Chapter 23: 1983 – July to September Sweden, London and Rome

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

Shri Mataji in Sweden

Although Shri Mataji did not visit Sweden for Sahaja Yoga programmes, She did vibrate the land with Her Holy Feet when She accompanied Her husband there on an official visit. This photo shows Shri Mataji with Sir CP at the International Maritime University at Malmo, Sweden, of which he is the Chancellor. The photo was taken on 4th July 1983, the day the university was inaugurated..

Linda Williams

The symbolic significance of our work

We were about seven Italians who had the enormous good fortune to be called to work here at Brompton Square before the Guru Puja in July 1983. The young men were to redo all the floors of the ground floor in Carrara marble, including the dining room. That morning we had to sort out the marble slabs which were too dark or too light in colour. Shri Mataji appeared in the doorway of the dining room and praised the Italians for their speed and ability. She also spoke of the power of marble, which is very cool, to absorb negativity and the great power of this stone to purify, above all in Her house.

She worked a little on one of the young Italian men, who was not so well, and Her attention was on him at that time. Then She explained the symbolic significance of our work in Her house. We, She said, were working to build the New Jerusalem and we were the ‘golden builders’ of the city of God – which is symbolically Her house – and in a more extended sense London and the world is. Her house, She went on, is a house without foundations, built like a bridge on the banks of a subterranean stream, in one of the places already mentioned by William Blake, the great ‘seer’, in his poems. It was together with the house at Chelsham Road, and at Surbiton where there was also an ashram, and at other locations that I did not know about.

Thus the work that we Sahaja Yogis had done – because only Sahaja Yogis were working there – was a work which had an incalculable significance, much deeper than the material side of it, and it was an act of devotion to the divine. Shri Adi Shakti accommodated us in Her house, fed us, took us into Her room with great respect and love and gave us the opportunity to work for Her, and while working for Her She would work on us, and clear us. Also staying in the house was Her daughter with two grandchildren, who put on a little show for us with dancing, singing and comedy, with much laughter. At this moment Sir CP came in to see the floor of the dining room and thanked us so much, while one of our group replied that it was a pleasure to be here to finish the work.

Alessandra Pallini

The endless sack of cement

When we were in Brompton Square in July 1983, Shri Mataji was still doing some work in the house. The Italian boys were doing the floor with blocks of Carrara marble.

Alessandra Pallini

As an architect, I was familiar with this kind of job, but only from a theoretical standpoint and none of us had any practical experience in this domain. We were a little nervous, as tiling with marble was not supposed to be easy, but we knew that with Mother’s blessings all is possible and we started the work.

Duilio Cartocci

Shri Mataji asked me and another boy to put some marble tiles on the floor. I had never done this sort of thing before, but She told me to just try to do it. At a certain point, the cement was nearly finished. Shri Mataji came to visit us and we told Her this. She said we should give a bandhan. I hardly knew what this meant and thought maybe this meant that we would find a shop open.

Giovanni Albinesi

We asked an English Sahaja Yogi to go to the shops and buy more, but he shortly returned saying the shops were closed. Some time later, Shri Mataji Herself came to see how the work was going and, when we told Her that we were running out of cement, She very gently pointed out the urgency of finishing that day.

‘Just give a bandhan,’ She smiled and said.

Duilio Cartocci

‘Don’t worry and just keep going and go on with your work,’ She said. They went on and this bucket of cement never ended. They went on and on and it was still full, so they could finish the whole room and it was finished by the time we had to leave for the Guru Puja.

Alessandra Pallini

It was my job to mix the cement with the water and the more I took out from the sack, the more I found inside. When we finished the marble floor, we still had cement left over, which turned out to be precisely sufficient to tile the corridor leading to the kitchen. The bucket emptied just as we finished.

While we were working, a little child walked up to the freshly laid tiles and disturbed them. When the child had left, we spent a few minutes putting the tiles back into place.

Duilio Cartocci

Giovanni had just finished the tiling and he put two pieces of wood on the entrance of the dining room because he didn’t want the people to step on the tiles just yet. Then Shri Mataji came down the stairs and into the corridor, which was also just done.

He had put some wooden pieces around. She walked on the corridor and went to the dining room and looked inside. She also walked in there. Giovanni was thinking, ‘Oh, now I am going to have to do it all again,’ because it must be all out of place.

Alessandra Pallini

‘Well,’ we thought to ourselves humbly, ‘whatever Mother wants to do, that’s fine. We can reset the tiles afterwards, no problem.’ But when She left we looked closely and discovered that the only tiles that had moved were those which we ourselves had slightly mis-set and which were now exactly in the right position.

Duilio Cartocci

Then Giovanni looked at the tiles and they were perfectly all right. There wasn’t even one millimetre moved out of place — completely in place, as if Shri Mataji had no weight.

Alessandra Pallini

Shri Mataji asked them to move Her bed

On that same weekend of Guru Puja in 1983, some people were supposed to come and visit the house, so many yogis were moving everything, including the furniture. Shri Mataji asked some Italian yogis, strong young men, to move Her solid wood bed. They were trying to push it, but could not manage.

I was in the room, packing Shri Mataji’s suitcase. She approached the bed and just pushed it with Her knee and it moved. The Italian yogis said, ‘Ah,’ in big shock and surprise. Shri Mataji laughed.

‘Well, after all, I am Adi Shakti, so it’s normal that I can push this bed,’ She said. Everybody was in awe in front of Her.

Ruth Eleanore

Three of us had to move a very heavy wooden bed. We were at the foot of the bed, on our knees and we pushed and pushed but it didn’t move. After some time, Shri Mataji said to push again. In that moment, I turned my head and I saw Shri Mataji touching with Her knee the foot of the bed. In the same moment, the bed flew against the wall in the right position and we fell on the ground.

Duilio Cartocci

Then there was a big cupboard, wardrobe for clothes. They needed to move this cupboard and no one could move it. But when Shri Mataji just touched it with Her finger, it just moved easily.

Giovanni Albinesi

This photograph of a havan is at the Guru Puja which took place at a location north of Brighton around July 1983. The then leader of Mumbai was there and was asked by Mother to read the thousand names of Shri Adi Guru for this havan.

Djamel Metouri

Write about the spirit

It was the Guru Puja in 1983. I had never been to a puja and knew nothing about pujas. We were having a barbecue and Mother was sitting eating, and She called me down and I knelt in front of Her. She began talking to me, and told me to go back home and write about Sahaja Yoga.

‘Write about the spirit,’ Shri Mataji said. At that time I wasn’t writing, but I did eventually become a journalist. When Mother says something like that, it doesn’t matter whether it is then or ten years later, you must do it. My husband was a journalist and later he taught me to be one, so as to teach me a profession if he wasn’t there to look after me. We worked together and wrote for Scottish newspapers and magazines. This brought our marriage together.

Melody Hodgson

Shri Mataji is not from this earth

When my son Elliot was seven years old, he met Mother for the first time at a Guru Puja in England. Afterwards I asked him what he thought of Shri Mataji.

‘She is not from this earth. She is super imposed,’ he replied.

Melody Hodgson

The Surbiton ashram

In 1983 another ashram was found in London, a large house in Surbiton, a suburb in West London. Shri Mataji visited this ashram often, and worked very hard in getting the ashram started, instructing various yogis to move there, and even advised them on sorting out the plumbing work and repairs needed! On August 21st 1983, Shri Mataji held a Shri Bhumi Devi Puja in the garden of the ashram.

Patricia Proenza

Editor’s note: This puja was also in preparation for Shri Mataji’s upcoming America tour.


A head bath

We were doing puja at the Surbiton ashram in the UK and a cloud came over. Rain began to fall and we started to stand up.

‘It’s only a head bath, stay there,’ Shri Mataji said. And sure enough it was just a head bath. We still stand out in light showers for that head bath – very refreshing.

Frances Henke

You always please Me

We had worshipped Shri Mataji as Shri Bhumi Devi in the garden at Surbiton ashram, in 1983. When it was time to go home we were chatting by the car parked at the end of the drive way furthest away from the house, when Shri Mataji came out and spoke to some of the yogis nearest to Her. She then began to walk across the car park. My only ‘thought’ was that She incarnated to come to us and She even (physically) was walking towards us. In my heart I felt that this was too much. I found myself at Her Feet.

‘Mother, how can we please You?’ I asked.

‘You always please Me,’ She replied, and picked me up.

I understood this in the sense that we ‘do’ this when we want to please Her with our hearts. Then She rubbed my hand, but I could not feel Her hand- I saw only the expanse of stars and space flowing from the stream of Her hair.

Gillian Woltron

Technology to help us

Before I got married I stayed for a while with a Sahaj family – as in a training camp, so to speak – supporting the mother–to-be as she was soon to have her baby.

When the time of birth came the couple went to the hospital and I stayed back in the house. Suddenly I received a phone call by the father asking me to immediately call Shri Mataji and say that there were complications and that a caesarean had been advised.

As asked, I called Brompton Square and to my surprise spoke directly to Shri Mataji Herself. Mother was so calming and Her tone so soft and comforting. She told me to let them know that they should not worry.

‘After all,’ Shri Mataji said, ‘I invented all this technology to help you and anyway, I shall be there.’

The baby was born through a caesarean, without any complications for mother and child.

Gillian Woltron

How is it that I am here in Mulhouse?

Shri Mataji gave a public programme in Mulhouse, France, on the 1st of September 1983.

‘How is it that I am here in Mulhouse? It was not planned on the tour. It is the desire of one lady who told Me,’ She said at the beginning of the programme. She repeated the sentences I had spoken to Her in my heart in the meditation room of the ashram near Geneva, Switzerland, inviting Her to come to give realisation to the seekers.

Christine Haage

The best present

The day after the programme in Mulhouse, the yogis from there offered Shri Mataji a self made silk printed shawl. Because I had been so busy with the organisation, I didn’t have time to work on this present and in my heart, I apologized to Her. She looked at me.

‘But you already gave Me the best present, with all these people who got realisation yesterday,’ She said.

Christine Haage

Take us with You (diary entry)

Shri Mataji arrived at Fiumicino airport on Wednesday, 7th of September, 1983. Rome was shining because of the splendidly sunny days and because of the vibrations of four thousand posters of Shri Adi Shakti, put up on the main roads of the city to announce Her coming. We have been much helped this year by the Commune (Town Council) who have patronised the three public programmes of Shri Mataji. They printed five hundred large posters in colour put them up for free on the walls of the city. Very auspicious for Rome!

The day after, the 8th of September, was the first programme at the Sala Borromini, (Borromini Room) designed by the great baroque architect of that name, in Corso Vittorio. The hall, with about three hundred seats, was completely full of seekers of ‘deep quality’ as Mother told us later. On the roof of the hall was a fresco: a triangle of gold, the symbol of the Holy Spirit, with all the rays going out from the centre and spreading from the top of the skies onto the people below in the room. Behind Shri Mataji was written, in big letters, an inscription in Latin which said, ‘trahe nos post te’ which means ‘take us with You’. It was as if this hall, around three hundred years old, was constructed just for that event, so the people could bathe in the immense ocean of love of our Mother.

The people, altogether as a group, behaved in a very positive way and did not ask any inopportune questions. They did not interrupt nor were they aggressive. Almost everyone got their realisation and at the end of the talk many people went up to Shri Mataji. Some were already absorbed in Her, with their eyes fixed on Her and with their hands open to Her. The miracle of realisation had already started and their Kundalinis were already working even though they were not aware of it.

When Shri Mataji left the hall, some Sahaja Yogis had to open the way to the exit through the crowd of people around Her. The first two programmes took place in this hall and the third and last was in the auditorium of the national TV studios, where there were about five hundred people, because the programme had been announced on the radio. The Goddess was beautiful and radiant and She was immersed in Her vibrations which reverberated throughout the whole room. When Shri Mataji said, ‘I bow to all the seekers of joy,’ there was silence and profound joy. Probably the people had recognised Her, deep within themselves.

Alessandra Pallini

During the day Shri Mataji passed some of the time in Her room with the Italian Sahaja Yogis, having familiar and intimate conversations. She spoke of Italy and said that this country is very blessed with a very pleasant climate, a beautiful seashore and a sweet countryside.

The most beautiful of the blessings that Shri Mataji mentioned in these private conversations, at Ruth’s home in Via Mercalli, was when She told us that the Italians, together with the Indians and Chinese, are the closest to God, because they have a sense of the holiness of sanctity. What a blessing! Part of the time She spent shopping in the centre of Rome looking for Italian specialities. In a bag shop the owner called Her ‘Mother’, like us.

On Saturday the 10th we left Ruth’s flat in her little Fiat Uno car. Ruth was driving and Shri Mataji was in the passenger seat next to her and I was in the back. We went towards the ashram near Tivoli where we met the other Sahaja Yogis from all over the world – about fifty of them, for the Shri Ganesh Puja.

Alessandra Pallini

A havan and a puja

We had a havan with the participation of some of the new people from the last programmes and offered to the fire all the possible and imaginable baddhas. On the request of the new people Shri Mataji gave them a baptism with water. She also received some gifts, among them was a portrait of an Indian lady dressed in a sari, by one of the new Sahaja Yogis who had come from the last programme at the Sala Borromini, painted one year before, when he had not yet met Her. It was exactly the portrait of Shri Mataji with a sari of the same colour which She was wearing that very day!

In Shri Mataji’s room we had brought some fresh figs for Her which She appreciated very much. She said that they were very good for Left Nabhi problems and She added that She knew they would grow in Italy, because from the moment She saw them, ‘There, where the olive grows, like in Palestine, they would grow too’.

Sunday morning we had the Shri Ganesh Puja. At the end of the puja a number of engagements were announced. Then She called the couples and had enormous watermelons and some little yellow melons brought, the little melons were given to the men and the big watermelons were given to the girls, and She was laughing from Her heart, and said that that would be the weight that they would have to take on when they married. While we sang the aarti it was as if all the sons and daughters were reunited with their Mother to sing to Her of their love. The vibrations were tremendous and the heart opened with joy flowing.

The Adi Shakti left Italy that same day, but in Her generosity She gave more of Her precious time to those who had the good fortune to go with Her to the airport. The plane was two hours late and the time was spent sitting at Her Lotus Feet at Fiumicino airport, up to the moment when She embarked. She left, with no one to accompany Her. She departed in the solitude of Her divine nature.

Alessandra Pallini

A special cradle

A baby girl was born to us in London in August 1983. We were young, and happily poor in those days and of course very glad to receive things from other yogis for the baby, including a pram, which had been around some babies before ours. When the time came for my husband Djamel to bring the pram down from the top of our cupboard, he felt a terrible pain in the Left Nabhi. Our baby girl, who had been ok since coming back from the hospital, started crying a lot, despite the fact we were giving her vibrations regularly. Djamel mentioned that the pram originally belonged to someone who was not all right, but I said it did not matter, that other baby yogis had used it, as I was totally unaware of the effect of material things on human beings.

Then, one evening around midnight, when the baby was three weeks old, Shri Mataji came to our flat in Earl’s Court, London, to see her.

‘Warm up some olive oil,’ She said, ‘I’ll baptise her!’ As soon as the little girl was in Shri Mataji’s arms, she started crying and crying. Needless to say we felt rather embarrassed. Mother applied the oil on her head and showed us how to do massage, by filling the Sahasrara, ‘Like a cup,’ She said, bringing the oil from the down side to the top of the head, all around again and again. Yet, after such a treatment, the baby was still screaming.

‘Mother, may be this is because of the pram!’ Djamel ventured, and he started explaining to Shri Mataji what he had felt, and gave the name of the owner. Shri Mataji’s reaction was very swift. She scolded us for having accepted a pram from such a caught up person and told us to throw it away immediately.

‘Look,’ She said, ‘I send you realised souls, and see the way you treat them! The poor child is suffering now; her Back Agnya is caught up.’ I was speechless and under shock. ‘Anyway,’ continued Shri Mataji after a while, with a lovely smile, ‘you don’t have to worry any more now, for I have Myself ordered a new cot for her. You will get it tomorrow. But from now on, you must never accept second hand things or clothes from other people unless they come from

Me. So, I have vibrated this new cot, and after you finish using it for your daughter, pass it to the yogini mothers who will need it for their babies. It should be passed on because it comes from Me and it is vibrated!’ Then She turned towards the child and spoke tenderly to her. ‘Don’t worry, they are young parents, they don’t know how to look after you, but they will learn, you will see!’

Needless to say I was in shock until Shri Mataji was about to leave, and I could not speak. I felt terribly guilty and clumsy. She talked to my husband and scolded him because She knew he could take it better than me. Yet She knew I was the culprit because I had not listened to my husband’s vibrations but She did not mention anything to me. On the contrary, before Shri Mataji left, after we had offered Her some dinner, She stood before me – wrapped in Her coat and Her headscarf on Her head, looking so human now, so sweet, like any other mother – lifting Her face towards mine, with closed eyes, full of love and Her lips shaped ready to kiss me and waiting for me to bend down to receive Her divine kiss on my cheek. I did, completely stunned by such unexpected gesture.

‘May God bless you,’ She said with a radiant smile full of love, and She left in the night. Divine astonishing Mother! So She forgave me completely! And the most amazing thing of all, She had been aware of the need of a crib without anyone informing Her, for us Her penniless children. As promised, the day after, a cradle arrived in our flat, brand new, a wooden swinging cradle, light honey coloured, nicely shaped with bars all around. This happened long time back, in 1983, but I heard from an English yogini some years later that the crib was still putting children to sleep in the company of the angels, fulfilling its divine mission in the green land of  England.

Guillemette Metouri