Chapter 22: 1992 – September and October, South America and Europe

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

You are My children

We were with Shri Mataji in Barcelona in September 1992. Some ladies were helping Her to prepare Her luggage and they were trying to close one of Her suitcase with some difficulties. Somehow they could not manage with the key. I entered room and try to give a hand. It seemed easy just put the key in the hole and turn it, but I couldn’t make it work and Shri Mataji came over to me to see what going on. I got a bit nervous after two or three tries.

Give Me that key,’ She told me. She put the key in the hole in a very ‘incorrect’ position, almost upside down and bent on one side.

She is not going to make it, She is putting the key in wrongly,’ I thought. Shri Mataji gave a turn with the key and closed it perfectly well. Then She looked at me.

You are My children and you should never feel nervous in front of Me,’ She reassured me.

Mariano Martinez

Shri Mataji had noticed him

We were in a car in Barcelona with Shri Mataji going through a very wide avenue, considered to be one of the widest in the world. It was full of people walking everywhere but we were driving in the middle of the avenue.

I saw Prasad,’ Shri Mataji said.

He was a Sahaja Yogi from Brazil. I tried to see him myself but it was impossible to distinguish any individual from that distance. When we came back to the hotel I asked Prasad if he was walking there at that time.

Yes, I felt like walking and went to that avenue,’ he told me, much to my surprise. We laughed for joy when I told him that Shri Mataji had noticed him in the middle of the huge crowd from so far away.

Mariano Martinez

We were astonished

During Shri Mataji’s visit to Barcelona in September 1992 we went to help out with the first group that had been formed in Valencia. There was a young man waiting in the queue of new people who wanted Her attention. He had been to a false guru in South America and when he got closer to Shri Mataji She looked at him and passed Her hand over his face as if She was grabbing something from inside his body. She seemed to open Her mouth and eat it. We were left breathless as we watched this exceptional happening and were astonished at the great and special favour Shri Mataji had done to him.

Spanish Sahaja Yogi

One night with Shri Mataji

When we went to the airport one time, we all offered Shri Mataji flowers. Afterwards someone took all these flowers and brought them to the place where a puja was to be celebrated. Shri Mataji said that the flowers should spend at least one night with Her, and should not have been brought.

Spanish Sahaja Yogi

I’m going to sleep – well officially

There were a number of Sahaja Yogis and we were chatting to Shri Mataji in a Sahaja Yogini’s house in Barcelona. Mother had finished Her dinner and it was getting late.

It is time to go to bed. I’m going to sleep – well officially,’ She said finally, and gave a very significant look.

Spanish Sahaja Yogi


During one of Her visits to Spain, Shri Mataji was talking about the liver of the Spanish people and all that was harmful for our livers. When we went to say good bye to Her at the airport, She opened up a plastic bag and took from it a handful of bars of chocolate and gave them to us. We were surprised.

But Mother,’ we said, ‘didn’t You tell us that chocolate is harmful for the liver?’

Yes,’ She answered, smiling, ‘but this chocolate will not do you any harm.’

Spanish Sahaja Yogi

She removed all my worries

At the last public programme in Madrid, the person who was preparing the chair forgot to put a cushion on it. Nobody realised it was missing because the chair was covered with a sari and everything seemed just fine. When Shri Mataji sat down She could feel there was no cushion. When I realised what had happened I was very worried and feared the consequences. When the programme was over I approached Shri Mataji and apologised.

Don’t worry,’ She said. ‘God has given me so many cushions.’

The way She responded removed all my worries.

Spanish Sahaja Yogi

Someone must stay to look after it

We were following Shri Mataji’s car on the way to a public programme. Suddenly it stopped and the yogi who was accompanying Mother got out and told us, on behalf of Shri Mataji that somebody should stay in Her room because all the money was there and someone must stay to look after it. Another yogi and myself went back to look after Shri Mataji’s money.

Spanish Sahaja Yogi

Stones are dead

In Madrid, in 1992 there was a public programme given by Shri Mataji. It was my first, and straight after the self realisation the new people went up to Her. A woman was showing Her some stones and asking if they were good.

Stones are dead, you don’t need them!’ Shri Mataji said. She was wearing the stones to help her.

Pierluca Pieroli

Editor’s note: it is fine to wear jewellery, but Shri Mataji was saying that the stones would not help Her spiritual growth.

Colombia is a very spiritual country

Shri Mataji came in 1992. She said that Colombia was a very spiritual country, because the native people who were living there knew about the Kundalini. You could see that in the pottery, and the jewellery is extremely well designed, and you can recognise it very easily. The people are very simple and they absorb easily, and they have a recognition of Shri Mataji from the heart.

Marie-Laure Cernay

The clouds opened

When Shri Mataji came in 1992 She went to a town called Medellin. It was infamous for its violence and danger. After nine o’clock in the evening you could not go out because anything could happen. When Shri Mataji travelled to Medellin the journey was supposed to be in a medium sized plane, but it was changed for a small one.

My family would not have allowed Me to travel in this mosquito plane!’ Shri Mataji said, in a very playful mood. During the flight very dense clouds appeared and Shri Mataji was giving bandhans on Her hands and to the pilots, because we were very close to them. Then the clouds opened just in front of us, as if a giant were blowing some smoke.

I hope they have noticed it,’ Shri Mataji said.

When we landed two of us asked Shri Mataji Her permission to translate the Devi Mahatmyam into Spanish.

Of course! It describes Me very well!’ Mother answered with a broad smile.

Edgar Patarroyo

A special place

Medellín is my home city. It was so dangerous during the 80’s and 90’s that you could be easily killed or kidnapped. Mother went there in 1992 knowing this and visited Medellín, the most dangerous city on earth during that time. I still remember Her coming down from that small plane without Her shoes, vibrating that land of sufferings, where hundreds of innocent people have been killed.

The people at the public programme were so receptive towards Mother and were allowed to come in front of Shri Mataji at the end and She held everyone’s hands. Mother remarked how many of the seekers asked for peace.

You will have it!’ Shri Mataji replied, and mentioned that unconsciously they recognized Her.

Colombia is a special place, She said, because deities visited that country, and it is the fertile land talked about by Christ, Mother said in the puja we had with Her during that year.

William Rivera 

A drawing of Moses

In Colombia, in 1992, a young girl (I think she was maybe fifteen at that time) drew the statue of Moses by Michelangelo as a present for Shri Mataji. The girl was looking for ideas in a history book and found a picture of it and thought that maybe this was what she had to draw. 

Shri Mataji was in Her hotel room in Medellín and the girl came with the drawing. Shri Mataji smiled and pointed at the knee and the Nabhi chakra, explaining that the artist knew about these subtle things. Shri Mataji thanked her for the drawing and took it with Her.

The girl said she didn’t know those details when she chose to draw this picture, but had been feeling her left Nabhi since she came to Sahaja Yoga, and that all her life she had suffered from stomach diseases. Months later she commented to me that her illness had gone for good. 

William Rivera

Shri Mataji, the Sahaja Yogis and the small plane

The journalist at the airport

When Shri Mataji came in 1992, a journalist at the airport was immediately attracted by Her, and asked who She was, and what was the purpose of Her visit. Even in the airport Shri Mataji gave realisation to some people. When we went to the hotel, everybody was offering flowers and fruit to Her. They were so open. They took very good care of Her, and also a journalist who was with Shri Mataji all the time.

We were amazed and fascinated, when Shri Mataji, with Her usual patience and love, explained all about Sahaja Yoga. She explained the importance of forgiveness and then a few of us, and also that journalist, said the Lord’s Prayer, and he got his realisation. He was so amazed that he asked if he could give an introduction before the public programme, which was to happen the same evening.

Yes,’ Shri Mataji said.

Marie-Laure Cernay

This lady is absolutely extraordinary

The journalist gave an introduction at the public programme.

This lady is absolutely extraordinary, and you have to listen to Her. The message She brings is absolutely unique,’ he said. It was so interesting to see how he was so enamoured, and so optimistic and positive.

That evening about a thousand people came, which was a lot in those days for a public programme. Everyone got their realisation and stayed afterwards, and didn’t want to leave the hall, and they all wanted to see and meet Shri Mataji. She was very pleased at the hospitality, and the way She was received in Medellin, and after Her visit this town changed completely. All the people who were at the head of this violence were either arrested or taken. The town became quieter, safer and more prosperous, and very nice to live in, due to the blessings of Shri Mataji.

When Shri Mataji arrived at Bogotá Airport in 1992; all the yogis were present singing and giving flowers to Mother.

Marie-Laure Cernay

Shri Mataji at Bogotá Airport

This land has many seekers

Shri Mataji came to Colombia for the third time in October 1992, and offered a public programme in the same big auditorium as on the previous visit. It was full, even before the scheduled time. In that programme Mother spoke about the importance of not feeling guilty, and of forgiveness. After the exercise of giving realisation, it was like a forest, with so many arms up. Shri Mataji was very pleased, and let people to come closer to the stage at the end of the programme. On our way back to the ashram She impressed upon us how important is to take care of the seekers.

We had a seminar in a small town called Sasaima, in a vacation resort. Shri Mataji came early at night and there was a lot of lightning far in the sky. Later, in a very informal meeting in Her room Shri Mataji was asking about history, the Spanish conquerors and other topics. She mentioned that some scientists were doing research on some plants from the Amazon jungle to cure cancer.

These people go to the centre of the jungle looking for the cure to cancer without knowing that everything is inside ourselves,’ She said.

The next day we had a puja in a room that was made of wood, and looked like a cottage. Shri Mataji talked about the condor, the emblematic bird of the country, and said that it is the vehicle of Shri Vishnu, and that this land has many seekers. At that time Colombia was having lots of violence and many of us were expecting Shri Mataji to talk in a strong way against it, but instead, She talked about the beauty of nature and the qualities of the people.

 At night the collectivity offered Mother a cultural programme with a comedy about the seeking of truth based on the Don Quixote story, and also some folk dances that She appreciated and enjoyed very much.

May God Bless you,’ She was repeating at the end.

 Edgar Patarroyo

The birds were singing

On the same trip Shri Mataji had a two day seminar, cultural programme and a puja. We were all gathered at a beautiful place called Sasaima in the nature with all the yogis, about a hundred of us, and we were sitting on a terrace outside Shri Mataji’s bedroom. We were looking at the landscape, and at the nice trees, flowers and the birds were singing. I was telling Shri Mataji that it looked like India.

No, it is more beautiful,’ Shri Mataji said. Also the people at the hotel were there, but they were about ten metres away, because they didn’t dare to come too close. They were around the swimming pool.

Just tell them to put their hands towards Me,’ She told me to tell them. They all did and all got realisation. We went back to that place four years later, and they still had Shri Mataji’s pictures there.

When we were there with Shri Mataji we had a beautiful puja, and an evening programme. She gave so much love and care to each one of us and gave a name to each of the hundred or so yogis who were present. First some children came, and were given Indian names, then one by one everyone came. There was one lady, a little elderly, and two years before Shri Mataji had given her a name but it was a bit difficult and complicated and unusual, and she wanted to change it. So she went to Shri Mataji and Shri Mataji gave her the exact same name! Shri Mataji was giving so much love, and strength and care to these new yogis.

Marie-Laure Cernay

Puja at Sasaima

A puja gift at the Sasaima Puja

Ceramic bells made and painted by the country people

Use what is hand made

At the programme in Bogotá the vibrations were a bit heavier, but there were about two thousand people in a huge hall. Everyone got their realisation and Mother was very pleased with Her stay. At that time Shri Mataji already gave the advice to use hand made things and not to use so many imported products. Nowadays we understand the importance of that. She had an interview.

Use your own products,’ Shri Mataji said. ‘Use what is made in Colombia, use what is handmade.’

She went to see a shop of handicrafts. There are such a nice variety of handicrafts in Colombia, also for children. She bought so many things to give as presents, and vibrated so many things which were there. She showed us all the things which had Kundalinis represented.

Marie-Laure Cernay

The windows were closed

It was October 1992, and because of my profound wish to see our Holy Mother and also hear Sahaja in Spanish, my mother tongue, I travelled from New York to Bogotá, Colombia. A lady in the plane told me that it had not rained in Bogotá for a long time, but when the plane was landing, I knew that Shri Mataji had already arrived because it had rained as it usually does before She arrives.

In the ashram, I had the privilege to talk to Mother on many aspects on how I perceived Sahaja for Latin American countries, in particular for Spanish speaking yogis who cannot send their children to Sahaja schools in Italy or to Dharmshala, not only because of the language, but also because of economic reasons.

Next day, we went with Her in a car to the puja location, which was around two hours away from Bogota. Marie-Laure sat with Mother in the back seat, and I sat in the front with the Colombian yogi who was driving. It was a typical Andean highway, narrow, with the mountains on one side and an enormous drop on the other. It was raining and lightning accompanied us all the way.

It is Vishnumaya,’ Shri Mataji said, and She talked about Garuda and the aboriginals such as the Chibchas and Incas who live in South America. I felt that the air conditioning was too cold for Mother, but the yogi driving the car told me there was no air conditioning in the car. I turned around to see if the windows were opened, but they were closed. The cool breeze was covering us.

Before Shri Mataji left Colombia, She selected a house for the new ashram, and decided that a school for small children should be started there.

Graciela Vázquez-Díaz

Your name is Mahadevi

It was a very well organized Shri Vishnumaya Puja in 1992, in the middle of the Andean mountains which are close to Bogotá. For hours, young men and women danced and played typical music in front of Shri Mataji. All the hearts were full of joy, and Mother began to give Indian names to the yogis and yoginis who came to Her. I was at the end of the line, and when it was my turn, I was still hesitating, as to whether I deserved that honour from our Holy Mother.

Your name is Mahadevi,’ She said, looking directly into my eyes.

I thanked Mother, while feeling a great happiness in my heart, and knowing of the great responsibility for the gracious name She had given me.

Graciela Vázquez-Díaz

The irises greet the Goddess

At that time I was going through many difficulties. Among others I had surgery, which left me with severe health complications, so went to another doctor. In that doctor’s office I met a gentleman who took me to Sahaja Yoga and after about eight meetings a Sahaja Yogini asked me if I wanted to go to a seminar in Sasaima for the occasion of the arrival of the world-wide Sahaja Yoga leader to Colombia. I had to decline due to my difficulties.

That great Saturday, the Sahaja Yogini called me and asked if I knew anyone who could take four artists to Sasaima, a town one and a half hours from Bogotá. I could not find anybody, so borrowed my daughter’s car and went to pick up the musicians myself, in a house in the north of the city. When I arrived there I found the garage door opened. Inside, there was a white car beautifully decorated. Nobody was around, so I stood by the door. At the top of the stairs was a lady, Shri Mataji, wearing a beautiful sari. She came down.

The musicians and I left first, so we could arrive in time to install the equipment. On the way a slight drizzle was falling, but as we advanced the clouds disappeared and the sun came out, and the car carrying Mother was behind us. When we arrived at the seminar place, we announced the arrival of Shri Mataji. Both sides of the way there were bordered with irises, and the people greeted Her. While Mother passed by, I saw the flowers rising up. Due to my health problems, I thought that I was dizzy.

Mother went to Her room upstairs. That day the artists did not perform and for that reason I had to stay. The next morning I found the Sahaja Yogini, kept telling her how good it smelled there, and she said that there were many flowers and fruit trees. I had never before perceived that special fragrance.

In the hall, Shri Mataji gave gifts to some people, and said that for those who did not receive one, She would give us a gift from Her heart.

She remembered me! But how, She does not know me?’ I said to myself. I did not understand anything about the puja, but after that, I was sitting alone at the end of the hall, feeling great happiness and pleasure. Then the people formed a row, which approached Mother.

Can I also go?’ I asked, when the row was about to end. They told me that if I wanted to I could. And there, personally, the Divine Mother with Her great compassion and love solved all my difficulties, among them my health. Since that date, October 1992, all the medical examinations say that I am in very good health until now, January 2007.

When the programme finished, Shri Mataji was leaving and She walked slowly by the footpath adorned with yellow irises. She was saying goodbye to us, when suddenly She stopped to thank the administrators of the seminar place. I found myself enjoying such an unforgettable moment. When I observed the footpath that lead to the car, in which Mother was going to return to Bogotá, I saw that as the Goddess walked, the irises that had bent stems became straight again. In my ignorance, I thought again that I really was dizzy this time. But I was calm and relaxed.

Only after some years when I was watching a video of Mother Nirmala, where She was telling us how the nature recognises Her, could I understand the experiences in that wonderful seminar, when I was witness of how the irises saluted Shri Adi Shakti.

Priya Tarquino Cruz

Shri Adi Shakti in person was taking my hand

In 1992 I had the chance to help prepare for Shri Mataji’s coming to Colombia. The puja took place in a town near Bogotá and we also had a cultural programme with folk dances. Next day I had the chance to take breakfast to Shri Mataji and Marie-Laure asked me if I wanted to help in Mother’s room. Together with other yoginis we went into the room and I carelessly took an electric heater without noticing that it was connected, and got an electric shock.

Oh Mother!’ I shouted, then a yogini disconnected the heater. Michel Cernay came in and told me that Shri Mataji was asking me to go to where She was. When I went, Mother so lovingly took my hand and was checking it and looking at me with so much love and care that inside me there were just tears, because Shri Adi Shakti in person was taking my hand and working on me.

Later I had the chance to wash and iron some of Shri Mataji’s clothes. When I was ironing I was not able to understand what was happening: I was feeling very strong and cool vibrations coming from Her clothes and after passing the iron over the piece of clothing it was possible to see a kind of a small cloud above it, and as I was moving the iron the cloud was moving apart and then coming together after the iron. When I put my eyes closer I could see vibrations forming the little cloud.

 The next time Mother visited us was in 1994 for one and a half days, and gave us the blessing of feeling it as if it had been a full week, as if She had stopped time for us

Virginia Chisino-Keer

A lesson of generosity and motherly attention

Another day we went to purchase handicrafts at a big store. There Shri Mataji gave us a lesson of generosity and motherly attention because She purchased a very large amount of handicrafts, to give as presents, and when taking any item She was saying thing like:

I know this person would like this…’ ‘This will fit this person. …’ ‘This is the favourite colour of this person…..’ ‘Ah, I need three more for these people’s children.’

Shri Mataji also showed how to be good in business, because She was asking for lower prices, but in a very convincing and dignified way. She touched and appreciated each piece, and then She saw some faces of sailors and old seamen.

Look, notice their faces, they are happy,’ Shri Mataji commented.

 During that visit, Shri Mataji stayed for about five days.

I do not spend so many days even in My house in India or Cabell; it is because of the love of all of you,’ She commented.

Shri Mataji was also looking for a house to be an ashram in Bogotá. We saw some and Mother advised us which one to select, always considering people’s comfort.

 Edgar Patarroyo

Shri Mataji shopping for handicrafts in Bogotá

Shri Mataji worked on me

My story about meeting Shri Mataji was in Bogotá. Shri Mataji came in and talked to us and it was sensational. I couldn’t help it, the tears were just running. I also felt a lot of heat in my body, but Shri Mataji burnt it all off, from my heart outwards. It took two days. Mother also allowed me to give Her a Foot massage, not that I worked Her – She worked on me.

I also prepared a Sicilian spring soup for Her. She really enjoyed it. I was so nervous though, but I will never forget that moment when I was in Her room and giving Her the food I had cooked. It was beautiful to serve Her, and She asked me where I was from.

I was at that time in Lima, Peru and we were just a few yoginis. We were trying to prepare a crown for Mother, but we didn’t have money so had to do it with cardboard. One girl was very good at it and she did something very pretty with different coloured felt. When I came to Bogotá the people there were preparing a chair for Her with different colours, and the colours were exactly the same as the ones we had chosen for the crown in Lima.

Heidi Mandra

The thali

In 1992 Shri Mataji visited Buenos Aires, Argentina for three days, from the 9th to the 11th of October, and She gave a public programme the 10th in the Broadway Theater.

We didn’t know there was going to be a puja. Also no one brought Mother’s jewellery for it. Shri Mataji decided that there was going to be a puja, so we all rapidly started to get everything ready. For the arrangements we used all the flowers that were in the ashram as there was no time to buy new ones, so there were not enough. When the puja was just starting one sister from Switzerland called me, and told me to make some garlands for Shri Mataji’s Feet, with some other yoginis. She told us to choose the fresh flowers from the flowers in pots, so very fast and without thinking we started working because the puja had already started. When we finished the garlands we realised that they weren’t fresh and beautiful enough for the puja, but there was no alternative, and they went to be used to decorate the Divine Mother’s Feet.

After the marvellous puja and before Mother went to rest someone washed Her Divine Feet in a copper thali. The next day when we were all arranging the things, I heard our brother Daniel asking, ‘Should I clean the thali?’ So we all looked at each other, because we didn’t know what the protocol was.

Daniel found a form printed in the thali. We looked at found that Shri Mataji’s Feet were printed in the thali, and between the two footprints we could see the map of South America and also a baby’s image. Immediately they showed it to Mother, but I do not know what She said. My father took this picture seen above, and one can see all this very clearly. Also we found in the pictures taken then that the flowers of the garlands were beautiful, blooming and full of life.

Silvia Vega

Puja thali, Buenos Aires 1992

This is a photo of the thali where Shri Mataji put Her Divine Feet during and after the Shri Ganesha Puja in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on October 11th 1992, in the ashram of Buenos Aires at that time. In the thali you can see very clearly Shri Mataji’s Feet printed after the puja and between Her Feet you can see the shape of South America, in blue.

Francisco Fenili

Blessing the map

On Her first visit to Argentina, Shri Mataji allowed us to do puja to Her in Her form as Shri Ganesha. At the end, we gave Her different presents and we asked Her to bless the map of South America.  When we had finished the puja, and after taking the water out of the thali, we found the miracle. In its base, there was drawn the map of South America!

Marilú Durand

Shri Ganesha Puja, Argentina


Second Brazilian Tour: 12/10/1992 Salvador with a puja to Shri Mahakali, 15/10/1992 Brasilia and then to Rio de Janeiro.

Duilio Cartocci

Shri Mataji was smiling

On 12th October 1992, Shri Mataji arrived for Her second visit to Brazil at about eleven o’clock in the evening. She arrived at Salvador Airport, having come from Buenos Aires. This time all the collectivity, from Salvador and other cities, had actively participated in the preparation of Her coming and the public programme.

The yogini who was to bring the flowers arrived late so I went in, without anything to offer Shri Mataji, to the baggage claim area, and spoke with an official, to let Her baggage come quickly, seeing Her diplomatic status. Everyone got out of the plane and the bus bringing the passengers, but Mother was not there. This time I was on edge, waiting for Her, not wanting a repetition of when She had stumbled on Her previous visit.

Eventually another bus arrived, and it stopped in front of the baggage claim, and Shri Mataji was there, smiling at me, accompanied by two Sahaja Yogis from Switzerland. I bowed to Shri Mataji’s Feet, because She was still in the bus, and helped Her descend. I accompanied Her out of the customs area where many Sahaja Yogis crowded around Her to offer Her flowers. Shri Mataji did not want to leave the airport until we, and also the Sahaja Yogis with all the luggage, were ready.

Duilio Cartocci

To see Shri Mataji and feel Her vibrations

Rogerio drove Shri Mataji’s car and took a slightly longer route so that when She arrived, almost at midnight, the new ashram was all lit up, with a lot of Sahaja Yogis waiting joyfully for Her. Shri Mataji was welcomed with a song, then my wife Tereza did the aarti to Her and Rivia offered a garland of flowers. Shri Mataji sat down in the living room, where She spoke to many Sahaja Yogis who crowded in. Some could not get in and stood outside the open window and door, to see Her and feel Her vibrations. Then Shri Mataji went into Her room and we spoke more.

At Her request, I began to massage Her Feet for more than an hour. The journey had been very uncomfortable, almost eight hours in a narrow seat in Second Class because there was no First Class available on that plane. Shri Mataji did not sleep at all in the night, and only in the morning when the sun rose was She able to rest a little.

Duilio Cartocci

Salvador would have to save Brazil

The arrival of Shri Mataji at our Salvador ashram was the realisation of a dream of so many yogis and yoginis. Shri Adi Shakti in person, who had come from so far away, was being welcomed in such a modest fashion. She had come to stabilise and save our entire country. She was always joyful, always happy, always full of humour and gratitude for each and every one of us: how much we have to learn!

When She arrived, in the living room of the ashram, She looked at all the Brazilian yogis and yoginis who were there and said that they were very similar to Indian people, and that Salvador would have to save Brazil with the expansion of Sahaja Yoga, and the giving of realisation from there to everyone in the whole country. She was so beautiful, fresh and happy – our beloved Mother.

Tereza Cartocci

Treatment for the liver

When Shri Mataji visited the state of Bahia, Brazil in October 1992, She said that the women had very hot livers. To one of the Brazilian yoginis who was going to live in Europe, Mother gave these treatments.

While the yogini was in Brazil, she was to do the following: cut a lemon in the middle, put a pinch of salt on it, and a pinch of spice, and put this lemon outside the window. The next day in the morning, she was to squeeze it and drink it before breakfast. But, when she would go to Europe, or to another cold place, she should drink ginger tea. She should never drink ginger tea in hot places. Ginger tea is excellent to the liver, but only in cold regions, in cold times, that is in the winter. If ginger is used in this way in a hot climate, the effect is the opposite and it will heat up the liver.

Rivia Barros

For three nights Shri Mataji did not sleep

Mother promised someone She met years before that She would visit Brazil to work against black magic. This She said during a celebration of a Shri Mahakali Puja. During the three nights She spent at Salvador, Bahia, She worked all night against the negativities in a very hard manner, and those were three nights that She did not sleep.

Nowadays, this work of years before has improved the condition of the whole state so much.

Rivia Barros

Soon you will need no medicine

Katia had a pain in the liver, a rare kind of hepatitis. After the yogis begin to work intensely on her and give her vibrations, a doctor appeared in Bahia, nobody knew how, who was one of the best liver specialists in the world, on a vacation. He was a friend of Katia’s doctor, who talked to him about her case, and the specialist decided to see her. From that moment on, with the medical treatment, together with the Sahaj treatment, she got better and left the hospital, changing to a light treatment. This was in April. In October, Shri Mataji came and Katia went to see Her.

Don’t worry, what had to be done had been done. Continue the medical treatment and you will soon need no medicine, you’re cured,’ Shri Mataji told her. Indeed she is cured, and alive and well today. Katia says that what cured her was Sahaja Yoga, and even the unexpected appearance of that specialist was divine work.

Rivia Barros

One word

In October 1992, at the end of the talk, when I received my realisation, I went to Shri Mataji and repeated the Eastern greeting, ‘namaste,’ that many were doing.

Very good!’ She looked at me and said.

I got back to the audience and those words extraordinarily echoed in my mind and I saw almost my whole life passing by. I remembered the Bible, ‘Lord, I do not deserve that You enter my abode, but tell me just one word that I may be saved.’

Cyro Roberto

Children’s vaccinations

A mother did not want to vaccinate her children, because she had faith in homoeopathy. Then Shri Mataji said that she had to vaccinate them against everything, because these diseases are negativities and children must be protected against them. So, all the children who had not been vaccinated, immediately went for vaccination.

Rivia Barros

Watching Shri Mataji’s Feet

On the auspicious occasion of the visit of Shri Mataji to Bahia in 1992, She seriously called our attention to the fact that the children present there would suck the Left Swadishthan finger, and She observed that one of the girls couldn’t look at Her. When this child came close to Mother, her eyes would roll and start blinking. Shri Mataji called the mother and asked the child to sit in front of Her Feet and keep on looking at them. During this time, Mother talked the other children and gave Indian names to all of them, and noticed the girl with the problem would keep closing her eyes, and Shri Mataji would wake her up.

Now it’s all right,’ Shri Mataji said after a certain time, and also gave her and her brother an Indian name.

Rivia Barros

The water pump

At the small farm where Shri Mataji was hosted, there was a water pump which had broken and nothing could be done to make it work. As Mother reached the farm, the pump started to work again. During the three days She remained there, it worked with no problem. As soon as She left, it broke again, permanently!

Rivia Barros

This is the moment

In the morning of 13th October 1992, while Shri Mataji rested, everyone meditated in the garden in front of Her room, trying not to make a noise and trying not to wake Her.

Later in the morning we went to Salvador, where at the Officina Creativa, Isabella’s school, we had an interview with the press, to some journalists and practically all the Sahaja Yogis of Brazil. Shri Mataji spoke of Sahaja Yoga, and also of Her stay in Mahatma Gandhi’s ashram.

Only a realised soul can understand another realised soul,’ She related. ‘Gandhi asked Me not to speak of the spirit until I had found a way of offering realisation of the spirit on the level of the masses, and this is the moment.’

Shri Mataji returned to the ashram where lunch had been cooked by the yogis. In the afternoon we prepared for the public programme to be held in the Iemanja Room of the Centro di Convençoes, and as always I went a bit early to do the introduction. We showed the miracle photo of Shri Mataji where She clearly announced that She is the incarnation of the Holy Spirit. Shri Mataji arrived and began to speak, Ines translated, and at the end everyone raised their hands confirming their experience of the Kundalini.

Shri Mataji seemed very happy, but I was a little disappointed that so few people had come. The room held 1,200 people but it was only about half full. In the car, on the way home, I told Shri Mataji what I felt, but She was very happy at the good outcome.

Duilio Cartocci

Some very deep and intense times together

Wednesday 14th October 1992, the day of the week when Shri Mataji did not travel, began very peacefully. She seemed to be very satisfied, and many times said that She felt at home, as if She were in India, and that the general atmosphere and the climate were like India. She repeated that She felt so well cared for and so She was well rested. The women of the ashram gave all their attention to Shri Mataji and also the food was excellent.

In truth, I realised that Mother’s trip to Salvador served more to strengthen those already in Sahaja Yoga, more than the new people. All the Salvador Sahaja Yogis and Brazilian yogis had been able to live collectively and near Shri Mataji for a few days. They spent some very deep and intense times together, and we able to participate in a marvellous puja.

Isadora, our last daughter, was only a few months old, and she spent fifteen minutes in the arms of Mother, laughing enthusiastically all the time, and Mother gave her the name Anandamay, which means ocean of joy. After this Shri Mataji met all the children in Her room who wanted to be given a Sanskrit name.

Duilio Cartocci

Shri Mahakali Puja, Salvador

Shri Mataji’s Holy Feet

Do you know Me?

Today, taking advantage of a moment to relax with Shri Mataji, I asked Her if She would like to see our last daughter.

Yes!’ Shri Mataji said, and I went to get Isadora, who was in her room. It was very beautiful, especially because Shri Mataji remembered exactly when she was born. Duilio was at Cabella with Shri Mataji when Isadora was born, but Shri Mataji had said not to worry, and everything was in Her attention. And thus it was, more than perfect. Shri Mataji took the baby in Her arms.

Ah, do you know Me?’ Shri Mataji immediately said, and gave her a little kiss and then again said, ‘You know, your father was with Me when you were born.’

Shri Mataji said many other things, always holding the baby in Her arms, and she was tranquil and serene. Then began a game of looking at her in a special way, for some minutes, during which Isadora began, for the first time, to laugh heartily, the fullest and strongest laughter of her short life. Then Mother gave her a Sanskrit name – Anandamay, meaning ocean of blessings.

Tereza Cartocci

Four children are enough

On Thursday 15th October, Shri Mataji went to Brasilia. On the plane She sat between Tereza and me. Tereza was giving milk to the baby and Mother looked at her with such love, then looked at me, then at Tereza.

Four children are enough,’ She said to us.

Duilio Cartocci

The mayor gave Shri Mataji the key of the city of Brasilia

The second time Shri Mataji came to Brasilia was in 1992. The mayor of Brasilia came to the plane, to the bottom of the steps out of the plane. He received Shri Mataji and gave Her the key of the city of Brasilia and said She was most honoured. It was a very nice and touching ceremony. Then we went to the municipality where they all talked together. We also met the Minister of Education and another very high level minister. Shri Mataji was very happy with them, and said Brazil was very special. These people, even though they were politicians, were very humble in front of the divine.

We stayed at the new ashram on the outskirts of the city. Shri Mataji liked it very much and walked a little in the garden.

Duilio Cartocci

Sahaja Yoga established in Brazil

The President of the Senate, Senator Mauro Benevides, received a visit from the creator of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, at the Senate President’s Office, on October 15th, 1992. In Her visit to the senate, Shri Mataji was accompanied by a number of Sahaja Yogis One of them, Gustavo Luedemann, from Brasilia was a staff member of the Brazilian Chamber of Representatives, and he got in touch with me to check whether the President of the Federal Senate was a truly honest politician. I had been working in the Senate since 1984 and used to play soccer with the son of the President. I was obviously aware of every piece of information about him and they couldn’t be better. What drew my attention was that his date of birth was the same as that of Shri Mataji, namely, March 21st.

President Mauro Benevides received Shri Mataji with extreme respect. The journalists and all the staff of his office wanted to see Shri Mataji give realisation to the President. After Shri Mataji gave realisation to him and he felt the vibrations, the yogis unanimously said that Sahaja Yoga had been established in Brazil once and for all, since the President of the Senate is also the President of the National Congress and one of the highest-ranking authorities of Brazil’s political class.

Willy Jess

Shri Mataji with President Mauro Benevides in Brasilia

Greeted by a gana

These photos were taken of the arrival of Shri Mataji at the airport of Rio de Janeiro, 1992. It is a sequence of miracle photos where a gana receives Shri Mataji at the airport and opens the door of Her car. They were taken from Her arrival in the Arrivals Hall to up to Her leaving in Her car.

Cynthia Luz

Shri Mataji is coming out of the airport and a white mist of vibrations can be seen near Her

Shri Mataji is getting into the car.

A white hand (of a gana?) can be seen opening the door

The white hand can again be seen

This man touched Shri Mataji’s heart

After Brasilia, Shri Mataji went to Rio de Janiero. There were many seekers there and Shri Mataji was very pleased. When we were in the car, a beautiful Landau driven by Yves, with Orazio, who was originally from Argentina, and myself, Mother gave new names; She gave Orazio a name of Shri Vishnu: Sarvesh, and to me a name of Shri Shiva: Mahesh.

There was a great yogi from Salvador. He was married to an English lady, but she gave him a lot of problems and the marriage did not work out. This man had never seen Shri Mataji before and during the puja in 1992, when we put the sari over Shri Mataji, he was singing a song for Her. It was sung in such a devotional way that Shri Mataji started to cry, so we could feel how this song from this man touched Her heart.

One day while we were going out of our house, a beautiful place a few floors up from the sea, Shri Mataji found Herself in the lift with the English Sahaja Yogini married to the Brazilian yogi. Shri Mataji said to her very strongly that she was making him suffer a lot, that he was Her son, that she was the worst wife, very demanding.

While She was saying this we could see that Shri Mataji was suffering physically, and when She got out of the car She again said that She felt physical pain because of this incorrect behaviour. All this for a Sahaja Yogini who She theoretically did not know, neither her name nor her face.

Duilio Cartocci

How it is with humans

We went with Shri Mataji to a live TV programme, watched by everyone in Brazil. This should have been the best opportunity to spread Sahaja Yoga. Unfortunately on the same programme there was a minister, and the interviewer gave priority to him and left Mother to wait until the time was very limited, so only a few phrases were shown.

During all this time we were with Her, we felt bad at the lack of protocol and respect at the programme. The interviewer, between Shri Mataji and the minister, continued to choose the politician. We wanted to do something, but we could not, because the programme was going out live. When it was finally finished and we were going back to our home, the atmosphere in the car was red hot, but only Shri Mataji was calm, and smiling as always.

She was in the back, next to me at Her left and a Sahaja Yogini at Her right. The lady was crying and I was primly looking out of the window wishing I could give vent to my feelings. Shri Mataji observed how it is with humans: the women cry and the men want to attack the world. Then She gave me two light slaps on the back, and told me to relax. Finally the atmosphere changed, and we all melted in Her infinite love for humanity, and humanity is so limited.

Duilio Cartocci

I am Antarayami

One afternoon, after some hours of shopping, walking around the shops, once I reached home, Shri Mataji called me into Her room to give me money that I had spent. In truth I did not want Her to pay me back for this, and wanted to give a present to Her, knowing how difficult it would be for Her to accept it. In this way, I did not reply when She called me and I remained outside the door, hidden from Her face. Shri Mataji again called me and again I did not respond, thinking that She, not seeing me, would perhaps think I was busy somewhere else.

Duilio, come in, because I know you are behind the wall and you can hear Me. Have you not understood that I am Antarayami and I know everything about you?’ She said, the third time She called. So I went to Her.

Yes, You are Antarayami,’ I said.

She replied I should know that because that was one of Her names in the bhajan Binate Suniye, which She Herself had composed and taught us personally. She said Shri Antarayami was with Her and knew everything, because She resides within us. She knows everything that we do, and where we are. Another profound lesson given with such gentleness.

Duilio Cartocci

I wanted to obey Shri Mataji but could not

One evening we were in Shri Mataji’s room and She again called another Sahaja Yogi and me to massage Her Feet. I was at Her right Foot and he on Her left.

Shri Mataji spoke to me on many subjects, and then asked me to scratch Her lower leg with my nails. I wanted to obey Her but could not, in case I hurt Her. She again asked me to do it, hard, and again I could not. She smiled and said that I was like Shri Hanuman, because one time She had asked him to scratch Her leg like that, and He could not, for fear of hurting Her.

Then She went to sleep while we went on massaging, and did not stop in case She woke up. After a long time it seemed I had reached the moment to stop massaging, but I did not want to leave the room without Her permission, so remained for perhaps an hour, in meditation in front of Her.

Duilio Cartocci