even lose their eyesight.

When Mother arrived it was at the time of the eclipse, and maybe this was to do away with this myth. We went back to Noida. After two or three days there was to be a Mahalakshmi Puja down at Nargol, and when we were leaving for Nargol, a Sahaja Yogi told me that his son, who was losing his eyesight, and virtually blind, was totally cured after going to the airport that time. So maybe Mother came at that time to cure that boy on that very day.

GK Datta

Shri Mataji opened the Sahasrara there

At the time of the Diwali Puja at Nargol, in 1995 Shri Mataji was visiting that place after twenty-five years. In 1970 She opened the Sahasrara there. She stayed in the same house when She returned, because it belonged to someone who Shri Mataji knew personally. Some of us Yuva Shaktis cleaned the house beforehand and looked after Shri Mataji when She was there for four or five days. She told us what the structure of the house had been so many years before, and all the renovations that had been done since She was last there. She could remember exactly how the house had been before and how it had been changed even though She had not been there for twenty-five years.

Shri Mataji had spent the whole night at the seashore in 1970, and said how important it had been to open the Sahasrara.

Ravindranath Saundankar

A unique Diwali Puja

With the blessings of, and in the presence of Her Holiness Shri Mataji, a unique Diwali Puja on the international level was held from the 27th of October 1995 to the 29th of October 1995. It was organized at Nargol Beach where 2,500 Sahaja Yogis from India and about a hundred from abroad participated. It was a unique experience for all who participated and also for those who put their full and endless effort to make the Diwali Puja 1995 a thing to cherish in the heart and relish the full blessings of Shri Mataji.

Suresh Thacker

Such beauty and simplicity

Diwali has always been a joyous festival. Shri Mataji celebrated Diwali Puja every year with fireworks and crackers lighting up the occasion. It was at just such a celebration in 1995 that I had been so fortunate and, with the rest of my class, attended the puja in Nargol, India — the very same beach where Shri Mataji had opened the Sahasrara of the world in 1970.

The puja was hosted by the French collective and was set up along the seashore under a big pendal that blew with the sea wind. Though the puja was not so large by Indian standards, the fireworks display was magnificent, especially as I had found myself with the best view and just behind Shri Mataji.

Our class was unusually lucky to come all the way from the north, near Dharmshala, by train. As always, Shri Mataji had so much attention on Her school. So much always happened and we were always so fortunate, such as one of my friends spontaneously, at the right time and place, was the only one there to open the door of Shri Mataji’s car for Sir CP. But the best was always the sweetness and joy Shri Mataji created.

After the puja, our class went up onto the stage to present Shri Mataji gifts from the whole school — wooden candlestick holders we had carved and a crown, handmade with materials that we had put together — not yet completely dry.

As usual though, Shri Mataji beamed with Her big smiles, saying how much older we all were, with the girls of our class in saris now and with the sweetness and simplicity only the Adi Shakti has, commented that Her head was a little bit small for the crown we had made. Such beauty and simplicity we all desire, such sweetness as only Shri Mataji could show.

Gautama Payment

Like my grandmother

I work at the Belapur Sahaja Yoga Health Centre as the accountant. I got my realisation in October 1995. The first time I saw Shri Mataji was at a public programme that December, and I felt so much love and affection for Her, and cool and nice. I met Her personally when She came to the Health Centre for the first time, and talked personally with Her. I felt just as if She was my grandmother and She asked me curiously and anxiously about my son and family. I felt so comfortable with Her and observed that although She looked like God and we know She is God, She was talking like my grandmother. It is very difficult to explain and understand.

Anjeli Aurangabadkar

An eternity spent in the Kingdom of God

In December 1995, at Ganapatipule, all the country leaders were asked to see Shri Mataji. We entered the villa and sat around Her on the terrace floor. I offered a freshly printed copy of Bible Enlightened to Mother’s Holy Lotus Feet.

Only you could have written this book,’ Shri Mataji told me then, and I was aware that no one else had heard what She told me. The sun went below the horizon and all of a sudden a power failure turned the villa into a total darkness. We stayed like that for about ten minutes, but to me it seemed an eternity spent in the Kingdom of God. The world around ceased to exist.

Dan Costian

No disturbance of any kind

In December 1995 we were recording Shri Mataji for a Doordarshan (Indian National TV) programme at Ganapatipule. The recording was set up near the tourist bungalow, in the complex on the seashore where Shri Mataji stayed. When we were about to begin, the sound engineer informed me that the sound quality was not at all clear as it was picking up a lot of ambient noise from the nearby sea shore. I told him not to worry and we would deal with it during the editing.

This conversation took place in Shri Mataji’s presence, although we were quite far away from Her and She could not hear us. However, to our utter surprise some time later She asked if there was any disturbance in the sound recording and also asked if we removed this disturbance by using filters. I answered in the affirmative and was surprised by Shri Mataji’s knowledge of sound recording.

When we were editing the programme in Delhi, much to my surprise, there was no disturbance of any kind in the recording. We did not have to use any filters and the sound was very clean.

Jadunandan Prasad

Shri Mataji put Her Lotus Feet on my elbow

In 1995 I had an experience which was a real miracle. I had an accident on the highway and fell down from the bus. I fell on my hand and had a multifracture on the elbow, so went to the hospital. At that time Shri Mataji was in Pune, attending a programme to celebrate the seven hundredth anniversary of Gyaneshwara and was to give a lecture there.

Where is Prakash?’ She asked when at the function, and the Sahaja Yogis told Shri Mataji that I was in the hospital and was to have an operation. She told them to phone me and tell me not to have the operation, because they would spoil my hand. A Sahaja Yogi phoned me and told me this so I discharged myself and Shri Mataji’s message gave me courage to bear the pain. The next day I was called to go and see Shri Mataji at Pratishthan, and She looked at me.

What are you doing?’ She started saying. ‘You are doing unnecessary things and are getting troubles.’

She was shouting at my negativity. She made me lie on the floor and put Her Lotus Feet on my elbow. She asked me to close my eyes and was very angry but I was just flying in the air, so light and there was no pain in my hand and I could move it. She asked me to pick something up and it was very painful. Again She asked me to lie down and again She put Her Lotus Feet on my elbow, on the back this time. I felt the vibrations going into my body and my Sahasrara was totally open. My body was full of vibrations and I felt so light, like a bird in the sky.

I have noticed is that if Shri Mataji had to shout at someone, that person was totally in balance and he or she did not have any baddhas in him – She was shouting at those negativities not at you. It was very important that She did this if we were carrying things with us which were not good.

Prakash Khote

New Year’s Eve with Shri Mataji

I remember one New Year’s Eve, 1995, I spent at school in India, probably the best New Year’s celebration of my life. My class and a few teachers from Shri Mataji’s school in Dharmshala had just moved down to Pune for three months in order to study harder and excel in our upcoming exams. We were all invited to spend New Year’s Eve with Shri Mataji at Pratishthan, but a friend and I had been left behind because we went out into the town. So, as fast as we could, we found the nicest clothes we had and went back out to catch a rickshaw to be there. Being in Pune only a week, we did not know our way around yet and had trouble giving directions to the driver where to go.

Pratishthan, Pratishthan, Shri Mataji’s house,’ we kept saying in Hindi. Eventually, one of us must have said, ‘Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.’

Oh, Shri Nirmala Devi’s house,’ the driver brightened and said.

Of course, Pune was the city in which Shri Mataji lived and, when they had programmes, there were banners everywhere, posters on every possible surface and hanging banners across the streets from building to building. Everyone knew Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Gautama Payment

Music and decorations

On the 31st of December we took permission from a Sahaja Yogi staying in Shri Mataji’s house if we could offer some bhajans at Her Lotus Feet.

Yes, they can come,’ Shri Mataji said, ‘and they must decorate one of the rooms in My house and they must come in the evening and sing some bhajans.’

So we were all there in the daytime, putting some balloons and colourful papers. In the evening, we reached there about eight or nine o’clock and just next to Pratishthan, at the other farmhouse, there was a lot of loud music going on, which was like rock, pop music. Shri Mataji entered the hall at about nine o’clock and it seemed as if She was a bit tired, as if She was fighting all the negativities, especially on the 31st of December, when people do all the drinking.

Ajay Arora

We were shown the entire house

At Shri Mataji’s request, we were shown around the entire house, floor to floor, room to room. The entire house had been designed and built completely under Shri Mataji’s guidance with the beauty and grandeur of a palace. At night it is all lit up, especially on New Year’s Eve, with lights around the entrance and above the doorway, where Shri Ganesha’s statue resides.

On our way, we also met Sir CP, reading a newspaper and watching the television. After such an awe-inspiring tour, Shri Mataji then provided for dinner with the best pizza and food from Her own kitchen. Afterwards, while waiting for rides home, we got to fire off some crackers and fireworks, along with the rest of Pune, erupting into noise and sound as the clocks struck midnight.

Gautama Payment

Her Holiness Shri Mataji inaugurating the Health Centre at Belapur, Vashi, in February 1996. Professor Rai is in the centre.