Chapter 21: 1992 – August and September, Europe and North America

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

A name from Shri Mataji

I am Russian and was in Cabella in 1992 for Krishna Puja, as a volunteer in Palazzo Doria, because there was a lot of reconstruction work going on. I desired to get a spiritual name from Shri Mataji. I was very new in Sahaja Yoga and had met many yogis from Europe to whom She had given a name. I understood that it was not so important, but couldn`t help thinking of it.

When I listened to Mother`s speech during the puja She said we shouldn`t think too much. If we want to find out something we should just ask. Then we would know for sure – either yes or no. That was my answer – I would ask Mother for my spiritual name. There was a moment after the puja when Shri Mataji was alone at the stage. I was standing in front of it and realised – now! I asked one of the leaders if I could ask for a name.

Why not?’ he said.

I went to the stage and made a pranam. When I put up my head I saw an architect next to me, who was in charge of the reconstruction work and knew all the workers. He introduced me to Shri Mataji. She asked me some questions and asked me to stay longer in Cabella, so I stayed till Ganesha Puja.

She asked what my name was and I answered. Then there was a moment of silence when I saw Mother`s image lose its sharpness. It looked if She started melting and become liquid like a reflection in water. She was watching me and I felt She knew more about me than I could ever know myself. When She gave me the name Karunakar, I asked Her five times more, because I couldn`t catch it. The same thing happened when I was told the English meaning of the name. Shri Mataji just switched off my ego. She told someone to remember my new name and tell me when I asked them later.

The name Karunakar means compassion and is one of the names of Shri Shiva. I do not know why I was given it, whether it means the qualities I have or the qualities I have to develop in myself. In any case, the name given by Shri Mataji is a mantra that gives us all energy to become worthy of its real meaning.


You are the Holy Ghost

We were working at the palazzo in Cabella in 1992, passing bricks from an upper storey to the ground floor. One Sahaja Yogi threw a brick and I couldn’t catch well. It bent my Left Vishuddhi finger right back. I had to go to the hospital in Novi Ligure near Cabella, and they put my hand in a big plaster. Soon after it was the Adi Shakti Puja and I went with that plaster onto the stage and gave the present from Argentina.

What happened to that finger?’ Shri Mataji asked.

I told Her the story. She told me to come to see Her the next day so I did. She told me to remove all the plaster, then held my finger in Her hand for some minutes and made me say three times, ‘Shri Mataji, You are the Holy Ghost that Christ has sent.’ After the third time I felt my Kundalini rising and while opening my eyes I saw Her beautiful smile.

My finger was cured without any further pain or fracture and from that day I realised how She loves and cares of all of us. And I also stopped filling guilty!

Mariano Martinez

Editor’s note: if we feel guilty, we tend to cause an imbalance or ‘catch’ in the Left Vishuddhi.

My first experience

I am Russian, and in 1992 after two or three months in Sahaja Yoga I visited Germany. I called some German yogis, attended the Sahaja programme and moved to their place. A new life started. I was taken to the ashram and soon attended a puja, and after a month it was suggested that I should go to a puja at Cabella. I was given a lift in a car of a couple, pretending to be their child. It was risky! I had only a German visa and we had to cross the Swiss, Austrian and Italian borders. Every time we approached a border we gave a bandhan, enjoyed tremendous vibrations, were not checked even once and reached Cabella.

Palazzo Doria was very different from what we see these days. There were no doors at all, only Mother`s rooms had doors. The day after arriving I woke up at 5 am, had a meditation at the river and went to the castle. I entered a big entrance hall and had another meditation in front of the altar among the sleeping workers, then decided to look around the house. I had no thought of the privacy of Shri Mataji. I felt just like a child who had come back home. I had no idea of the rooms in the house, went up to the third flour and found myself in a big and beautiful room.

Suddenly I felt an irresistible desire to go into meditation. I stopped at the only door of the room and ‘flew away’. After that I had no more curiosity or desire to wander around, and went back to the camp. Later I found out it was only the door that separated me from Mother’s room.

The next day I was in Palazzo Doria with a group of German yogis to bow to Mother and give Her flowers. Shri Mataji met us in Her bedroom and everyone had a chance to bow to Her Feet. Sometimes Mother asked or said something. When it was my turn to go to Her Feet, I innocently kissed them – it happened spontaneously. Mother laughed and said I looked Russian, then asked the leader of the group about me, what I was studying, and suggested I should stay to work in the castle. 

I didn’t understand what was going on. I certainly knew Who Shri Mataji was, what kind of blessing I had received, but there was no deep understanding. I even had doubts whether I should stay or not because of the visa – I had only two days left for Germany, and no other countries. After some time I surrendered and stayed. 

Before Guru Puja I had a chance to present a little watercolour painted by myself, of my dream of Mother walking through a beautiful garden surrounded by glowing vibrations. Shri Mataji looked at it for some time, and now I realise She was cleaning me, and She said that I was my own guru now. 

Konstantin Sterkhov

To lighten up and enjoy a good laugh

Before leaving for the tour to the USA in 1992, Shri Mataji was in Her room in Cabella. She handed me a book of Bob Hope, a famous American comedian, and asked me to take it with me to America. I duly kept it with me all the way around America, waiting for indications from Shri Mataji. She never asked for it and I handed it back to Her in Cabella.

Only afterwards, I realised that it was meant for me, to lighten up and enjoy a good laugh rather than taking things too seriously. After all America is the land of Shri Krishna!

Antony Visconti

A havan for America

Before Shri Mataji’s tour in September 1992, She asked the Sahaja Yogis from all over the world to pray for America so that the people there could take to Sahaja Yoga. The day before the tour started, the whole world, from Australia to England to America, united in doing a havan to help America take off in spirituality in this critical period of its history and the history of the world.

When we left from London to New York on Air India on Monday 7th September, Shri Mataji said that the havan had helped a lot and that things would work out now. This started showing itself to be true immediately on the trip over with more than twenty-five people getting their realisation on the aeroplane. One/ hostess asked for realisation and then three or four others and from then on for about three hours there was a flow of people, mainly Indians but also some Americans, coming to pay their respects to Mother or to get realisation.

Antony Visconti

Public programme in New York, 1992

He was smiling and just enjoying himself

In a public programme in America with Shri Mataji several years ago, after the programme Shri Mataji received all the people who came and stayed there for several hours, receiving one by one. During this procession a man who was spastic from birth – he couldn’t walk properly, he couldn’t speak, he couldn’t do anything properly. He went to Shri Mataji, She took some roasted chick peas, passed them over his body and ate them and said She was taking away his negativity. The man became absolutely normal for at least twenty seconds. He was smiling and enjoying himself, but after he left Shri Mataji he went back to the way he was before.

Shri Mataji said he went back to his old identification, his old way of thinking, so that let the negativity come back in. At least he had been able to experience what it means to be free and to be himself and to find his own potential for that short period of time.

Anthony Visconti

A public programme on Mother Mary’s birthday

Shri Mataji was in New York from the 7th to the 9th of September, 1992. The public programme in New York was held in a beautiful theatre overlooking the whole of the city. More than four hundred seekers came and practically all got their realisation, which Mother later explained was achieved with the help of the prayers of the Sahaja Yogis from all over the world. The atmosphere was radiant as Mother received them after the programme and when only the Sahaja Yogis were left, She asked them all to feel the tremendous vibrations coming from Her Feet. Mother felt that showing the miracle slides had helped a great deal in convincing the people about Her.

The America tour was off to a good start in what Mother described as one of the best programmes that had been held there. It was also auspicious that it was held on Mother Mary’s birthday.

A programme was held the next day at the United Nations for UN employees. About forty new people came and due to the limited time Mother said She wouldn’t give realisation. After about ten minutes of answering questions somebody again asked if Mother would give them realisation. She just made them put their hands towards Her and everybody got it. Mother said it was rather slow in the UN but sooner or later they would all take to Sahaja Yoga.

Antony Visconti

Who are You?

I was working in the UN in New York. In 1989, I went on a mission to South America, where I suffered an accident. Back in New York, as I was recuperating and saw hundreds of advertisements posted on the UN boards on different activities. What called my attention was one on Sahaja Yoga meditation, and in spite of my crutches and the difficulty of walking in the snow. I received my realisation, felt such peace in my heart, and from then on never skipped one single week’s programme until I met Shri Mataji personally.

In September 1992, Shri Mataji came to Queens, New York, for a public programme, and afterwards I waited in a long line to come closer to Her, while looking at the shining faces of the yogis around me when I was in front of Shri Mataji.

Who are You?’ I asked Her. She smiled and put Her hand on my forehead, and I went into thoughtless awareness.

Graciela Vázquez-Díaz

Shri Mataji at Cincinnati Airport

I knew Shri Mataji would always be with me

This photo was taken at Cincinnati Airport in Ohio in September 1992 after Her Holiness Shri Mataji arrived to hold the public programme at Eden Park in Cincinnati. Shri Mataji is sitting at the airport just after Her arrival and we were all sitting around Her, and She was graciously smiling at us. At that particular moment my life some problems needed to be solved and after meeting Shri Mataji at the airport, seeing Her smiling so radiantly and looking so peaceful, I knew that they would be solved and that She would always be with me to protect and guide me. She is still guiding and protecting me to this day.

 Anna Mancini

Taking pictures of Shri Mataji with my $18 camera

The second time I met Shri Mataji was at Cincinnati Airport in September 1992, where I offered Her flowers together with all the Midwestern yogis, among which was my future wife, unknown to me or her. I remember walking backwards on the walkway, taking pictures of Shri Mataji with my $18 flash-equipped camera.

Calin Costian

I had met the Primordial Mother at long last

The first time I met Shri Mataji was in the Cincinnati airport in the fall of 1992. I had been meditating for eighteen months. During Her visit I was to watch the leader’s two small children so that he and his wife could see to Shri Mataji. We had a nice hotel suite for Her stay and I was to take the children to the airport to welcome Shri Mataji and then would come quickly back so that we would be in place when She arrived at the hotel. I was second or third in line and carrying Mangala, who was one and a half. When Shri Mataji stepped through the door I was amazed at how young She looked. I was twenty-seven at the time and She looked like thirty-five. She was actually sixty-nine, and I had seen photos of Her where She looked like a grandmother, but She had such a freshness and such a vitality that it made a very strong impressions on me.

There was a sweet play where Mangala would look at Shri Mataji and then hide her head in my shoulder and then again she would be drawn to look at Shri Mataji and nestle again. Shri Mataji would smile very encouragingly. I don’t think I said anything at the time. Being near Her was like going before a spotlight, and I could feel which chakras were still not clear.

Leaving the airport, I can remember each and every step was like it had been pre-ordained and written in stone. The gravity of each step made me feel as if each footstep was actually reverberating into the centre of the earth. I had met the Primordial Mother at long last.

Barbara Costian

I experienced heaven on earth

When I put the children to bed that night at the hotel, I sang them a song I had sung many times before. This time my voice had a very different sound. I enjoyed listening to it as if it was someone else’s voice.

Auntie Barbara, you sang that song so nicely, it was very sweet,’ Priya, the older girl, said when I finished. It was just from being in the same hotel suite as Shri Mataji, the chakra in my throat was enlightened.

Later that evening, when the children had gone to bed and only the yogis were downstairs, I went to the kitchen to help out. I found a shallow copper bowl in the sink and began to wash it. I put soap on the sponge and cleaned it properly and then when I rinsed it, I realised how beautiful the copper was, how it sparkled, how it shone. I kept rinsing it and realised that it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life. I decided I needed to wash it again, just for the joy of it, not for any dirt, so I did and then I got to rinse and rinse. I was so happy in the beauty of that bowl and the play of the light upon it.

Then a yogini came and asked me how I was doing. I told her she had better take that bowl away from me because I could not stop rinsing it. She explained that when Shri Mataji arrived, the yogis had poured milk onto Her Feet as a way of welcoming Her and expressing their gratitude for all the hard work She was doing by travelling all over the world. The milk was collected into the copper bowl I had washed. There is a notion about the dust of the feet of a saint being able to grant you liberation. I experienced heaven on earth that night.

Barbara Costian

The man who became normal for a short time

We were in Cincinnati from the 9th to the 11th of September, 1992. The day of the public programme there was proclaimed ‘Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Day’ by the Mayor, recognising Her as the most significant spiritual leader of our time. Mother met the Ohio collective at their new ashram and while meeting and talking to the Sahaja Yogis, fell into a deep meditation. After a while tremendous vibrations started to flow. She said that it was due to the honour bestowed on Her by the city. The programme in the evening saw about two hundred people coming, with the most part getting their realisation. Mother stayed on till late in the night receiving and working on the multitude of people who stayed on afterwards.

During this procession a man who was spastic from birth went before Shri Mataji. He couldn’t walk properly, he couldn’t speak, he couldn’t do anything properly. Shri Mataji took some channas and basically passed them over his subtle body and ate them and said She was taking away his bhuts. He became absolutely normal for several seconds, at least twenty seconds. He was smiling and just enjoying himself but a short while after leaving Shri Mataji he went back to the way he was before. So Shri Mataji said he went back to his old identification, his old way of thinking, and that let the bhuts come back in.

At least he had been able to experience what it means to be free and to be himself and to find his own potential for that short period of time.

Antony Visconti


Shri Mataji giving self realisation in Cincinnati

Shri Mataji held a programme in Cincinnati at the same venue (suggestively called Eden Park) as in 1989 when She had given the first programme in that city.

Calin Costian

The vibrations felt like at Her house

A couple days later Shri Mataji went to the Cincinnati ashram. All the yogis assembled in the living room and we were introduced, one by one.

Oh, Barbara, it is German, right?’ Shri Mataji said when it was my turn.

Even though my brain was saying, ‘Well, actually it is from the Latin barbarus, barbara, barbarum, etc,’ my head was wagging ‘Yes’ to Shri Mataji. How are you going to say ‘No’ to Her? In fact, by heritage I am mostly German.

We have a Barbara; she is very dynamic,’ She then said.

That made me feel good, made me think that someday I might also be dynamic. Shri Mataji spoke to each and every one of us and with Her attention and words She was sorting us all out. She went into a profound meditation afterwards and we needed to be silent. I took the children out of the house and into the back yard. Some time later Shri Mataji looked at the meditation room which had been the basement and which the yogis themselves had renovated.

What have you been doing in here?’ She asked when She first saw the room.

We had been having weekly pujas there each Sunday for many months. Shri Mataji commented that the vibrations felt like at Her house.

Barbara Costian

Universities are great places to spread Sahaja Yoga

A few days later Shri Mataji visited the Cincinnati ashram during the day, and sat down in the living room surrounded by all of us. We were all introduced to Her by the local leader. When my turn came, Shri Mataji asked me where I was from. I told Her I was from Romania and told Her my name. She asked me if I was the son of the Romanian leader and I confirmed it. As it happened, I had written a poem called ‘A Seeker’s Song’, which my father had showed to Shri Mataji in Romania just a few weeks earlier. It was my first poem in English and also the first I had written after coming to Sahaja Yoga. It was inspired by a Shri Hanuman Puja I had listened to and had really poured all my heart into it.

Shri Mataji had liked it very much and told me that it was written from the heart, that I was a great poet and that I should write some more poems. Then She asked me where I was now, I told Her I was at Purdue University, and She said that universities are great places to spread Sahaja Yoga.

Calin Costian

So much light

When Shri Mataji left Cincinnati at the airport, She sat on a chair and there were a lot of yogis sitting on the floor around Her, all squeezed in a tight space. Somehow I happened to be right in front. At one point She told a little girl who had a camera that if she took a picture at that moment, it would be a miracle one. Shri Mataji told her that she didn’t need to have the flash on, since She emits so much light that it was not necessary. Then the little girl took the picture. Excited, I also took out my cheap camera but forgot to disable the flash. As a result of my carelessness, none of the many pictures of Shri Mataji I took on that roll came out. I had surely learned a big lesson!

A few days later was the Shri Vishnumaya Puja on the East Coast, my first puja with Her Holiness Shri Mataji in person. That year She decided to sponsor some yogis to come to India Tour. I really wanted to go to the full tour, and put my name on the list. When She saw my name She was happy that I was going, and said I should get married. Eventually the sponsorship didn’t work out, but Her encouragement had lifted my spirits so high and somehow the full sum needed miraculously came up so I was able to go to the full tour.

Calin Costian

What a smile

When Shri Mataji left Cincinnati all the yogis assembled at the airport and had a chance to sit with Her for some time. There was a new ashram being built one hour north, in Dayton, and the leader wanted to point out the yogis who were going to live there. I was one of them and when it was my turn to stand, I did so. I looked at Shri Mataji and felt so much joy. It was like having your mother’s undivided attention on you when you are a small child and I was thrilled by it.

Why didn’t you say something? Why didn’t you thank Shri Mataji for coming?’ one yogini asked me afterwards. I was beyond any words or thoughts – I could only smile.

Wow, what a smile! You were smiling so big and Shri Mataji was smiling back so much, it made us all feel your joy,’ other yogis came later and said.

When Shri Mataji’s plane was taking off we were all looking through the window. We were singing, ‘Mataji, Mataji, Your face shines like a thousand suns.’ I felt so sad at that moment. I had found the One that I had been searching for all this lifetime and probably many more lifetimes and now She was leaving. I just could not get enough of Her. Some of the other yogis felt that way too, and decided to get in a car and drive to Toronto where Shri Mataji was headed, so as to turn the farewell into a new welcome.

Barbara Costian

The biggest obstacle

In Toronto, where Shri Mataji was from 11th to the 12th of September 1992, the programme was attended by more than six hundred people, and once again Mother stayed on till late into the night receiving each one of them, while the Sahaja Yogis sang bhajans, creating a very joyous and harmonious atmosphere. After the programme Shri Mataji said She would have needed only a quarter of the time to work on the people if only they could forgive, and that this ego problem of thinking, ‘Why should I forgive?’ was the biggest obstacle facing the Americans and Canadians.

Antony Visconti

Shri Mataji was honoured by the premier of British Columbia

We flew into Vancouver on the 12th September 1992, to be met by a very joyous group of Sahaja Yogis who had gathered from all over the West Coast and even Hawaii in order to participate in the Hamsa Puja which was planned for the Saturday evening. The puja was forwarded to Sunday morning in order to do it during the day time, and the evening was spent with Shri Mataji in a beautiful resort in the hills just outside Vancouver, listening to truly inspirational music performed by the American Sahaja Yogis. One could only watch in amazement as one talented artist after another performed their own compositions in worship of Mother on a large variety of instruments. It seemed as though at least half the yogis were great musicians and that it would only be a question of time before the Vishuddhi started to express itself to the masses through their music.

The Hamsa Puja was celebrated on Sunday morning by about a hundred and fifty Sahaja Yogis in a relatively short but beautiful puja. Shri Mataji’s talk was deeply felt by all of us, and afterwards She was pleased that we had absorbed all the vibrations from the puja. She talked about the need for discrimination both on the collective and individual level and the need to be able to distinguish between what is good and bad for us through our sense organs which must be looked after, especially the eyes. We are basically all in the same ocean but whereas the non-Sahaja Yogis get lost in it, panic and drown, the Sahaja Yogis, having all the required equipment, can just float in it and enjoy all the beautiful things as they know what to look for. It is important to see the joy in every situation through our discrimination and detachment.

Another important point is that the Hamsa chakra is formless and has no presiding deity, although it is looked after by Shri Buddha, Shri Mahavira, Shri Krishna and Shri Jesus, all of whom depend on Shri Ganesha for the innocence and wisdom which gives discrimination. It is also the Hamsa chakra, which once awakened through spiritual ascent, eliminates our individual and collective karma and is the passage to the Virata and the Agnya chakra.

Mother had a short rest before the public programme that evening. About five hundred seekers came, and most got realisation. Mother left after giving realisation, leaving it to the Sahaja Yogis to work on the people who hadn’t felt the cool breeze. A press conference with the TV was planned for the next morning but Mother said that the job had been done in Vancouver and preferred to go straight on to Seattle in the camper in order to get rest and be there in the morning.

Shri Mataji was honoured by the premier of British Columbia, who recognised and honoured the great work She was doing for humanity in an official declaration.

Antony Visconti

Shri Hamsa Swamini Puja

The Sahaja Yogis of Vancouver and the surrounding area were granted the honour of hosting Shri Hamsa Swamini Puja during September 1992. Shri Mataji was formally invited to come for a visit and She graciously agreed to speak at a public programme in Vancouver and to grant us the privilege of worshipping Her in puja.

Shri Mataji arrived in Vancouver on Friday and was greeted at the airport by many of Her devotees, offering an abundance of beautiful flowers. She was then driven to the ashram in Abbotsford in a large motor home, leased for the purpose of transporting Shri Mataji in some degree of comfort to the various locations She would visit during Her stay. The motor home was fully equipped with a kitchen, bathroom and relaxed seating area with a comfortable bed, upon which She could rest as well during the drive to Seattle, approximately three hundred kilometres from Vancouver.

A hugely successful public programme was held in Vancouver on Friday evening with many seekers attending and receiving their self realisation. Shri Mataji stayed late to speak with many of the seekers and even gave Sanskrit names to some of the yogi children.

The puja venue was a rustic camp at a site known as Heritage Valley, about a hundred and ten kilometres east of Vancouver, surrounded by trees with several easily-accessible foot-soaking streams. The buildings consisted of a large central hall, suitable for the music programme and the puja as well as several dormitory-style cabins sufficient to accommodate about two hundred people. The kitchen was fully staffed and they happily provided us with excellent meals and cups of tea throughout the weekend. Approximately a hundred and twenty Sahaja Yogis and their families attended. With fine weather to accommodate our camp-out, the weekend seminar and puja were thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The last act of worship of Shri Mataji in Canada was when She left the ashram in Abbotsford, one of the yogis smashed a coconut on the driveway in front of the vehicle to remove all the obstacles or negativity from the continuing journey. From there we drove to Seattle to prepare the hotel room for Her stay, with some of the yogis escorting Her across the Canadian-USA border in the motor home. The programme the following evening in Seattle was also very successful.

Lori Wills

Shri Mataji at the Shri Hamsa Chakra Puja

Heritage Valley, Abbotsford, British Columbia, 1992

Editor’s note: the swans, the lotus at Shri Mataji’s Holy Feet, and indeed the whole photo is dissolving into vibrations.

Driving to Seattle

We headed out down the highway to Seattle from Vancouver, a three hour drive. Shri Mataji fell asleep in the back of the trailer and we all listened to Indian classical music. One by one, the other yogis in the van fell asleep as well. When we reached the border I presented the border agent with several passports including Shri Mataji’s (two thick passports that were like small books). When the poor agent started asking what the status of people in the van was he was even more surprised. I was an American living in Canada with a US passport but Canadian driver’s license. Another person was Indian with a visa; still another was South African living in Italy travelling on a visa. The agent stopped asking questions and waved us through.

We arrived at about 5 am to the hotel in Seattle. Shri Mataji came out of the vehicle as bright as ever, ready for the day’s activities. We then spent the day looking for a car for Sir CP. There were about five cars with yogis following us as we went from dealership to dealership. Each time we would change direction we would hold up traffic with our 30 foot vehicle backing up and turning while five cars made the same turn. Shri Mataji laughed as She looked out the window, calling the following cars ‘the tail’. Seattle had its first programme and within a year would sprout into a new Sahaj location.

Stephen Day

Vibrating the city of Seattle

Shri Mataji spent a good part of Her first visit to Seattle, on the 14th and 15th September 1992, going around shopping, and when She came back to the hotel She said that we had vibrated the whole of the city. The programme was very positive and was held in a beautiful atmosphere of respect and gratitude that Mother had come to Seattle to present Sahaja Yoga.

Shri Mataji participated in commenting on the miracle slides and later said that it is a really powerful way of convincing people, and that we should try to make it a more complete presentation. The programme was attended by about two hundred people and most got their realisation.

Antony Visconti

Truth is love

The last leg of Shri Mataji’s US tour in 1992, from the 15th to the 17th of September, in Los Angeles, was the most powerful and the culmination of all that had gone beforehand. On the evening of the first day Shri Mataji came to the ashram and addressed a group of about twenty Iranian people in a talk concentrating on the ills of fundamentalism of all religions and how they originated.

She explained how the Koran talks about Sahaja Yoga. She said truth is love, so all the evil of power and money and fighting in the name of God cannot be spiritual. She further said that although She could not go to Iran directly it is being worked out through many people who have had their realisation, even as far back as 1971.

Antony Visconti

Shri Mataji arriving at the programme for Iranian people

They could regain the glory of their being

The atmosphere of the public programme the following night was really electric, starting with the introduction by an Australian Sahaja Yogi, followed by the miracle slides in the presence of Shri Mataji and a short but beautiful sitar performance by Debu Choudhuri who just happened to be in Los Angeles at the time of Shri Mataji’s visit. Mother made all the Sahaja Yogis sit on the floor in front under Her protective wing. We all listened in awe as Shri Mataji expounded all the reasons for the ills of America. She told people very clearly where they were going wrong and said that if they didn’t want to go to their destruction, they would have to change their ways. She spoke about problems like AIDS, sexual abuse of children, Freud, the drug problem and fake gurus who have taken their money and damaged their chakras.

Throughout Mother continued stressing that despite all this, their divinity was intact and they could regain the glory of their being. The crowd of about four hundred were on the edges of their seats and reacted very positively to Shri Mataji’s message. They appreciated someone who could tell them and show them the way out. Most of the people got their realisation, and wanted to meet Mother afterwards. She was really pleased and said that the whole tour had been a success. Jai Shri Mataji!

Antony Visconti

Shri Mataji arriving in New York

A spiritual blast

One of the most profound events in my life was when I was attending a puja in Pennsylvania, USA, in September 1992. Shri Mataji had arrived for the weekend and we were busy preparing the audio and video equipment for the Friday night programme. We decided to get some breakfast and walked over to the restaurant where there was a long line. My friend and I were standing at the end of the line and facing the elevator doors across the lobby. We were both staring at the elevator door when it opened and Shri Mataji was all of the sudden standing only a few feet away from us.

We were immediately overtaken by a rushing wind like a freight train shooting right through us. It was absolutely amazing because it was as if pure love had just rushed through our bodies with such power and depth that it almost blew us over! It lasted for what seemed like more than a minute at which point we just looked at each other.

Wow, did you feel that?’ we both said.

We both did and it was amazing to have such a beautiful, palpable, powerful spiritual ‘blast’ from Mother.

Gregg Hershenson

A song of victory

The culmination of Shri Mataji’s 1992 tour was Her visit to New York, from 17th to the 20th September. Sahaja Yogis from all over America congregated in a beautiful setting on the Delaware River in Pennsylvania to worship Shri Mataji as Shri Vishnumaya. Mother arrived at about 2.00 in the morning and just afterwards a huge thunder and lightning storm announced Her arrival. The puja was attended by more than two hundred yogis in a joyful celebration. Shri Mataji stressed over and over again that the only way to get over left Vishuddhi problem is to face the mistakes and not to feel guilty about them. Feeling guilty only makes us repeat them and after a while we get immune and say, ‘What’s wrong?’

Shri Mataji arriving for the Shri Vishnumaya Puja

Shri Vishnumaya Puja 1992

That same evening we were treated to a truly inspired sitar and tabla concert by Debu Chauderi, and after that we stayed up with Mother till five in the morning as a vast showing of talented artists presented their song, poems and dances in a very enjoyable evening. Shri Mataji’s visit to America came to an end with this song of victory.

May all of America find their liberation and joy at the Feet of our Divine Mother!

Antony Visconti

Debu Chauderi playing for Shri Mataji


This happened in 1992 during Navaratri in Cabella. It was a time when we had to deal with all kinds of stupid media attacks and once more I had to report them and was rather upset about some incidents that we had.

In the end we will be Vijaya!’ Shri Mataji said, when I had finished narrating this.

Yes, Yes!’ I nodded and said, but apparently Mother was not satisfied with my conviction behind my ‘Yes’.

See the vibrations!’ She told me, while She opened Her hands to make me do the same. So I opened my hands and it was literally like putting both hands into a freezer up to the elbows – absolutely cool. Shri Mataji laughed brightly into my face while I, with mouth wide open witnessed the incredible response that the chaitanya showed on Her saying, ‘In the end we will be Vijaya!’

Wolfgang Hackl

Editor’s note: Vijaya means victorious, or, the one who triumphs over evil.