Chapter 02: 1984 – March, Delhi and Mumbai

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

She fulfills your desire

In 1984, in Delhi, we had a nose ring, which was a birthday present for Shri Mataji.

Take this ring to Shri Mataji. Give it to Her,’ my father said, so I went on the stage and gave it to Her.

Why are you giving Me all these costly presents?’ Shri Mataji said.

Mother, just give me the very pure desire to give You something,’ I replied and She immediately took the ring.

Avdhut Pai

A school visit

On the same tour about a dozen of us were chosen by the leader to visit a girls’ school in Delhi with Shri Mataji. The leader asked me to write a report about the visit, (I am a journalist) so I trailed behind Shri Mataji with my notebook, writing down everything I heard Her say to the principal who was showing Her around the school.

In the boardroom we were invited to sit round the huge oblong table. I sat in the nearest seat and then realised I was sitting directly across the table from Shri Mataji. Feeling embarrassed, I hoped She didn’t think I sat there on purpose. I tried not to stare at Her but at the same time did not want to look anywhere else. I put my notebook in my bag on the floor. People served us tea. Suddenly Shri Mataji looked directly at me and everyone and everything around us faded away.

Where do you come from?’ She said.

Australia,’ I managed to say. She looked at me deeply and sweetly.

I mean originally.’

I didn’t know what to say; I didn’t know what She meant. I am obviously a white Anglo-Celt. I wanted to give Her the correct answer but didn’t know what it was and couldn’t just sit in silence, so I said: ‘Er, um, my parents are originally from England.’

Shri Mother continued looking penetratingly and lovingly into my eyes, then She turned to Her right and spoke to the principal about the school and suddenly everything came back into focus; we were all still round the boardroom table, having afternoon tea. No one noticed. It took me about two years to work out that She was just reminding me of who and what I am – Her child, conceived in Her heart and born through Her Sahasrara.

Jenny Watling

A story of King Shivaji

On one occasion, in Delhi, Shri Mataji was talking about King Shivaji of Maharashtra. She mentioned that if he had lived longer he would have taken Maharashtra to the gates of Delhi, and also that if Aurangzeb had killed him when he was a prisoner at Aurangzeb’s court, there would have been no hope for Sahaja Yoga in North India. Fortunately he escaped.

Linda Williams

Shri Mataji, how does the Sushumna rise?

Once, when Shri Mataji was going to Patna, my wife and I went to see Her off at the airport. Shri Mataji told me that the day before She came across some people whose Sushumnas just would not rise.

Shri Mataji, how does the Sushumna rise?’ I asked Her, being as I was a new Sahaja Yogi.

Don’t you know? Give Me your hand,’ She said. She put Her thumb on my palm. Immediately I could feel something rising in me, like the mercury rises in the blood pressure instrument.

Suresh Nigam

A large number of shining Kundalinis

In early eighties, there were very few Sahaja Yogis in Delhi. I was lucky enough that Shri Mataji permitted me to take Her to various programmes and other places. Once, Shri Mataji was conducting programme in Haryana. There She was told about a boy who had never spoken a word. She asked for the boy to be brought near Her and worked on him for some time. Then Shri Mataji asked the boy to say something. To everybody’s surprise the boy spoke for the first time and clearly said ‘Ma’.

On another occasion, we were visiting Khurja, where Shri Mataji wanted to buy some ceramics. After the shopping we came back to the rest house. While resting there She said that there were many Kundalinis there.

Where?’ I asked Her.

Shri Mataji asked me to look up and I could see a large number of shining Kundalinis.

Suresh Nigam

Your Mother knows everything

Shri Mataji used to explain things to us in a very simple way. Once, I had gone to Nainital. There I met an old friend, Dr Bhatnagar. Being an enthusiastic new Sahaja Yogi I used to tell everybody about Sahaja Yoga. I told Dr Bhatnagar also. He agreed with me on many points but could not believe that Kundalini Jagaran (awakening) could be so easy. Shri Mataji asked me his name and I told Her. Shri Mataji told me that my friend was an ENT (ear, nose and throat) doctor.

Yes, but how did You know that?’ I said.

Your Mother knows everything,’ She replied simply. ‘When you mentioned his name I felt something on My Vishuddhi chakra. This means he works on the Vishuddhi, ENT.’

Suresh Nigam

She said the prayer

After I was married in 1984 I was looking after Shri Mataji in Delhi. I had just served Shri Mataji morning tea, and She was sitting on a chair in Her room. She had just finished Her tea and I was making Her bed. I was tidying up and She said to come and sit near Her. I didn’t have any pain and I didn’t think I had a heart problem, but Shri Mataji asked me to come and sit. Then She had me put my back to Her, and She lifted up both Her Feet, and put them on my back. She put a lot of pressure, and She said that my father had not left me, and he was still worried about me.

Take your rebirth,’ I had to keep saying, ‘because Shri Mataji is my father, and She is my Mother and I am protected now, and – please take your rebirth because you need to take your realisation.’ That was when She said that my heart was catching from him. Oh my goodness I do remember that day! My father had died in 1979 and Shri Mataji used to work on my heart a lot. She would have me turn my back to Her and would put Her Foot on my right heart, because it just would not clear out.

I am your father,’ She told me to say. ‘I am your Mother, and if you ask Me to come to your heart, then it will open it up, and you won’t have a catch, because your father is possessing you on your heart.’ Then She said the prayer – you know it.

Shri Mataji please come in my heart, please open my heart, Shri Mataji please put Your Feet in my heart, Shri Mataji please let You be worshipped in my heart, Shri Mataji please keep me’ – what was it? – ‘Take me away from illusion. Please keep me in reality.’

Then She asked me to say it back to Her, after I had put my hand on my heart. Then Shri Mataji put Her Foot on my heart and had me say it again.

Prerna Richards

New Delhi, 11th – 19th March, 1984 (diary entry)

This week there were four public programmes at the Marvlankar Auditorium on Raj Marg, near the parliament buildings. There was also a Birthday Puja – there are two this year, one in Delhi and one in Bombay.

There was also a celebration of Holi. This is a festival instituted by Shri Krishna to dissolve the rigidity and seriousness that was in the Indian culture in his time. The Holi celebration was held in the Sahaja Temple at Krishna Nagar, in the presence of Shri Mataji. After the talk of Shri Mataji, coloured powder, red, pink, green, yellow, which had previously been vibrated at the Her Feet, was distributed to everyone and we threw it around with much joy and covered our faces, clothes and bodies with it. It was also thrown over the serious leaders and soon they were laughing from their hearts like mad men, just as Shri Krishna had intended.

There were many, many people at the public programmes. The room was full and the public, as always in India, were immediately won over by Shri Mataji and at the end went to Her Feet. The talks were sometimes in English, and sometimes in Hindi. Given that the talks could be understood by Western people, Shri Mataji referred to scientific and medical explanations as well as descriptions of the chakras, the Kundalini and the Vedas, and also to the divinity which we understand.

Shri Mataji explained to us in one of Her talks that Delhi is Rakshasa Bhumi, an area where many rakshasas are buried and have lived, and they are still present on the vibrational level. Consequently the negativity is very strong, and Shri Mataji has said that the Sahaja Yogis here have to become very strong to combat it.

This week in Delhi Shri Mataji organised for each of us Sahaja Yogis from the West to stay with a Delhi Sahaja family, which was very interesting. We were able to enjoy their cooking and hospitality, and gave presents at the end. I stayed with Yogi Mahajan and his wife, and one evening Shri Mataji came to supper with us. There were a lot of Western Sahaja Yogis as well, and some Indian Sahaja Yogis. Before supper Shri Mataji spoke to us very beautifully and profoundly, and after supper there were some wonderful bhajans, and Yogi’s wife Deepa sang a very beautiful song, looking at Shri Mataji with love and dedication, and Shri Mataji responded with a look of infinite love.

There was also a puja, and two weddings which were held in the presence of Shri Mataji, and after the weddings Shri Mataji asked us all to go to the cinema, to see a film about the leela of Shri Krishna.

Alessandria Pallini

A meeting with a relation

In March 1984 the India tour went to Delhi. Shri Mataji arranged for the foreign Sahaja Yogis to stay with different Sahaja families, but there were not quite enough families for all the foreigners. By chance a close relation of mine came to Delhi at that time for work, and stayed with some friends of my aunt, and they invited me to stay with them. I was not keen to do so, because my relation was not in favour of Sahaja Yoga, and I had to share a room with her, but agreed to because it helped resolve the accommodation problem and kept my relation happy.

After a programme at the Safdarjung Temple, I had to go up to Shri Mataji and ask Her something and to my horror She was very critical towards me.

Get out of My sight, I never want to see you again!’ She said, in no uncertain terms.

I was shattered, had no idea what I had done wrong, and went off to a park for some time to sit and decide how I was going to rearrange my entire life, as I was living in India and had my children there in school. In the evening I crept back to the Safdarjung Temple to pick up my daughter and some of our belongings that were there, and as I was trying to get in, I realised Shri Mataji was still there, upstairs in Her room. One of the Delhi Sahaja Yogis saw me and came over.

There you are,’ the lady began, ‘Shri Mataji has been so worried about you. She did not know your relation was in Delhi and you had to stay with her. Shri Mataji saw all her negativity on your forehead, and was telling that to go away, not you. Can you go and see Her now?’

I did so and everything was fine.

Linda Williams

The story of a parrot

Once, Shri Mataji came to my father’s house for lunch. Accompanying Her were Raol Bai and a few Delhi Sahaja Yogis. My father is very fond of animals and has had dogs, bears, cheetahs, squirrels and parrots over the years. The wild animals were released in the wild. At the time Shri Mataji came he had a parrot which was not caged. He used to go inside the cage only to sleep, otherwise he would fly all over the house. At breakfast he would come down from my father’s shoulder and sit on the dining table. He would never eat anything from the plate, only from the edge of it where my father would keep a titbit for him to eat. We had a Samoyed dog too.

The day Shri Mataji came, She sat in the garden as it was winter. My father brought the parrot, perched on his finger, to Shri Mataji. She petted it and spoke to it. He cocked his head to one side listening very carefully. The parrot made sounds like Uh? Uh? as it was enjoying the petting. She petted him for quite a while. She also petted the dog.

A week after this incidence the door was left open and the parrot flew out. That was the first time he flew out of the house. We never found him again. 

Deepa Mahajan

His jyotish was very bad

It was in about 1984 and there was a nice man who was one of the Delhi leaders. Shri Mataji told him not to go to work on his scooter, but he did because it was the only way he could get there, and he was run over by a bus and killed.

You see, his jyotish (astrological influences) was very bad at that time,’ Shri Mataji said, meaning when the stars are tricky, then one really has to watch out even more than usual.

Linda Williams

Bombay, March 1984, Birthday Puja (diary entry)

The Birthday Puja was on the 22nd. There were about three hundred Sahaja Yogis from Bombay and about fifty foreigners. The talk was in Marathi, but She said just one sentence in English, that the Western Sahaja Yogis had to take peace to our countries, and had to be sweet and gentle, above all in our language. If we shout at people and are aggressive, we take their negativity on ourselves.

At the end of the puja, when Shri Mataji was dressed in ornaments, and decorated, She was offered a collective present, a beautiful pearl necklace with four strands which She immediately put on. She looked at Herself in a silver mirror, which was an antique and came from England. Then everyone could go to Her Feet to offer a garland of flowers.

On the last day we were with Her, we Italians were able to offer Shri Mataji a collective present which She appreciated. She stayed with us for many hours. We were able to go to Her Feet, and in the evening She returned for a music programme. The next day Shri Mataji departed for the south of India, where She said She had to do some tapasya. Imagine, the Adi Shakti, the most powerful incarnation of the divine, doing tapasya! The year before She had told the Bombay leader that She had not eaten for many days. It is one of those things it is not possible to understand.

Alessandra Pallini

Shri Mataji is aware of all pure desires

I was very fortunate that while studying in Mumbai I received my self realisation in 1982 from sakshat Shri Mataji Herself and was able to attend many programmes in Mumbai, including her Birthday Felicitation at the Shanmukhananda Auditorium in March 1984.

Having already experienced so much love, protection and so many other benefits from Shri Mataji through Sahaj, I was determined to express my gratitude to Shri Mataji in some way so I decided that I would present Her with a birthday card and a shawl as a birthday gift, which I hurriedly bought on the day of the felicitation, and I did not have time to properly gift wrap it, but had it wrapped in a newspaper.

In those early Sahaja days, Shri Mataji would grant darshan to all seekers at Her Lotus Feet after all pujas, public programmes etc and there was always a bee-line towards Shri Mataji by both Sahaja Yogis and even non-Sahaja Yogis, including at this particular programme. On seeing the long queue forming and the rush, I decided to hold back, being aware of protocols, even though it was going to compromise my chances of presenting my gift to Her. I knew that at some point the leaders were going to stop the people as the queue was too long. My instincts were correct and Shri Mataji departed before I could give my gift. I left with the present in my hand. Deep down within me I was not disappointed because I knew that Shri Mataji was aware of my pure desire and it did not really matter if I was not able to present Her the gift.

While Shri Mataji was being escorted out of the hall a fellow Sahaja friend and I went outside the auditorium and were walking along a drive at the side of the hall. Suddenly the car transporting Her drove down the same driveway and stopped next to us. The side window was wound down and Shri Mataji looked directly at me and asked me in Marathi what I had. I told Her that it was a present and She opened it in the car.

Oh, a shawl!’ She said, and then lovingly chided me that I should not have worried to give Her a present. She namaskared to me and then the car drove away.

Later the whole significance of the incident dawned on me and I realized that miraculously Shri Mataji knew of the pure desire I had to present Her with a birthday gift, which did not succeed in the hall but created a beautiful little play whereby She acknowledged and showed me that She does ‘know everything.’ I was touched at Her infinite love and acknowledgement.

Ajeeth Ramphal