Chapter 20: 1996 – May to August, Europe

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

The Yogis are obligated

During a conversation at Cabella in 1996, Shri Mataji smiled and fondly started talking about various English Sahaja Yogis and how it had all begun in England in the early days. She recounted various incidents of how She had guided, helped and advised so many in various ways. She said that all the stories should be gathered together into a book for people to read. I agreed that this was a great idea, but expressed that there might be a shyness in coming forward and recording such stories.
Shri Mataji acknowledged this notion, adding that the Yogis are obligated to do it, as She had, after all, saved their lives.

Geoff Godfrey

Farming is an auspicious profession

We have a farm near Grosseto, in Tuscany, Italy. Shri Mataji said farming is a very auspicious profession, and one of the best you can have. She told me a few things about it, and especially how to vibrate the crops. For the crops that are irrigated, She said to put one of Her photos into the well, which I did. I had a badge with Shri Mataji’s photo on it, which had been made waterproof with a silicon treatment, and we put that in.

For crops which are not irrigated – such as wheat or sunflower – Shri Mataji said that to get the vibrations into the seeds, you have to take a small quantity out of the whole amount of the seeds and put them in front of Her picture. Then you must put it back with the whole quantity of seed and mix it and this will vibrate all the seed, which you have to put in the ground. If you can’t vibrate the ground with vibrated water through irrigation, this is an alternative solution. So even if the farm is big, like ours is, if you vibrate only a small quantity of seed and mix it up, this is enough.

Shri Mataji also said we shouldn’t use hybrid seeds, but only the F1, the first hybridization. It is not good to use seeds which are further hybridized.

Alessandra Pallini

Shri Mataji felt my heart

This happened after I had been in Sahaja Yoga for six or seven months, in 1996. Shri Mataji was coming to London for the Royal Albert Hall programme. In those days, I didn’t have any sense of the protocol and when I was invited by our local centre leader to come along and meet Her, I went along in a tracksuit bottom and torn jumper.

When I arrived at the airport everyone was there in suits and nicely gelled hair and I looked really scruffy. I was so anxious to see Shri Mataji because I knew She was Shri Adi Shakti and I had never seen Her before. There was a feeling in my heart of absolute excitement and elation and joy, was so bubbling to see Her and as I got the opportunity to present the flowers to Her, so I went up to Her.

Look everyone, this boy is a real Sahaja Yogi,’ Shri Mataji said. I was completely taken aback by this; maybe She felt my heart. I don’t know how good my vibrations were, but She must have felt the love in my heart because we are connected to Her.

Jai Shri Parvati Mata,’ I said spontaneously, and presented the flowers to Her.

She looked at me in a solemn way and slightly nodded in agreement and then I walked away, but that feeling will always remain with me. At that moment, I didn’t know that England was the heart of the universe and that the consort of Shri Shiva was Shri Parvati. It just sort of came out.

Mitesh Gandhi

Small presents

Shri Mataji was in Bulgaria in July 1996. I am from Sofia and Shri Mataji was in Sofia. Some ladies from another city were staying with me from a small town, very humble ladies. There was a programme with music and dances for Shri Mataji in Her hotel and a meeting with the Bulgarian yogis. These two ladies wanted to give Shri Mataji a gift. It was a box of chocolates and some little napkins they had made. Other yoginis gave Shri Mataji much bigger presents.

The next day some of the ladies in the hotel were saying, ‘How could these ladies give Shri Mataji such small gifts?’ At that moment, someone appeared at the door and asked them to come to see something that Shri Mataji had. She asked to see the small gifts from these two yoginis again and She was so happy to look at these small presents, and was smiling.

Gallina Pashava

Public Programme Sofia, 1996

In 1996 the public programme was held in the National Palace of Culture, the biggest culture and congress centre of Bulgaria.

Kamelia Ersan

She must be very important

We were going shopping with Shri Mataji in Sofia, Bulgaria. There were many shops with handmade bracelets and so on near to the hotel and She wanted to buy some things. The lady who was selling the things in the shop we went into was worrying so much and she was so aggressive, because there were so many people around Shri Mataji, and she was worried about her shop. She was telling us to go away because she didn’t want so many of us in there. But slowly Shri Mataji asked for this and that, and wanted to buy thirty pieces of this, and forty-five of that, and soon everything in the shop was finished.

Who is this lady?’ the lady said. ‘She must be very important, because She is buying everything! Otherwise, I would take four or five months to sell all these things. I will give Her a glass of beer.’

I don’t drink beer, but thank you,’ Shri Mataji said.

Rosa Alexieva

Pure eyes

There are a lot of dogs on the streets in Bulgaria. Shri Mataji saw these dogs and said they had such pure eyes, and that She had never seen eyes like this on dogs in other places in the world.

Gary Boneva

Something major was moving out

In July 1996 Shri Mataji travelled by train from Sofia, Bulgaria to Bucharest, Romania. It was a warm summer night and there was no a/c in the train. Shri Mataji was obviously suffering from the heat and I started fanning Her. She was sitting on the seat and I was kneeling on the floor holding my hands above shoulder level. It was physically quite demanding. I was fanning for about ten to fifteen minutes, and trying to do my best. Suddenly I thought, ‘If I would help Mother by fanning Her in this way I would do it the whole night. I won’t be tired.’ As soon as I had thought this Shri Mataji turned to me and said that She felt a lot of cool breeze coming from me, and this was my compassion and pure desire to help Her. Shri Mataji told me that She felt much better then, and I could stop fanning Her.

We were three ladies travelling with Her, and the same night She asked us to hold our left hands towards Her and our right hands out towards the nature. She told us that She felt a lot of left side, suffering and sorrow in the country of Bulgaria. Instead of travelling by plane for one and a half hours to Bucharest, Mother chose this inconvenient method of transport, spending more than twelve hours in such discomfort, in order to vibrate the entire country. We felt it was like a biblical night, something major was moving out but we were too small to understand what was going on in the big picture of the divine.

Emiliana Blagoeva

To heaven via a chicken leg

The Czech Sahaja Yogis established a beautiful ashram outside of Prague, which was graced by Shri Mataji’s divine darshan on more than one occasion. I was lucky to be there on one of those special evenings. We had all arrived back from the public programme in the city in the summer of 1996. The house was full: full of joyful souls and heavenly chaitanya. I wandered up to the kitchen where Shri Mataji’s food was being prepared and a smiling yogini handed a Sahaja Yogi and me a plate of food.

You can share this. This is part of Shri Mataji’s unfinished dinner,’ she said. What an unexpected blessing! There was a chicken leg and we each carefully ate a piece of it and something wonderful started to happen. The vibrations of this small piece of food touched by Shri Mataji were so powerful that we both felt our mouths, throats and eventually our whole heads melt away in a wave of soft lightness! My awareness became heightened and filled to bursting with joy.

Edward Saugstad

A mistake that had to happen

On one of the trips to the north of the Czech Republic, where Shri Mataji was getting glass items, I was driving the car and went the wrong way because I did not see a certain sign.

How far is it now?’ Shri Mataji said soon after that, and I answered that we were probably about half way there. She said it was more than that. She started indicating to me that there was something not right, but I did not understand. I was sure it was the right road, as I had been there before.

As we continued I tried to follow the signs, and Shri Mataji was telling me and the others in the car some stories. They were very humorous, and She was talking about some Austrian yogis who got lost in Hungary in the middle of the night, and how they took Her into the forest, or somewhere. We were laughing about all this. She was kind of indirectly pointing out that we were lost but I did not realise it.

At a certain point I could not find any signs to the place where we were supposed to be going and told Shri Mataji I was lost and initially She was a bit upset.

After all, I would never have seen that area if we had not come here,’ She said later.

The next day I realised why this mistake had to happen. While driving, Shri Mataji told us about someone in another country who never gave a present to Shri Mataji and never understood about these things. I had never understood how to give a present to Mother. As I was close to the Czech leader, and had been one of the people who had started Sahaja Yoga in Prague, I felt this responsibility to give presents, but I did not know how to do it properly. So the next day She told us about this same leader, and the Czech leader and me understood that this was a lesson for us.

The next day we went to the airport, and Shri Mataji told us how to give proper and auspicious presents. She spoke about this leader who never gave anything to Her, although She gave a lot to him. Somehow it was not a balanced exchange.

We also did not have any idea of what is auspicious to give or how to give it – how far to collect collective money – not to sit on the heads of people, and spend too much, but also not to spend too little, how to honour the guru, and really do it from the heart and not just because you have to do it. This is a very delicate thing for all of us, and this helped us to understand a bit more about all this.

Gunter Thurner

Shri Mataji in Prague, 1996

Things work in another dimension

We had one public programme with Shri Mataji in Prague, which was outside near a beautiful fountain, and they made a coloured water ballet with music of Mozart or Vivaldi. It was a wonderful show. However we made a mistake of not cancelling the last water ballet show, which was after our programme. The giving of realisation was going on to about seven or eight hundred people, but we had not left by the time the next group of people came for the later water ballet show, and they were a bit upset that it started late. I felt very bad about this, because it had created a slightly difficult situation. Afterwards we were going back to the hotel, and Shri Mataji put Her hand on my Left Vishuddhi.

Don’t worry, it was a good programme, at least four thousand people got realisation,’ I wondered about this, because there had not been four thousand people at the programme, but it was a big fairground, and there were a lot of other people around. It was important for me to understand that things work in another dimension, not always as we see it.

Gunter Thurner

Driving Shri Mataji

One time I was with Shri Mataji in the car when we went to a programme. I asked Her to which chakra the Czech Republic would belong.

It belongs to the Agnya chakra, just look at their noses. The noses are very straight,’ She said. The noses of the Slavic people are very straight and sharp. But a few days later, it seems there was a change in some of the chakras and the Czech Republic shifted to the Vishuddhi Chakra, after the separation of Czech and Slovak.

Every year Shri Mataji went with us to the north of the Czech Republic for shopping, where She bought all the beautiful glass chandeliers which are at Cabella, in the castle and at Centrassi. It was my job to bring all these chandeliers to Cabella. Once I was driving the car, and Shri Mataji was alone in the car, waiting until the paying had been finalised by some people. I sat in the car, and was meditating on Her red bindi, which I could see reflected in the driving mirror. While meditating on Her Agnya, I could feel the form of Her Agnya, the whole front of Her head, with the bindi. It was so extremely beautiful. It was emitting so much love, and I couldn’t control my tears.

Mother, I feel so much love coming from Your Agnya chakra,’ I told Her, and She just looked wide, as if through many worlds.

Yes, He is very powerful,’ She said.

Another time, I was alone in the car with Shri Mataji. I was writing about having beautiful emotions, but when you have to put the emotion into words it gets twisted and somehow you feel that something is difficult, the material aspect of it. I asked Shri Mataji what I should do about this conflict within myself.

Give the right hand to Me,’ She said, ‘and put the left hand up and say ten times: Mother, You are my guru, and then seven times – Mother You are my God.’ So I felt this was connected with the Agnya, or the ego or something like that. A bit after that Engelbert from Austria was going round the car, and he was smiling. Shri Mataji saw him.

Oh, Engelbert wants to come in,’ She said. So he came in, and started saying that he didn’t like his nose! Then Shri Mataji started to talk about noses.

See the noses, if they are round, like Mine, these people are very humorous,’ She said.

I don’t remember any other things She said, but it was a very sweet moment.

Gunter Thurner

A profound person

Shri Mataji always wanted to meet Mr Havel, the President of the Czech Republic. She praised him as a good soul, and said he was a profound and deep person and at one time tried to arrange for forums on how to change the world for the better. We sent him some invitations, but a personal meeting never took place, but we did manage to take the book of Mother personally to him.

Gunter Thurner

The plane was still there

In July 1996 Shri Mataji came to Prague, and the day before She left we went shopping with Her. It was a beautiful blue-sky day, and we went to a big store, and then to a little shop, a private man, who was selling umbrellas.

Let’s take one of these umbrellas,’ Shri Mataji said. So we took one. In the evening I felt something was not right and wanted to see the plane tickets for the following day, but somehow did not. We were all, especially Wolfgang Hackl, sure the plane was at eleven the next morning. So we went to bed, and in the morning I woke up agitated. We looked at the tickets, and the plane was supposed to leave at nine o’clock, but it was already eight and Shri Mataji was asleep. On that day She was to fly from Prague to Warsaw and there was a public programme at six o’clock in the evening in Warsaw.

I quickly took Shri Mataji’s luggage, and tried to block the plane. We gave bandhans, and went to the airport, and asked the hostess to hold the plane because there was a VIP coming. They agreed to hold it for ten or fifteen minutes. At the same time, Shri Mataji got up, very relaxed, had breakfast, and came out to the car. As She did so there was the owner of the hotel with all his family, and a camera.

Shri Mataji, we would like to have a nice photo of You with all of us together,’ he said. They were very proud that She was there, and in a very relaxed way Shri Mataji posed for them.

At the airport, the patience of the ground staff ran out and they said they were going to leave. We asked them to hold it back a bit more, but they said no. Five minutes later the car arrived and Shri Mataji got out. They went inside, and Wolfgang, the Austrian leader, was there. The ground hostess was shouting at Shri Mataji and saying that because of Her the plane was late. Wolfgang became very sad, and took it personally.

The plane was still there, and they were able to board it. It could not start because it had engine problems and they could not get it to start. Wolfgang could not control his tears. It was a day with a beautiful blue sky, a cloudless day, but then the sky began to get grey and within ten to fifteen minutes big clouds appeared and it started pouring with rain.

Because of your love the sky reacts, don’t be sad,’ Shri Mataji said. The whole airport was completely blocked and no planes could leave or arrive, because it was raining so hard. Everyone in the plane was asked to get out again and Mother said now they could speak to the air hostess, because She and those with Her could not leave.

They came back, and we received Shri Mataji again, and I still had the umbrella we had bought the day before so I took it out when She wanted to get into Her car.

Shri Mataji, You knew everything, the day before,’ I said and She just smiled.

We went back to the shopping centre and did a bit more shopping. The only plane which left on that day was a little plane, which left at four o’clock, for Warsaw, with Shri Mataji in it.

Gunter Thurner

Something amazing happened

Another story happened at the airport in Prague and Shri Mataji had to go to Russia. There was a programme arranged there, and everything was advertised and ready. In the morning I had to do the tickets and was really on the watch not to make any mistakes. I went over everything three times.

Then I went to the airport, everything on time according to me, and found that Shri Mataji was to leave in half an hour and I had made a big mistake; now for the first time I saw I had written 11.45 not 9.45. I had seen the ticket and the wrong time. Shri Mataji was still in the hotel and I had a big shock. I called and said to tell Her I had made a big mistake, and this was the only flight to get Her to Russia that night, so it would be my fault if She did not get there.

Amazingly, Shri Mataji came about half an hour later by car but when She arrived it was already the departure time of the plane. I had already checked in and everyone was waiting for Her. The lady at the security started to shout at Shri Mataji because She was late. I was so embarrassed and sad because I knew she was shouting at Shri Adi Shakti because I had made a mistake. It was just unbearable. We went to the plane and She tried to soothe me, and there was so much love. I just started to cry, because I had never felt so much love in my life before.

Then something amazing happened. When we went into the airport building there had been an absolutely clear sky, and about five minutes later we were in the building and could not see the sky.

See, your tears become the rain now,’ Shri Mataji said. I didn’t know what She meant but when we went outside the whole sky was full of clouds and it started to rain. The yogis who could see the sky said it was a real miracle because there was blue sky, and within a few minutes the whole sky was cloudy and it was raining. Shri Mataji and I got to the plane.

You know, this plane will never leave,’ She said.

I did not understand, so we sat down and put on our seat belts, and the captain spoke to us and then we waited and waited. After about fifteen minutes the captain said he was sorry but there was a technical problem. The plane was not going to be able to leave and the passengers had to get off. We did manage to reach Russia because we flew via Vienna and got there in time for the programme.

Shri Mataji later told me that She is bhraanti rupena – that is She leads us into mistakes to show us something. If we are supposed to make a mistake, we will, but it is for our benevolence, because I read those tickets wrongly three times – and if I had read them twenty times I would still have read them wrongly.

Wolfgang Hackl

Shri Lakshmi Puja, Moscow, July 16th, 1996

A present from Shri Mataji

In 1996 it was the Moscow Festival and Shri Mataji was there. A puja was offered and then, through the leaders, Mother distributed presents – not to everybody but for a group. There were not many people there and after the puja there was an opportunity to come up to the stage. My aunt was seriously ill at that time. The leader gave her a chain as a present from Shri Mataji.

Have you got a present?’ Shri Mataji asked her when my aunt approached the stage. In answer my aunt showed the chain.

It won’t suit you,’ Shri Mataji said. Mother asked for a box with presents and chose another chain, thicker. Someone gave that chain to my aunt from Shri Mataji. The first chain was taken from my aunt.

Do you like it?’ Shri Mataji asked.

Yes, I do,’ my aunt answered.

Then wear it,’ Shri Mataji replied.

And at that point my aunt understood that the conversion with Shri Mataji was taking place at a distance: she was sitting about thirty metres from the stage and communicating to Mother on the level of thought, because she did not know any English and was not opening her mouth.

At that time the doctors told my aunt that she would only live for three months, but she is still alive today, in 2007.

Sergei Utenkov

Shri Mataji in Moscow, 1996

I saw the sky, the houses and the whole town in Her eyes

In 1996, on the 21st July, Shri Mataji visited Togliatti, Russia. We gathered at the Podsnezhnik Tourist Centre to see Her off. I had a bunch of wildflowers I had plucked when going there, so I put the flowers on Mother’s car.

When She came out the cottage She was so beaming, beautiful, close to the heart, and beloved. I had hidden behind some Indian’s back to be on the safe side but he turned to me, took me for my shoulders and put me before himself. So I was directly before Shri Mataji, stood motionless, and did not know what to do.

I remembered Shri Mataji’s welcome meeting on July 28th in Kiev, during the Russian/Ukrainian Tour of 1993. At that time, She had come from the car and taken roses from the hands of the Sahaja Yogis. When She had come to me, She took the flowers and asked us through the interpreter to keep our palms open and directed to Her.

I extended my hands to Shri Mataji and raised my head, begging for Her pardon for all my protocol violations. Our Holy Mother looked into my eyes. I expected to see Her beaming eyes but I saw in them the sky, houses, the whole town. I stood shocked.

I stood silently and tears were rolling down my cheeks. She stood before me briefly and went into the hotel.

Tatiana Liubomirskaya

Shri Mataji in Togliatti, July 1996

How do you do?

On August 2nd, 1996, Shri Mataji was invited to give a talk at the Ecological University in Bucharest. She was greeted upon Her arrival by the President of the University, accompanied by a member of the Romanian Academy and several deans. Mother was invited to the Principal’s office where She stayed long enough to not disappoint the hosts.

At the end of Her conference in front of a distinguished public, the President of the University presented Shri Mataji with the Diploma of Doctor of Cognitive Science of the University. It was an impressive moment. The audience applauded for a long time. Mother left the stage passing by the audience and, halting before a man I had never met before, She smiled.

How do you do?’ She asked him.

Leaving the university, Shri Mataji expressed Her wish to see the city. We realised why: elections were coming up that fall for the President and the Parliament of Romania. On the previous day, we had presented Shri Mataji with photos of the two leading candidates for presidency, and She made a comment about only one of them—the person who later on was to be elected as president. From the car, we had shown Shri Mataji the main institutions: the Parliament, the Presidential Palace, the headquarters of the police and the Secret Service, the Palace of Justice, and others.

In the evening, after the public programme in the Polyvalent Hall, Shri Mataji stayed for a while on the stage. One Sahaja Yogi came to me saying that a general of the army, department head in the Central Military Hospital, had asked for the favour of being received by Shri Mataji. Through this yogi, Mother sent him word to come at the Elisabeth Palace next morning at 9 o’clock.

Next morning I was very surprised to see that the general was precisely the gentleman Shri Mataji had asked, ‘How do you do?’ in the hall of the Ecological University. Mother had just had Her breakfast. The general waited patiently to be received and had brought a rose bud for Her. I already knew him by reputation from a Sahaja Yogi physician who had told me that he was a proud man. Here he had turned into a different man — timid, apprehensive, like a child before his mother.

In the end, Shri Mataji asked me to show him into the living room of the royal apartment where She was hosted. The general entered hesitantly, offering to Shri Mataji the flower which had meanwhile withered. Mother was seated on a couch, surrounded by thousands of flowers brought by the Sahaja Yogis. She graciously accepted the modest flower offered by the general and kept it in Her hand during the entire meeting. This fact strongly impressed him as he confessed later on, to the same degree as when Mother had asked him ‘How do you do?’ on the previous day. The meeting was short. Shri Mataji invited the general to Vashi to meet Dr Rai. The general was extremely happy and next January he went to Vashi for two weeks. Later on, he would write the foreword to the Romanian translation of Dr Rai’s book.

Then, Shri Mataji decided to go shopping. At the bottom of the stairs, a young newspaper woman had asked Mother for an interview. She was even more emotional than the general. When She was asked about the future, Shri Mataji answered that it does not interest Her because She knows it. The statement gave the title of the article which the lady published afterwards. The young woman later became a Sahaja Yogini.

Dan Costian