Chapter 20: 1992 – July, Europe

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

Shri Mataji noticed everyone

When Shri Mataji gave a programme in Amsterdam at the Artis Hall at the beginning of July, 1992, at the end, when everybody had come to pay their respects to Shri Mataji and to be worked on, She asked one of the yogis to go and call a person who was sitting on the floor at the end of the hall. We could hardly see him but Shri Mataji had noticed him.

When the man came in front of Shri Mataji, She started to work on him and it was quite obvious that he was very damaged and probably a drug addict. At one point Shri Mataji, who had a little bowl of channa, chick peas, on the table beside Her, took some of them and offered them to him. She had not done this with anyone else that evening. He put the channa in his mouth, but he could not eat them because his teeth were so damaged and had lost many of them.

That evening, I was sitting beside Shri Mataji throughout the programme. Like Her, I was facing the people sitting in the hall. After the programme, when we went back to the ashram, Henno and I were with Shri Mataji in Her room and She was very happy about the programme. She started to talk in detail about the seekers who had been sitting in the hall.

You remember that one sitting on the right in the middle? He was very good,’ and so on. I could recognise a few of the ones Shri Mataji was mentioning, but She had noticed every single person in the hall.

Trupta de Graaf

She always tried to make us feel good

When Shri Mataji came to see us She always tried to make us feel good about ourselves and the country where we lived. When She came to our ashram in Amsterdam, at the beginning of Her visit, She told to Henno and me that Her family had a special relationship with Holland. When you hear that your heart feels happy. She said that they had found some very old Dutch coins in Her family, dating from about 1700. It helped me to settle down and not think that the grass is always greener elsewhere.

Trupta de Graaf

The connection between the liver and the Vishuddhi

In 1992 when Shri Mataji came to our house for few days, it was very hot and I lost my voice just one day before She came. Imagine waiting the whole year for Shri Mataji to come to your house and when She arrives you can’t talk. When I was with Shri Mataji in Her bedroom, She would ask me all kinds of questions, and I could hardly answer, as I had no voice. At one point Shri Mataji asked me why I had lost my voice. I didn’t really know what to say so I put my attention on the Sahasrara.

It comes from the liver,’ I suddenly heard myself saying.

Yes, it is right. There is a big connection between the liver and the Vishuddhi,’ Shri Mataji said.

She said I was too thin and should do a liver diet. She asked me to bring some ginger powder which She vibrated, and said I should start a diet by taking it twice a day for three days, a big soup spoon of half ginger powder and half sugar. She said I should be careful with fat and milk products, but that I could take chicken. I did this diet for some time and started to gain weight but tried to stop thinking, and that helped to calm down the liver. When I saw Shri Mataji a year later She said I was OK, and I had gained 5 kilos.

About the liver and its relationship with the Vishuddhi, I was with Shri Mataji in Paris, and She said something like America (the Vishuddhi) would not work out unless France (the liver) worked out.

Trupta de Graaf

 A welcome for the Adi Shakti

When we were in Holland in the summer of 1992, Mother was coming. The moment She got off the plane it started to rain. It was pouring so much they could hardly drive the car. As She arrived at the ashram and the car drew up and stopped, the incredibly heavy rain just stopped as if someone had switched off a tap. She got out of the car and the whole sky was lit by lightning.

Shri Mataji walked up the path and the lightning and thunder was going all the time we did aarti to Her. Every time the aarti went round, the lightning flashed and the thunder crashed. She walked in over the threshold and I was the one who gave Her the garland. The moment She was inside, the rain came down again like the tap had been switched back on, and I put the garland around Her neck.

Now that’s a welcome for the Adi Shakti!’ She said.

Rachel Ruigrok

Shri Vishnumaya had come to clean the house

This is a story about the house we bought as an ashram in Belgium in the early 1990’s. The vibrations of this house were bad, so Shri Mataji told us to have a havan to clean it. We did a havan in the garden because the house was too small for the collectivity. Some days later, before Shri Mataji’s arrival, there was a big storm and the lightning struck the chimney. No car was touched, but there were stones all over the place. Shri Mataji said Shri Vishnumaya had to come and Herself clean the house because we did the havan outside in the garden instead of actually inside the house. After that Shri Mataji gave a Shri Vishnumaya Puja there.

Bernard Cuvellier

Shri Vishnumaya Puja, 4th July 1992 (email report)

Public programmes were held on the Friday and Saturday nights, in the ballroom of the Metropol Hotel, Brussels, a big room with a pleasant atmosphere. A few hundred seekers crowded in, so the Sahaja Yogis mostly stood at the back. The programme began with a few bhajans from the Sahaja Yogis, and continued with Henno’s introduction. Hemlata and Ravindra Jain’s beautiful music settled down very calm and joyful vibrations even before Shri Mataji began Her address. After the Saturday programme these musicians continued to sing for a long time as Shri Mataji received the new people, followed by some Sahaja Yogis, at the front of the stage. The programme ended about midnight.

On Saturday morning all the Sahaja Yogis assembled at the new Belgian ashram, an old brewery and farmhouse, quite a big building about half an hour south of Brussels, to celebrate the Shri Vishnumaya Puja. Shri Mataji stayed there during Her visit, along with some visiting Sahaja Yogis. The puja was held in the courtyard of the farm, under a large canvas sheet which kept us dry from the rain that threatened. The weather stayed fine during Shri Mataji’s talk, but immediately the puja began and the first drops of water were poured on Shri Mataji’s Lotus Feet the heavens opened.

On Sunday Shri Mataji stayed quietly in Her room, receiving some Sahaja Yogis, before leaving in the evening to fly back to Milan with the musicians. About a hundred Sahaja Yogis were present to wave Her off at Brussels airport.

Phil Ward

Guru Puja, 19th July 1992 (email report)

The festivities began late on Friday evening with a music programme. Before the concert began Shri Mataji addressed us briefly to say that since this is Guru Puja we should expect to have to undergo a little tapas and that we should not worry about bodily comforts. Due to the lack of accommodation for so many people, many of us were sleeping under the stars. She also recommended that we keep our attention inside, and not to concern ourselves with socialising around cups of cappuccino, which is bad for the liver!

The highlight of the concert was two songs composed earlier that day by our Divine Mother Herself. Baba Mama introduced them by saying that he had known Shri Mataji for fifty-nine years but had never suspected that She is such a great composer and poet. The songs talk of Shri Mataji’s nature as a guru, and She Herself set them to music in Rag Kafi and Rag Bhairavi. One was Binate Suniye, and the other probably Jai Jai Janani Shri Ganesha Ki. They were sung during the puja.

The international play, the second evening’s highlight, was scripted in every detail, down to the jokes, by none other than our Divine Mother Herself, during the previous days. It represented a group of seekers of truth who travel to see various false gurus. The group afterwards met with parents and relatives of some lost seekers, who told how their near ones had died or suffered terribly at their hands. Then we saw a number of students of another movement, learning ‘flying’ and complaining of how they were getting sore bottoms; and then a fight between female devotees of another one boasting of how easy it was to be seduced by their guru, and yet others boasting of how they would remain virgins all their lives. Then we were taken to a Western setting as TV evangelist Jimmy Sweetheart, complete with dancing girls and studio audience, told in his inimitable way, punctuated with appeals for money, how the Lord had found him in a place of very ill repute and had told him in a voice of thunder, ‘Jimmy, get dressed!’

The puja took place on Sunday afternoon. Shri Mataji arrived shortly after one o’clock in the puja tent, which was full to overflowing, with the sides of the tent rolled up and quite a few people sitting outside and looking in. In Her discourse, long and rich, She treated many topics, starting with the way we must achieve the state of a guru.

Phil Ward

Preparing the ashram before Shri Mataji’s coming

When Shri Mataji visited us in the ashram in Paris or in our house in Holland, we used to decorate and renovate the houses completely, not only the room where She would stay, but the whole house. We used to paint the walls again or replace the wall-paper and repaint the doors. Also we would replace the carpets, make the garden nice, put up new curtains and clean everywhere. Whenever Shri Mataji came to our house in Zaandam, we would prepare our own bedroom for Her as the house was small. We would then move into a very little room with our children, but we were so happy Shri Mataji was coming that we didn’t mind.

Also when She came to Zaandam, we made a shower in our garage as there was only one bathroom which was for Shri Mataji. One morning Shri Mataji asked us what the yogis were doing, always going to the garage. We told Her there was an improvised shower and then She laughed and said we could have used Her bathroom. All this was fun, and part of this wonderful adventure of receiving our Mother.

Trupta de Graaf

Shri Mataji at Zaandam ashram in Holland


At Zaandam one time we were cooking for Shri Mataji and I made some burgers with couscous, basil, paprika and herbs. Shri Mataji liked them very much and asked me what the couscous was.

It is couscous, Shri Mataji,’ I answered.

What?’ She asked me again.

It is couscous Shri Mataji,’ I reiterated.

No, it is rice,’ Shri Mataji said.

Then I realised that She had just told us one day before that sometimes you have to learn to talk to people and not to answer by saying ‘No,’ very abruptly or try to always be right. She gave then the example that if it is morning and somebody tells you, ‘Oh, what a nice evening,’ instead of saying, ‘No, it is morning,’ you can say, ‘Yes, very nice,’ because it is more important to be nice to somebody than to argue and try to be clever. So when Shri Mataji said that it was rice, I said, ‘Yes, Shri Mataji.’ I believed I had passed the test.

The next year, when She returned I again made this couscous burger as Shri Mataji liked it very much.

What is it?’ She asked me again. Should I say rice or couscous? The year before Shri Mataji had said it was couscous but I knew it was to test me. If I said ‘rice’, She might say it was not.

Couscous, Shri Mataji,’ I said.

Ah!’ She said. I had passed the test again!

I recently discovered, when looking in Shri Mataji’s cookery book, that there is a spice called Khuskhus which is used in Indian cooking, which might be why Shri Mataji initially said to me that it was not couscous. But the lesson at that time was not to bluntly say ‘No’ to somebody if he or she tells you something you think is wrong.

Trupta de Graaf

Editor’s note: couscous is a type of pasta of North African origin.

Someone has been listening to me

Back in the early nineties, we had a lot of fun following Shri Mataji’s tours through the East Bloc. Two of Sahaja Yoga Austria’s satellites, Hungary and Czechoslovakia, were on the schedule every summer. We normally travelled by car or bus, but one time my wife surprised me by booking me on a flight from Budapest to Prague. It was the same flight that Shri Mataji was to take. I arrived at the tiny airport with two of the Austrian Sahaja Yoga coordinators amidst a sea of flowers held by joyful Sahaja Yogis, seeing Shri Mataji off. As the five of us, including a Sahaja Yogini who was attending Shri Mataji, passed through Immigration, Shri Mataji turned to me.

Oh! You’re also coming!’ She said cheerfully.

We sat in the front row of the First Class section in the small jet. On my right sat Hermann Haage reading a newspaper. To my left was an empty seat, the narrow aisle, another empty seat, then Shri Mataji. Her eyes were closed and She appeared to be in deep meditation.

For over twelve years I had grown accustomed to praying to Shri Mataji and enjoying most of my prayers coming true. One of my favourites was the following, ‘Shri Mataji, please bless me with pure attention and pure desire.’ At that moment, feeling a bit shy and nervous to be sitting so close to the Incarnation, I began thinking my prayer in the hope of attaining perfect inner balance, peace and clarity. I got as far as, ‘Shri Mataji, please…’ when She suddenly lifted Her head and looked over at me. I was hoping for a positive response, but I certainly didn’t expect such a personal one. I stopped the prayer and waited till Her head sunk back down on Her chest before quickly finishing my heartfelt, but shaken, request.

I should mention — some years later — that my attention and desiring really have improved.

Edward Saugstad

Shri Mataji at Bucharest airport in 1992

Like a true compassionate Mother

Shri Mataji again visited Romania in July 1992. Meanwhile, our collective had become much larger, as could be seen when we greeted Her at the airport. From there, She was driven to Elisabeth Palace, a former royal residence. There She was hosted in the king’s apartments.

A small group of Sahaja Yogis waited for Her next to the entrance. Shri Mataji stopped in front of a young lady who, very shy, waited behind the others. Mother asked her why she was so sad and the lady answered that the doctors had diagnosed a cancer tumour in her intestine.

Shri Mataji invited the lady inside, like a true compassionate Mother. There She asked for a glass of water and charged the water with vibrations, putting Her left hand into the glass. She gave the water to the lady telling her to drink from it because it is good for the left channel. While drinking, the lady was asked to hold her right hand through the open window, driving the negativity outside the house. Mother advised her to take ajwan fumigations at her Mooladhara chakra and to sleep with kumkum on her forehead. She called the lady’s husband and told him he had to help his wife. When the patient went for a checkup, the doctor was astonished to see that the tumour had disappeared. The lady lives to this day (sixteen years later).

Shri Mataji sat in an armchair and the leader of France gave Her Feet a prolonged massage. I sat on the floor together with other Sahaja Yogis and absorbed the waves of vibrations She bestowed around Her. A young couple that desired to get married had asked me permission to request Mother’s blessing. In my turn, I entered the apartment and humbly asked for Her accord. Then, to my great surprise, Shri Mataji asked me what I thought about this marriage.

The next morning, Shri Mataji consented to pay a visit to an important exhibition we had organized for Her arrival. The exhibition was hosted in the imposing building of the Museum of National History, and had been presented by the National TV programme while another private programme broadcast its own within the entire country. Mother stopped in front of a picture representing the bust of Plato, which was placed among other great realised souls. She said that Socrates had been a great prophet, while Plato was the one who had distorted the teachings of his master. After visiting the entire exhibition with great patience, Shri Adi Shakti took rest on a couch and we, Her children, sat on the floor at the holy Feet of our Divine Mother.

Dan Costian


After 1992, Shri Mataji gave public programmes in Romania every year in the Polyvalent Hall, where every time 3,000 to 6,000 persons received their self realisation. Each year She used to go for shopping, usually in the ‘Unirea’ (meaning, ‘Union,’ that is, ‘Yoga’) supermarket. There She bought crystals, either uncoloured or cobalt coloured in blue or red. I think they were for Baba Mama’s beautiful collection I had seen during the visit I paid to his house in Nagpur. The building had been designed by Shri Mataji and looked like a palace.

Shri Mataji leaving the supermarket

Mother also used to buy many handicrafts. She loved beautiful handmade things: vases, ceramics, tablecloths, high-quality porcelains and dishes decorated with folklore motifs. At other times, She used to buy fabrics for saris, men suits, which She used to ask a Yogi to put on so She could check the size. She would say: this is for X, the other would go to Y, and so on, like a loving Mother choosing outfits for Her children. She would shop for hours, exploring each floor of the huge general store. When She was done, especially with the handicrafts, She left behind empty shelves. The vendors could hardly keep pace with Her, packing. We carried all the packs to the cars outside following Shri Mataji’s Mercedes.

One time, when Mother exited the ‘Unirea’ supermarket, a group of gypsy women surrounded Her. They had recognized Shri Mataji from the countless posters spread all over the capital. Mother gave all of them self realisation by just asking them to hold their palms towards Her. She asked me to invite all the gypsies to the public programme that evening. Then, something strange happened. A young man appeared from nowhere, and came smiling within reach of Shri Mataji offering candies to Her from a paper bag. After treating everyone around, he left us without a word, in the same sudden way as he had made his appearance.

Dan Costian

Shri Mataji’s second visit to Bulgaria, 1992

In the upper photo Sahaja Yogis from different countries were welcoming Shri Mataji when She arrived at Sofia Central Train Station in 1992.  In the lower one Shri Mataji was meeting the yogis at a kindergarten where a beautiful Sahaja photos exhibition was prepared.

Kamelia Ersan

I am quite aware of Who I am

I was with Shri Mataji in Paris, and as always we went shopping. Shri Mataji held my arm as a support. I felt very relaxed and normal and started to talk about deities, about Shri Ganesha. We were looking at the colours of things in the shops. She said that when Shri Ganesha gets angry, He becomes red.

That colour suits Me,’ She said.

There was also another story, about Shri Rama. He played the maya on Himself. He was a divine incarnation, but He forgot, and it was Ravana, the demon, who suddenly recognised Him.

You are a divine incarnation,’ said Ravana.

Well, I don’t know about that, but I have come here to kill you,’ replied Lord Rama.

This time I am quite aware of Who I am,’ Shri Mataji commented.

Richard Keet

The French were smiling

We had a public programme in a theatre in Paris in the early 1990’s, and at the end people came to meet Mother one by one. It lasted a long time into the night and they all queued up to come and see Her. We were singing bhajans and it was a very joyful evening. Shri Mataji said it was very different because She could see that the French were smiling and it was on that occasion that She said that Paris was not a gate of hell any more.

Guillemette Metouri

Suddenly we heard a big thunder clap

After the first programme in Warsaw, Poland, in July 1992, some people from a religious organisation distributed a paper against Shri Mataji to all who came to the follow-up. We told the people who came that wherever a big positivity is coming in a country, the darkness wants to fight it. At this moment, all lights of the hall switched off and we were in the darkness some seconds. The people understood the message. We informed Shri Mataji, who was at this time in Austria. She told us not to react, not to have any fear, to go on feeling the joy of giving realisation and that that particular religious organisation will be destroyed by itself.

When Shri Mataji was in Warsaw She spoke about this religious organisation. It was August and the sky was blue, without any clouds. Suddenly we heard a big thunder clap.

Shri Vishnumaya is working,’ Shri Mataji said, and laughed.

Christine Haage

She laughed a lot

In Warsaw, Shri Mataji told our daughter Aparna to learn Indian dance. She was sixteen at this time. On the way to the airport, my husband, the driver, was concerned.

Shri Mataji, my daughter was never away from me for a long time,’ he said to Her.

When my daughters were small, they always tied my sari to the chairs to be sure I would be home when they come back from school. Now, they are married and with their husbands. So Hermann, marriage or education, just enjoy separation,’ She laughed a lot and said.

Christine Haage

The solution to environmental problems

In 1992, during Shri Mataji’s visit to Poland Mother asked me about my husband’s whereabouts.

He has gone to establish new centres and give realisation in South Africa for two months and then he will start his studies of Environmental Sciences in September,’ I replied.

Tell him to come and work in Cabella,’ was Shri Mataji’s reply, ‘all environmental problems can be solved with vibrations’.

Grazyna Anslow

As though the puja was happening there and then

I stayed on in Poland after Shri Mataji visited Warsaw in 1992 to help with public programmes and to be with this newly formed vibrant Polish collective. One day I went to see my friend, a Polish Sahaja Yogini. She offered to make a dress for me, we stayed up half the night and it was about 11 am when we finally started to meditate. We put our hands out and if the cool breeze could be measured everything would be blowing in this wind, which was on our hands, on our faces, in our hair. It penetrated to the core of our beings and enlightened every cell in our bodies. We were in it together, including the dog, which was usually very lively and lay there totally relaxed. We looked at the clock and almost three hours were gone. Even the next day we still felt we were walking on air.

I found out couple of days later that Shri Mataji was waiting for the plane at Heathrow airport on Her way to Italy for Shri Ganesha Puja at the time of our experience, and commented that the vibrations were so strong, as though the puja was happening. Warsaw is on the same latitude as London.

Grazyna Anslow

Beyond time

Shri Mataji came to Poland and Sahaja Yogis went to airport to welcome our Holy Mother. Some Sahaja Yoginis and I were waiting for Her at the Victoria Hotel in Warsaw, at the door of Her apartment. We heard that Shri Mataji had arrived to the hotel and was going to take the lift. There was a long distance from lift to the apartment, but Shri Mataji appeared immediately in front of us. Then I realised that time could be relative.

Bozena Czachowska

The same colours

Shri Mataji was due to arrive soon and I drove to the airport outside Vienna. It seemed as if the whole of nature was expecting Shri Mataji: rain had washed clean all the leaves and shrubs along the dusty motorway and the trees and shrubs along the way looked as if they had arranged their branches, standing tall and proud in expectance of Her. The sky and clouds displayed the most unusual colours, layers of intense turquoise blue and vibrant pink. When we arrived at the ashram later that day, sitting at Shri Mataji’s Feet, I realised to my amazement that the decoration behind Mother’s chair was created of fabric in exactly those colours of turquoise and pink – Nature had dressed herself in the same colours, in celebration of this auspicious day.

Sigrid Jones

A chance to go in and see Shri Mataji

In July 1992 Shri Mataji was staying in the ashram in Perchtoldsdorf south of Vienna, just a few minutes from my home. We all worked there happily together and in the evening I had to go home. I was envious of all the Sahaja Yogis who were able to stay with our Holy Mother. As I tried to unlock my house door the key broke, so I went back to the ashram and was invited to stay. I was blessed to sleep in the room beside Shri Mataji. It was wonderful!

In the morning we sat in the hallway meditating. When Shri Mataji came out She heard the men snoring loudly in the meditation room downstairs.

They’re sleeping well!’ She said.

Because I couldn’t speak English, I never had the opportunity to speak with our Holy Mother. After I meditated in front of Shri Mataji’s room, I intended to go home, but Wolfgang and Hamid suggested that I stay for a while in case there was a chance that I could go in to see Shri Mataji. A little while later Wolfgang’s wife gave me some flowers to put into a vase, and I was allowed to carry them into Shri Mataji’s room. I went to Her table.

Do You want the flowers here?’ I asked Her.

Yes, thank you very much!’ She answered. It was an absolute miracle for me!

It was such a deep experience when Shri Mataji left the ashram. We all lined up and She thanked us for all our work, and blessed us. After our Holy Mother left we went up to Her room and did namaskar beside Her bed. As I lay my forehead on the bed, there was a fragrance that a mother never forgets: the fragrance of a new-born baby.

Sissy Huber

With a few words She can change your destiny

In the eighties and nineties Shri Mataji would dedicate time to Sahaja Yogis and help them in numerous ways. Many people experienced how, with a few words, She could change your destiny. Shri Mataji not only gave me a husband, who I have been happily married to for eighteen years, but She gave him invaluable career advice, which changed his career entirely. Also due to Her I have a son. At one point I was diagnosed with cancer.

No way do you have cancer!’ Shri Mataji exclaimed when She heard about it. She worked on my chakras for a long time to help me to get to the root of the problem. I later had an operation to remove the affected cells, but I am sure that without Sahaja Yoga and Her help it might have turned out to be much more serious.

It is the small things that stay with me most: how with a few words She could bring out qualities in people which were dormant. After one public programme in Munich I went and bowed to Her Feet. It is embarrassing to say this: She then took my hand and kissed it on the back.

You are so sweet,’ She said. The next day two people said the same thing to me, something I don’t think anybody had ever said to me before.

Sigrid Jones

You will have My fragrance

In the early nineties we were going to have a puja in Belgium with Shri Mataji. Everything had been organized but on the morning of the puja Shri Mataji sent a message that unfortunately She was not able to come and be physically there.

Don’t worry,’ She said, ‘you will have My fragrance.’

During the puja we felt very, very strong vibrations, and a very special fragrance which was like a mixture of flowers that I have never smelled before or after. It was very sweet and heavenly.

Ann Nagels

A most wonderful summer’s day

In Finland in 1992, the Sahaja Yogis erected an awning of saris in the garden. Mother came and sat under it. It was the most wonderful summer’s day and She talked to virtually every member of the Finnish collective, and vibrated all the sugar and salt and flour. Most extraordinary of all was where She asked Raine to put his hand on Her shoulder. You could see he was visibly shaking, as the vibrations passed from Her through him. He had the greatest difficulty in holding his hand steady on Her shoulder, so strong were the vibrations.

It was a very, very peaceful time in that garden, as if Her children were surrounding Her and She talked to everybody as Her children — an intensely close and personal few hours. I shall never forget it.

Ian Maitland Hume

Shri Mataji in the garden

You have to be a good channel

Shri Mataji was talking to us about many things. At the end, She showed us Her leg and it was really swollen.

See, this is the Finnish left Vishuddhi,’ She said.

Shri Mataji asked me to put my right hand on Her left shoulder and said that the whole collective should put out their hands and receive the vibrations because they were stagnating in Her Left Vishuddhi and that was why Her leg was swollen. When we started doing this, the left ankle got smaller and smaller and in two or three minutes it was similar to the other leg. Then Shri Mataji asked me to put my right hand on Her back Agnya and when I did so, my hand started trembling.

It is not so easy to touch My back Agnya,’ said Shri Mataji, ‘you have to be a good channel to do that.’

Raine Salo

Like the Mother Earth

We were in Finland with Shri Mataji. She was sitting in the house and there was an indoor tree in a big pot and She thought it was strange to have trees indoors, then She asked us what we thought the tree of England was. Of course everyone said oak, but She said no, it was the cedar. She said there is a very beautiful cedar tree at St Albans and we went to have a look at it and it is very beautiful. Also Shri Mataji gave a talk in the garden in Finland.

There was a young man who was not very much in the collective and struggling a bit. He came to this talk, and at some point wanted to read a poem to Shri Mataji. He read his poem, how Shri Mataji was like the Mother Earth and the Mother Earth was green, like Her sari. Mother was overwhelmed by this.

See, I am wearing a green sari today, and it is because of Johnny’s love for Me that I put this one on. I didn’t know which one to choose, and I just picked this one, and it was because of his love for Me,’ She said.

Anthony Headlam

Thank You for the talk

We were in the garden of the ashram in Finland and Shri Mataji talked a lot about the Left Vishuddhi. This talk really did something to me. When we left Finland and arrived at Copenhagen Airport there were just a few of us with Shri Mataji. The others had things to do with Shri Mataji’s tickets and I was left alone with Her. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do, alone with the Goddess. I was sitting on the floor, and I thought this was good, that I was not sitting at Her level.

Come and sit next to Me,’ She said and patted the chair next to me. I sat next to Her, and She was smiling and beaming and all the tension went out of me.

Thank You, Shri Mataji, for that talk about the Left Vishuddhi,’ I said.

You see, sometimes people can be so cruel,’ She replied. When She said that I felt She understood my whole past. I could see what She was seeing, about the people around me, not my parents, but others who had given me wrong ideas about how we should behave in society.

Why try to please others? Why not please yourself?’ She said, and those two sentences are like flowers in a garden that keep growing and manifesting in me differently, every year a different thing comes out from those simple sentences.

Once I had a dream and it puzzled me. Shri Mataji was holding my hand and I was a little girl, about eight years old walking down a dusty red path with woods on either side. In the dream I found a tube of sweets in my pocket, fruit pastels. I offered one to Shri Mataji and She took the orange one.

About three years after that dream I was on the plane with Shri Mataji, coming back from Finland to England. I was in the Second Class part and Shri Mataji was in the front. I had a tube of gum sweets, fruit pastels. I opened the packet and wondered if Shri Mataji would like one. I walked up the plane and offered Her one, and as She touched the packet I got an electric shock as Her finger touched the metal on it. We looked at each other and all the sweets in the packet were orange, and I remembered the dream.

Katie Headlam

Shri Mataji had us laughing

It was 1992 and we joined Shri Mataji in Poland and went to Russia, and from Russia we went to Finland, and there is a nice miracle photo to mark it in the garden of the ashram in Helsinki. After that a few of us were travelling back to Milan with Shri Mataji. Before we had been following as part of an entourage but this time Shri Mataji was aware that Katie, now my wife, and I were there to help with the suitcases, and travel with Her. We flew from Helsinki to Copenhagen and changed planes there to go to Milan. We had a few hours in Copenhagen, and Shri Mataji came off the plane.

I had really been desiring that we could talk with Shri Mataji, because we had been in Her presence a lot, but had not had any experience of talking with Her. We had a long walk to get off the plane and at a certain point there was a sitting area. We sat in the enormous airport near a drinks stand. A lady came and asked us if we wanted drinks, and we looked at Shri Mataji and She looked at us.

Yes please,’ we said and Shri Mataji said to go ahead. So we ordered Coca Cola and She ordered tea.

When it came to paying for the drinks, Shri Mataji asked where Her handbag was, and we said we would please like to pay, and She refused. Again we said please we would like to pay, pushing and pushing, as this young boy, which I was, always would. She didn’t exactly say prerogative, but She implied that it is the right of the eldest to look after the younger ones.

And I am the eldest here,’ She looked around and said. So we were suitably humbled. Shri Mataji then carried on talking, about universities and the difficulties Her grandson was having about which university to choose, and how Oxford and Cambridge were no longer what they used to be, and Cambridge allowed girls to stay in boys’ rooms. They were really going downhill, so he was going to go to America.

Then, as always, She had us laughing. There were all these very tall people around, because the Danes are quite a tall race, and Shri Mataji looked at them.

You see, this tallness, it is just a reflection of ego in the people,’ She said. So this Anthony tried to snuggle down in the chair a bit, and not be too tall!

At a certain moment Shri Mataji started laughing. She was looking in the direction of some screens dividing the  lounge area from the main walkway and we saw a lonely head and shoulders sticking right up above the screens, belonging to a man who must have been over two metres tall. At the same time an air stewardess looking absolutely immaculate in her suit and beret came past on a little scooter – the ones where you have to push with one leg and the other leg is on a two wheeled trolley. Shri Mataji had just been talking about height, ego, and speediness, because there were swarms of people going past us, and then this lady all dressed up but looking totally ridiculous on this scooter kept us laughing. We had our drinks, and after a while it was time to go for our plane.

Didn’t we all have fun?’ Shri Mataji said. My desire to talk with Her had been fulfilled.

Anthony Headlam