Chapter 19: 1980 – A Seminar, Meetings and Expansion

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

Those golden days

We who were Sahaja Yogis in London lived in a different reality in the early eighties. Things used to work out spontaneously in no time at all. There seemed to be divine timing and divine dimensions in many seemingly every day events. On waking up we went to see Shri Mataji and on going to sleep we remembered the whole day spent in Her company and were looking forward to the dreams we would have about Her, which were frequent. We all adored our Mother so much and She would be so happy to meet us all.

We ladies often used to sleep around Mother’s bed and we thought it was quite a normal thing, we took everything for granted. One night I suddenly sat up in my place by Her bed and saw Shri Mataji doing the same simultaneously. I did namaste and She did the same and we both went back to sleep. We really were part of Her body, could feel the fragrance of Her perfume and hear Her soothing voice calling, ‘It is good, it is all working out.’

The second day after I got my realisation I was walking in the street and I felt I had Mother’s hair, Mother’s face, walking like Her, I was like Her. It was incredible! For the first time in my life I was not just myself and it was fascinating. When sometime later I was at Kingston public programme I felt Shri Mataji was thirsty and rushed to fill Her silver cup (indeed empty) with fresh water.

We used to meet Shri Mataji in Caxton Hall on Mondays and sometimes She would invite us to Her flat in Ashley Gardens and even cook for us. I was very lucky when I came in the spring of 1980, because Shri Mataji was conducting public programmes in many places in London and later on around England. We often talk about that time as those golden days.

Grazyna Anslow

For ten thousand other people

Shri Mataji was always inspiring us and encouraging us in so many ways. She would try to raise us out of our personal problems, so that we could see the bigger picture, the greater vision that She was creating for us. I remember when Grazyna Anslow first came, in 1980.

‘Ah, really? Now we can work out Poland,’ Shri Mataji said, on hearing that she was from Poland.

Shri Mataji said that each one of us works it out for ten thousand other people. As our chakras start to clear, it has this effect on the collective unconscious, so that other people like us with the same problems — or just unconsciously, the vibrations start to clear their chakras too. It made you feel better to know that if, at a certain point, you were having a bit of a hard time, it was doing some good.

Felicity Payment

Editor’s note: Shri Mataji has, on more than one occasion, told people that She has been working out whole groups of people through one is simply not going to solve the problem

Like tiny plants in a storm

There were just a few of us in England in 1980, so we were all like a big family. Shri Mataji cooked for us, gave us presents, talked about our problems, always wanting to help us and give us encouragement. Mother was always very open about everything. Each new person felt straightaway trusted and included in this Sahaja family. Shri Mataji used to joke a lot and make fun of many aspects of everyday life, which to us were normal and which looked strange from an enlightened point of view. She would emphasize that we need to lead a very moral and pure life. Her standards were very high and we all tried to live by them.

Shri Mataji explained that holidays were not a good idea, and holy days are the time spent in the company of saints serving a divine purpose. We tried to clear ourselves out as much as possible and that was all the time. We had Shri Mataji with us at the time, so it was not difficult to keep our attention on Her.

Sometimes I could not understand the conversations which Shri Mataji had with other people, because my English was not fluent in those days. But it was Shri Mataji’s presence which was totally fascinating. In everyday life, Shri Mataji is Shri Mahamaya and we would forget who She really was. She was so patient with us and sweet. Shri Mataji always referred to the better part of ourselves and spoke to us with respect and understanding about some good quality we had or nice things we had done.

She Mataji often said to us that to be a guru in Sahaja Yoga, one has to be a mother, which means that the love has to be there first.

Shri Mataji used to joke and say that we move three steps forward and two steps backwards. We could not feel the vibrations instantly, as we do these days and some new people used to take thirty minutes of workshops to get their realisation.

We were like those tiny plants in a storm and often the only shelter was Shri Mataji’s smiling face.

Grazyna Anslow

Working out the catches through us

At the end of the programmes at Caxton Hall, Shri Mataji would say, ‘Anyone who felt the cool breeze, please raise your hands above your heads.’

Afterwards we often went to a restaurant called The Spaghetti House, and sometimes Mother came too. One evening She asked why so few of the Sahaja Yogis put their hands up when She asked that question. We explained that often we would not feel coolness at the public programmes, rather heat pouring off our hands. Mother told us that we should put hands up, because we had felt the cool breeze at some time. She explained that She worked out the catches at the programme through us, to a certain extent, and that was why we felt such heat.

I asked Shri Mataji why She spoke on a specific subject at a specific time at the public programmes and She replied that She just went on talking until people’s thoughts had settled down enough for Her to raise their Kundalinis. She explained that She often wore a white sari with a red border at a public programme because the white represented the Adi Guru, which She was, and the red was for Shri Maha Kali, to chase away negativity.

Linda Williams

Different stones, different chakras, different deities

We went with Shri Mataji to Avebury (a Neolithic stone circle) in the south of England some time before going to Stonehenge, when there were just the few of us. At Avebury we stopped and got out with Mother and walked all round the stones. Mother was telling us that different stones had different vibrations of different chakras, different deities.

Ray Harris

Shri Mataji at Old Alresford, May 1980

It’s just a vehicle

The hall in the house at Old Alresford near Stonehenge in England was lined with wood so the acoustics were incredibly noisy. There must have been sixty of us there when we had that seminar in 1980.

Shri Mataji spoke really, really softly with Her head down and you could hear a pin drop. That’s when She said that Sahaja Yoga was just a vehicle that She was using.

‘You have to hang on to Me,’ She said.

Kay McHugh

A trip to Stonehenge

In 1980, during the weekend seminar to Old Alresford with Shri Mataji, She visited Stonehenge. A large group of us went with Her. At that time, the site was surrounded by a fence so that visitors could not walk among the stones or touch them. Shri Mataji said that the stones were not emitting vibrations. She held Her hand out towards Stonehenge, standing as close as was possible to it, and after a short time She said that now it was emitting vibrations.

Patricia Proenza

The Sahasrara of England

I remember Shri Mataji saying Stonehenge is the Sahasrara of England. It contains both a Shiva lingam and a Ganesha stone. Significantly She was sure that there were no headstones originally as they stop the flow of vibrations. Nevertheless the stones had amazing vibrations which could be felt from miles away. They are not really a swayambhu as the stones were transported from a hundred miles away.

The whole site, which was much bigger originally, has the form of a true Shiva lingam, including the approach to the Shiva stone up the hill. Stonehenge is the circular part of the lingam, the symbol of the Shakti, oriented towards the winter solstice sunset and summer solstice sunrise 3,300 years ago. It represents the union of Shiva and Shakti and Shri Ganesha – the Holy Trinity in celestial England.

Then Shri Mataji bought us all an ice cream!

Ray Harris

Eternal moments with the divine

Those of us who were fortunate to be in the presence of Shri Mataji and to be in Her attention can still feel Her love, Her touch and Her compassion whenever they put their own attention on the situations. Not only that but when they tell these stories to other yogis they too can also feel Her presence and grow deeper from that experience.

After a public meeting in Caxton Hall in 1980 I was amongst the yogis waiting to give our beloved Mother a flower. As I gave Her this symbol of love I burst into tears because I missed my daughter. At once Shri Mataji put Her arms around me and gave me words of comfort. Then She asked why I was crying. I explained that I lived and worked in London but my daughter, who was two, was living with my mother in Brighton because there was not a place in the nursery for her. I saw her at weekends only. That day I had been told that it was unlikely that I would get a place for nine months and everything seemed hopeless to me. Through my tears I heard Shri Mataji say that it was alright and everything would work out, and then She moved on to the next person. Two days later I had a phone call from the nursery. They said that my daughter could start the following Monday. My thoughts went immediately to Shri Mataji and Her words that everything would work out. It was then that I started to believe that there could be something in Sahaja Yoga.

Gilly Grimshaw

A visit to the Flower Show

In May 1980 some of us went to the famous Chelsea Flower Show in London with Shri Mataji. It was incredibly crowded but Mother didn’t seem to mind. At one point we got to a stand where there were some enormous red begonias. Shri Mataji paused and looked at them, and then told us that She was interested to see these enormous flowers. She wanted to see what humans wanted flowers to look like, so She could create what we wanted.

Auriol Purdie

Now you are in the centre

It was in May 1980, and Mother was still living in Ashley Gardens, before She was in Brompton Square. It had been a hard year in Switzerland for the little bunch of yogis there because the negativity was hovering around us like a nasty dragon looking for someone to devour. When I was preparing my trip to England I had painted a small ‘Limoges’ jar with a garland of flowers for Shri Mataji, and I wanted to wrap it in a nice silk paper and ribbon. I chose some orange paper with a bright green satin ribbon.

When we arrived at Shri Mataji’s place there were about eight of us, and we were sitting in Her living room waiting for Her. My sister-in-law Catherine was there, my sister Marie-Laure and I don’t remember who else. Mother came in, radiant as usual, smiled at us, and asked us how we had been during these past months. I was very moved because She was wearing a beautiful orange sari with green patterns and a green paloo, and when I gave Her my present, wrapped in the same colours, She smiled.

‘See how I know how you have been,’ She said. I was melting speechless; everybody was amazed. We were later invited to eat at Her dinner table and – I pull my ears now – I was chatting nonstop (completely on the right side). Mother was just smiling.

Later She asked my sister and me to sort out some tablecloths and napkins ready to be packed and I went completely to the left, like a pendulum. My sister-in-law Catherine comforted me and told me that it would be all right, and that I was just clearing out after this hard year, because the vibrations in front of Mother are so strong. When Mother came back in the room where we were I fell at Her Feet.

‘Now you are in the centre,’ Shri Mataji said, and I was feeling absolutely fine.

Antoinette Wells

First meeting with Shri Mataji

It was a Friday afternoon in June, 1980, I had just come home from school and my mum told me she had spotted a poster advertising a talk by an ‘Indian Yogini’ at Hampstead Friends Meeting House and was I interested in going? So that evening we set off very early, maybe our Kundalinis knew better – as we only lived five minutes away from the Meeting House. We were the first newcomers to arrive and chose seats right at the front. As we sat, we watched as the yogis serenely set up the meeting, ghee lamps were prepared, polished and lit, a beautiful sari was draped over a chair, a man confidently rummaged around with mikes and sound equipment and an Indian yogini swept the floor with careful, dignified movements almost like a dance.

‘Look at their eyes!’ my mum noted. ‘They are all shining!’

The hall slowly filled up with the familiar faces of Hampstead seekers, eccentrics and intellectuals. Then a young man gave an introduction. The talk was quite long and I couldn’t follow much, but I do remember him saying ‘Mother’ would be here soon. As I sat and waited I let my attention wander and at a certain point, I couldn’t see the young man anymore, only light! There was a torrential rainstorm of light coming down and apparently my mum could see it too. It was about then that Mother arrived.

Everybody stood as She swept into the small hall, changing the energy completely. She was wearing a colourful silk sari with a golden zari border. Shri Mataji had just come from a diplomatic function, we were told. She brought with Her that sacred rose perfume and lightness of being, so that everything around Her seemed brighter and more alive. The yogis sang the aarti and then a young woman offered something and bowed to Her Feet. Although I had never witnessed anyone do this before, I felt an aching desire to do the same.

‘Can I go to Her Feet as well?’ I asked my mum.

‘Maybe not now,’ she told me.

‘If not now, when?’ I thought.

Then Mother spoke. I remember hardly a word, a combination of poor attention and being too busy drinking in how lovely She looked: beautiful, majestic, powerful, regal, and divine.

‘She is a like a warrior princess,’ I whispered to my mum.

Mother stood for Her address and this made Her seem even more powerful. I knew nothing of Shri Durga but it was obvious to anyone She was a Goddess. As She moved Her arms, Her bangles clinked and shone and when She laughed, the laughter of waterfalls and small innocent children was so infectious that you longed for the beam of Her smile to come in your direction again. As She tossed back Her long midnight black hair, I knew this was love.

‘Now, everyone will get it!’ Mother said before the realisation, and so little had I been following Her talk, that I thought ‘get what?’ I soon found out. I don’t recall cool vibrations, only an absolute stillness within and not being able to move at all – or think, my chattering mind finally still. Everything was so familiar somehow. Then She came over and praised my mum’s vibrations.

‘What a good heart she has!’ Shri Mataji said. ’Don’t worry, everything will be alright now,’ She told my mum, a lifelong seeker who had passed through many tribulations.

‘She is Mother Mary, you know,’ a yogini whispered to me.

As we followed Mother around the hall we stood amazed, watching as She worked on everyone. At the end of the meeting we couldn’t believe our luck when we overheard that there would be another programme with Shri Mataji on the Sunday – at a place called Dollis Hill.

Danya Martoglio

The radiant, fiercely compassionate Goddess

How tirelessly Shri Mataji worked on all those early seekers, rubbing their heads, cricking their necks (not to be tried at home) drinking in their badhas with Her wide ‘Mahakali eyes’, and all done with such compassion. At our first meeting it seemed that every possible permutation and combination of the community was represented – from the hippies, seen around Hampstead village for years, to the dry intellectuals, to our very own Hampstead brahmin, each one representing a type for Her to work on and through, to reach many others. There was also an elderly lady, a well-known local eccentric, who resembled a bag-lady (homeless person or tramp).

Mother would move amongst the seekers after the realisation and work on them individually. My mum and I, being keen, were in the front row and I remember that first heavenly rub on the Sahasrara with Her radiant face so close to mine that I could actually see the individual specks of red kumkum powder of Her bindi.

‘Ha! Now your eyes are black like Mine!’ She told me.

The Sahaja Yogis at the programme were also asked about the seekers’ vibrations, a sort of training school because She would correct any ‘misdiagnosis’.

‘No, that is your catch! The problem here is right HHeart,’ She would say, and would ask the seeker about their father, getting immediately to the root of the problem. If there was a particularly damaged person who needed working on, Shri Mataji would often call, ‘Douglas!’* to attend to them, and he would come running, rolling up his sleeves like one of Her ganas.

As it happened, there was no one working on the elderly lady – perhaps that slight odour she had put folks off coming too close. When Shri Mataji came to where the lady was sitting, She immediately pressed her to Her heart embracing her with such joy, as if meeting an old friend.

‘This is a born realised soul!’ She told the Sahaja Yogis and then, more quietly, ‘she came to find Me too soon – no one understood her.’

In subsequent meetings at Caxton Hall I always looked out for that lady, and each week I noticed she was a bit brighter, a bit cleaner – always with her little bunch of freesias for Shri Mataji. Whenever Mother spotted her in the audience She would say a few words and it seemed they were sharing some private joke. And then I didn’t see her any more.

Danya Martoglio

*Douglas Fry, one of the first Sahaja Yogis

A magical adventure

Two days after getting realisation, when we arrived at the Sunday meeting at Dollis Hill we realised it wasn’t a public programme and it was all very informal. We were at a very ordinary looking house in North London, and Shri Mataji was sitting in someone’s front room. Unlike Friday, there were no chairs and everyone was sitting on the floor. Slightly embarrassed, wondering whether we should be there my mum and I tried to be discreet, slipping in and creeping to the back of the room.

Before long, Mother beckoned me over. She lifted Her Feet up as if in invitation. I bowed down, holding onto both Her Feet, and there was something dream-like about it all. I don’t remember how long I was doing namaskar, it felt like falling into infinity. I saw stars and planets down there!  At one point my Kundalini went to my liver and was ‘knocking’ rather vigorously. Shri Mataji blessed me then told me to bring some sugar to the next meeting. When I got up there were people all around and someone said, ’Get a camera!’ as they had seen the Kundalini clearly pulsate at the liver, which it only does if there is an obstruction.

We were plunged into a magical adventure, joined by my dear brother Caleb and later my dad, going to every single meeting in or near London, and Shri Mataji was always so kind when She saw us. Shortly after our realisation, we went to a meeting in Kingston, just south of London, about an hour from where we lived.

‘Oh! You have come all this way to see Me!’ She said, greeting us.

We would have followed Her to the ends of the Earth.

Danya Martoglio

Shri Mataji’s love and confidence in us all

Shri Mataji displayed complete trust, love and openness towards people She had often only just met for the first time, myself included when I first got realisation in 1980, as if we somehow already knew each other, and were only re-connecting after being with Her in other lifetimes, and it was as if She was bringing us all back to Her in this one, reminding us of who we really were.

My second meeting with Shri Mataji was in a room above a library in West Kensington; there had been an earlier meeting that week in Caxton Hall and it was with a much smaller group. When Mother was giving realisation at the end of Her talk, and we were told to shut our eyes, I felt Her attention going from seeker to seeker, then falling on me, and my Kundalini rising and coming out of the top of my head.

Later I watched Shri Mataji work on people, going from individual to individual around the room. I was thinking about vibrations, and fingers, and chakras and what it all meant and how it worked. Mother was standing next to me and working on a woman with arthritis, and as if in answer to my question She took hold of my arm and guided my hand to Her own Sahasrara. She laid my hand gently on the top of Her head and told me to direct my other hand towards the back of the woman and unsurprisingly I began to feel the vibrations very clearly.

Afterwards I rode home on the tube with my sister and mother, marvelling at the complete trust and love I had been shown, at the incredible intimacy and yet complete authority Shri Mataji displayed. I was completely blown away that Mother had taken my hand and placed it on Her head and had done it at the very moment I was wondering how everything worked. Her love and confidence in us all, even those of us who were completely new, such as myself, seemed completely wonderful to me, and still seems that way.

Caleb Williams

Seekers of lifetimes

‘You have been with me before, and much before,’ Shri Mataji often used to say when She spoke to the collective at pujas and meetings around the time my sister and I got realisation in 1980. We were also told repeatedly we were saints, this powerful insistence frequently clashing with our own rather more mundane understanding of ourselves!

Every person that came to Mother with a genuine desire to grow spiritually was regarded as precious, no matter how damaged. She often seemed to recognise people She had known before in earlier incarnations. It seemed very clear to me that She was gathering Her children again, for a new battle, a new Divine purpose and task; and despite the surface dirt and confusion that covered the outside of all those who were sometimes so badly bruised and battered by Kali Yuga, She always saw the beautiful diamond, the heart filled with longing, the seeker of lifetimes, that was buried deep inside that person.

Caleb Williams

Certain biblical scenes

I was rather startled at certain biblical scenes at early meetings at the Friends Meeting House in Hampstead when the vibrations would be too intense for the newcomers who’d overdone the guru shopping. Some would writhe as the negativity left their overloaded chakras – and then there they would be at the next meeting looking ten years younger!

I remember one particularly because of his inauspicious entrance and subsequent transformation. Shri Mataji was already addressing the seekers of Hampstead one evening when a small gentleman with unkempt, matted hair and a weasel-like face strode into the hall. He was probably drunk because of the way he obliviously, and noisily, plonked himself down in the front row. Then he stood up and tried to pull Shri Mataji over to him.

‘Come ‘ere Ma!’ he said, in a rude guttural voice. Waves of outrage rippled through the hall and some yogi boys got ready to evict him. Shri Mataji instead, was completely calm and indicated for them to let him be. ‘Now you sit down!’ She commanded. ‘You are a seeker!’ She continued emphatically. ‘You have come here for your self realisation.’

The startled man obeyed, and Shri Mataji continued Her talk. Later She graciously worked on him Herself.

‘Next time I want you to bring Me lemons, chillies and salt!’ She instructed.

And next meeting there he was with the items dutifully presented for Mother to vibrate. He came for quite a while after that, always a bit cleaner, a bit meeker and milder; till eventually I remember him bringing in some beautiful poetry he had written for Shri Mataji in praise of the Goddess.

Danya Martoglio

Lemons to clear the chakras

In London in the eighties, Shri Mataji used to have us hold lemons in our right hand to clear the left side and also put them on different chakras depending on what chakra needed to be worked on. We had to burn them with the flame afterwards until they were black all around and then throw them away.

Grazyna Anslow

Blake’s vision

On June 11th 1980 we went to a public programme at Kingston-on-Thames, which was quite a drive from London, and those of us in the car with Shri Mataji had a good chance to listen to Her talking on the way down and back. As we drove along the motorway, we could see the orange sodium lights, and ahead of us was the orange glow of these lights reflected in the sky above London. Mother told us that with his prophetic vision, William Blake, who was Shri Bhairava, had seen these lights and glow.

‘The Surrey hills glow like the clinkers of the furnace;’ he wrote, and Shri Mataji explained that when She lived to the south of London, in the Surrey hills, in Oxted, She would look towards London in the night and see that glow, which looked like the glowing clinkers in a furnace.

Auriol Purdie

Advice on marriage

At one time, one of the Sahaja Yogis wanted to marry a certain lady who was also a Sahaja Yogi. He went to Shri Mataji and asked Her about this.

‘Will she make you happy?’ She replied, with the emphasis on the word happy.

They married, it was a disaster and soon they split up. Shri Mataji later said She was trying to warn the man that the lady was not alright, and not right for him, because She said that happy is not what a marriage should be – it should be joyful, fulfilling and so on, but happy was too superficial a word to describe a good marriage.

Linda Williams

Sewing Shri Mataji’s saris

There were times when Shri Mataji would give saris to women to sew the seams and falls on them. I remember sewing a few saris and how this helped my attention and my liver.

Ann Lewis

A lemon in the hand

In London I can remember Shri Mataji getting someone who had been to a false guru to cut up a lemon into smaller and smaller pieces. It really did seem to help him afterwards. I cannot remember if he held it previously or what. As for which hand to put a lemon in, I feel that one has to just see which hand it works in, Shri Mataji would sometimes change things. For example we were told very early on to put our left hand to Shri Mataji’s photo and right hand to the candle and also, if the left side was catching, to raise left to right. After some time it changed to raising right to left, and the left hand towards the candle.

John Watkinson

You may kiss Me

I had upholstered a three piece suite for Mother, many years ago in London, and She said that I could kiss Her, and I did kiss Her on Her left cheek.

‘You’ve kissed Me on My heart,’ She said.

Pamela Bromley

The woman and the red dragon

In June 1980, Shri Mataji was sitting in the dining room at Ashley Gardens with a newly married couple. She invited me to sit down at the table with them. They were talking about the Bible, and looking at the Book of Revelations, Chapter 12. Mother was making comments on it. This is what I remember:

Verse 1: And there appeared a great wonder in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars.

The woman mentioned is Mother.

Verse 2: and she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.

This is the collective consciousness of Sahaja Yoga and the Sahaja Yogis: Mother suffered much pain of our behalf.

Verse3: And there appeared another wonder in heaven: and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.

The dragon is the collective evil of the false gurus, and Mother counted on Her fingers.

‘Yes, they are all here at the moment,’ She said.

Verse 4: And his tail drew a third part of the stars in heaven, and did cast them upon the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

The ‘third part of the stars’ are the seekers who get lost (another time Mother said something like 60% of the people in America are actually seekers, but many are completely lost). The false gurus try to catch and deceive and ruin the seekers and try to destroy the birth of the collective consciousness of Sahaja Yoga.

Verse 5: And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up to God, and to his throne.

The man child – Kalki – the collective awareness – rules with the Kundalini – the instrument of that collective consciousness.

Verse 6: And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.

The wilderness is the world – Mother was in the spiritual ‘wilderness’ of London. Mother said that John, who wrote the Revelations, was rather supraconscious, and likely to get things like dates and numbers wrong, even though he was essentially right. On another occasion Shri Mataji said that the white horse of Kalki, which is also mentioned in the book of Revelations, is the brain.

Linda Williams

Either the negativity goes or we do

Shri Mataji worked on me a lot and would often have me with Her in 1980. In Her presence I found it easy to meditate and would feel full of love and joy and peace. Then She would ask me to go home and meditate in front of Her photo. This would sometimes be very difficult and I would feel restless, negative, unable to sit there and full of gloomy or distracting thoughts.

I told Mother this, and She said that when we want to run away, this is just the moment to sit it out, because what is happening is that the negativity is getting uncomfortable and wants to stop one sitting there – either the negativity goes or we go, with it still there. So when one has a strong desire to get up and leave, that is the very moment to stay in front of Her photo, because the negativity cannot take it.

Linda Williams

Lemons and chillies

‘You need to do lemons and chillies,’ Shri Mataji used to say, and She would ask us to bring Her seven lemons and seven green chillies in a plastic bag.

We would give the bag and its contents to Her, and She would put Her hand in it and touch all the lemons and chillies to vibrate them. Then She would return them to us. The instruction was to open the bag at night and put it somewhere by our head, and in the day to put it, closed up, under the bed or out of sight. After seven days the lemons and chillies were to be thrown away, preferably in water.

There was no mention of a mudka, because you could not get them in the UK, or water, or turmeric or kumkum, and nothing about not opening the bag on either full or new moon.


Babies have to cry

This might have been recorded elsewhere, but one time Shri Mataji was explaining the account of the birth of Lord Ganesha, Lord Mahavishnu, in the Shrimat Devi Bhagavatam. She said He was created of the most gross matter, Maha Virat, but through devotion rose up to be the finest and subtlest. He is our example and elder brother. We asked why it is written that He cried, and why He had to cry, and She said crying is important for the baby because it makes it grow or, because it develops their lungs.


The thumb and the big toe

Shri Mataji explained that the reason why the Nabhi is the big toe, but the thumb, the most important finger, is the Swadishthan is this: animals are more interested in food and that sort of thing, and so the more animal part of us, the foot, has the chakras in those places. The big toe is the most important toe and that is what is most important to animals, whereas for us, it is creativity and knowledge which makes us human. For animals food is the most important thing.